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  1. I am a long hitter and will wait for people to clear out 350 and less. Although usually if you hit near them that far out they aren't mad. They just want to see who hit it lol. There are 4 or 5 par 4's at my home course that I wait for them to finish putting out. Although if I hit a bad tee shot I can very well be near them on the next tee box 😯
  2. Lol I was going to say the same about Guinness. It's basically a light beer. Color has nothing to do with calories. I brew beer regularly and the hardest style of beer to brew is an American lager. It is near impossible with home equipment.
  3. I have posted before where I completely split one and cracked another off the driver. Distances seemed a bit short for me too for whatever odd reason. Was good around greens however. These where the mtb black.
  4. Yeah I didn't want to fess up to that score when I generally shoot in the 80's no problem. I couldn't get anything going at all.
  5. I know a guy that can go over 130mph swing speed and shot a 96 yesterday...
  6. Seen plenty of Gators. Fox squirrels. Albino grey squirrel. Hawks and eagles. Lot of deer. Even seen a pie ball 8 pt buck.
  7. Yep I do this too. I tend to shift weight laterally too quickly.
  8. I usually hit a draw but can sometimes hit a big push. Straight push is basically a draw swing with the face open matching the in to out swing. If everything else is good you need to get the face closed down. Could be ball position as well.
  9. Luckily I'm long off the tee and can be a wedge in sometimes on shorter par 5's. Have had a few eagles with plenty of 3 putt pars too lol.
  10. I keep a driving iron in the bag. Really nice when the driver goes haywire. I can hit it off the fairway just fine too.
  11. I'm guessing somewhere over 100 to make use of a driving iron. My swing speed is much faster than that and I can crush my 2 iron off the deck no problem. Others who have hit my club can't get it airborne very well.
  12. Dang I'm the exact polar opposite. If I try to swing easy I mess up. I really gotta go after it to flush it every time. Maybe because my driver is so much longer that the 3 wood feels really short and controllable.
  13. Wish I could give you some advice as I crush my 3 wood off the deck and actually prefer it to having a short tee sometimes when I use it off the box. Played today and used it on several holes to tee off on. Literally just tossed the ball down on the box, lined up, and gave it a ride. For whatever reason I am very confident with it and my other longer irons as well. As long as I take a hard and fast swing I generally square it up very well.
  14. It's a heart of the hide glove which can be a a bear. They are good gloves and if treated well can last a very long time. The oven treatment works fairly well but there is nothing that will break that glove in better than working it by hand and using it as intended. Tell him to catch every bullpen/practice etc up until game time until it is broken in. Won't take that long honestly. Don't go beating on it anymore. That glove should last several years after broken in properly.
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