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  1. edomingox

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    my biggest problem is giving up in the middle of a tournament. When I get done with 9 holes, if I'm 8+ over par, I tend to give up trying to keep low scores and I get more aggressive in an attempt to get more birdies for skins. I'm getting better at not giving up though. That seems to be the only real problem I have. Not so much as any mechanics or aspects of the game. They are all relatively in good shape. Another bad part would be when I tend to rush a finishing putt, usually around 2-4 feet. I'll just go up to it and try to knock it in only to lip out. Very annoying. I shot 1 under Sunday and I missed 2 putts at 4 feet because of my impatience. I could of been 3 under.
  2. edomingox

    Need advice on golf instruction

    unless you are practicing and working on your swing, no amount of instruction will really improve you. So I get lessons at Golf Galaxy. I find what I need to work on, then I work on it for about a month. Then I go back again to see if anything changed. I usually find that while fixing one thing, another thing has been altered. I also think that one day of no practice is 3 days of practice I've done lost.
  3. edomingox

    Was lining up my feet crooked

    The feet don't matter. What matters is the knees, hips and shoulders are all aligned in the same manner. By looking at your picture, it looks like your shoulders are pointed more right than your knees. It's a bit difficult to see where your hips are aligned. I always address the ball by first aligning myself behind the ball to my target, then I walk up several feet left of my ball then stop and turn 90 degrees to my ball and address it perpendicular to my target line. I ignore my feet pretty much. When I swing, I'm focused on ensuring my swing arc is more of an in to out swing and that my divot starts after the ball and curves to the left (I'm right handed).
  4. edomingox

    Flat Left Wrist...Goodbye Slice

    I've always kept it flat throughout the backswing. Doing so I know I never slice. I play a draw for the most part. If I want to fade it, I just open the club face a little and make the same swing.
  5. edomingox

    Unconventional can work?

    I found that when it comes to the swing, there is nothing wrong with it. Anything you want the ball to do can be done at address and setup. For example, I would hit the ball fat at times. That's because I was focused at looking at the back of the ball. So instead, I focus on looking at the front of the ball and now I hit perfect with the occasional thin shot. I don't think any swing thoughts any more. I used to. It just doesn't seem to work. So I just swing and let it happen. I don't work on my full swing now that I have it around where I need it. Never work on the driver. I find after analyzing a round, most of my mistakes come from chips and putts. Sometimes from wrong club choices, not accounting for wind or the lie, but all those, not that often. It's just a matter of getting into the habit of doing those checks and decisions correctly. I've tried unconventional techniques. Like putting with a chipping stance. That worked for about two weeks. Then it just stopped working. I went back to the conventional way and that works better now. So if something works and it's unconventional, you'll need to see if it stands the test of time.
  6. edomingox

    Question on Equity and Mud on Ball

    I would say yes, free lift clean and replace. Otherwise, I'll start trying to land my divots on their ball.
  7. edomingox

    Golf Strategy Choices

    In a way, I am being lazier. I practice mainly chipping and putting, which leaves me no time to practice partial wedge shots. I just don't go to the range because that costs money. I play at my course because my membership is paid for the year, and I'm not about to make 50 divots at 40 yards to practice a shot I may make only once or twice a round.
  8. edomingox

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    I think the reason why people lose balls more often, and I see this all the time when I'm playing with others, is that people are looking in the wrong place. I found it easier and saves time when I watch where their ball for them. They tend to be looking for it 20-30 yards farther than they actually hit it. I remember telling one guy who was at 300 yards looking for his ball he sliced into the woods.
  9. edomingox

    Golf Strategy Choices

    I lay up to 100 because I can get the ball closer to the hole with a full swing rather than making partial wedge shots. I don't practice 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 yard wedge shots. I have full/partial wedge shots for 85, 90, 100, 115, 125. I simply avoid 30-70 yards. Just easier that way. Certain circumstances may allow me to lay up at 35 yards, like being currently under par or no bunkers and large green to work with, but again, my default preference would be to lay up to 100. With a full swing from 100, I'm 80% sure I can get it pin high. I've done full swings at that distance thousands of times. At 35 yards, just the slightest mishit from trying to hit softer or hitting it too hard would not guarantee the correct distance, especially if my ball is in the rough. Which is why I prefer 100 in the fairway. The fact of the matter for me is, I the only time I will really ever face these 30-70 yard shots are on the par 5's. Even when I'm on a 350 par 4, I'll use the 3 wood instead of the driver because I find that my approach from 100 is better than my approach from 70. When I start hitting my driver to the point I'm 60-70 yards in more often, then I'll start practicing those shots. Until then, I practice 100 yard shots mainly.
  10. edomingox

    Cheating in Tournament

    I'll describe what I'd do in more detail as it happens. If he places the marker in front of the ball, then when he goes to put the ball back, places ball in front of the marker (essentially gaining about an inch to the hole), I would let him know he is not placing the ball down correctly. If he argues it, then I would tell him he will get a penalty for that. I would notify the other competitor as well. If there is no one else, then it's his word against mine. Either way, it will get resolved by the official when we turn in our score cards. When we turn in our score cards, I go to the director and tell him what happened. You have the authority to assess a penalty if you see a player do something illegal. If I see someone move there ball on the fairway, I'll call it. If I see someone double hit a chip shot, I'll call it. Yeah, it may not make me a likable guy to be around, but "thems the rules". It's there to protect the field, not just me. I don't want some guy inching his way to the cup whenever he marks (and is in contention) if I'm the guy holding the lead. I don't want to play in a tournament where people don't follow the rules and don't enforce penalties. That's where the cheaters go.
  11. edomingox

    Cheating in Tournament

    I would assessed the penalty. I don't care how mad he gets.
  12. edomingox

    Golf Strategy Choices

    so the reason why I ask these is that I read somewhere that the tour pros have the same change of hitting the green from 100 yards in the rough as hitting 175 yards from the fairway. But, as mentioned in a previous post, I would be interested in knowing what the cut off is for everyone. I think if I was to choose, this would be my cut off. 100 uneven lie and 160 flat 100 rough and 145 fairway lay up if I can't get within 20 yards
  13. I was wondering what the low handicappers would prefer in these polls. In particular, the uneven lie question.
  14. edomingox

    Losing a Golf Ball on the PGA Tour

    the trick to finding your ball is to pick a marker where the ball may be. I find that I find other people's ball better than they do because I choose a marker near where their ball may have disappeared, all while they are searching for their ball 10-20 yards further up because they think they hit farther than they really do.

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