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  1. Broke 100 very quickly. And actually broke 90 within a few months of actually taking things seriously. Took a solid year after breaking 90 to break 80 but I have only done that twice. This is all with basically my natural swing. Probably could go for breaking 70 but that seems like alot of work.
  2. Long time baseball player. Won AAU national championship, won just about every high school award at the time, D1 all American in college, first team all conference, and was elected for the college home run derby although I didn't get enough votes... And I can smash a golf ball lol
  3. My vote would not be toward another wedge. I would go with a driving iron if your comfortable with one. Something that can reach out as much or more than your 5w and feel more controllable.
  4. I may have to try the newer versions this year. The MTB Black was a bit of a disappointment for me unfortunately. I noticed a good bit of loss in my driver distance and a little bit in my long irons when compared to almost any other ball I used. I also split 2 balls with the driver. One ball came directly out of the sleeve and I split it in two. Have broke many range balls but not a brand new ball.
  5. I would say if that estimated yardage matches closely to what you see on the course then the monitor was at least fairly accurate. I bet if you could "hit up" on the ball a little more and reduce spin by maybe 1000 rpm you will see some gains.
  6. I have a very low lifted driver and it is just a bandaid for me to reduce spin. Most likely if you could increase your angle of attack that should reduce spin and produce longer drives
  7. I'm with ya. Of course I am an outlier as I can go well over 300 at anytime so my bad strikes still are around 300 or slightly under or unless I play a knockdown driver shot which I try to get it out to 280-290. Although like I said I come from the baseball world where guys have great swing speed and ridiculous eye hand coordination so hitting a golf ball reasonably center of face with speed isn't that hard to do. Still much harder to square up 95+ mph fastball imo than hit a decent drive.... But I'm sure that is a can of worms on a golf forum haha.
  8. 300 yards isn't that mythical guys. Alot of people out there with the raw ability to hit a golf ball that far. When I started out I would shoot in the 100's and could hit over 300 no sweat. When I went to get fitted I was averaging about 125mph club head speed. Now I shoot mid 80's on average and have gone as low as 78 which I'm proud of. Went to fitter a few months back and topped around 134 mph driver club head speed. Basically just an ex college baseball player. I got a few buddies that can hit it a long way too. Now I don't bring out the driver near as much. Tend to hit my 2 iron more when I'm not 100% about my driver.
  9. For some reason I wasn't much of a fan of stono ferry course...
  10. There are alot of courses around Charleston for sure. The courses on Daniel island are really nice but can be expensive as well. Charleston National is nice also but I didn't get to hit my driver but once there. Stono ferry was kind of the same way for me as well. Of course Kiawah courses are nice. Can probably get a much better rate playing Oak Point course as it is not actually on Kiawah island. The courses on Seabrook island next to Kiawah are nice as well. Kind of depends on where you are staying exactly as courses like Kiawah can be a drive if your hotel isn't close. There are a ton of cheaper courses around the area as well if that's what your into like me lol.
  11. My baseball swing made me hit a natural draw. Gotta keep your hands inside the ball whether it's golf or baseball lol. Getting jammed on an inside pitch would be a golf slicers natural swing path but a draw hitter will work inside and get it barreled up.
  12. I can go from a few beers a week to a few per night depending how I feel. But I basically only drink water otherwise. However I brew beer as well so can have 10 gallons on tap at any given time.
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