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  1. Joe Jetson

    Winter Depression Thread

    Jan. 31st, in Wisconsin, it's -26 with a balmy -38 wind chill. When the breeze picks up later today, the wind chill will be in the -50's range. "I don't think the heavy stuff's going to come down for quite a while." Yesterday, I had to take the wife's hair dryer outside to thaw the ice blockage from the Air Intake pipe for the furnace. I hereby swear that I will never again complain in July that it's "too hot to play golf".
  2. Joe Jetson

    Winter Depression Thread

    Central Wisconsin golf usually ends around Halloween, and doesn't reopen until early April, usually around the date of The Masters. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a website or a listing of open golf courses. If we get a warmup in the Midwest, I would imagine some courses might open up in Central Illinios. Instead of getting on the phone and calling courses, it would be nice if there was a place listing open courses by state or region. I've looked at Golfnow.com and other Tee Time sites to see if anyone's open, but usually the courses are closed anyway, and they just forgot to remove their Tee Time Listings. It would be a nice if there was a resource to check quickly. if it warms up, I'd drive four hours to get in a winter round.
  3. Joe Jetson

    Callaway Drivers

    I picked up a Big Bertha Diablo Draw Driver with Regular Shaft at Goodwill for $10. It always felt pretty good, but I consistently hit a fade (or slice) with it. Overall, a very nice club, though. I played with it for about a year before the shaft cracked and split halfway between the head and the grip. (You don't get much for Ten Bucks anymore.) I was surprised it cracked because I'm not a hard swinger anymore at age 63. So I had some Ladies' .335 shafts from Ebay sitting in the garage, and I thought I'd try one and see what happens. This club has a little hosel/shaft adapter, so I had to buy one from Golfworks.com It took quite a bit of prep work getting the old shaft and adapter sleeve out because the sleeve thing melted when I heated it up for removal. It took some extra time to clean out the hosel properly. But I finally got the new Ladies' shaft and sleeve in, and took it out to the course the next day. It took me a while to realize that if I swung this thing nice and easy, I was getting about 20 to 30 yards more distance than I ever hit it before. And it totally cured my fade. In fact, after years of aiming at the edge of the fairway to allow for my fade, I'm now aiming straight down the middle, maybe even setting up for a very slight draw. I play with my brothers, so they gave me a little grief about the "Ladies" shaft. But the laughing changed to "Geez" when they saw the ball disappear way down the fairway. I think this model of Big Bertha Diablo Draw woods is probably at least ten years old by now. Which is great, because I want to add the 3-wood and 5-wood to my bag, and I see they have a whole bunch of them on Ebay for under $40. I've got more Ladies' shafts to use up. And some pink grips.
  4. Joe Jetson

    Draw Shape Drivers/Woods

    Your Question: "Now that it is here, I am not quite sure exactly how to address the ball. Do I set up normally and the club will naturally make the ball go into a draw pattern? Or do I still set up as if I was hitting a draw? (Club face slightly closed and shoulders pointed slightly right of the target." My Reply: I have the Diablo "Draw" Driver. The clubhead is designed to be slightly "closed" (aimed to left for RH Player) when setting on flat surface. It is balanced that way, so if you try to square it up to your target line, it will feel slightly out of balance. The closed/draw design is intended to correct, or straighten out the ball flight for a player who regularly fades or slices their shots. I have always played a consistent fade, but the sidespin created with my fade cost me some distance loss on carry and roll. The Diablo Draw Driver straightened out my fade to the point where I now set up straight down my target line. I have found that I gained about 20 to 30 yards by utilizing the built-in "Draw" feature of the Diablo Draw driver. So, regarding your question on your setup, if you were previously a "fader" you should now be able to adjust your set up to aim squarely at your target. However, if you were previously a "hooker", the Draw design will make your hook worse. Finally, if you were a straight hitter, you should see a slight draw with this club. One other thought- if you try to manually "square up" the clubface with how you grip the club, you will be working against the features designed into the club. It will change the weight balance and the loft angle of the club.
  5. Joe Jetson

    Joe Jetson


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