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    Limited time, play or practice?

    Thanks for the replies everyone! At 48, I feel like I still have time to devote to making my game better and lowering my scores. I've got kind of a hyperactive personality so playing a slow round can really get on my nerves which makes practicing almost more fun for me. So, I've taken the advise from above to concentrate on practice, practice, practice. I've learned quite a bit about my game by just focusing on very specific shots while filming in slow motion with my phone. I've gained quite a bit of yardage with all my clubs by doing this and have also discovered how bad I was at the 20 yard pitch! I'm looking forward to playing again...it's been a few weeks so it should be an interesting round this Thursday. I'll probably go out and hack it up but I know it'll come around. It's like after buying that new putter that I couldn't miss with at the store but then when I took it to battle....I couldn't make a putt to save my life. It just took me a few rounds to settle in to the new look and now that putter is doing me right. Thanks again for the thoughts!
  2. Hello y'all! I was wondering what players thought about how to spend their time trying to improve their game. I'm around a 10 handicap with limited time to get better, hoping to shave a few strokes to shoot in the 70's. I've got a net to hit into, a putting mat, and a small range to hit balls on my property where I hit balls almost every day. I play anywhere from once a week, to once every two or three weeks...depending on my busy schedule. My questions is: what do you believe would be the best use of time? Playing more rounds or spending that time hitting balls, working on my swing? I think my short game is where I'm losing strokes and needs the most improvement. Obviously I'd like to play at least once a week but if there's more time in that week for a second round...do I play or practice? What kind of ratio should I consider when figuring out how much time to spend on each, playing:practicing? Thanks for any thoughts.

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