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  1. Casualgolfer

    What is your driver loft?

    Currently playing 3 drivers with 5 degrees although my Callaway goes down to 4 degrees. 2x and 3x shafts.
  2. Casualgolfer

    MLB Pace of Play Rule

    I played D1 baseball and follow the MLB very closely. The main problem is the use of the bull pen. They are enforcing the mound visit rules this year but it hasn't sped anything up really. Everything now is all about match ups and analytics. When you bring 2-3 relievers in the same inning it kills the speed of the game and makes it not fun to watch.
  3. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    No doubt. Those numbers are probably fairly accurate for my D2 but not my other drivers. Backspin plays a huge roll here.
  4. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I don't think that chart is entirely accurate. If you have a good smash factor then your carry distance should be closer to 2.6 times the club head speed. I can carry over 320 but with that chart my speed should be much higher than what it is unless I have a great smash factor. From my recent time on flight scope my club head speed ranged from 127-133. At the driving range it seems on average I carry around 320ish with going a good bit further sometimes.
  5. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I can legitimately hit the ball pretty far but it really is a blessing and a curse all in one. Nice to have the distance but you have to be twice as accurate most times.
  6. Casualgolfer

    Long Drive Hookers

    I watched a video of joe Miller talking about drawing the ball and he said they want zero shot shape due to spin. The less spin the more carry and definitely more roll out they get. I really just think a draw is a product of a good swing and a deliberate effort to not slice the ball which really kills distance. I am thinking about entering some low level events for fun and I will be trying to play my draw for sure. For me I think a consistent shot shape is important because you know how it should react
  7. Casualgolfer

    Long Drive Hookers

    I actually tend to think most have a cut/fade type swing. They will all say that they don't want any shape on it to keep spin down to get maximum roll out and carry. I also like long drive and have a few long drive clubs and what you will realize quickly when hitting them is you need to be able to get that face squared up much "quicker" which may result in a hook when you are trying to swing 150 mph. Also as a whole it seems like the guys that can draw the ball tend to have better control than the guys that hit a big cut. Advantage could be that it rolls out more as well. However the miss with any draw is often a push of the face doesn't get squared up in time. When you start hitting it that long, tiny variations in your swing make a massive difference at those distances.
  8. Casualgolfer

    Are you a brand snob?

    Callaway irons, Odyssey putter, Cleveland sand wedge, Titleist hybrid and 3wd, and a Krank driver at the moment. Current balls in bag: Pro v1's, Bridgestone E7's, top flight Bomb, and Snell MTB black... For now
  9. Casualgolfer

    Your First Car

    1994 Ford lightning
  10. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    I think I could get into the 140's fairly easy if I worked out like I did in college. I used to hammer the weight room. I haven't worked out like that in 7 years so I have lost strength and flexibility no doubt. Also I have only really been golfing for a couple years so my swing I'm sure has some ability waiting to be unlocked with proper mechanics. I'm not looking to go on the WLD tour but I have been looking at regional amateur events that I may enter. Maybe if I start wearing really tight polos and start screaming at the ball if I could get it in the 140's lol.
  11. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    Thanks I will check that out.
  12. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    I like the old cart path boost, especially when it's cart path only lol.
  13. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    Well the driver I would use is the driver I am currently using during my play. I put in my introduction thread that I was gaming a 48" house of forged xx shaft with a mutant golf 5* head that I got on eBay recently as my previous driver I I suspected was killing my distance with too much spin. So I basically ordered this club on a whim because the price was good and i thought it would be better and it drastically was. Shaft is a bit long i admit for normal play but i choke down on it a bit usually. I didn't really want to say what my numbers were because when I mentioned I averaged over 320 one of my last outings I don't think there was too much belief. I'm not near the level of actual long drivers but at an amateur level I may have fun competing.
  14. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    Club speed topped out at 133.7 if I remember correctly. Averaged around 128-129 mostly. Spin rates were killing me though. Current driver has a 5 degree head. Ball speed I think topped at 197. I know I could get faster if I started working out like I did in college.
  15. Casualgolfer

    Amateur long drive anyone?

    Been thinking about possibly entering an amateur long drive event but I'm not too sure yet. Have had a feeling my club speed etc was pretty decent and I confirmed that today on one of our local pros launch monitor. Numbers matched up pretty spot on to some of my recent drives on the course. I'm no professional and shoot low to mid 80's generally but I think it would be fun. At the amateur level though I'm wondering how far would you have to hit it to even be competitive?

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