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  1. Casualgolfer

    Factors in Selecting Your Driver

    Guess mine was a spin issue. I have an above average swing speed coupled with a slightly descending blow at impact makes for crazy spin rates. I would have drives back up 3 feet in the fairway lol. And that was with a driver that was fitted to me (Titleist set down the 7.75 loft with and x stiff tipped driver) on a whim I bought some drivers off eBay more associated with "long drive" with lower loft and stiffer shafts and I instantly gained a ton of distance. Still need to address my angle of attack but I feel much better with my newer drivers.
  2. Casualgolfer

    What driver brand do you use?

    I voted "other" as well as I play a couple different drivers. Got a mutant golf brute head with a house of forged shaft, Callaway xr16 ld with a xphlexxx shaft, and a Krank golf F7 head with their fujikura flywire shaft. I tend to like the Krank the best, Callaway second, and the mutant third.
  3. Definitely alot of people who really aren't sure how far they actually hit it. But there are some who can actually hit the ball over 300 consistently. To be honest I bet I can touch 350 no problem but I can push into the mid 130's on swing speed as well. However there are many times where that distance will hurt me big time on a bad swing. I have learned to try and hit my irons better if I want to lower scores.
  4. Casualgolfer

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    I guess it all comes down to how serious you take things. I have played with guys who shoot in the 90's and want to be super serious and other guys who cut up, drink, and talk smack all day but can play down to scratch. I play for fun and don't think anyones actions really affect my own score. But then again I am that guy who can go shoot a 90 or a 78 on any day lol.
  5. Casualgolfer

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    All I got is pick up trucks, but one just happens to have 600hp lol.
  6. I'm with this guy. I am a former collegiate baseball player and we can absolutely generate some club speed. Funny enough it seems pitchers may even have the advantage. I was that guy who could average over 300 and shoot over 100. Now I can reach out past 340 and break 80. If you can keep the distance in play it is quite the advantage assuming you have a decent short game.
  7. Casualgolfer

    What is your driver loft?

    Swing speeds a few weeks ago were upper 120's and low 130's. I was ballooning drives with my Titleist but I believe I have lowered spin tremendously with my lower lofted drivers. I have been working pretty hard on hitting more up on the ball and can hit the ball really high when I want to. Flights on my normal shots looked much like the red line there. Distance has increased a lot as well.
  8. Casualgolfer

    What is your driver loft?

    Unless you are like me lol. Even with a 5 degree driver I was launching the ball too high with high spin rates but that is a swing fault of mine. I am working on creating a positive angle of attack but still can hit moon balls even with my 4 degree driver.
  9. Casualgolfer

    New guy needs knowledge on drivers

    The equipment you use shouldnt create or fix a slice on the whole. If you are slicing then it is a swing fault no matter what driver you use.
  10. Casualgolfer

    What is your driver loft?

    Currently playing 3 drivers with 5 degrees although my Callaway goes down to 4 degrees. 2x and 3x shafts.
  11. Casualgolfer

    MLB Pace of Play Rule

    I played D1 baseball and follow the MLB very closely. The main problem is the use of the bull pen. They are enforcing the mound visit rules this year but it hasn't sped anything up really. Everything now is all about match ups and analytics. When you bring 2-3 relievers in the same inning it kills the speed of the game and makes it not fun to watch.
  12. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    No doubt. Those numbers are probably fairly accurate for my D2 but not my other drivers. Backspin plays a huge roll here.
  13. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I don't think that chart is entirely accurate. If you have a good smash factor then your carry distance should be closer to 2.6 times the club head speed. I can carry over 320 but with that chart my speed should be much higher than what it is unless I have a great smash factor. From my recent time on flight scope my club head speed ranged from 127-133. At the driving range it seems on average I carry around 320ish with going a good bit further sometimes.
  14. Casualgolfer

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I can legitimately hit the ball pretty far but it really is a blessing and a curse all in one. Nice to have the distance but you have to be twice as accurate most times.
  15. Casualgolfer

    Long Drive Hookers

    I watched a video of joe Miller talking about drawing the ball and he said they want zero shot shape due to spin. The less spin the more carry and definitely more roll out they get. I really just think a draw is a product of a good swing and a deliberate effort to not slice the ball which really kills distance. I am thinking about entering some low level events for fun and I will be trying to play my draw for sure. For me I think a consistent shot shape is important because you know how it should react

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