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  1. I'd have to say it was back in 2009. I was playing in a county run match play event. To set it up, everybody had to play a stroke-play qualifying event. There were supposed to be 4 flights (A, B, C & D)... but due to a lack of interest, they cut it down to 3 flights instead. With my course handicap at 29, I went out and shot a 91 in the qualifying round. To that point, it was easily one of the best rounds of my life. I had fully expected to finish dead last in qualifying. In what was supposed to be a 16 person bracket... only 11 players got entered in to C Flight. Like I said... I
  2. After dealing with COVID over the last few weeks (not fun, by the way)... I was able to get back out to the course for nine holes twice over the last week. In both cases, I played just the front nine. In both cases, I played awful golf. In both cases, my highlights were at the 8th hole. On Thursday, it was playing 142 from the back tee. I hit a solid 8 iron that started just left of the green and drifted back, catching the green and leaving me about 6 feet for birdie. Although it was a tough putt (left to right, running away)... I drained it for my first birdie of 2021. On Sunday
  3. I didn't participate in the challenge last year because I wasn't sure how much I'd play, but... I'm in this year. I did keep track, though... and I birdied 13 of 18 (all of the missing holes were among the final 6 holes of the course, so... I guess you could say I have problems closing)! I've played the front nine twice so far and I've birdied the 8th hole both times. Nothing even close outside of that. Looking forward to checking them off! CY
  4. I did something similar in Kiawah last summer. I was tied for the lead standing on the tee of the 35th hole (8th hole at The Ocean Course) in a two-day event. The guy I was tied with and I had both hit tee shots that came up short of the green of the par 3. I was a little closer to the hole, so he had to play first. We both brought a few wedges and our putters to the front of the green. As he debated on what to do, I already knew that putting was the correct play. I'd played the course a few times previously and I knew that a poor chip was going to come back to my feet. With that in m
  5. I'm not one for gamesmanship... but when I see it play out on someone, I can't help but smile in appreciation. Unfortunately, it's worked on me a time or two. One of my favorites happened a few years ago. I was playing an early season round with some friends. We arrived at the turn and I was playing pretty well and was thumping them pretty soundly. As we stood on the 10th tee waiting for the fairway to clear, one of the guys who had played there with me a handful of times knew I had a bad habit of trying to cut the corner of the dogleg... and on more than one occasion, I'd blown i
  6. For casual rounds (typically played alone)... I'm usually slamming the trunk, stepping on to the first tee, taking one or two swings at nothing with my driver to loosen up and then heading out. Unless I happen to get there early or something, in which case I'll hit a few wedges at the range. For rounds where I'm playing for something... I'll show up 20 minutes early to hit a few balls. In that case... it'll be a few 9 irons, a few 6 irons and if I have time, a few drivers. If I still have 5 minutes or so, I like to hit a couple 10 footers on the practice green. For competitive, tour
  7. 1.3 2.2 3.3 4.2 Just because of the layout of the course I play at most frequently, I yell more often than if I'd play elsewhere. A lot of parallel holes early and late in the round. Early... people haven't warmed up and are figuring out their swing (plus the second green is reachable from the tee and is directly next to the third tee). Late... people are tired (or not as sober as when they'd started). I hit someone about two weeks after joining this club. He was walking out of the trees down the left side... I hit a quick hook... I yelled... he tried to jump over the ball and
  8. I've recently had a desire to play the front tees from time to time when I'm out alone and just looking to do something different. I typically play from 6418 yards (69.5/130) but the forward tees are just 5223 yards (63.7/107). My goal is to shoot even par from those tees... then (if I ever achieve that) move back another set and see how close I can get to par. I've only played 2 full rounds from those tees and my scores have been 82 (+11) and 78 (+7) in those rounds. For the most part... it just makes the course shorter where I play. There are a few holes where I need to hit less tha
  9. Played nine holes of 'glow golf' on Saturday night and it really messed me up. I played a tournament on Monday where I was just off all the way around and I shot a 51 - 45 = 96. Yesterday... I escaped for nine holes at my home course and the poor play continued. I topped four tee shots and a number of other shots throughout the round en route to a 49. I decided it was time to hit the range following there and I got my swing under control. Today... I took my daughters (13 & 14) out for nine holes. Although it wasn't anywhere near what I need to be, I was able to knock the ball
  10. It took a few Jameson's too take the sting out of it, but... it's more of a funny story than anything, so... I just hoped they'd win the event. The next year, my wife and I went out with a group from the club for dinner one evening and he and his wife were there. I got to relive the pain once more, but... this time, he was buying the whiskey! CY
  11. I was playing a best ball event that lasted a majority of the winter months a few years back. It wa a double elimination tournament. My partner and I had lost our opening match (in part because their 'B' player was on fire and even holed out from 191 for an eagle)... but then we worked our way through the losers bracket. Late in the tournament, the team that had beaten us also lost, so we were going to face them again for a chance to make it to the championship. It was a tightly contested match. We got to the 18th hole all square. I was our 'B' player and the 18th hole was one of the
  12. Great finish and a fun way to win a match, for sure! Certainly... but I bet there's a story. CY
  13. Yesterday, I decided I needed to play golf to prepare for an event this weekend. I found a good deal of Golfnow and headed out. I had the first tee time in the morning in hopes that I'd be able to beat the impending rain. Once there, I realized that someone else had booked the same time slot. In a twist of fate, it happened to be someone I knew. He's a better golfer than I am by a fairly large margin. We played the front nine with both of us showing some rust. I was playing from a set of tees one further back than I should have been (approximately 460 yards longer)... but it wasn't a hu
  14. Agree with others. I enjoy a casual round just as much as anybody else... but if there's an open tee with nobody in the fairway, I'm going. If there's a difference in opinion... we can discuss it but it won't change my mind. CY
  15. Hmmm... I've never actually thought of my putting stroke in that way, but... it makes sense. I have equated my putting stroke to a video game meter. I know how far back I need to bring the putter head for a 10 foot putt, 20 foot putt, etc. The problem is, I seem to pull a lot of my putts. Perhaps I've been too focused on the 'where' of my putter head instead of the 'when' aspect. CY
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