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  1. Wouldn't the toe-heel/Balance stamp be trademarked? Also, the shafts are in very good condition for a set of irons that are 40 years old which leads me to believe they weren't bargain quality. I know they could be a knock off but it seems like they are too close to the real deal compared to some of the clones I've seen.
  2. Outside of the Ping stamp, these look identical but I've searched everywhere I can think of and can't find anything on them. I'm starting to lean toward a clone but they do have True Temper shafts that seem like they would be on the higher end for a cheap knock off set. The shafts alone would put this set out of the budget range. By the way, the SUS-304 stamp indicates that these clubs are made with 304 stainless steel as opposed to the Karsten irons that used 17-4 stainless.
  3. So, a little back story before I get to the real question at hand. My grandfather was given a set of clubs as and anniversary gift while he was working in the oilfield back in the mid 70s. He was never a golfer and his boss was a bit of a spacecadet so my he gave them to my and a few years back my dad passed them along to me. The thing is, I have no idea what I have in my bag and I was hoping someone could help me identify them. I'm not looking for any kind of value and I have less than zero desire to sell, I'm just curious. These clubs have no manufacturer stamp, just a model number and a stamp showing the construction material. They look an awful lot like Ping Karsten 1s but they are missing the obvious ping stamp. I'll upload a few pictures any help would be appreciated.
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