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  1. Casualgolfer

    Practicing Sand/Bunker Shots without Sand

    Buy a kiddie pool and fill with sand...
  2. Casualgolfer

    "Prove Me Wrong!" - Increasing Swing Speed

    I believe you are right about ones physical peak but it has to be in direct relation to your golf game. I am 29 now but when I just got out of college baseball I was probably at my physical peak as I hadn't worked out since really. On my first fitting I was able to generate 125 mph club head speed but now I can generate almost 10 mph more but I am not in better physical condition but my golf swing has improved since then. If you take golf out of the equation then you are right. Once we peak we will be on the decline. Golf wise however the peak of your scoring game could come much later after your physical peak.
  3. Casualgolfer

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    I am also trending towards using softer balls like the super soft even with my high swing speed. Seems to be a good bit straighter off the tee. Another one to try is the Wilson duo soft. They are cheap too.
  4. I have a Callaway xr16 LD head on a Xphlexxx Busa 2X shaft and like it. I switch between it and my Krank F7 with a 3x fujikura flywire. Flight scope didn't have AoA but my spin numbers indicated I was not striking it upward too much. The baseball player in me wants to take my top hand (right hand) and drive it into the ball to hit those long back spinning home runs lol. Except in golf that extra back spin was killing my drives with higher lofted drivers. As soon as I hit a 5 degree it was like night and day. I feel like it has improved my ball striking overall as well on my other clubs.
  5. No problem, I went and hit on flight scope a couple months ago to see what my spin numbers were doing on my new driver and I topped at 134 mph club head speed with ball speeds just under 200 mph. I was hitting a "long drive" driver because I wanted something with less than 8.5 degrees of loft that my current driver was. Only thing I could find on eBay were long drive heads so I bought 3 different long drive clubs. As soon as I hit them I quickly realized that these were so much better for my swing speed! Immediate flatter ball flights that landed and would actually roll out. I get lots of stop and stares at the driving range lol. Couple workers at my course kind of joke with me when I go hit balls. They ask if they will have to go pick them up in the road today because at the end of the range is a fairway that runs perpendicular and after that is a roadway. A couple times I know I have carried the road but I don't try and make a habit of it haha. I'm thinking about trying to slow it down some to be honest and dial it up only when needed.
  6. I think I am a great example of this oddity. I don't carry an official handicap but I expect to shoot 82-86 any given day but have broke 80 twice so far. I can carry a drive over 320 without issue. Have had several drives where total distance has been gauged over 350. But that is mainly due to my raw physical ability. Actually playing golf is alot harder lol. If you hit a drive at 250 and it lands in the first cut of rough, my drive might be in the other fairway or in the woods if we both started on the same line. Yes the distance can really help when you can manage it but it can also massively hurt you. I actually went out a few weeks back and played 2 balls and kept separate scores. One ball I need off with my driver and the other with my 4 iron. For par 3's I played only one ball to use for both scores. I shot an 83 with my 4 iron and an 84 with my driver. The driver actually won out on the front but the 4 iron did much better on the back 9. So I ordered a 2 iron in hopes of a better middle ground on holes I really shouldn't hit driver.
  7. It is kind of hard to really pin down my true averages but I have a good range of distances I will play each club depending on the shot, weather, and how I feel that day. For reference I may use my 7 iron for a 180 yard shot or a 210 yard shot depending on all sorts of conditions. Heck I even hit my PW the other day about 190 but it caught a serious tail wind so that would really skew my average. So here it goes: Driver: 290-340 3W: 260-300 2i: 240-280 3h: 230-260 4i: 230 5i: 210 6i: 200 7i: 190 8i: 175 9i: 165 PW: 130-160 GW: 100-140 56*: anything from 20 yards to 120 sometimes
  8. I swing faster than Tiger woods lol. I'm in the .01% minority! Pretty exciting until I push one right or hook one haha. I haven't really played with super short hitters. Most of my friends are ex baseball guys like myself and can generate some good speed. Heck my dad at 62 can still hit over 280 on occasion (total distance). I can regularly go over 320 on the course... Sometimes much longer and sometimes much shorter depending on how much I suck that day. Us mid to high handicap guys who can go over 300 exist although I can now dip down and touch a 78 or 79 on occasion if I'm really on.
  9. Casualgolfer

    Bombs away

    Good deal. I was in the low 130's a couple months ago on flight scope but that is my normal swing. I got 3 drivers I could use for long drive but I was wondering what you used on the course? I have a Titleist 913 D2 8.5 degree with and x stiff tipped shaft but I spun that thing like a yo-yo. Was thinking about cutting down the xphlexxx shaft on my Callaway since it goes up to 7 degrees and using it as my player. I actually can do pretty well on the course with my 5 degree drivers but maybe something a little more forgiving wouldn't be bad.
  10. Casualgolfer

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Precisely why I bring my rangefinder to the range with me. I like to check my distances each time. Some days I hit it longer or shorter than others.
  11. Casualgolfer

    Bombs away

    Would be fun but I can't generate the 140+ speeds those guys do.. I probably could if I wanted to work out like I did in college lol. What kind of driver do you play with?
  12. Casualgolfer

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I'm pretty long with the driver so it can find trouble very quickly even on good shots sometimes. Sometimes I will hit my 3w but usually if I'm actually that bad it will follow the 3w somewhat. Last week I resorted to my 4i which I can take out to about 230 so that worked pretty well. Just recently ordered a 2 iron to tee off with on holes I know I shouldn't use driver.
  13. Casualgolfer

    Gapr Lo 17

    Tee shots are what I'm thinking I will use it for most often. Don't have enough real long par 5's at my home course that require much more than a 6 or 7 iron for me on my 2nd shot provided a good tee shot. Hoping it will be a nice control club when things go bad for my woods.
  14. Casualgolfer

    Gapr Lo 17

    How do you like the 2 iron so far as a whole? I ordered a component 2 iron off eBay fitted with a project x 6.5 shaft for $89 on a whim but wanted to see how you like it so far as I know we have similar swing speeds based on your other thread. Hoping it will be a nice easy 275 yard fairway finder lol.
  15. Casualgolfer

    Bombs away

    I have a 5 degree Krank with a fujikura 3x shaft but it is a conforming club. Also have a Callaway xr16ld head(4-7*) on a xphlexxx shaft and a brute head(5*) on a house of forged shaft. All eBay specials. Was trying to find a driver that would work for me because I spun the ball so much. Decided to go lower loft which worked well. I actually play with these drivers. However they all are usga conforming clubs.

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