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  1. I have basically stopped taking a full swing from about 9 iron down. Just flighting all those shots seems to have improved accuracy. I can hit a 100 yard pitching wedge like a short pitch. Works really nice. I have also been taking a stab at doing it with all my irons to see what happens. Nice low controlled flight.
  2. Think Cam Champ had a lot of fast twitch muscles. Seen a lot of pitches in my day that weren't very big either but could throw mid 90's or harder.
  3. Carry... Can come play with me if you like lol. Not all the time but 340 total distance isn't uncommon for me. It's not an average drive by any means but it also isn't my longest by any means. I can touch 200 mph ball speeds so it's just math really. A good day driving I will average over 300 no problem.
  4. Alot of my misses I think are just lack of practice. Face to patch is for sure an issue at times. I say alot that the distance is great but 340 offline compared to 240 offline is a massive difference on the course. So my face to path is often as good or better than many guys I play with but the same miss is much larger. Though when it's working I can go driver wedge much of the day. Definitely right about a driving iron too. I built a component 17* iron for driving and can at times go a good bit over 250 with it but off center hits on it are very punishing. Also never had lessons but I may get some this summer from a former pga card holder. However I may be more interested in him looking at my swing so I can compete in amateur long drive. I don't have the speed like the real long drivers have but I think it would be fun to go compete again since college baseball. Speaking of Maddux and Smoltz, I am a big braves fan and grew up watching all their games. Think my club speed comes alot from the bat speed I used to have. Have had some home runs measured out around 500 feet with the older metal bats before they changed them.
  5. Last time I was on a monitor my ball speeds were in the 190's with driver. Still shot 86 on a hard course and then an 87 on on easy one my last two rounds. The driver is quite a weapon when it's on but even when a little off it can be catastrophic to my scores. I thought about taking it out the bag and go 3 wood but it's so tempting to grab driver lol.
  6. Usually when I "come up" on a chip or pitch shot I didn't fully commit to the shot. This makes me decelerate and lift up into the shot catching it thin. When I commit to the shot fully, I will accelerate through and make a good turn which always produces better results.
  7. Yeah I'm not a great golfer. Honestly I don't work on my game much. Tend to take weeks off at a time and possibly months between playing. Just have a lot going on always right now. For reference I did build a 7.5* driver with a 2x shaft but in a more normal length and I don't hit it any more accurately as my normal 5*. And isn't the motto of this forum to hit it as far as possible to score lower? I will say when my driving is on it becomes quite the weapon for me. When it's not I resort to my 2 iron lol.
  8. I don't keep a handicap. However if I'm playing badly I may shoot low 90's. If I'm playing good I may shoot low 80's. Best round of a 78 once and a 79 once. Usually stay mid to upper 80's.
  9. At times yes my striking can be inconsistent but I just don't play enough. I believe alot of it is angle of attack which I try to work on. Last time I was on a monitor I was averaging about 128 mph club speed but my spin rates were mid to upper 2,000's in rpm. I can literally watch the difference in flight when I get the revs down. I can still hit it super high but the trajectory is very flat if that makes sense. A great indicator for my swing is when I start getting roll out on a normal playing surface. I used to hit long drives that would pitch backwards about 3-4 feet. The low lofted driver is admittedly a band aid but it was the cheapest option I had (and quickest). No joking aside many of my drives going from my Titleist to my 5 degree increased distance 40 yards or more...
  10. For me sometimes trying to slow things down produces worse results. Sometimes just getting after it produces better strikes.
  11. Yep, I'm one of those guys.. been on launch monitor in the low 130's swing speed. Doesn't equate to great scores however. Finding equipment sucks and harnessing the speed on the course can be harder. Shoot mid to high 80's generally.
  12. I was fit for a diamana 85g x stiff shaft that was tipped but it isn't enough. My current driver that I play is a 3x fujikura flywire. I have 3 other drivers as well though that I built. One has a house of forged 2x platinum shaft, another has an xphlexxx busa 2x shaft, and the other has a aldila 2x shaft that is tipped. Had to change all my iron shafts to project x 7.0's too.
  13. Really need to know spin rates. I am like the OP. Swing speeds easy upper 120's. However I had to go way down in loft (5*) to get a flight that worked for me with reasonable spin rates. My ball flight even with a 5 degree driver is super high but flattens out. Before with my Titleist 8.5 head set to 7.75 it would balloon like crazy and drop straight down with tons of spin. Definitely worth getting back on the monitor to see what spin rates are.
  14. Think everyone would agree callaway's premium balls are the chromesoft versions. You are also missing the point. I said the lower compression ball doesn't hurt my distance and it doesnt. You said since it wasn't on a monitor I couldn't compare real world experience so I gave you a head to head test done on high dollar equipment and it showed the same thing I see in real life. You think Shiels was favoring the supersoft and wanted them to go further? If everyone was 100% able to optimize their performance then yes the "premium" ball may be a better choice for all around results. However, the vast majority of people aren't going to work tirelessly on a monitor to to try to fit their swing perfectly to use an expensive ball. Most people would rather use the ball that best fits their swing and what their intended level of play is. Also, most people aren't going to give a flip how a certain ball performs on a launch monitor. They are going to put it in play on the course and note the results. If a lower "compression" ball has less spin in real life and goes further for them in real world conditions then that may be the ball they prefer to play and save some money while they are at it. I was just supplying real world results as tested by me during my golf rounds. Yes I can hit a prov1 a long dang way but I can also hit a ball that is half the cost the same distance or more and not need the extra extra spin around greens. I also think those softer compression balls are straighter for me then premium balls... Now there is a can of worms.
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