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  1. My son and I have been playing golf just over three months. My son played his first 18 holes today. He is 11 years old and uses a $60 set of clubs. I was just wondering if hitting 116 is good for the first time going 18. He usually hits in the low 50's for nine. I am hoping that in 3 years he can make a high school team. I know a lot of people are excited about breaking 100 so I was wondering if this was good.
  2. I find it funny that you ask about being busy. I hope you don't take this as rude but my sister is an attorney and so is her husband. I am a high school teacher. Their 9 year son recently stayed with me for a few days and we played golf everyday. He went home and complained to his parents that his uncle took him golfing everyday and all they do is "sit around on their fat asses!" My sister has called me on several occassions to ask me about how she can become a teacher because she never sees her kids due to all the work she has. He husband makes ALOT of money but is out of town 3 days a week.
  3. You have nothing to worry about. My son and I took up golf about 3 months ago. At first neither of us could hit the ball very far. We play everyday and now we are getting better. My nephew who is 8 has been playing with us the last few days. He hits the ball about 10 feet and that is after missing the first 2-3 swings each try. The one thing we ALWAYS do is, as soon as we see someone behind us, we signal them to pass through, step off to the side of the course, and let them go. If your course is crowded, just wait until the end of the hole and let them through. It will slow you down, but so
  4. Sounds like individual choice. I use mine often when I play, but then again, I am just learning the game.
  5. My son and started playing baseball at age 3. We worked at it almost every summer. My feelings were, "If you are going to play a sport, you might as well get good at it." He was above average but never really fantastic, no matter how much we practiced. The thing that I have come to dislike about organized sports are the politics. My son's baseball team was one of the best in California, one parent decided to start their own travel ball team and took just about every player from my son's team, except for my son. It is hard to explain that type of rejection to a 10 year old. My dad had alway
  6. Barclays upped my credit card interest rate from 0% (introductory rate) to 27.24% because I paid them 6 days after the due date (Due on the 3rd, I paid them on the 9th). Now I know what they are doing with my money, holding golf tournaments.
  7. Larry Elder and Brad Elder (Nationwide Tour), only because they both have the same last name as me lol. For reals though, I like Tiger. As a kid I liked Johnny Miller. I don't know why, I just did. After last weekend, I also like Tom Watson.
  8. I forgot, my dad used to work with Corey Pavin's father-in-law, in fact he went to his wedding. He said he was a great guy also.
  9. I usually play either with my 11 year old son or alone, recently I was paired up with a stranger and had the best 9 holes ever.
  10. My dad once played in the Glen Campbell L.A. Open where he was paired up with Andy North. He said he was a real nice guy. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever met a professional and what the experience was like.
  11. I usally shot in the 70's for 9 holes (I know I suck, but I just started playing a few months ago, took two months off and now have been back for two weeks). The other day I teamed up with someone and I told him how bad I was and that I was trying to break 70. Ended up shooting a 58. I told him he was good luck
  12. Hey Jax: I noticed you live in Vegas, I am going to be out there in two weeks. What are the good courses to play at a reasonable price? Congrats on the sponsorship!!
  13. Legend of Bagger Vance The Tiger Woods story (when it comes out) Caddyshack was funny, the scene of Rodney dancing on the golf course is a classic. So was when Ted Knight tells that caddy who is trying to get him to pay for college, "The world needs ditch diggers too." I tell that to my students when they fail a test (as a joke).
  14. I teach at a school that has only been opened for 5 years. I am interested in starting a golf team and would like advice on how to have a successful program. Where do I get clubs? How do I run practices? How often do I practice? What fundraisers are done? Any advice on how to coach kids who are beginners or advanced players? Any other information would be nice. Thanks
  15. I have it made, my 11 year old son is interested in golf, so my wife cooks dinner by 3:30 everyday so we can get to the course by 4:30. Golf in my neighborhood is very cheap ($8 supertwilight for me, $30 for the whole summer for my son) so my son and I play everyday. It is father/son time so she never complains. BTW, she is also a great cook
  16. This is totally foreign to me. In Victorville I was golfing a super twilight the other day and did not see another golfer until my 7th hole. Once I caught up to him he picked up the pace and that was the end of it. My total wait time was about 1 minute.
  17. I have two worst tee shots. The first one I hit the ball low, it hit the rock marking the ladies tee and bounced up behind me into the backyard of a house. So basically, the shot ended up about 100 feet behind the tee box in a backyard. The second one, I was teeing off on the 10th hole just outside the clubhouse, my 10 year old son was standing about 20 feet away at a 90 degree angle to the way I was facing. I hit the ball, it went straight at him and hit him in the stomach. He grapped his stomach and fell down like he had been shot. A marshall saw the whole thing happen and came out of the
  18. No way...Armstrong is the greatest cyclist ever...ever!!
  19. I had my best 9 holes ever today . I was hoping to break 70 (I know, pretty bad) and I shot a 58. So I not only broke the 70 but 60 as well. Now the goal is to break 50 by September 1.
  20. I know this asked about LA, I am up in the High Desert, Victorville has two great places to play. One is Westwinds Golf Course and the other is Green Tree. Super Twilight is $8 walking and the courses are usually empty. I am new to golf so I am not familar with other courses in the LA area, but these are nice courses and for the price you can't beat it. Super friendly staff at both of these also
  21. The other day I was on a golf course and hit two houses on two different holes. I feel these people have the right to come on and play a hole if the golf course allows someone as bad as me to use their course. So go for it.
  22. I am a teacher, school board member and an adjunct college professor
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