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  1. Great finish and a fun way to win a match, for sure! Certainly... but I bet there's a story. CY
  2. Yesterday, I decided I needed to play golf to prepare for an event this weekend. I found a good deal of Golfnow and headed out. I had the first tee time in the morning in hopes that I'd be able to beat the impending rain. Once there, I realized that someone else had booked the same time slot. In a twist of fate, it happened to be someone I knew. He's a better golfer than I am by a fairly large margin. We played the front nine with both of us showing some rust. I was playing from a set of tees one further back than I should have been (approximately 460 yards longer)... but it wasn't a huge factor. As we finished the 9th hole... he asked me what a good score would be for me on the back side. I told him that, from the tees I SHOULD be playing... a 43 would have been considered a good score. He then told me that a good score for him would be 39 and challenged me to a 'beat your target' game. His target being 39 and mine being 43, even from the longer set of tees. I accepted figuring it'd be good for my game to play for something other than fun. We both played better on this side: Hole # -- My Score - His Score #10 -- Par (4) - Par (4) #11 -- Par (4) - Double (6) #12 -- Double (6) - Bogey (5) #13 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #14 -- Par (3) - Bogey (4) #15 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) #16 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #17 -- Par (3) - Par (3) #18 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) Total -- 42 (+6) - 42 (+6) I ended up beating my target by a stroke, but what I felt even better about was that I tied him... playing from tees further back than I'd typically play... knowing he's a much better golfer than I am. I know he was rusty... and on most days, he'd mop the floor with me on the golf course, but it certainly felt nice. Overall... I posted an 88 that included an ugly triple on the 7th hole when I topped my 3 wood into a hazard. Not the greatest score for me, but I felt like things started to click again. I've got to get some work in on my alignment. I'm finding a lot of misses are pushes. I've spent the better part of the last 7+ months battling a hook. Now that it's straightened out a bit... I need to get my alignment proper so I can start finding fairways and greens. Anyway... what's your 'beating a better player' story? I've got a few of them, but... this one felt good because it wasn't expected. CY
  3. Agree with others. I enjoy a casual round just as much as anybody else... but if there's an open tee with nobody in the fairway, I'm going. If there's a difference in opinion... we can discuss it but it won't change my mind. CY
  4. Hmmm... I've never actually thought of my putting stroke in that way, but... it makes sense. I have equated my putting stroke to a video game meter. I know how far back I need to bring the putter head for a 10 foot putt, 20 foot putt, etc. The problem is, I seem to pull a lot of my putts. Perhaps I've been too focused on the 'where' of my putter head instead of the 'when' aspect. CY
  5. I was surprised at the damage it caused to the ball, to be honest. It was a new TP5x to start the round and when I picked it up after it had hit the lines, there were some noticeable marks left on the cover. I managed to play the rest of the round with it but... it was surprising. CY
  6. I played a course that I hadn't played in about 5 years on Monday. I found a great deal and figured it was worth the ride to check it out again. On the 3rd hole, there are some power lines that cut across the fairway. Having spent 3 years at a club with power lines on the driving range, I know that it's not as rare to hit those wires as you may initially think... but then I figured I was hitting my driver and they appeared to be about 180 yards or so from the tee box, so... I wasn't expecting to hit them. Well... I did. My drive was perfect. It was splitting the fairway and had a nice draw fitting the dogleg of the hole... and then I heard that sound and watched as the ball dropped from the sky. Frustratingly, it mentions right on the card that if you hit the lines... you must replay the shot. So I did. And I pulled it into the left rough. I had a similar instance happen in Jamaica at Cinnamon Hill in 2004 with similar results. Anybody else hit power lines or anything 'abnormal' that required you to replay the shot? Was it a blessing or did it hurt? CY
  7. ... on a course that's not very 'walker friendly'. He was exiting the shop as I was walking in. The woman behind the counter told me it was cart path only (to be expected with the weather leading up to yesterday) and that the guy I had just passed was going to be walking the course. She suggested I get my stuff, get to the tee and head out before him. Well... by the time I got my bag on a cart, gathered my pitch mark repair tool, ball marker, tees and balls then drove to the first tee... this guy was already up on the first green. I didn't see him again until I got to the 4th tee and he was just leaving the green (par 3). He did not hold me up at all until the 17th hole when he was in the fairway waiting for the grounds crew to finish up near the green. Some of the walks between holes at this course are near 1000 yards with no way to cheat it and walk a straight line. Riding the path between a few holes takes 45 seconds to a full minute. This guy was blistering! Managed to play the round in just over 2-1/2 hours. I would have been happy with that time, on this course in cart path only conditions if there was nobody in front of me. I was amazed at how quickly this guy moved. When I finished up, I popped into the clubhouse to see if he was around. I wanted to offer to buy him a beer but... he tossed his sticks in his trunk and off he went. Now granted... I'm not in any form of shape, but truthfully... if I had walked that course (even playing as a single)... think it would have taken me a full 4 hours. Chances are, it may have taken me longer because I'd have needed to stop and rest somewhere along the way. I was impressed by this guy. CY
  8. Fairway_CY

    That Guy

    There will almost always be 'that guy' somewhere on the course. I've been playing for 26 years and I've learned that you have to teach yourself to not be affected by people like that. It's not always easy, but... if you can learn to ignore the comments and the antics and just enjoy the surroundings and the game... you'll be better off for it. I play a lot of tournament golf. I get paired with all types of players. There are those that don't want to talk at all... then there are those that never want to stop talking. There are those that slam or throw clubs after what they perceive to be a poor shot and then there are those that laugh it off and move on. There are those that enjoy a beer or a case and then there are those that won't drink anything harder than water. At the end of the day... you're there to enjoy yourself. If you find that you're unable to do that around someone, it may be time to move away from the group. Life is too short to be uncomfortable. CY
  9. Over the last 3 weeks, I've really been striking my irons well. For that reason (and that reason alone), I chose 4-6. My driver is loose, but I'm really feeling good over my irons and they're coming out of the center of the face more and more frequently. Today alone, I can count 7 from my round... all with irons. Unfortunately, 2 of them came after punch outs due to poor tee shots, but... they were still pure. CY
  10. Offended? No. Annoyed? Absolutely. I played an event in 2015. It was my first event with this group and I unknowingly got paired with the hothead. You know the guy. "I used to be a 1 index!" Now he's unable to break 90. First hole, he hits an 'awful' drive (it landed 4 feet in the rough) and complains about it all the way to the ball. The pin is tucked in the back-right corner of the green behind a trap. He hits a shot about 35 feet left of the flag at the center of the green. A good, smart shot. He proceeds to fling his 7 iron approximately 40 yards into the fairway. Later in the round, he hits a second shot on a par 5 that he tugged a little bit. He got a little unlucky and it hit the cart path and kicked it to the left. The ball came to rest in play, but near a log that, if he moved it... the ball would move as well. He took an unplayable, chopped the ball forward a bit with his wedge and then proceeded to use his wedge as a hatchet on the log. About his 8th smash of the wedge, the head snapped off. Par 3 later in the round, he missed a 10 footer. He tossed his putter in the air and let it fall to the ground. The blade of the putter buried itself in the green about 4 feet from the hole. He attempted to repair it, but it was evident that there was damage and SOMEONE was going to have to putt through his tantrum later in the round. I wasn't offended by any of his actions. A 50 year old acting like a petulant toddler? His problem... not mine. I was annoyed by his antics, however. I've told this story before, but... when I was a caddie back in high school at a local country club, I had a guest of a member fling his club over a fence that bordered a local hospital. This was on the 10th hole. He was pissed that he hit a poor shot, so he reared back and let it fly. It cleared the fence. I looked at him in disbelief. He told me to climb the fence and get the club. I put his bag down, apologized to the member and walked back to the caddie master and told him what happened. Shortly after, the member and his guest arrived back at the caddie area where the member paid me for the full round, tipped me nicely, took my side with the caddie master and then told his guest he'd not be welcomed back any time soon. Throwing clubs is not acceptable and it IS poor etiquette. The word is literally defined as: "The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group." I don't see how throwing clubs and having a tantrum on the course can be deemed anything but IMPOLITE. CY
  11. In a recent tournament I played, the guy I was stuck in the cart with (call him A) was generally disinterested in anything other than talking about himself and checking his phone. Throughout the first 13 holes, there were several times where we'd have to go searching for balls that were in the rough. It was just thick and would blanket the ball, so if you weren't on top of it... you weren't finding it. Any time it was not his ball that was being searched for... he'd sit in the cart by his ball and check his phone. It got to the point that the other 3 of us (myself, B and C) were getting annoyed. On our 14th hole, "A" hit a shot that flared out right and landed on a hillside in the rough. He slammed his club into the ground, then tossed it into the rough in front of the tee box... then he kicked it for good measure. I rolled my eyes. As we approached the area where his ball landed, he got out of the cart and began searching. While he searched, "B" and I helped while "C" stayed back at his cart. When "A" looked back, he asked "C" why he wasn't assisting. "C" responded that "A" hadn't helped search for a ball all day, so he was keeping the time on his phone so that when 3 minutes was up, he could let "A" know it as time to go back to the tee. He ended up doing just that. As "A" took the drive back to the tee... I stayed up near the landing area and laughed to myself. The level of pettiness (and utter lack of etiquette) was hilarious, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I had considered it throughout the round. CY
  12. I'm so guilty of this. It's how I keep myself motivated. This year, in particular, I've played extremely poorly. A lack of time has led to a lack of practice which has led to a lack of scoring. Going from where I was this time last year (low-to-mid 80's) to where I am currently (low 90's) is frustrating. I look back at my scorecard and tell myself that I'm a little bit of practice from getting back to where I was. My game from 50 yards and in is G-O-N-E. I'm back to ball-first contact but now I'm leaving everything short because it checks up so quickly or I'm thinning the ball over the green. Instead of getting up & down 30% of the time from 50 yards and in like I was last year... I'm getting up & down about 15% of the time. That leads to me sitting in the car thinking about why my scores are 5-10 strokes higher. If I woulda hit those pitch shots closer than 25 feet on the 12 holes I missed the green in regulation... I coulda made those putts... which shoulda translated to an 83 instead of a 90. In reality... if I woulda put some more time in on the range for a few days leading up to my round... I coulda hit more than 6 greens in regulation... so I shoulda done that instead of sitting on my couch. 🤔 CY
  13. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    It wasn't bad... but it wasn't great. For the year, I average 27' from the hole on greens hit in regulation. Yesterday, I was at 37' from the hole on average. Typically... 40' or so is two-putt range unless I've left myself in a difficult spot. The course we played didn't have crazy greens and I didn't leave myself in bad spots... I just had no feel for the speed on the greens. Very true on the advice though. My game has been an all-around mess for the majority of this year. I've had a few flashes of my old game pop up here and there where I've posted 80 (+8) and 74 (+10) but... I'm averaging just shy of 93 for the year. My expectations are based on my game from this time last year instead of the game I've currently got. The good thing is the kids are headed back to school next Monday so... I'll be able to get out of my home office more often to practice. Hopefully I can fix my issues sooner rather than later. CY
  14. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    It was just a bad day. I haven't played or practiced much recently. I went into the day focusing on my irons and it helped get me back on track after my previous round. I hit a bunch of greens. I just had no touch on the greens. On one hole, I had 55 feet for birdie. I just wanted to get the ball within 3-4 feet. I blasted it 15 feet past and it resulted in a four-putt when I hit the collar of the green with my putter coming back. On another, I had 33 feet for birdie and I left it 12 feet short. It was uphill and I just didn't hit the putt. I've been keeping stats since 2004 on a spreadsheet. That was the worst putting round for me since I've been keeping stats. It just helps to type it out so I can look back on it and laugh later. CY
  15. Fairway_CY

    45 Putts

    Yep. That happened yesterday. In a tournament. I hit nine greens in regulation yesterday. Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey The longest putt I made all day was two feet. Not a single hole where I had just one putt. Yes... those doubles were a pair of four-putts. The putter almost found the bottom of a lake yesterday. CY
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