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  1. Ive been playing for 12. Got serious around age 13. worked my way from a 15.7 to scratch in 4 and a half years.
  2. Sounds like a friendly game to me. And if its a money game then he's got his strategy set.
  3. I never tell anyone what they did wrong just because its not my problem. I do notice everything they do wrong and in turn if it continues they usually ask me and i quickly answer lol
  4. on the green 15/18 times in reg. today. 6 one putts. 8 two putts. 4 three putts. After the 18th green. I was so angry i snapped my putter in 2. Not a good putting day. Not at all.
  5. I was playing with my pops a couple years ago i was setting up for my second shot on this par 4 410 yards. I was about 185 out and he was about 5 yards behind me and 5 yards to my left. So i told him to get out of the way before i hit um. He laughed and told me to shut the f*** up. So without trying i hooked the ball right towards the cart, ricocheted right of the roof and hit him in the back. I took a drop and put it 3 inches to the pin lol. For the rest of the day he parked the cart 25 yards behind my ball and told me to walk lol.
  6. I like my wedges. I hit all my clubs good, but the wedges are definately my favorite. 56* to be exacto. The consistency and accuracy i have with um drives me nuts.
  7. 240-260 nice easy swing. 260+ i give it a good rip.
  8. The key is having an outstanding foundation. I think your set up is great but the balance could use a little more tweeking. Need to rotate those shoulders more and set up in the direction you want to hit the ball.
  9. Maybe you need to work on your wrists on impact. Are you sure your not cupping your wrists on some of them? Try keeping your left wrist and your club parallel at the top of your back swing. Hope this works and hope you fix it soon.
  10. Nike One-Tour D's are very good. Low trajectory off the tee with not soo much spin. Then have a great touch on the green for that stop on a dime feel.
  11. Chillax man, dudes just trying to put out some input on his game. You should work on different parts of your game a different times. Once you really get the feel of your irons then you should start to work on your driving game. But good job man im glad you like the new irons and keep up the hard practice.
  12. 170-180 just a good contact hitter, doesnt really have to do with power
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