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  1. I do exercise on daily basis and getting good positive results. Whatever you do if you don't do exercise or workout then its your fault for your health issues. to make your life healthy, you have to do exercise regularly. Join any sports club to burn your calories with fun.
  2. Thanks for your wonderful response. I will surely follow your suggestions in my life to take my game to next level. Hope this thread also help someone like me who has no friends in Golf.
  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful suggestions.
  4. I am living in The Villages in Florida and looking to learn Golf tips that can make my game more stronger. Any help on that?
  5. Hello Guys!! How do I start playing golf when I have no friends to play with? Could you have any suggest me?
  6. Confidence is my biggest problem in golf.
  7. Thanks for sharing. This information very helpful for me.
  8. Hello guys!! I want improve my core strength. Anyone have any good tips for improving core strength? Thank you for advanced.
  9. Personally, I play better after a workout.
  10. Avoid fast food because it contain lots of calories and fat. Eat the healthy food and also do some stretching exercises. You can regularly doing some easy workout and playing golf.
  11. Thank you for reply to the post and sharing the valuable information.
  12. I want to lose weight 10 kg in 3 months? So please advice me how to lose weight easily?
  13. Inversion table help to reduce the gravitational pressure from the nerve roots and disks. it is one of the best way to relieve back pain. I regularly perform this exercise to stay away from lower back pain.
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