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  1. Hit on a driving range that had a power line that cut through the middle of it lengthwise....
  2. You just took all the variables out of why you would choose one over the other lol. However for me it would be address... I like the iron better
  3. Krank driver Titleist 3w and hybrid Dynacraft 2 iron Callaway irons through gap wedge Cleveland 56 and 58 Odyssee putter
  4. Depends on alot of things. I have grabbed just about every club for a punch out haha. But recently I have taken a liking to using my 2 iron for long low runners.
  5. Yeah I watched her on TV the other day go over 400 but she did get 70 yards of roll, a little down wind, in a higher elevation but still stupid impressive. Her spin numbers must be really low to get roll out like that.
  6. I feel like just about any ball goes same distance off my driver. It is noticeable for me though that the lower compression balls have much less spin. But any well struck ball of a 5* driver isnt going to spin a ton. And I guess technically the duo softs and supersofts are advertised as a "distance" ball of all things.
  7. PW- 140-160 depending on situation GW- 115-140 56*- 1-120 Just ordered and extra low bounce 58* to play with around the greens. All the distances are dependent on situation of course. I can deloft the heck out of my PW and really get it out there but not much point in it. I may also pull a pitching wedge on a 100 yard shot if I want a lower trajectory using a half swing.
  8. I got a dynacraft head and had it bent down to 17*. Stuck a project x 7.0 shaft in it and it has been a nice addition for cheap!
  9. Funny I hit my longest drive yesterday with a Wilson duo soft. Don't want to say how far it went but it was long even for me! I like the lower compression balls for my high swing speed. Seems to get much less spin.
  10. Lower compression balls are good for high swing speeds as well. I can get into the 130's with my driver but with alot of spin. I play duo softs and supersofts and they help a good bit. Every ball seems to go similar distance but I prefer the straighter flight that I get from a low compression ball. The OP may already be playing the perfect ball for him. Be I interested to see how other balls work out for you.
  11. Broke 100 very quickly. And actually broke 90 within a few months of actually taking things seriously. Took a solid year after breaking 90 to break 80 but I have only done that twice. This is all with basically my natural swing. Probably could go for breaking 70 but that seems like alot of work.
  12. Long time baseball player. Won AAU national championship, won just about every high school award at the time, D1 all American in college, first team all conference, and was elected for the college home run derby although I didn't get enough votes... And I can smash a golf ball lol
  13. My vote would not be toward another wedge. I would go with a driving iron if your comfortable with one. Something that can reach out as much or more than your 5w and feel more controllable.
  14. I may have to try the newer versions this year. The MTB Black was a bit of a disappointment for me unfortunately. I noticed a good bit of loss in my driver distance and a little bit in my long irons when compared to almost any other ball I used. I also split 2 balls with the driver. One ball came directly out of the sleeve and I split it in two. Have broke many range balls but not a brand new ball.
  15. I would say if that estimated yardage matches closely to what you see on the course then the monitor was at least fairly accurate. I bet if you could "hit up" on the ball a little more and reduce spin by maybe 1000 rpm you will see some gains.
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