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  1. England golf have now released handicaps under WHS, I presume the rest of the UK is the same. My handicap dropped 1.7 shots down to 12.3. Anyone else in the UK notice a big drop in handicap?
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys, very interesting responses.
  3. I have searched around the forum a little bit and can't find what I'm looking for. I'm wondering how I can calculate my handicap by different facets of my golf game, so that I can calculate my weaknesses and work on what to improve. For example is there to work out for example that my 16 handicap is made up: Putting 10 hdcp Driving 20 hdcp GIR 14 hdcp U&D 18 hdcp Sand saves 24 hdcp etc. I would like to be able to see areas that need improvement and to measure how they are improving. Do I need an app or is there a way of calculating this?
  4. I know someone who bought a round of drinks thinking he had a hole in one, and then discovered it wasn't actually a hole in one. 🙄😂
  5. Funnily enough I nearly did it again on the same hole yesterday. My shot was all over the flag in the air, but when I walked up the hill to the green, it was five feet past the hole. Missed the birdie putt as well. 🙄
  6. Unfortunately I ended up with the worst of both worlds 😂 We thought it was a hole in one, so I paid for a round of drinks in the club house. I then had this nagging doubt that it might not count, hence the post on this forum. So huge bar bill and no hole in one. 😂😂
  7. Yes it was. If you watch the video closely, as the wind subsides and the flag moves towards the centre of the cup, the ball follows it. We are only talking about fractions of inches but the ball would not stay connected to the flag as the flag moved away from it, if more than half of the ball wasn't over the hole.
  8. It was a short 125 yard par 3 slightly up hill. A well struck pitching wedge, but you can't see the bottom of the flag so didn't see it land. I thought I'd gone too long, but my friend thought it was close. Turns out he was right! I wish I'd taken some pictures from ground level, so I had a better chance of determining whether any part of the ball was underground. Wasn't 100% sure of the rules at the time and didn't want to hold up the group behind by taking too long. It seems by the strict letter of the law that, as I don't think any of the ball was under the surface it isn't a
  9. Is it possible to post the video to this thread? It is 15MB in size.
  10. It was actually more than half a ball over the whole, so based on that I think a small proportion would have been below the rim. I seem to have quoted Cantankerish by mistake there. Not sure how to adjust it. In the video, the flag is oscillating and each time the flag moves back towards the centre, the ball rolls (very slightly) towards the hole. Does that not confirm that the balance is shifted towards the flag and therefore partially below ground level?
  11. I think it's a bit clearer in this shot from the video I took and hopefully I think part of the ball is below the surface.
  12. 25 years since I started playing golf and I was a terrible golfer for my first year, would struggle to break 120 most weeks. Nearly gave up after that first year, but luckily sought the services of a good golf pro at the start of my second year and started to improve quickly. 100: 3 months after taking lessons 90: 6 months after taking lessons 80: after around 5 years, but was on a really easy course, best score on my home course is 80 70: unlikely to happen, but you never know
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