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  1. I often find I can push the turf back in to place with my thumb and then flatten out with my putter. Is this an effective way to repairs divots or am I causing damage in some way?
  2. I started playing golf with my 13 year old daughter last summer and she is already addicted to it! When she first started playing, I was hoping that within a year she could get to a standard where we would be able to have a round together without holding up other people too much, but in 10 months she has improved so much that she's not far off being able to beat me. She nearly broke 100 last night for the first time shooting a 103 on our par71. As others have said, its just so nice to be able to share a hobby with my daughter, especially where she is as passionate about it as me. It's a great way to spend the evening after work in the summer.
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