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  1. I've always had a problem with coming over the top and cutting across the ball. I would make a beautiful inside/out swing on my practice swing, but then get up to ball and come over the top. Finally, I just said to myself: Tee it up high Go out and get it ...and I started hitting much more solid, straight shots. But it didn't seem complete. Then, I remembered the advice Navin Johnson (Steve Martin in 'The Jerk') got from his father when he left home. So now, my full swing thought is: Tee it up high Go out and get it See a doctor and get rid of it.
  2. That is funny. Can I use that? My brothers and I live about 100 miles apart and use Golfnow.com regularly to find somewhere between us to play. This joke will bring a little humor to a humorless situation. Thanks. I vote MAGA- Make America Golf Again!
  3. Our courses in Wisconsin have been closed statewide by order of our Governor. An online petition to open them, with several reasonable restrictions, has so far gathered over 60,000 signatures. I posted the information about the petition on our Neighborhood/Local website. I was surprised by the number of vicious, negative reactions and comments about it. The sad thing is that this isn't a bunch of strangers, these are my neighbors. it reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone, where neighbors turn against neighbors. Many people are consumed with fear, anger and paranoia about th
  4. Golfer LLoyd Christmas: What are the chances of hitting these concrete columns, ricocheting back and forth a couple times, and then screaming straight back at us and hitting the camera? Cameraman Mary Swanson: Not good. Lloyd Christmas: Not good like one in a hundred? Mary Swanson: I'd say more like one in a million. Lloyd Christmas: So you're telling me there's a chance?
  5. My favorite food on the course is large Pretzel Rods, the ones that look like a big cigar. I load them into a Pringles tube so they don't get broken and pull one out when I get a little hungry. You can actually swing the club with them in your mouth to keep you relaxed from biting down too hard. I saw a tip from Martin Hall where he said to put a cookie in your mouth to keep you from getting too tensed up. If you bite through the cookie during your swing, you're not relaxed. Same thing with the pretzel rod. Of course, if you're eating salty pretzels, don't forget some water.
  6. Welcome to The Sand Trap. I am also new and also from Wisconsin.

  7. I'm new to TST, and read in the "Rules" about "no politics". Then I started reading this thread, and it took until Page 3 to get to the first "pro-Trump" comment. Thank you, got a good laugh. You're 100% correct.
  8. I just got an email notification from Two Oaks North in Wautoma, WI. They will open for play Friday and Saturday (weather permitting), 3/22 & 3/23. We played there in February in 2018 and there were a few holes closed, some wet and muddy areas, but overall if you kept it in (or near) the fairway, it wasn't too bad. I expect about the same this weekend. Forecast is 42* and sunny Friday, and 51* and sunny on Saturday. You can check their website for details and contact info. I'd call ahead just to be sure.
  9. I had a couple of old drivers gathering dust, so as a retired guy, I started experimenting with them. I shortened one and found it much easier to control accuracy. Then switched one to a ladies' flex. I found that added some distance, about 10 to 15 yards. I had found some shaft pulls on Ebay dirt cheap, so it didn't cost much, mostly just the time pulling the old shaft and prepping the ladies for installation. I didn't really know much about club building, so it was fun learning. I finally re-shafted the Callaway Diablo I like, and now have a better driver for a small cash outlay.
  10. I'm kind of new here, so I'm not sure how to do a "link", but if you Search "Biggest Secret Hip Slide" at the top of the page, it should be the top result. I think it's an older thread, but there's a lot of posts and some logical descriptions about "how's and why's".
  11. Has anyone tried the "Nintendo Wii My Personal Golf Trainer With IMG Academies And David Leadbetter"? It's supposed to be a Training App more than a "Video Game". It supposedly analyzes your swing, balance, etc. and then gives you drills to improve. It's on the "Wii" platform, so it's not something you just play with the controller. You take your stance on the "Wii Balance Board" and swing the controller as if it's a golf grip. It then analyzes your swing and gives you some feedback. I'd try it myself, but I've read it is for Right Handed golfers only, and I'm a lefty. Is the "RH Onl
  12. March 5th, and will not reach 30's until this weekend in central Wisconsin. I've been reading a separate topic here about "Hip Slide" to start downswing. It makes a lot of sense and could possibly explain some recurring problems with casting. Can't wait for it to warm up so I can incorporate some of this information. Until then, I'll have to settle for watching the pros on TV.
  13. If the weather ever warms up (March 5th in Wisconsin), I'm very curious to try the "Hip Slide" to start my downswing. After seeing several posts here explaining that "casting" can be the result of not sliding the hips, it helps to explain a recurring problem with my swing path.
  14. Below zero this morning (March 5th) again in Central WI. We've had record cold for March so far, after having record snowfall for the month of February. The "funny" thing is that we had almost no snow on the ground up to the middle of January, and I was optimistic about having an early start for golf season here. Normally, courses open up around the week of the Masters, but we'll have to have a lot of warm days in a row for that to happen this year.
  15. Jan. 31st, in Wisconsin, it's -26 with a balmy -38 wind chill. When the breeze picks up later today, the wind chill will be in the -50's range. "I don't think the heavy stuff's going to come down for quite a while." Yesterday, I had to take the wife's hair dryer outside to thaw the ice blockage from the Air Intake pipe for the furnace. I hereby swear that I will never again complain in July that it's "too hot to play golf".
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