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  1. Casualgolfer

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    My baseball swing made me hit a natural draw. Gotta keep your hands inside the ball whether it's golf or baseball lol. Getting jammed on an inside pitch would be a golf slicers natural swing path but a draw hitter will work inside and get it barreled up.
  2. Casualgolfer

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    Atlanta Braves here.
  3. Different driver that went about 30-50 yards further
  4. Casualgolfer

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    I can go from a few beers a week to a few per night depending how I feel. But I basically only drink water otherwise. However I brew beer as well so can have 10 gallons on tap at any given time.
  5. Casualgolfer

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    I have basically been self taught other than what pointers my dad gave me but I was a long time baseball player so the swing comes naturally to me. My biggest eureka moment is when I learned to hinge my wrist and hold that hinge until the last second. That coupled with a good hip bump had me striking balls solid with my irons consistently. Now I can replicate that for good ball striking. My last eureka moment was equipment related with my driver's. I switched from my 8.5 driver with x stiff shaft to a xx shaft with 5* head and picked up about 50 yards lol. Kind of a an anomaly on that one but still.
  6. Casualgolfer

    Driver off the Deck… On the Tee Box

    Might be a focus thing? I can go driver off the deck just fine but there isn't really a need ever for me. I will play a little stinger driver with a real low tee sometimes that works out nice. Of course with a five degree head you can make any shot a stinger if you choose so lol.
  7. Casualgolfer

    How Many Clubs Top College Player Can Hit Past an Amateur?

    Only thing I didn't like was only using the Trackman to calculate total distance. Should have went and found the balls individually imo. We only got a couple views of him being in the fairway. If I wasn't really worried about playing my next shot I could put up big numbers on track man also. I'm sure he could smoke me score wise on the golf course but this amateur golfer might embarrass some players on distance. I wonder what elevation they were at?
  8. Casualgolfer

    Soft Stepped PX 6.0 vs KBS Tour Stiff

    I do indeed. Got a 3x shaft in my driver too. The KBS tour shafts definitely felt smoother but I felt like I over powered them. Would hit alot of ballooning shots with my longer irons. The 7.0's I think are great. I get a lower flight and better dispersion it seems. Still get plenty of spin to stop on greens with longer irons as well. They are harsher feeling on mishit balls but I like the feedback it gives me.
  9. Casualgolfer

    Soft Stepped PX 6.0 vs KBS Tour Stiff

    I just switched from KBS Tour shafts to project x 7.0 and like the ball flight much better. More piercing flight for me. It is a little more "harsh" but only on mishit balls which I like. I should have to pay for sucking lol.
  10. Casualgolfer

    Practicing Sand/Bunker Shots without Sand

    Buy a kiddie pool and fill with sand...
  11. Casualgolfer

    "Prove Me Wrong!" - Increasing Swing Speed

    I believe you are right about ones physical peak but it has to be in direct relation to your golf game. I am 29 now but when I just got out of college baseball I was probably at my physical peak as I hadn't worked out since really. On my first fitting I was able to generate 125 mph club head speed but now I can generate almost 10 mph more but I am not in better physical condition but my golf swing has improved since then. If you take golf out of the equation then you are right. Once we peak we will be on the decline. Golf wise however the peak of your scoring game could come much later after your physical peak.
  12. Casualgolfer

    Found My Go-To Golf Balls

    I am also trending towards using softer balls like the super soft even with my high swing speed. Seems to be a good bit straighter off the tee. Another one to try is the Wilson duo soft. They are cheap too.
  13. I have a Callaway xr16 LD head on a Xphlexxx Busa 2X shaft and like it. I switch between it and my Krank F7 with a 3x fujikura flywire. Flight scope didn't have AoA but my spin numbers indicated I was not striking it upward too much. The baseball player in me wants to take my top hand (right hand) and drive it into the ball to hit those long back spinning home runs lol. Except in golf that extra back spin was killing my drives with higher lofted drivers. As soon as I hit a 5 degree it was like night and day. I feel like it has improved my ball striking overall as well on my other clubs.
  14. No problem, I went and hit on flight scope a couple months ago to see what my spin numbers were doing on my new driver and I topped at 134 mph club head speed with ball speeds just under 200 mph. I was hitting a "long drive" driver because I wanted something with less than 8.5 degrees of loft that my current driver was. Only thing I could find on eBay were long drive heads so I bought 3 different long drive clubs. As soon as I hit them I quickly realized that these were so much better for my swing speed! Immediate flatter ball flights that landed and would actually roll out. I get lots of stop and stares at the driving range lol. Couple workers at my course kind of joke with me when I go hit balls. They ask if they will have to go pick them up in the road today because at the end of the range is a fairway that runs perpendicular and after that is a roadway. A couple times I know I have carried the road but I don't try and make a habit of it haha. I'm thinking about trying to slow it down some to be honest and dial it up only when needed.

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