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  1. I really appreciate all of the replies. I’ll try to take all of your advice and see what works for me. I’m just ready to be more consistent and to stop hitting behind the ball and chunking my shots
  2. I’ve been playing golf for about a year and a half, and I guess I was always under the impression that your 6 iron went in the middle of your stance, and as the club loft went up, the ball moved a little farther back in your stance. On the other hand, and the loft went down, the ball moved toward the front of your stance. Right now, my sand wedge is in between the middle of my stance and my back foot, but I was told that unless I’m chipping, no club should be behind the middle of your stance? Is there a proper way or is it by feel? Thank you
  3. I'm fairly new to golf (just under a year). I thought I was getting the hang of things and was consistently shooting high 40s to 50. Recently, I started regressing and chunking or hitint my irons low and into the ground. I took a lesson but can't afford to do so all the time. I will try to take another this summer I was was looking into training aids that were not too expensive and found this: https://m.dickssportinggoods.com/p/maxfli-weighted-swing-trainer-w14mxflwgtdswgtrn/w14mxflwgtdswgtrn The reviews weren't bad and it's not expensive. I just need to work on getting good contact and getting the ball into the air. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the input. I can definitely feel the weight difference with the two wedges They were out of a clearance bin, so didn't spend much at all on them. Would you recommend changing the shaft? Womens shafts may not fit well but maybe a senior flex shaft? Or should I just buy new ones down the road.
  5. I started golfing last year. I shoot a little over 100 for a full round. Over the winter, I got rid of my cheap set and I was able to purchase a random assortment of new but older model clubs. I have womens irons/hybrids and a few wedges, and a men's driver, fairway wood, and sand wedge. I don't have any concerns about my putter Is it okay to go back and forth between men's clubs and women's clubs throughout a round?
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