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  1. Xander will be a tough out this year. I think Finau can be included considering he's only won once on Tour on that was in 2016 at the Puerto Rico Open, which was going on during the match play that year.
  2. Update...had a kid at the range film a face on and DTL shot. Didn't realize they were slo mo til I got home...Anyhow, here they are...
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years consistent. I've played off and on my entire life, but never more than once or twice per year. My current handicap index or average score is: Current trend is 6.9, average for last 20 rounds is 81.8 My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat, thin, high slice, pull...all typical from an early extension and flip. I know early extension is a symptom of a swing flaw and I believe my flaw is my shoulders start too soon, but that's why I'm here. Here are two videos to get started. Videos:
  4. That’s friggin awesome. See you’re from Charlotte...I’m about an hour west just inside SC.
  5. We didn't get much for color this year. It was still 90 degrees in mid/late October. Then about as quick as it started raining on Forrest Gump in Nam, it turned cold. Leaves just died and started falling.
  6. I took several things into consideration, practice facilities, distance, crowds, dues, etc... but one of the big things I looked for was the availability of member games. Nothing worse than having a free Saturday morning, but all of my playing partners are busy and no one to play golf with. Thus, the member dogfights come in nice. Most courses do something, but the availability of them and times were something I considered.
  7. I feel I am hitting the ball at 34 further than I ever have. Last time I was fitted for a driver (2012), didn't purchase that day because there wasn't any improvement over my current gamer, my swing speed was around 105, and distances were around ~ carry 250, total 265. I went for a new fitting about a month ago, swing speed average is now 111.7, average carry 263 and my total average was 293.5. All of these were done in front of a TrackMan. I believe there is a little more gas in the tank with some better mechanics. I've never been to a swing coach for lessons, but have watched many videos on this site (I lurked a long time before posting) and taken some of that advice to the range for drilling. I definitely feel my swing is better today overall, but I also know it's still not ideal and I have things to work through.
  8. I think Rose has to be under serious consideration, wouldn't be surprised to see Rahm there too. If McIlroy can get it right, he's still one of the best in the world. Francesco Molinari has been on fire lately too, so it'll be interesting to see how his game translates this weekend. ETA: Maybe I missed on the young part...
  9. I've never played the FITA game with Olympic recurve but did dabble in it with my compounds. I always preferred shooting field archery, we just don't have a big following of support for it here. To me, shooting 112 arrows in a 4.5-5 hour span was much more fun than shooting 25 arrows in that same time span. But everybody here likes shooting rubber deer so that's what I did too. I've never shot a 3 gun match, but have run drills with all three on my range. I just prefer laying on the ground and making tiny groups.
  10. Thanks - I've really been working on controlling distances with different trajectories. I've always been pretty solid with a low, bump/run technique, but sometimes that is not a good option. When I've had to fly it closer to the hole, it's always been hit or miss with distance control. Not really doing any drills, just lots of practice. Thanks for that video, I've bookmarked it and will give it a watch later. And yes, I'm enjoying my practice time two-fold. It's nice having something to do that my daughter actually enjoys. That's no dog, that's a coyote. They are the apex predator in my area and they really put a hurting on other animals as they have no natural predators to hunt them down. It's rare I see rabbits in the wild anymore and our deer fawn mortality rate has increased tremendously. There are only two things I enjoy more than golf, one involves my wife and the other is killing coyotes.
  11. IF, and that's a big IF, that were the case, I'd give up playing forever, quit my job, and be the course ranger. 2 hours would be the new standard for 18. Make golf great again!!
  12. Taurus Judge with a load of .410? I mean, it would be louder than the drone but would definitely "jam" it.
  13. The fact that 10 years ago, Nadal and Federer were 1/2 and this year the rankings are just reversed, is what the craziest stat is to me. The level of success from those two for such a long career is incredible.
  14. I don't know that you can clearly say one was/is better than the other. Both played in completely different eras with completely different courses, equipment, competitors, etc... Both were very important for the game during their prime, but what separates them for me is how Tiger made golf mainstream and brought more money and exposure to it than Jack ever did. Because of Tiger, golf grew at an exponential rate. That to me, gives him the nod of GOAT.
  15. I soak it in as much as possible. Even those days when it's been rough at the office or 95 degrees and humid as a rainforest, I still take her out. My youngest daughter, 3 years old, enjoys going too, but there's no practice when she's with us.
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