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  1. Casualgolfer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    84 today. Hit a couple nice long drives on the par 5's and ended up hitting a 9 iron over the green and an 8 iron over the other par 5 green. Should have hit my 3w more often off the tee instead of driver on the par 4's. Distance is useless without accuracy.
  2. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    Thank you. Glad to be here. Hopefully will be able to play today if it doesn't rain.
  3. Casualgolfer

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Hitting the ball long for an amateur can have equally detrimental effects if accuracy isn't increased by the same amount. For the pros I would actually think shortening the courses would prove more beneficial. Then everyone is on a more similar platform.
  4. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    Thank you for those links. Definitely a weakness of mine. Putting has been bad lately also which usually it isn't terrible but I have 3 putted way too many times.
  5. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    No problem here lol. When I got fitted my club speed was averaging about 127 mph. I was fitted with a x stiff, tipped, 82g Diamana shaft with a Titleist D2 head at 8.5 degrees which I had down to 7.75 degrees. I just stopped playing this driver as I was hitting drives square that would check backward 5-6 feet in the fairway and could never get my flight down. I just picked up a driver off eBay that must be lowering my back spin by a ton. It is a 5 degree mutant golf Brute 2.0 head with a house of forged black diamond xx shaft. I can still hit high moon balls but it just keeps carrying where before it would almost yo yo back to me I felt. I actually played today ( 47 on front and 40 on back). Drove it right on the center of one green that said 347 on the card but I probably hit it closer to 335. I hit a bullet on a par 5 that went a laser verified 340 and I carried way past the par 4 green I hit the other day that is 320+. Wind was at my back and I crushed a ball a little left that went 50+ yards past pin high. Had my dad with me today also. He couldn't believe how much further I hit my new driver. The new club is 48" which is admittedly a little long but club speed I'm thinking is approaching 130+. I was the guy in the baseball line up that would hit it 150 yards (450 feet+) with a wood bat lol. Can hit it over 300 with 3 wood at times, have been over 200 yards with my 7 iron and between 150-160 yards with pitching wedge depending on conditions. Sand wedge 120 on a full swing. Anything under is a feel shot which I need to work on badly.
  6. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    That's what I'm realizing. I played 9 yesterday and shot a 41 and with my new driver I was way longer than I'm used to. Was probably averaging over 320 with some being a bit longer. Anything under 120 yards is a feel shot for me and I get in between a whether I pitch, chip, or bump and run. Any time I can take a 3/4 swing or more I feel better.
  7. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    I know I'm so close. I got a new driver that is really helping me I feel but it is almost too long leaving me with in between pitch shots for my 2nd shots. Actually drove a green today and 3 putted for par..... Go figure. Like I said, definitely need some short game work.
  8. Casualgolfer

    New guy here

    Hey guys after some lurking around some different forums I decided to join the ranks at the sand trap. Started golfing a couple years after I stopped playing baseball in college and was working on my game fairly regularly. Then life happened lol. Married, baby, etc... So I quit playing. Just recently started getting serious about improving my game. On a quest to break 80 at the moment with my best being an 82 recently. Always been pretty long off the box thanks to baseball so I have been working on my iron play and short game. Still got a long way to go but I feel like I will soon be breaking 80 consistently. Glad to be here and hope I can learn from those much better than me on here.

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