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  1. My son has been playing golf for about a year and I am interested in getting him a wedge. He already has a Callaway X12 pitching wedge and X12 sand wedge, but I was thinking of getting him a "real wedge." I was wondering what to go with, do I go with a 48, 52, 56, 60? Being a complete novice at club selection I have no idea. Also, if I do get him a wedge, I was thinking about the "Black Magic Wedge" brand. Does anyone have any information on how good these clubs are? For what it is worth, and I don't know if it matters, but my son is 5'2" and shoots in the mid 90's to low 100's for 6300 yards.
  2. I have been playing golf for about 9 months now. When I started last July I was shooting in the high 80's for NINE holes (yes 9). I have been practicing and/or playing about 2-5 times per week. I am now shooting in the mid 50's for nine holes. I am wondering if having a goal of getting to the mid 40's (for 9 holes) by August is unrealistic? I am a teacher so I have the whole summer off to practice as much as I want. For what it's worth, I am currently 47 years old and I would say I am slightly above average when it comes to athletics.
  3. Thanks for the insult. Just to let you know, when he doesn't want to play we don't play or practice. I always tell him it is up to him. I guess in my OP it looks like I am putting pressure on him to break 50. I'm not. I just wanted to know how to he can overcome a plateau. Whenever we get done with a round I always point out the positives of his round. BTW, he also does fencing and singing. We go out because he wants to go out. I was just looking for some advice on how he could help his game. You may be right though about not keeping score.
  4. Mulligans are almost the same as lying about your score. What's the sense? No mulligans for me
  5. The problem is, he is getting frustrated. I keep telling him he is doing fine and to have fun. I know it sounds like I am expecting a lot but he keeps getting frustrated when he plays and he always shoots a 52 or a 53. The only thing I do is tell him that if he scores over 55 he gets his butt spanked j/k!! BTW, to the other poster, he is 5''1' and drives the ball about 180-200. Usually he has 16-18 putts per 9 holes.
  6. My son is 11 years old, he started playing about 4 months ago. He started off in the high 70's (9 holes from the whites 3300 yards) and within three weeks was hitting in the low 50's. Since then he has plateaued. He went from four cheap clubs to a set of Big Bertha X12's, he has a Big Bertha driver and 5 wood, he is practicing 5 days a week and plays 3 days a week. He also gets 1-2 lessons a month. Even with all the practice and playing, he has only scored below 50 three times. It seems like no matter how hard he tries he cannot seem to consistantly break 50 for 9 holes. I was just curious how
  7. Right in Pomona is Royal Oaks Golf Course and down the street is Diamond Bar Golf Course. I haven't played Royal Oaks since my high school days. My son and I played Diamond Bar two weekends ago. Not too bad of a course. The only downside is, it is right next to the freeway so one some holes it is too loud. If you go further down the freeway there is Industry Hills Golf Course. Very challenging. The PGA used to do some tournaments there about 20 years ago. For nostalgia, it is where they filmed Rodney Dangerfields' movie "Back to School" and has been on "Unsolved Mysteries." For the price, Di
  8. You just need to go to the district office and let them know you would like to volunteer to be a coach. If you want to start a team at a school then you should talk to the principal first. You will have to go through a background check, however you don't need a teaching credential. The school I work has an outside basketball and baseball coach.
  9. Where I live the golf courses are in good shape, I can play all year round and it costs $10 for twilight and $8 for super twilight walking. If you walk you can pay $125/month for unlimited golf. Another nearby course is located in a retirement community. It has golf for $29 per month. You pay $8/round for a cart and you also get all the range balls you can hit. This is in Victorville and Apple Valley California. The only bad part is that once you get off the course, in Victorville the crime is real high and the city council is very incompetent
  10. It seems like it is impossible to get good at chipping. I mean you can practice chips from the back of the green to a hole at the front, from the side to a hole at the back, middle or front of the green, from the front to the back, middle or front of the green, from the fringe, just off the fringe, then practice from all these areas 5 feet off the green, 10 feet off the green, 15 feet off the green, 20 yards out, 30 yards out, lies that are uphill, lies that are downhill, lies that are flat, lies where the ball is on an uphill or downhill and you are on flat ground, I think you get the idea.
  11. What are the best puttng drills, chipping drills, pitching drills etc, in your opinion?
  12. [QUOTE=Duffy;358852]Wow, I'm glad I got the hell out of there. /QUOTE] Are you from Victorville?
  13. I am not sure how to do handicaps, I really stink at golf, I just go out and play with my son ALOT. When I did that handicap I just figured I usually score a 72 for 9 holes so it would be about a 72 for 18 holes Maybe my bad playing is why they are closing it lol!!
  14. The city of Victorville has got to have the most incompetent city council ever. They have lost billions of dollars on two powerplants that they said would bring the city billions of dollars, the city is losing over $40,000/month on just one of these powerplants. They are trying to sell them but can't because they promised the builder a percent of the profits and no buyer wants to pay that. They lost $15 million on a "road to nowhere" because they thought Burlington Northern Santa Fe was going to build a rail hub in the city. They are also getting sued for $33 million for breaching a contract.
  15. That's why I hope to be the high school coach. I have had former students who go to different high schools and they have said so far there has not been a problem at their school. Oh well, the nice thing about golf is my son can still be playing it 30 years from now.
  16. That last post was to pittpanter, I thought his quotes would show up in my post.
  17. What bothered me was how sneaky it was done. Even before the All Star season started, coaches got together (including this parent) and we all talked about how we were going to make an All Star team and then that team would become a travel ball team. After the All Star season was over and my son's team had finished in 5th place in Southern California, we had a meeting right on the field. The head coach (manager) asked the kids, "How many of you are going to be on my travel ball team?" Every kid raised their hand. About two weeks later we found out this parent had been building his own travel
  18. For what it's worth, here is Tiger Woods take on chiropractic... "I've been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing." -Tiger Woods Zach Johnson's dad was a chiropractor Jack Nicklaus and Jim Furyk also go to chiropractors. http://www.dynamicchiropractic.ca/mp...e.php?id=53305
  19. To put it another way, having more range of motion would be similar to going from a stiff shaft on a club to one that is more flexible.
  20. I used to be a chiropractor. I had a patient one time who was an avid golfer. He had been in a car accident and came in for some minor work. As I worked on him, he told me he could now hit the ball about 20 yards further than before. Chiropractic works by not only increasing the range of motion of the vertebrae in the spine, but releasing pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. This allows muscles to relax which increases the range of motion. It also breaks up what is called "fibrotic tissue" that may build up around joints as we get older. Now that you have more range of motion, your
  21. I am in no way an Obama fan, but there is a difference. Obama is protected by the First Amendment. Tiger agrees to the rules of the game when we chooses to participate. Therefore, Tiger should be fined, Obama should not. Another difference (which supports your point), Tiger was right for what he said and he had all the evidence he needed before making his statement. Obama did not, and therefore Obama should be fined for being stupid.
  22. My son and I play everyday. We also practice alot (I am a teacher and it is still summer). I was wondering if we just played everyday, wouldn't we get just as good or better even if we don't go to the range or the putting green? Like my son told me one day, "Dad, on the range I don't get balls behind trees, at the range I am always hitting from a flat area, whereas on the course I am hitting on uphills or downhills, there is no rough on the range, on the range and practice areas I get into a rhythm which doesn't happen on the course, etc." I guess what I am asking is, "If you played enough a
  23. It is nice to see that some of you go out onto the course and practice hitting toward the green. The range just doesn't have the same feel. Yesterday I did this with my son. We went out about 50 yards from the green and he just practiced pitching it onto the green.
  24. My son and I were playing yesterday and we caught up to the group ahead of us. It was a foursome and they had carts. My son and I were walking. It was obvious they were new to the game (newer than my son and I), as we watched them finishing up the par three hole, BOTH GROUPS DROVE THEIR GOLF CARTS ONTO THE GREEN to be close to their balls. One player hopped out, hit is four or five puts then the next one thing the same thing and so on. The next hole they were parked just off the back of the green, one cart was behind the other. The group in the cart in the back hopped into their cart when th
  25. First of all, is it an "irish" accent or an Irish accent? Second of all, are you "affending" people or are you offending people? That being said, it is great that you get to see the players. Can you tell us more about the tournament? How about posting the articles you are writing for your paper? Did you get to see Tiger or the "big name" players? I would love to hear about your experience covering the tour.
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