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  1. I use the plastic tees from Dick's. I ordered some zero friction tees before but they didn't seem to last as long as the plastic ones I buy already.
  2. Do you have very fast club head speed? I had similar issues as you and found out that I can't buy anything off the shelf and it work properly. Had to go look into long drive equipment basically to get my numbers better. Club head speed will produce ridiculous spin numbers.
  3. Think alot of it is size/leverage and athletic ability. I played baseball all my life and can dip into the low 130's swing speed but it if I don't swing all the time it can hurt turning it up that far. Usually I can stay in the 120's though.
  4. Yeah looked like a toe strike to me too. Done that before lol. Now when I take bunker shots I really try to thump the sand behind the ball. Works well. If your scared of it sometimes you will lift up and catch the ball with the leading edge.
  5. I'm not sure if you are a big baseball fan or not but I would say alot of the newer analytics in baseball aren't all that helpful sometimes. I played baseball my entire life, played D1, all American, etc and don't agree with alot of the "new" thinking of baseball analytics. Some I like but others I don't. And I watch all the baseball analytics shows and am a die hard Braves fan... Lot of "statistics" out there in baseball that may try and lead people to a decision but there is way more to it than numbers in a sport where that's all we do. Feel is very real in baseball. Lot of human elements that cannot be measured. On a side note big congrats to the Nats who go real hot at end of season and carried it all the way. Wish the Braves could have went deeper.
  6. I get those all the time! I repair and replace.
  7. Push is basically a draw with open face. Push fade is even more open face. Get face squared back up and draw should come back.
  8. I am a long hitter and will wait for people to clear out 350 and less. Although usually if you hit near them that far out they aren't mad. They just want to see who hit it lol. There are 4 or 5 par 4's at my home course that I wait for them to finish putting out. Although if I hit a bad tee shot I can very well be near them on the next tee box 😯
  9. Lol I was going to say the same about Guinness. It's basically a light beer. Color has nothing to do with calories. I brew beer regularly and the hardest style of beer to brew is an American lager. It is near impossible with home equipment.
  10. I have posted before where I completely split one and cracked another off the driver. Distances seemed a bit short for me too for whatever odd reason. Was good around greens however. These where the mtb black.
  11. Yeah I didn't want to fess up to that score when I generally shoot in the 80's no problem. I couldn't get anything going at all.
  12. I know a guy that can go over 130mph swing speed and shot a 96 yesterday...
  13. Seen plenty of Gators. Fox squirrels. Albino grey squirrel. Hawks and eagles. Lot of deer. Even seen a pie ball 8 pt buck.
  14. Yep I do this too. I tend to shift weight laterally too quickly.
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