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  1. I was actually in a green side bunker, got out of it but it rolled of the back leading to that shot, the bunker pretty much cost me 3 strokes That sounds like an option!
  2. What’s that? Yeah I’d take green all day. Even though I’d take green all day from most places haha.
  3. Yeah I realise you need loft👍🏼, that may help but this green was at least 5ft elevated and only 4ft In front so the ball had to go quite high whilst being on a down slope, horrible shot! Probably the best thing to do!
  4. I’m relatively new to golf and have seen most videos covering most topics. A shot I was up against for the 1st time and it was a difficult one was the green was up a hill but my ball was also on a down slope in a little valley. What would be the best technique to get enough loft to get it on the green other than suggesting lob wedge
  5. I’ve just bought some used clubs (RSI1 irons) and I love them, took them to the range and I’ve noticed they are an inch longer than my previous and feel a lot more upright at adress, Is it possible to get these clubs fitted to suit my swing or is is that not possible?, I also read a more upright club usually produces more of a hook/draw, where as I was hitting mostly fades, why is that thanks
  6. Thanks, I’ll give that a try next time I’m at the range
  7. Yeah I’ve been googling it a lot recently, I also have tried opening the club face but feels so uncomfortable in my hand as if the weight of the club wants to come back round into my usual position, same as with my grip, I try weakening it but it doesn’t feel right so it just creeps back round!
  8. Just wondered if anyone could help me, I struggle with a big hook in 50% of my iron shots, they go way left. I went to the range today, After reading up online, 1 person suggested opening up my stance, keeping my shoulders square, and purposely trying to swing left to produce a fade/slice, this some how worked a dream and I’d hit my irons as straight as you like with solid contact. Has anyone got any reason for this and also any reason why I shouldn’t always set up like that? If it works for me, I also hit some draws with my stance open when I’ve been told an open stance favours a fade, how am
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