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  1. The Predator (Black, 2018) I just got back from this. They totally f***ing "Ragnarok-ed" this shit. It was f***ing bonkers! Now for those that read the prequel novel, certain characters that make it over to this film, were not portrayed in the same fashion - some were just glorified cameos, if you're sharp enough to spot them. As far as my ratings go for the Predator non-AVP films are:Predator Predator 2The Predator Predators They could go and release an unrated/director's cut if they wanted - I have a feeling that there may have been more action and sub-plots deleted from this version not counting that one that generated controversy. I may go back and see it again. I saw it with a great crowd. The theater was 40% full and it was in one of the bigger screens. I recommend it.
  2. I currently use an Apple Watch and an app called Fun Golf GPS, works well for me.I previously used a Garmin S2 Approach which worked fine but the information is less detailed.
  3. Really, once you're an adult your balance ability is pretty much set. As long as you have cause to use it you'll keep it. I'm not sure that you can do much to increase your balance (I could be totally wrong here, but I know that I've read something to that effect). And I'd imagine that Ice skating, snowboarding is likely going to be better for this than anything that you can do in the gym.
  4. Mine are the same as every other year: play more golf, play better golf and have more fun. 😊
  5. I know there are several guys on here gaming PXG Iron. They are fantastic clubs. Everyone I've talked to loves them. The expense in mostly because of the quality. If you are a serious golfer with some serious extra cash, these might be for you.
  6. Golf is a compromise between what your ego wants you to do, what experience tells you to do, and what your nerves will let you do--Bruce Crampton
  7. This has happened! I dropped my Bushnell and it died. Bright memory. I want to pick up something modern to him in return. But for some reason most sites do not carry useful information. Advise me a good rangefinder to $ 250
  8. I have the Bushnell Tour V3 and love it for its weight and durability. Do carry a spare battery with you. They are not your standard AA or 9V but rather the CR2. You can buy a 6 pack on Amazon dirt cheap and keep the spares in a refrigerator. I am not sure how soon you need it but it may be worthwhile to get their feedback on the newer model they are testing.
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