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  1. Really need to know spin rates. I am like the OP. Swing speeds easy upper 120's. However I had to go way down in loft (5*) to get a flight that worked for me with reasonable spin rates. My ball flight even with a 5 degree driver is super high but flattens out. Before with my Titleist 8.5 head set to 7.75 it would balloon like crazy and drop straight down with tons of spin. Definitely worth getting back on the monitor to see what spin rates are.
  2. Think everyone would agree callaway's premium balls are the chromesoft versions. You are also missing the point. I said the lower compression ball doesn't hurt my distance and it doesnt. You said since it wasn't on a monitor I couldn't compare real world experience so I gave you a head to head test done on high dollar equipment and it showed the same thing I see in real life. You think Shiels was favoring the supersoft and wanted them to go further? If everyone was 100% able to optimize their performance then yes the "premium" ball may be a better choice for all around results. However, the vast majority of people aren't going to work tirelessly on a monitor to to try to fit their swing perfectly to use an expensive ball. Most people would rather use the ball that best fits their swing and what their intended level of play is. Also, most people aren't going to give a flip how a certain ball performs on a launch monitor. They are going to put it in play on the course and note the results. If a lower "compression" ball has less spin in real life and goes further for them in real world conditions then that may be the ball they prefer to play and save some money while they are at it. I was just supplying real world results as tested by me during my golf rounds. Yes I can hit a prov1 a long dang way but I can also hit a ball that is half the cost the same distance or more and not need the extra extra spin around greens. I also think those softer compression balls are straighter for me then premium balls... Now there is a can of worms.
  3. Go watch Rick Shiels's video comparing the Callaway supersofts, chrome soft, and chromesoft x..... Guess which one carried the furthest off the driver on his GC Quad? Yep the cheap one. It produces much less spin like I said it does for me. I have played all the premium balls as well but don't see any measurable gains except for chipping where they check much faster on good strikes.
  4. So if swing speed is irrelevant then those 80 year old guys out there should be playing firm premium balls? I think compression rating isn't a linear measurement in relationship to distance and swing speed. If we were all robots hitting on a track man then MAYBE.... However you can't discount first hand review. If I can carry 340+ with a pro v or a duo soft what does it matter anyway lol.
  5. Some of my longest drives have been with wilson duo softs or Callaway supersofts. Swing speeds dipping into the low 130's. I don't notice much of anything different when I hit pro V's or tp5's for example.
  6. For me I notice no distance loss between any brand name ball regardless of compression. I have a fast swing speed though so it may not matter. In fact I tend to play low compression balls as they tend to stay a bit straighter imo.
  7. Those are basically the same truck. I think the big 3 all have good trucks but I am a ford person in general. Just bought a 2019 f150 STX. Crew cab 4x4 with the 5.0 motor and 10 speed transmission. Definitely a nice and capable platform. Has alot of room inside and great power. If you want a GM and are set on a smaller truck then both of those options are basically the same. Would go with whichever looks best to you.
  8. For reference it isn't a back foot/front foot thing.. your weight can be "back" with your back foot off the ground. I have pics of myself hitting a home run at contact with my rear foot off the ground. However my weight is biased back. I don't mind to say weight shift more as a transfer of energy into the front/ground that allows a forceful rotation of the lower half. However the upper half, particularly the hands/bat head need to be propelled along the same plane as the pitch for as long as possible for a great swing. There is a "weight shift" but it is not exactly like golf.
  9. I know all about it. D1 home run hitter and coached hitters after college. I can talk hitting all day long. On home run swings, yes essentially everyone has to get to same positions to have good results. The Bambino had way too much if a weight shift imo. The majority of your weight should be back at contact. The front side is just to torque into creating power. Of course this is impact which is the only thing that matters consistently. It doesn't matter what you look like after the swing or before for the most part. During his time period yes the babe was a monster but in today's game he would get carved up by any D1 Friday night starter. Yep pujols keeps that weight over the back knee like he should. That is a ball of Fame swing.
  10. By today's standards the babe had a horrible baseball swing. But would have liked to see him in person back then.
  11. I know what you mean. Golf isn't like most sports where it requires great physical effort. If you can sort out a good routine and keep to it, that will help you stay in it better.
  12. All else fails he can go to single length irons...
  13. I use the plastic tees from Dick's. I ordered some zero friction tees before but they didn't seem to last as long as the plastic ones I buy already.
  14. Do you have very fast club head speed? I had similar issues as you and found out that I can't buy anything off the shelf and it work properly. Had to go look into long drive equipment basically to get my numbers better. Club head speed will produce ridiculous spin numbers.
  15. Think alot of it is size/leverage and athletic ability. I played baseball all my life and can dip into the low 130's swing speed but it if I don't swing all the time it can hurt turning it up that far. Usually I can stay in the 120's though.
  16. Yeah looked like a toe strike to me too. Done that before lol. Now when I take bunker shots I really try to thump the sand behind the ball. Works well. If your scared of it sometimes you will lift up and catch the ball with the leading edge.
  17. I'm not sure if you are a big baseball fan or not but I would say alot of the newer analytics in baseball aren't all that helpful sometimes. I played baseball my entire life, played D1, all American, etc and don't agree with alot of the "new" thinking of baseball analytics. Some I like but others I don't. And I watch all the baseball analytics shows and am a die hard Braves fan... Lot of "statistics" out there in baseball that may try and lead people to a decision but there is way more to it than numbers in a sport where that's all we do. Feel is very real in baseball. Lot of human elements that cannot be measured. On a side note big congrats to the Nats who go real hot at end of season and carried it all the way. Wish the Braves could have went deeper.
  18. I get those all the time! I repair and replace.
  19. Push is basically a draw with open face. Push fade is even more open face. Get face squared back up and draw should come back.
  20. I am a long hitter and will wait for people to clear out 350 and less. Although usually if you hit near them that far out they aren't mad. They just want to see who hit it lol. There are 4 or 5 par 4's at my home course that I wait for them to finish putting out. Although if I hit a bad tee shot I can very well be near them on the next tee box 😯
  21. Lol I was going to say the same about Guinness. It's basically a light beer. Color has nothing to do with calories. I brew beer regularly and the hardest style of beer to brew is an American lager. It is near impossible with home equipment.
  22. I have posted before where I completely split one and cracked another off the driver. Distances seemed a bit short for me too for whatever odd reason. Was good around greens however. These where the mtb black.
  23. Yeah I didn't want to fess up to that score when I generally shoot in the 80's no problem. I couldn't get anything going at all.
  24. I know a guy that can go over 130mph swing speed and shot a 96 yesterday...
  25. Seen plenty of Gators. Fox squirrels. Albino grey squirrel. Hawks and eagles. Lot of deer. Even seen a pie ball 8 pt buck.
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