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  1. I purcahsed one after several visits to Golf Galaxy and loving the way it felt, I finally pulled the trigger. I have never been happier with any golf purchase as I am with my two-ball Backstryke. I had an Odyssey Dual Rossie from 1995 to 2009 when my wife purchased me a Scotty Cameron Del Mar as a wedding gift. While I love the look of the Del Mar, I could never get the feel that I was looking for. I made the switch back to Odyssey and do not think I will be switching to any other putter for quite some time, if ever. I am so confident with this putter, which is half the battle, that I fee
  2. I recently added the 2-Ball Backstryke and I absolutely love it. I had played a dual rossie for 14 years and my wife bought me a Scotty Del-Mar California as a wedding present and could not get the feel for it. I guess I am an odyssey guy when it comes to putters. After getting used to the odd look when standing over the ball, the design really helps with a staight take away and the same through the ball. I would recommend taking a look at one at your local golf shop. Had 26 putts my first round using it, was the only thing in my bag that kept me under 80 that day.
  3. Ciroc Vodka on the rocks with an olive and a touch of olive juice. Similar to a martini but not as pretentious. Also any decent vodka with grapefruit juice, I think it is called a greyhound.
  4. I am looking to take a few lessons to work on developing a swing that helps me make more consistent contact with the ball. I have been playing for years, never taking a lesson and seem to have peaked at a place that I am not happy with. My ball striking has been a little inconsistent and I feel that I have developed some bad habits. My short game keeps my scores respectable but I want to become a real solid ball striker to have the ability to go real low one day. I live on the west side of Columbus, OH and would appreciate any insight on good experiences with instructors in the Columbus
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think the divot tool should be a good one and in the budget. As for the Scotty Cameron Putters, I don't even have one yet. I wish I could register for golf clubs. Thanks again
  6. I completely agree with the comments above. Most people are not respectful of the courses or the other patrons. You should not be anywhere near the tee box with your cart except completely on the path. I try and repair as many ball marks as I can when on a green. If you are good enough to making ball marks on the green when hitting approach shots and do not have the common courtesy to repair them, I have no respect for your game. Respect the game and you will enjoy it a lot more.
  7. It is a great show, not to much romance. Interesting story line and a bunch of crazy stuff going on. HBO definitely has produced some great shows. In my opinion, the best they have ever made is "The Wire" You want to watch a show that epitomizes social commentary with no sugar coating. Get a subscription to netflix and have the 5 seasons of The Wire consume your life.
  8. Gentlemen, I am getting married in a few months and the wife to be is asking about what I am getting my groomsmen for gifts. I am looking for something unique that has not been done 1000 times already, and something that might actually use more than once. It does not necessarily need to be golf related, but the majority of the group are avid golfers. I am looking to keep it under 30 dollars a piece. You thoughts are appreciated. Thank you,
  9. I live in Ohio and we are spoiled with the bent grass as well. In my opinion bent grass is the best for a golf course. Bermuda grass down south in the Carolinas and Florida is brutal. The fairways are inconsistent and it has a sand base. There are no better playing conditions than a well maintained and manicured bent grass course.
  10. Does anyone know of a club or driving range in Columbus, OH that offers a monthly fee for unlimited balls. I have been going to Ables on Avery, it is a good range but I am spending a lot of money getting in practice. Any insight on this is appreciated.
  11. I have the MP-57s and they are great, very consistent when you put a good move on the ball. They definitely let you know when you are striking the ball well. The mishits lose some distance but I think that is the way it should be. The MP-57s seem to be a good balance of players iron and GI iron. Also they are beautiful, in my opinion. Good Luck
  12. Has any played the two courses at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV? I am going with a group of guys this weekend and playing the Palmer Course and the Trent Jones Course. I just want to have an idea of the layout and condition of the two courses. I am always excited for a golf trip and like to go in with an idea of what I should expect, as to not get my hopes up too much. Thank you for your input.
  13. Dear That Golfer, If you are going to play before noon on any course that costs more than $50 (Ohio prices) please be at least a legitimate 25 handicap or lower. I will give you a pass on this if you know your game and can get around the course in less than 4 hours. I realize that everyone has the right to play where ever they want, but in my opinion you should spend some more time on the range or at less challenging courses before holding up the 8 groups behind you. When a group is taking 5 plus hours to play and you see someone in the group have the audacity to pull out the ball retri
  14. I have the A3 Boxer 3 and 4 hybrid, I absolutely love them, so easy to hit. Would recommend to anyone. Hit em straight!
  15. I agree the hybrid is the way to go. I can hit my 3 iron fairly consistantly, but I just added a 3 and 4 Adams A3 boxer hybrids and they are crazy easy to hit. Ball flys high and far and you get much more carry than with an iron. Great for the short rough, fairway and long par 3's. Many good options available out there for reasonable prices. Good Luck
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