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  1. ... on a course that's not very 'walker friendly'. He was exiting the shop as I was walking in. The woman behind the counter told me it was cart path only (to be expected with the weather leading up to yesterday) and that the guy I had just passed was going to be walking the course. She suggested I get my stuff, get to the tee and head out before him. Well... by the time I got my bag on a cart, gathered my pitch mark repair tool, ball marker, tees and balls then drove to the first tee... this guy was already up on the first green. I didn't see him again until I got to the 4th tee and he was just leaving the green (par 3). He did not hold me up at all until the 17th hole when he was in the fairway waiting for the grounds crew to finish up near the green. Some of the walks between holes at this course are near 1000 yards with no way to cheat it and walk a straight line. Riding the path between a few holes takes 45 seconds to a full minute. This guy was blistering! Managed to play the round in just over 2-1/2 hours. I would have been happy with that time, on this course in cart path only conditions if there was nobody in front of me. I was amazed at how quickly this guy moved. When I finished up, I popped into the clubhouse to see if he was around. I wanted to offer to buy him a beer but... he tossed his sticks in his trunk and off he went. Now granted... I'm not in any form of shape, but truthfully... if I had walked that course (even playing as a single)... think it would have taken me a full 4 hours. Chances are, it may have taken me longer because I'd have needed to stop and rest somewhere along the way. I was impressed by this guy. CY
  2. Fairway_CY

    That Guy

    There will almost always be 'that guy' somewhere on the course. I've been playing for 26 years and I've learned that you have to teach yourself to not be affected by people like that. It's not always easy, but... if you can learn to ignore the comments and the antics and just enjoy the surroundings and the game... you'll be better off for it. I play a lot of tournament golf. I get paired with all types of players. There are those that don't want to talk at all... then there are those that never want to stop talking. There are those that slam or throw clubs after what they perceive to be a poor shot and then there are those that laugh it off and move on. There are those that enjoy a beer or a case and then there are those that won't drink anything harder than water. At the end of the day... you're there to enjoy yourself. If you find that you're unable to do that around someone, it may be time to move away from the group. Life is too short to be uncomfortable. CY
  3. Over the last 3 weeks, I've really been striking my irons well. For that reason (and that reason alone), I chose 4-6. My driver is loose, but I'm really feeling good over my irons and they're coming out of the center of the face more and more frequently. Today alone, I can count 7 from my round... all with irons. Unfortunately, 2 of them came after punch outs due to poor tee shots, but... they were still pure. CY
  4. Offended? No. Annoyed? Absolutely. I played an event in 2015. It was my first event with this group and I unknowingly got paired with the hothead. You know the guy. "I used to be a 1 index!" Now he's unable to break 90. First hole, he hits an 'awful' drive (it landed 4 feet in the rough) and complains about it all the way to the ball. The pin is tucked in the back-right corner of the green behind a trap. He hits a shot about 35 feet left of the flag at the center of the green. A good, smart shot. He proceeds to fling his 7 iron approximately 40 yards into the fairway. Later in the round, he hits a second shot on a par 5 that he tugged a little bit. He got a little unlucky and it hit the cart path and kicked it to the left. The ball came to rest in play, but near a log that, if he moved it... the ball would move as well. He took an unplayable, chopped the ball forward a bit with his wedge and then proceeded to use his wedge as a hatchet on the log. About his 8th smash of the wedge, the head snapped off. Par 3 later in the round, he missed a 10 footer. He tossed his putter in the air and let it fall to the ground. The blade of the putter buried itself in the green about 4 feet from the hole. He attempted to repair it, but it was evident that there was damage and SOMEONE was going to have to putt through his tantrum later in the round. I wasn't offended by any of his actions. A 50 year old acting like a petulant toddler? His problem... not mine. I was annoyed by his antics, however. I've told this story before, but... when I was a caddie back in high school at a local country club, I had a guest of a member fling his club over a fence that bordered a local hospital. This was on the 10th hole. He was pissed that he hit a poor shot, so he reared back and let it fly. It cleared the fence. I looked at him in disbelief. He told me to climb the fence and get the club. I put his bag down, apologized to the member and walked back to the caddie master and told him what happened. Shortly after, the member and his guest arrived back at the caddie area where the member paid me for the full round, tipped me nicely, took my side with the caddie master and then told his guest he'd not be welcomed back any time soon. Throwing clubs is not acceptable and it IS poor etiquette. The word is literally defined as: "The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group." I don't see how throwing clubs and having a tantrum on the course can be deemed anything but IMPOLITE. CY
  5. In a recent tournament I played, the guy I was stuck in the cart with (call him A) was generally disinterested in anything other than talking about himself and checking his phone. Throughout the first 13 holes, there were several times where we'd have to go searching for balls that were in the rough. It was just thick and would blanket the ball, so if you weren't on top of it... you weren't finding it. Any time it was not his ball that was being searched for... he'd sit in the cart by his ball and check his phone. It got to the point that the other 3 of us (myself, B and C) were getting annoyed. On our 14th hole, "A" hit a shot that flared out right and landed on a hillside in the rough. He slammed his club into the ground, then tossed it into the rough in front of the tee box... then he kicked it for good measure. I rolled my eyes. As we approached the area where his ball landed, he got out of the cart and began searching. While he searched, "B" and I helped while "C" stayed back at his cart. When "A" looked back, he asked "C" why he wasn't assisting. "C" responded that "A" hadn't helped search for a ball all day, so he was keeping the time on his phone so that when 3 minutes was up, he could let "A" know it as time to go back to the tee. He ended up doing just that. As "A" took the drive back to the tee... I stayed up near the landing area and laughed to myself. The level of pettiness (and utter lack of etiquette) was hilarious, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I had considered it throughout the round. CY
  6. I'm so guilty of this. It's how I keep myself motivated. This year, in particular, I've played extremely poorly. A lack of time has led to a lack of practice which has led to a lack of scoring. Going from where I was this time last year (low-to-mid 80's) to where I am currently (low 90's) is frustrating. I look back at my scorecard and tell myself that I'm a little bit of practice from getting back to where I was. My game from 50 yards and in is G-O-N-E. I'm back to ball-first contact but now I'm leaving everything short because it checks up so quickly or I'm thinning the ball over the green. Instead of getting up & down 30% of the time from 50 yards and in like I was last year... I'm getting up & down about 15% of the time. That leads to me sitting in the car thinking about why my scores are 5-10 strokes higher. If I woulda hit those pitch shots closer than 25 feet on the 12 holes I missed the green in regulation... I coulda made those putts... which shoulda translated to an 83 instead of a 90. In reality... if I woulda put some more time in on the range for a few days leading up to my round... I coulda hit more than 6 greens in regulation... so I shoulda done that instead of sitting on my couch. 🤔 CY
  7. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    It wasn't bad... but it wasn't great. For the year, I average 27' from the hole on greens hit in regulation. Yesterday, I was at 37' from the hole on average. Typically... 40' or so is two-putt range unless I've left myself in a difficult spot. The course we played didn't have crazy greens and I didn't leave myself in bad spots... I just had no feel for the speed on the greens. Very true on the advice though. My game has been an all-around mess for the majority of this year. I've had a few flashes of my old game pop up here and there where I've posted 80 (+8) and 74 (+10) but... I'm averaging just shy of 93 for the year. My expectations are based on my game from this time last year instead of the game I've currently got. The good thing is the kids are headed back to school next Monday so... I'll be able to get out of my home office more often to practice. Hopefully I can fix my issues sooner rather than later. CY
  8. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    It was just a bad day. I haven't played or practiced much recently. I went into the day focusing on my irons and it helped get me back on track after my previous round. I hit a bunch of greens. I just had no touch on the greens. On one hole, I had 55 feet for birdie. I just wanted to get the ball within 3-4 feet. I blasted it 15 feet past and it resulted in a four-putt when I hit the collar of the green with my putter coming back. On another, I had 33 feet for birdie and I left it 12 feet short. It was uphill and I just didn't hit the putt. I've been keeping stats since 2004 on a spreadsheet. That was the worst putting round for me since I've been keeping stats. It just helps to type it out so I can look back on it and laugh later. CY
  9. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    Yep. That happened yesterday. In a tournament. I hit nine greens in regulation yesterday. Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey The longest putt I made all day was two feet. Not a single hole where I had just one putt. Yes... those doubles were a pair of four-putts. The putter almost found the bottom of a lake yesterday. CY
  10. On our honeymoon, my wife suggested I bring my clubs and play a course out in Jamaica so she could tag along (I knew then that I won the lottery). I chose to play Cinnamon Hill two days after we were married. One of the holes (I can't remember which since it's been over 15 years now) has a power line that crosses in front of the tee about 100 yards out or so. It's a downhill hole, so you're up pretty high and the power line crosses at a height where most people would go right over it. I jokingly asked my caddie what happened if my ball hit the power line and he said I'd replay the shot... but he had never seen anyone hit the power line because it was so low. Well... I was his first... and second. I teed up my first ball and hit a low screamer that, sure enough, blasted into the power line and dropped straight down into some tall, nasty weeds. The caddie and my wife busted out laughing. I was not as amused, but... I teed up a second and caught it low on the face again. That one hit the top of the line and popped up in the air, dropping to the ground about 75 yards in front of the first. My third shot was much better... cleared the line by a wide margin and found the fairway. The first ball stayed in Jamaica. CY
  11. It's been a different kind of year for me, in regards to golf. Just about a year ago... I found out that the job I'd had for over 7 years was going away. With it... a decent salary and a very, very flexible schedule would be going away too. Luckily, I had made a great friend through golf who immediately offered me an opportunity. It was going to come with a steep learning curve and, early on... a sizable decrease in pay... but it was a job. With those changes came some choices. I decided to leave the club I was a member at... dedicate more time to work... and life was just going to be different than it had been. Golf, which is about the only 'activity' I get out for, has taken a back seat. With less playing time and less practice time, it means in increase in my scores when I do get to play. Gone are the rounds in the low 80's which could creep into the high 70's if it all came together. Instead, the scores hover around the mid 90's with the random score in the 80's on a day when I don't chunk 50% of my short game shots. Still... I knew that the second half of the year would be better for my golf game. I have plans to play both the the Champions and the Stadium Courses at TPC Scottsdale in September. There's a 3 round tournament in Hilton Head during the middle part of October. There's some tournaments in August that I'm looking forward to, as well. All that aside... the big thing is that we're planning to join a club again in the coming months. No more battling for tee times on public courses. No more 'surprises' on the public courses where half of the fairways are gone. I'll be back in a comfortable spot with a solid practice area and availability to get out and practice various aspects of my game on the course... and hopefully that means the return of my scores where they were at this time last year. Anyway... all that aside, I have been patient and optimistic. The Thursday before Father's Day, I was surprised by my wife when she told me to pack my clubs, my shoes and some clothes. We were headed down to Hilton Head (which is quickly becoming my second favorite place on Earth) for the weekend to play golf! She told me that she had made a tee time for Sunday morning. When I asked where, she told me we would be playing Harbour Town on Sunday morning! She knew it was on my list... and she wanted to give me an experience. Although she's very new to golf (maybe 10 rounds under her belt)... she wanted to play too, but we were concerned that it was going to be too much for her to handle there since the caddies were going to press the pace. After some discussion, she said she'd just ride along instead and enjoy the course and seeing me play. To make up for it, I contacted Palmetto Dunes and asked if we could get out on the Jones Course at some point Saturday afternoon. I explained that we'd have our daughters (12 & 13) with us... but that they'd just want to ride along. The woman I was dealing with replied and said she had reached out to the director of golf there and he would provide us a four-seater cart and not charge us any riding fees for the girls. We got a great rate... booked a 2:15pm tee time... and were ready for a great time! I was a little nervous because I hadn't played in a month leading up to that weekend... and when I had played, my scores were pretty rough. I was looking at Saturday as a way to kind of 'warm up' for Harbour Town. Everything I had heard from friends who played it... the course was tight and scores could get out of hand in a hurry if I wasn't careful. The Saturday round was peaceful and relaxing. I didn't play well, but I enjoyed spending the time on the course with my wife and girls. The scenery was as perfect as I described it to my wife. She was excited to play the 10th hole and see the ocean from the green... and she was just generally excited to be playing and seeing exactly what I'd been saying to her about golf on Hilton Head. It's just better, in my opinion. I love the layouts. I love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. I love the gators in the ponds. It's just special to play there. On Sunday morning... it was time to head to Harbour Town. The girls stayed in the hotel while my wife and I headed across the island to Sea Pines. My tee time was 7:39am that morning and I was in the first group off. We arrived a little later than planned so I was a little rushed once we got to the course, but we were surprised when the attendant in the shop said he wasn't going to charge my wife the rider fee of $50 because the course was going to be slow and they had plenty of carts. After my wife spent some time looking around in the pro-shop... I headed over to the range to hit a few balls. After about 10 swings... I realized it was already 7:30 and I needed to get my stuff together and head to the first tee. As I approached the first tee... our caddie for the day was there waiting for us. Randy had been a caddie at Harbour Town for about 7 years and was a 2.0 index from the blue tees at the course. While Randy and I were talking, the rest of our group showed up. It was a father and his 2 adult sons who had surprised him with this round for Father's Day as well. After some brief discussion, it was decided that my 13.0 handicap would best be suited for the white tees (6253 yards... 71.4 rating... 136 slope). I was given the honor... Randy retreated up the fairway to keep an eye on shots... and away we went. What follows is a hole-by-hole recap. I wouldn't be upset if you skipped past this now... but for my own selfish reasons... I'm gonna post it all. Hole 1 - Par 4 - 380 Yards -- Handicap Hole 11 Tight. That was the word that kept running through my mind all weekend. Standing on the first tee... I could tell that it was true. Randy's instructions were to not miss left... but don't miss right either. At 380 yards... at 7:40 in the morning... at sea level... I didn't have another club to hit. It was driver or bust for me. Luckily, I made a pretty decent swing and the ball trickled just off the fairway on the left side. As I got to my ball... I had about 100 yards to go. I guess they had moved the tees up quite a bit! If I had known that... I would have hit a 4 iron off the tee and left myself an 8 iron or something. Oh well... it worked out in the end. I was told short was better than long... so I took less club and came up a little shy of the green. A decent pitch to 4 feet and a smooth putt and I walked back to the cart to put a par on my card. I wish I had known there was only going to be 1 more of those on the card that day. Even through 1 Hole 2 - Par 5 - 471 Yards -- Handicap Hole 13 This was not as tight. In fact, it looked pretty open. I took a more aggressive swing with my driver... and although I struck it well, I found myself up the right side, kinda blocked out. I wanted to punch it through the pines on the corner with a 5 iron... but I topped it instead. I was left with about 170 yards from a waste area. Trying to play a fade didn't work out well, and instead... I pushed it and short-sided myself. An okay pitch ran to the far side of the green and I needed 2 putts for a bogey. It could have been worse. +1 through 2 Hole 3 - Par 4 - 381 Yards -- Handicap Hole 9 "Hit your drive up the right side so you'll have an open look at the green." Okay Randy, thanks for the tip! I pulled my drive low and left. It sat in the rough up the left side. My only shot was to aim at the trap to the right of the green and try to get up & down. I hit my target with an 8 iron... but the ball finished just out of the bunker on a slope with a steep uphill lie. My wedge went completely under the ball and I didn't even get the ball to the green. My putt from the fringe came up 4 feet short and I made that for bogey. +2 through 3 Hole 4 - Par 3 - 165 Yards -- Handicap Hole 15 On our drive down, my wife asked me if there were any specific holes I was looking forward to on Harbour Town. I told her that I was especially looking forward to 4, 14, 17 and 18. Well... here we were! What water? The pin was right at about 158 yards from the tees. It should have been a perfect 7 iron. Well... it would have been if I hit it solidly. Instead... I came up well short. I wiped my brow when the ball landed and it was still dry. My pitch from about 25 yards (yeah... I struck that 7 iron wonderfully) ran over the left edge of the cup and finished 7 feet above the hole. Tricky putt coming back. It leaked to the right at the last second and I made a 3rd consecutive bogey. +3 through 4 Hole 5 - Par 5 - 497 Yards -- Handicap Hole 5 "See those electrical boxes up the right side? Aim for those. They're the perfect starting line. Oh... one last thing. Don't go left. You can't see it, but there's water there." C'mon Randy! Don't let that be the last thing you say to me! I was focused on those electrical boxes. Now... I'm worried about trouble I can't see! Well... I avoided the water. I started the ball at those electrical boxes... and then it faded off of them and landed in the trees. Dang! I didn't finish my swing. My chip out of the woods with an 8 iron wasn't great... but I was just trying to lay up to about 140 yards or so now, so... easy swing. Whoops! That's not the club face. Drop 4... hitting 5. Topped it. Hit a low cut that finished about 30 yards short of the green. My wife put her head down and put the camera down too. She was embarrassed. So was I. Oh well... this is gonna be a triple now. Time to regroup. From 30 yards... I hit a low pitch that checked perfectly... tracked the entire way and dropped in for an unlikely double! CRAP! She put the camera away! Stupid unseen water hazard. +5 through 5 Hole 6 - Par 4 - 373 Yards -- Handicap Hole 3 "Aim for the last tree up the left side. That's the perfect target for you. It's open here so, driver is a good play." Cool... thanks Randy! I smashed my drive. Right at that tree. "Oh... that may have run through the waste area into the hazard." Well... at least he didn't tell me about the hazard this time until AFTER I hit it there! I took a drop... and had an angry white-faced hornet coming at me. I had inadvertently parked the cart on it's nest. My wife ran into the fairway. The drink cart lady ran with her. I got to the cart... put it in reverse... backed up about 10 yards... let the hornet back in his home... and then messed up the rest of the hole en route to a triple. Gators? Snakes? No big deal. Hornets?!? Way to rattle my nerves, Harbour Town! +8 through 6 Hole 7 - Par 3 - 160 Yards -- Handicap Hole 17 "No real trouble here. Just don't go in the sand that surrounds the entire hole. It's a real tough up & down from there!" The tees were up a bit... so it was an 8 iron for me. 100%... no doubt. My wife's behind me with her phone taking pictures and/or video. Make this a good swing. Clearly I had too much crap running through my head this day. My swing was okay... the contact was meh... and my 8 iron fell out of the sky 20 yards short and in the bunker. I'll have to look at that swing on the video or pictures she took. "Oh... I was taking pictures of this little toad on the tee box. I didn't know you were hitting yet." I didn't want to see it anyway. Splashed out of the bunker... nearly holed out... but it ran by about 6 feet and left me another quick, downhill putt. Nope. Bogey. +9 through 7 Hole 8 - Par 4 - 405 Yards -- Handicap Hole 1 Wonderful... the most difficult hole on the course and I'm playing my worst golf of the day. "The big tree up the right side is your target. Let it fly." I did just that. I let it fly right at that big tree with a nice, tight draw. I was through the fairway and had about 145 to the hole, out of the rough. Tired of coming up short... I took an extra club but I flared it out to the right a bit. I was pin high, but off the green. As I got out of the cart, I told my wife I was going to chip in. From behind the green, one of the guys I was playing with chipped in for par just before it was my turn. I clipped the ball perfectly... it checked up just enough and rolled up to about 2 feet before stopping. Close... but not close enough. Tap in for par though! +9 through 8 Hole 9 - Par 4 - 298 Yards -- Handicap Hole 7 Easily my most frustrating hole of the day. This hole is pretty wide open. Not a ton of trouble. Let it go and leave a little wedge into the green or lay back and take a full short-iron into the green. You choose. "You're hitting the ball well off the tee. Let it go! Rip it at the clubhouse." Sounds good to me, Randy! I blistered my drive into the breeze and found the center of the fairway. I left myself about 50 yards to the flag. No real trouble. Just make a nice swing and put it close. The other option is to completely decelerate... chunk it 10 yards and hit the same shot from a little closer. That was the path I elected to follow. Next swing was better but tugged. From 25 feet, I rolled the putt 2 feet past and tapped in for a bogey to close out the front side. +10 through 9 So... it was pretty much what I was expecting. I figured on a few pars and a hiccup hole or two. Take the 5th and 6th holes out and it was not a bad score for that side. Having now played much... those 50 yard shots that I messed up on the 9th hole are becoming my nemesis, so... I wasn't shocked by that, just annoyed. My putting was decent. I missed a pair of putts that should have gone in. By my count... if I was playing or practicing more consistently, I could have been 4-5 strokes lower, but... it was what it was. I was excited to get to the back nine and see what was in store for me there! Hole 10 - Par 4 - 398 Yards -- Handicap Hole 12 After a quick stop to use the restroom, wash my hands & face and grab some water... we were on the 10th tee. Randy didn't have much advice on this hole. It was pretty straightforward. Avoid the left side where the water was and you'd be okay. This is a quick recap for this hole. I put 2 balls in the water... took my maximum score and sat in the cart enjoying the scenery while the rest of the group played the hole. +13 through 10 Hole 11 - Par 4 - 387 Yards -- Handicap Hole 6 This is another fairly straightforward hole. I made it ugly by yanking my tee shot way left. It went nowhere, fell down in the trees and forced me to punch out. I was kind of aggravated at this point... hit a poor 5 iron heavy and short... pitched on to about 12 feet and two-putted for a double. Not the start to the back nine I was looking for. +15 through 11 Hole 12 - Par 4 - 376 Yards -- Handicap Hole 8 "Do not try to cut the corner. I've only seen one person cut the corner in all the time I've been here. Jason Day blasted a 4 iron up over the trees. To this day, I don't know how he saw that line and decided to take it but it was the best shot I've seen on this course. Ever." Okay then, Randy. I hit about as good a shot as I could there. I nice little fade that started up the left side of the fairway and peeled back to the center and bent around the corner of the left-to-right dogleg. I was left with about 130 yards to the pin. Again, I took more club because I'd been coming up short... and again, I pushed it out to the right. I got very aggressive with my chip and it rolled 23 feet beyond the hole and led to a bogey, wasting a perfect tee shot. I'm definitely not Jason Day. +16 through 12 Hole 13 - Par 4 - 339 Yards -- Handicap Hole 10 "You cannot be on the left side of this fairway and have any look at the green. Stay out to the right. Less than driver. If you listen to anything I've said today... make it be this. Do not go left." Oh Randy... you're faith in my ability to control where the ball goes is almost amusing. Less than driver... breeze into my face... no control with my 3 wood. Hybrid it is. I struck it like crap... but it stayed to the right side of the fairway. I landed in the rough right next to a sprinkler head. Good thing because my lie was garbage. After a drop for relief from the sprinkler head... I was left with 155 yards or so to the flag. Here comes Randy... "Long. Do NOT be short." Yes sir. Extra club... perfect flight... lands past the flag... and over the back of the green. "Good. You'll get up & down from there way easier than from that front bunker." My chip checked in a hurry and stopped 15 feet from the hole. I never gave it a shot and tapped in for a bogey. +17 through 13 Hole 14 - Par 3 - 148 Yards -- Handicap Hole 18 This is THE hole I was most looking forward to. I'd seen it so many times on TV. I'd played it in video games. I just couldn't wait to get here. "Don't dunk it." C'mon Randy... you're better than that! Don't do that to me. The bottom edge of my 9 iron struck the ball firmly in the equator. The ball never got higher than my shin. It screamed over the green into a spot that Randy said he'd never seen anybody ever play from. Well... you're welcome for the memory, Randy. Dead from where I was... I had to close my eyes because I had twigs from the trees I was under poking at them. I hacked a wedge out of the trees but short of the green. I then chipped to about 5 feet and made that putt for bogey. Certainly could have gone way worse than that, but... I wanted a par at that hole. Stupid golf. +18 through 14 Hole 15 - Par 5 - 541 Yards -- Handicap Hole 4 Last par 5 of the day. Gotta make it a good one. Swing hard! Wait... scratch that... that's a bad idea. I did it anyway... and pulled it into the trees again. Punch out... attempt to hit a low, swooping draw that hangs up in the rough... push an 8 iron way right of the green... flub the pitch... blade the next one over the green... chip to 6 feet... one hand it in for a triple. That's my blueprint for most par 5 holes anyway. +21 through 15 Hole 16 - Par 4 - 361 Yards -- Handicap Hole 14 "The tree straight ahead is in the middle of the fairway. There's room to either side of it. Left of it brings the bunker into play. Right of it just makes the approach slightly longer, but it's a short hole." See... THIS is the type of information I'd love to have had throughout the day, Randy! Tell me what my target is. Inform me what my options are and the risks and/or rewards to each option... then let me choose. I hit a poor driver at the tree that faded just to the right and went into the rough, but I was left with 145 yards or so to the green with nothing in the way. Simple game! My 8 iron hit the green (although it was 50 feet from the hole) and I finally had my first (and only) green in regulation on the day. An awful putt left me 7 feet and I missed that for my only three-putt of the day. Bogey. Dang! +22 through 16 Hole 17 - Par 3 - 159 Yards -- Handicap Hole 16 Wow. Just... wow. I've played a lot of golf holes. I've played in the mountains... at the beach... in the Caribbean. Without a doubt, this is the prettiest hole I've played so far. It was a gorgeous day... blue skies with a few clouds. The view was just spectacular. The struggle throughout the round was worth this view. The $300+ greens fee was worth this view. Everything was perfect here. I was too distracted to care that I flared another 7 iron short and right of the green. My pitch checked up quickly again and I needed 2 putts from 18 feet for another bogey. I didn't care. What a golf hole. +23 through 17 Hole 18 - Par 4 - 414 Yards -- Handicap Hole 2 This hole is the one every golfer knows. Calibogue Sound all along the left side of the hole. The iconic light house in the distance beyond the green. The reeds between the tee and the fairway... and then again between the fairway and the green. The mile-wide fairway. It was picture time. Randy took photos for everybody on the tee and then said he'd do the same on the green when we finished up. "It's a little down wind. The fairway is there. Just... hit it." Indeed. My final drive of the day was my best drive of the day. I couldn't find trouble unless I hit the ball 50+ yards offline in either direction. Swing away! Right down the middle. Second longest drive of the day. I smiled... picked up my tee... breathed a sigh of relief... and hugged my wife for giving me this opportunity. Once to the ball, I still had 182 to the hole. All carry over the reeds. I hadn't missed an iron shot left all day so the water wasn't in play. Start the ball at the flag... let it peel off to the right. Tons of room over that way. Easy 5 iron... and I pull hooked it into Calibogue Sound. I dropped where I crossed... hit a wedge to about 13 feet... left the bogey putt short and tapped in to finish out my day. +25 through 18 After we had all finished up and looked back down the fairway... it was again time for pictures. The dad and his sons in front of the lighthouse. Then my wife and I with the lighthouse in the background and the Harbour Town flag flapping in the breeze. All this in a few minutes over 4 hours. It was awesome. I played like garbage... but I didn't care. I was just happy to have had the experience. My wife went above and beyond to get me there. I knew I'd play there eventually... but to have it happen unexpectedly made it all even more memorable. As far as single rounds go... it was the most money I'd ever played for one round. It was worth every penny. Randy was awesome. Great stories throughout. Laughed with us (and at us when we hit poor shots). He talked a little smack... told us about himself... inquired about our lives... and overall, just added an extra fun element to the round. It was like having a golfing buddy there as a caddie. My wife took a bunch of pictures throughout the round. She and I laughed together about my bad shots (and there were plenty). We took in the scenery. We enjoyed the jokes in the group and had a good time. After the round, I went into the locker room to clean up a little. It was also amazing. In addition to the lockers and typical showers... there was an entire lounge upstairs with a phenomenal view. Down in the pro-shop, my wife bought me a polo and she bough herself a travel mug to add to her collection. We headed out... collected the girls from the hotel... went back to Sea Pines to walk around a bit and then took the 4 hour drive back home. Where The Ocean Course at Kiawah was a 10 round fight for me... Harbour Town was like a Sunday drive. The rumors are true. It's a tight course... but if you've got control of your ball, it's not that bad. The rough isn't overly thick (supposedly because they want you further penalized by rolling through the rough and into the trees & waste areas). The greens are as small as they claim. I wasn't playing well, but I hit only 1 green in regulation. I average about 6-7 when I play. I'm looking forward to going back when my game is a little sharper. Until the next one... CY
  12. I don't have one currently. I don't get to play or practice as much as I'd like to. If I was going to pick a number, right now, it would probably be 90 yards with a 3/4 approach wedge. I'm going to be inside a reasonable putt length with that shot the majority of the time. It used to be 60 yards with a 3/4 lob wedge. Right now, I just don't feel comfortable with either of my Vokey wedges in hand. CY
  13. Wow... so tempting! I don't think I could take the bet, though. I'm good with my 8 iron, and I'm certain with that number of shots... I'd come very close, but... if I didn't make one early on, the pressure would mount and it would become near impossible. I play golf for fun and to relieve stress. Bringing stress into the equation with the threat of prison hanging over my head would completely destroy that for me! CY
  14. On Saturday, February 16th... we played our second event of the 2019 season at Edgewater Golf Club in Lancaster, SC. Below is the recap. --------------------------------------------------------- Game Golf Link Scorecard Link I did pretty much everything I could to prepare myself for the next tournament of the 2019 season. Despite being a pretty busy period at work, I found time to hit some balls and even played a round at another course on a Thursday afternoon when I had a chance. Unfortunately, none of that had prepared me for the weather we ultimately experienced the day of the tournament. Leading up to the tournament, the forecast was good... then bad... then awful... then bad... then awful... then bad again. I made sure to get my rain gear ready for the day, grabbed some extra towels... and did all I could to prepare myself to get wet. When I arrived at the course... the rain had stopped. The warm-up period was fairly dry, but it was clear that the course was going to be wet. Very, very wet, as it turned out. Just as we were getting set to head out to our holes... it started to rain, and as it began raining again, the temperature dropped... the wind kicked up... and it got pretty ugly. Luckily, the rain got very light as we were ready to tee off and had all but stopped by the time we hit our third hole. Still... the course was a marsh and it made it play much longer. I believe we had about 100 players total (24 in B Flight)... so I planned for a long, damp day. I set my pre-round goal at 82... but that was before seeing the condition of the course. Once our there, I figured something in the mid-80's would be a great score for me. Beginning an easy hole... I was all set to go and at 11:10, we finally hit our first tee shots. Hole 14 - Par 4 - 384 Yards I had drawn a good starting hole again. This is a pretty wide-open tee shot and there is not much trouble in the way. With all that said... I still managed to find the woods up the left side. I had changed my grip to be a little stronger leading up to this event and it resulted in a bit of a pull-draw off this tee. With the course as damp as it was... lift, clean and place was the only option to get the round in. I found myself taking advantage of that as often as possible. In this particular instance, it was huge. I was pretty dead where my ball had ended up, but I was able to use that one club-length advantage here to give myself a punch-out. I found the fairway with a 6 iron through low gap in the trees and left myself 127 yards to the flag. My 9 iron from that point was dead at the stick but hit the green and came back a few feet. My par attempt from 13 feet dove low at the last second and I was left with a simple tap in for bogey to start my day. ~ +1 Through 1 ~ Hole 15 - Par 3 - 231 Yards Having played here several times before, there were a trio of holes I had pegged as 'make-or-break' holes for my round. This was one of them (the others were #10 and #18). Even though it is very much downhill... it was dead into the wind and the pin was pushed all the way to the back of the green. I didn't feel comfortable hitting my 3 wood from where I was so I decided to baby a driver. I think it may be the first time in my life that I've hit a driver from a par 3 tee box, but I can't say for certain. The swing was okay, but I pushed it a little right and it moved that way. We all saw the ball hit the hill to the right and figured it would have stuck there. When we got up to where the ball should have been... there was nothing to be found. Luckily, one of my playing competitors walked down behind the green where the cartpath runs and found it sitting back there. Again, I used the lift, clean and place option and gave myself a decent lie in the rough. I was still 10-15 feet below the level of the green, so I just played to the right of the stick and was making sure I got the ball on the green. The ball had landed about 10 feet short of the pin and ran out to 19 feet. It was a fairly straight putt with a little left-to-right break at the cup. I hit it with the perfect speed & line and watched as it dropped for an extremely unlikely par. ~ +1 Through 2 ~ Hole 16 - Par 4 - 411 Yards At this tee box is where I encountered exactly how wet the course was. As I stepped out of the cart and grabbed my driver, I turned to get on the tee box. My first step from there, I sank ankle-deep in mud. I was now going to be uncomfortable with muddy, wet feet the rest of the round. I used a towel to clean off as much mud as I could before hitting my tee shot, but it was pretty pointless. The tee shot was solid, but not very long. I believe they had the tees moved up a bit, so that helped, but I still had 170 or so yards to the flag. My 6 iron from the middle of the fairway was mushy and fat so the ball came up well short and right of the green. My pitch from the rough at that point barely managed to sneak onto the green and left me almost 20 feet for par. My putt from there was a little left of the hole and ran about 3 feet past but I was able to make that coming back for another bogey. ~ +2 Through 3 ~ Hole 17 - Par 5 - 429 Yards The yardage on this hole is deceiving. Even thought it's only 429 yards on the card... it plays longer due to being uphill. The tee shot, for where I typically hit my shots, is daunting. There is a bunker on the left, inside corner of the dogleg... and another on the right, outside corner. From the tee, it looks like there is nowhere to hit the ball. I did manage to find the fairway here though, and actually left myself only 191 yards to the flag. The ground was exceptionally wet, and the shot was going to play uphill... but I made the decision that I'd rather be a little short than long. With 191 being the number, it was playing more like 205. That would be a good hybrid number for me if I caught it clean. I pushed it a little and it never got more than hip-high, but it left me on the right side with a good angle to the pin. From there, I was at about 47 yards. I hit a nice, high 58 degree wedge that settled about 6 feet from the hole. I couldn't decide whether to hit the putt soft or firm... so I compromised and ended up missing just on the low side. It left me a 3 footer for par which I made, but I was a little disappointed in that result. ~ +2 Through 4 ~ Hole 18 - Par 4 - 409 Yards Coming into this tournament, I figured this would likely be the toughest hole of the day. It's not listed overly long, but it's uphill after the tee shot... the fairway was going to be one of the wettest out there... and it was playing into the wind. On the tee, I took aim at the fairway bunker up the left side. I figured I'd probably get a little fade off of that and, as long as I found the fairway, I could guarantee nothing worse than bogey. I hit my ball on that line, but I had more fade than I wanted and the wind made it worse. I heard it clip a tree but never saw it come down. When we got up there, my ball was right at the base of the tree it had clipped. Even with the lift, clean and place rule... I had no real shot to do anything but chip it out of the trees, so I did so with an 8 iron. I was left with about 170 yards, up the hill and into the wind. The pin was at the back-right corner of the green, so... I just wanted to cover the bunker. I attempted to hit a 5 iron but practically whiffed. The ball was pushed right and trickled into the weeds up the right side of the hole. From there... I was able to get a 9 iron onto the back portion of the green. When I FINALLY got up to the green, I saw my ball was about 20 feet away. It was a fairly flat putt, and I really wanted to make it for my bogey but it ran over the right edge of the cup and stayed out. That left me a tap-in for double. ~ +4 Through 5 ~ Hole 14 - Par 4 - 373 Yards This is typically the most difficult hole on the course. It's 373 yards... but it plays like 420 because of how uphill it is. It's also usually into the wind. On this day, it was moved way up... so, it was only playing about 335 yards. It was also downwind. My target line from the tee was a dark patch near the left edge of the fairway. I hit it solid and the ball tailed a bit and finished in the middle of the fairway. I was left with 105 yards, but it was more than a club uphill. The wind helped so I played it just a single club uphill. I hit a smooth pitching wedge that pitched about 10 feet shy of the flag and settled just 4 feet left of the hole. It's always nice when you've left yourself a straight, 4 footer for birdie. I made it with no issues and tallied my first tournament birdie of 2019! ~ +5 Through 6 ~ Hole 15 - Par 4 - 341 Yards Another slight dogleg to the right but instead of trees on the corner, there's a pond that runs the entire length of the fairway along the right side and then beyond the green. As with the previous holes that moved to the right... I was pretty comfortable with this tee shot. There's a fairway bunker up the left side, so my target was the right side of that bunker. I was playing for the fade and if I hit it straight, I was going to be fine. I did hit the cut, though... and I found myself in the center of the fairway with about 90 yards to play. The pin was in a good position toward the front-left portion of the green which meant that the water was out of play unless you hit a very poor shot. I elected to play a low, flighted gap wedge. As had been my tendency with these shots so far on the day, I pulled it just slightly. It was fine though and caught the back of the green leaving me 33 feet for birdie. My birdie attempt was pretty awful. It was downhill and towards the water, so I really expected it to be fast. Instead... I left my putt 5 feet short which meant a quick, ticklish putt for par. I was able to make it and pick up a little momentum. ~ +5 Through 7 ~ Hole 16 - Par 3 - 158 Yards This is a pretty intimidating hole. There's a massive, deep bunker that fronts the green... and short of that is a pond. The shot is all carry, but not very long. Still... if you let it get to you, you can easily put up a big number on this hole. The green is essentially split in half by a huge ridge. The right side is raised up while the left side drops off a good 7+ feet or so below the level of the upper tier. The pin was kind of on the ridge. From the tee, there appeared to be not way to get it close. The play for me was to aim at the center part of the lower (left) tier and hope I hit a bit of a fade. Unfortunately, we had a 15 minute wait at this tee. When we arrived, the group in front of us was waiting on the tee for the group in front of them to putt out. By the time we got to play the hole... I stiffened up a little bit and never committed to my shot selection. This meant a low, bladed 7 iron that skipped off the bank of the pond and into the bunker. Luckily, my bunker game has been getting better and better. I blasted out of there and to about 15 feet. I was very pleased when I finally climbed out of the bunker and saw where my ball finished up. I don't really think I could have come much closer than that. To cap it off... I drained the 15 footer for a sand save par. ~ +5 Through 8 ~ Hole 17 - Par 5 - 472 Yards If you take the aggressive line up the left side of the hole off the tee, you can easily reach this green in 2 shots. It's uphill from the fairway to the green, but... it's a reachable hole. I did NOT take the aggressive line, however. In fact, I did the exact opposite and bailed out WAY right. My ball finished just in the rough with a tough ball-above-my-feet lie. Instead of just punching a 5 iron up the fairway 175 yards or so... I tried to bite off a big chunk of the hole with a 3 wood from a tough lie. It did not work out very well for me. I kinda topped and pulled my shot and it trickled up the left side into the rough and left me 145 yards or so up the hill to the flag which was tucked up on a tiny tier at the back-left side of the green. I elected for more club because of how uphill the shot was and I ended up drawing it a bit with my 7 iron. This put me in a little bowl long and left of the green. I had truly short-sided myself. The only play I had was to try and bump the ball into the slope shy of the green and hope it trickled down towards the hole. I probably landed the ball a foot short of where I needed it to and the ball stuck on the fringe. I was probably 20-25 feet from the hole at that point with a super fast, downhill putt. I just got the ball started and let it get onto the green and watched as it stopped about a half-rotation short of dropping for par. I settled for my tap-in bogey and moved to the 18th tee. ~ +6 Through 9 ~ Hole 18 - Par 4 - 387 Yards Once more, they moved our tees up quite a bit. I believe we were playing from about 340 yards. This took driver out of my hand since that would have brought some OB into play for me. There's a fairway bunker at the corner of the right-to-left dogleg which was my target. I should have been easily able to carry that and it would have left me a 9 iron or less into the green. I just put another horrible swing on my 3 wood and topped the ball. It trickled out short of that fairway bunker and left me no shot at the hole. From about 210 yards out, I just played a 5 iron out to the right of the green to give myself a good angle to the back-left pin position. I was left with around 60 yards or so to the hole from there and the green was wide open. Another 'three-quarter' wedge from there was tugged just slightly and grabbed immediately, leaving me just off the green. The only play I had was a low, running chip which I executed pretty well from the fringe of the green. The ball took a peek at the cup but just missed the lip for par and ran out to about 5 feet. I was able to make that coming back for a bogey. It could have been way worse, so... I wasn't too upset by that score. ~ +7 Through 10 ~ Hole 1 - Par 4 - 370 Yards This is never a tough hole but they made it even easier on us by moving the tees up to about 340 yards away. There's a fairway bunker up the right side that's not in play from where the tees were and another bunker up the left side that was absolutely in play. I decided to aim off the right corner of the left bunker. I didn't catch the tee shot very solid, but it faded over the right fairway bunker and finished in the rough up the right side leaving me about 125, slightly uphill to the hole. Even though it was uphill... it was downwind, so it offset. This meant I could give it a solid go with a full 9 iron. A slight pull from that position hit the green and I was positive it was going to trickle off the left side of the green and into the fairly deep hollow leaving a next-to-impossible up and down attempt. Instead, when I arrived... the ball had spun enough that it stayed on the green and left me a fairly easy two-putt for par. ~ +7 Through 11 ~ Hole 2 - Par 4 - 368 Yards I would say this is one of the more intimidating tee shots on the course. Along the right side is OB and houses. The left side is trees and a deep set of fairway bunkers. A little too far past that on the right side is another fairway bunker. You have very little to aim at. Short hitters like me don't really have the option of hitting a 3 wood or something because then you leave too much into a difficult green. I elected to hit driver and start it at the right edge of the left bunker. I knew that unless I absolutely mashed one, I wasn't going to reach the right bunker. I hit a very solid drive that landed perfectly in the fairway and left me about 120 or so to a front-right pin. My right hand was hurting at that time and I had just put some pain relief cream on it... so my grip was a little tentative on the club. Instead of going after a pitching wedge, I chose to hit a smooth 9 iron. It was a little too much club, but I still hit the green. I left a tough, 42 footer for birdie though. My birdie putt was quick and had a bit of left-to-right break to it. When I first hit it... I thought it was going in. The ball funneled toward the hole and at the last second, it moved back to the left and just missed. An easy little tap in for par. ~ +7 Through 12 ~ Hole 3 - Par 5 - 563 Yards I don't think this hole played the full yardage. I believe we were moved up to about 530 yards or so instead. I hit one of my weaker tee shots of the day here. Very high off the toe. Luckily, it hung enough that it didn't feed into the fairway bunker up the right. It kicked off the slope of that bunker and into the fairway. Even though I had little confidence in my 3 wood at that time... I knew I needed to hit it to give myself any shot at making birdie or better here. I hit it solid, but the fade was way more than I wanted to see on it. Luckily, it again caught the slope up the right side and trickled down into a flat lie and left me about 130 to the hole. The hole was a little downwind and the green was slightly raised. With the ball just slightly above my feet... I aimed to the right of the pin expecting a little draw. Instead... I pulled it again. This time... it was a massive pull that resulted in the ball going 15 yards past the flag, way down below the back of the green. My only play from this position was to try and hit a high pitch that carried just onto the green. I knew once it got on, it was going to release hard. I committed to the shot and executed to perfection. The ball landed just on the green. From there, I could not see it but my playing competitors were yelling for it to slow down. When I got up to the green... the ball was on the front portion about 18 feet away. Similar to the 15 footer I had drained on #16, this putt was uphill and I knew I could be aggressive with it. From 18 feet, I played it like it was 25 feet and the ball never had a chance to miss. I drained it for an unlikely par to keep my momentum going. ~ +7 Through 13 ~ Hole 4 - Par 3 - 150 Yards This is a pretty hole and has long been one of my favorite par 3's that we play on the Golfweek Amateur Tour. There's trouble short and left in the form of a creek. Bailing out right is not really an option because of a steep slope that would leave an awkward stance to chip from. This hole is pretty much hit the green... or else. On this day, the pin was in the back-left portion of the green. From the tee, it was 152 yards to the hole. With the downhill slope, I would say it was playing more like 142 yards. For me, this meant a solid 8 iron. My aiming point on this hole was just to the right of the flag. I'd been hitting a consistent fade for most of the day and I figured a tiny pull would have given me enough room to stay alive... a straight shot would be perfect... and a fade would find the right side of the green. My swing off this tee was one of my best of the day. The contact was crisp and the flight of the ball was gorgeous. It was high and straight. I was worried initially that I took too much off my swing so I watched intently... but the ball landed a few feet to the right of the flag, hopped once and spun back a bit. When we got up there, the closest-to-the-pin marker listed 9 feet. We measured mine out at 7 feet and 1/2 an inch. As this was towards the end of the day... I was pretty confident it would hold. It did... and I won $120 for that shot! One of my playing competitors was about 3 feet outside of my ball on a very similar line. His putt drifted very little right-to-left and he sank his 10 footer for birdie. I had the line... I just needed to make a solid stroke on the ball. I did... and watched as it took a hard turn just at the hole to the left and lipped out! I tapped in for what was a disappointing par. My misfortune turned out very well for my playing competitor though as he won 1 of 3 skins on the day that paid him $190+ for his birdie! I now had only 4 holes left to play and I was sitting inside the money spots on the leaderboard. The B Flight was paying out the top 5 spots and I was now in 4th place. ~ +7 Through 14 ~ Hole 5 - Par 4 - 389 Yards Number 5 is the toughest rated hole on the course. The tee shot is tough because if you hit it too far and up the left side, it can run down into a creek at the end of the fairway. If your ball sticks up in the rough up the left, you can be blocked out. The right side brings a lost ball into play. On a calm day, I'd hit 3 wood here every time. It was just a little breezy at this point though... and it was cooling off, so I went with my driver. I picked a spot on the slope up the left side and let the ball peel off of that. I found a flat-ish lie on this hole which is tough to find. It was still a little below my feet and sloping downhill, but... all-in-all, it wasn't awful. I had 135 yards to the pin which sat on the front-middle portion of the green. 9 iron would have been short and would have brought all kinds of trouble into play. 8 iron was a little too much but was the safer option... so I went with that club. I pured the shot and watched as it went directly at the flag. The ball landed at probably 155 yards or so and spun back about 20 feet towards the hole. Still... I was left with about 30 feet for birdie. Again, I had the fortune of having a playing competitor on a very similar line to me. Even though the putt looked like it was going to break right-to-left... his putt never really took the break and stayed out to the right of the hole. I decided to play to the right edge of the cup and hit it exactly where I wanted. I was positive the ball was going to drop for birdie, but with about 18 inches to left, the ball trailed a little further left than I thought and just missed what would have been a massive birdie (and would have paid a skin too). I tapped in for my 5th consecutive par. I believe at this point I had moved up into 3rd place with just 3 holes to go and I was just 2 strokes off the lead with 3 holes to play. ~ +7 Through 15 ~ Hole 6 - Par 5 - 512 Yards I have never, ever been a fan of this hole. There's a creek at 250 yards from the tee. Basically, if you carry the ball 225 up the left side over the fairway bunker... your ball will find the hazard. This meant I had to hit my 3 wood, which I was struggling with on the day. I took aim at the right edge of that left bunker and peeled my 3 wood off of that and into the center of the fairway. From here, it should have been an easy hole. I had about 315 yards left to the hole... up the hill. For some reason, I had convinced myself that the best play was to try and hit my 3 wood again and get up to within 120 yards or so of the green. Well... I topped the 3 wood and watched as it trickled into the creek. I then dropped from the penalty area and hit a 5 iron to about 80 yards. I made a mess of the hole and ultimately recorded a triple bogey. Looking back... the play on my 2nd shot should have been a 4 iron up the right side that would have left me about 145 yards to the hole. I was dejected by my poor shot selection and suddenly knocked myself completely off the leaderboard with just 2 holes left. ~ +10 Through 16 ~ Hole 7 - Par 3 - 154 Yards Things simply went from bad to worse at this point. Although there is water on this hole... it shouldn't come into play if you hit a decent shot. I believe the hole was playing 145 yards with where the pin was located, so it was a perfect 8 iron for me. I got up on the tee still thinking about the previous hole and made probably my worst swing of the day. I swiped at the ball and pulled my head up way too quickly. This resulted in a thin, ugly shot that had zero chance of clearing the water. SPLASH! That was my tournament right there. I hit another from the tee (we weren't using drop zones) and pulled it just a little left. I failed to get up and down a recorded a 2nd consecutive triple bogey. ~ +13 Through 17 ~ Hole 8 - Par 4 - 363 Yards Now I was just angry. I had a side bet going with my buddy and needed a birdie to break the number we had set (85). I absolutely annihilated the ball from the tee here. The fairway on this hole was wide open so, I knew taking a hard swing wouldn't hurt me unless I sliced it wildly. Game Golf measured it at 280 yards and I was left with 84 yards to the back pin location. I hit my 54 degree wedge with a pretty close to full swing... but I purposely drove it in low. It landed about 20 feet left of the flag and spun to the right a bit leaving me around 12 feet for my birdie. The left-to-right swinger just barely missed on the high side and I was left with a tap-in for par to close out my round. ~ +13 Through 18 ~ --------------------------- There really wasn't much to be said at that point. I came into the round having played 5 rounds in 2019. They were all over the map (101, 94, 106, 98 and 86). I had new irons in the bag that I had hit literally the night before at Topgolf and then that morning on the range. I had very low expectations for the day. To shoot an 85 with a trio of triple bogeys on the day was actually pretty damn impressive. I won't forgive myself anytime soon for the mental error on my 16th hole but... it will be a learning experience. I finished in a tie for 10th place out of 30 entrants to B Flight. I was 2 shots out of the money. Ultimately, the winner shot an impressive 76. I didn't have a shot to win, but... if I had held my ground on those 2 holes... I would have finished in solo 2nd on the day. Lessons Learned 1. Hitting the safe shot is ALWAYS going to be better than hitting the aggressive shot unless the situation absolutely calls for aggressive play. I really hurt myself on 3 of the par 5's by trying to bite off more than I needed to. Those 3 holes accounted for being +7 of my +13 score. 2. I need to work on putts inside 8 feet. I missed 4 putts from 5-7 feet on the day. I was too tentative on those strokes. If I had played all of them firm and to the back of the cup... I would have made each of them. 3. My game, despite some pretty awful scoring lately, is still there. I need to make it a focus to get out and practice more often. Work has been busy but I can always find an hour here and there for some practice. The next tournament is on February 16th. I'm still undecided on if I'm going to play it or not. Until that point, I've got 2 nights of Topgolf League play and hopefully at least 1 round on a course somewhere to prepare. In between... I'll be doing some putting and short game work. 'til the next one...
  15. I've played on a few different 'tours' in the past. None had been as involved as this one, but... they were still fun. The problem was that the level of activity really died down at certain points. Guys would join and have all intentions of playing out the season, then they'd struggle and give up. We'd have some tournaments where total fields were less than 12 players. It put a damper on things. With the Golfweek Tour, it's year-round participation. The best part is the National Championship in Hilton Head. 800+ players every year and it's a GREAT time to be on the island. My family has built one of our vacations around it for the last 4 years. Good luck out there in Dallas! Keep me posted as to how it's going! Hmmm... I actually forgot about that. Maybe I can add some thoughts to that about the tournaments and my preparation! CY
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