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  1. Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    We're definitely on the opposite ends of that spectrum. I love to be on the course. I used to love to go to the range and beat balls over and over. I enjoyed going to the practice green at a local course to putt just to get away. It was a monetary decision, though. It was cheaper to buy a large basket of balls for $12 than to go to the course and pay $45 to play 18 holes. Since I've joined a club and I have access to play whenever I want, I just find it more fun to get out and play. I've improved quickly by being in different spots and having to teach myself certain shots. I was never able to draw the ball on command before I joined there... but the course has a number of holes that require a draw, so... I had to learn it or my scores would suffer. Now, when I'm in a tournament and I need to hit a draw... I can with pretty good consistency. It may not always be pretty... but it's better than not having the shot at all. So... now that I've improved to where I am, I'm looking to pick up strokes on the other things. My stats show me that I struggle in certain areas. I tend to try and work on those areas when I DO practice, but... like my original post mentioned, I get bored easily. This is something that I do on the course pretty regularly... although in a 'playing' situation. I don't drop balls and try shots like that, but... it's something I'll likely be doing over the winter. I completely understand what you're saying. I'm just not capable of not competing. When money was tight, I played a lot of video games with friends because once I owned the $50 game... I could play it as much as I liked. It's the same reason I play tournaments now... I just want to win. I'm fueled by success and motivated by failure. Golf certainly gives me more motivation than fuel. That's what led me here to post this. I'm motivated to succeed in 3 weeks when I go play a 3 day tournament against about 200 other people all with similar handicaps to my own. I have a huge desire to get better and actually get to Hilton Head and find myself in contention. I love the input, guys. Keep it coming! CY
  2. Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    I like the ideas you mentioned above... especially the 18 holes of up & down from various, difficult lies. As for the short game, right now it's definitely hurting my scores. Prior to this weekend, I went over my last 17 scorecards and I counted 53 putts from 6 feet and in that I missed over those 17 rounds. A lot of them were 3 and 4 feet. I didn't bother going through the short game misses, but I can count at least 8 times over the 2 rounds I played this weekend where I was greenside (or close to it) and I hit especially poor shots. Overall, I converted just 1 of 15 up & down opportunities for the 2 day tournament and I finished 8 strokes behind the winner. It's been a weakness for awhile. I took a short game lesson the Friday before last that has me at least making clean contact and not hitting it fat anymore... but my tendency now is to hit it 15 - 25 feet past the hole. I'm gonna play 18 tomorrow morning and then on Wednesday morning before meetings, I'm gonna spend some time at the short game area and I'll try out what you listed. That should keep me engaged. I've got a 3 day member guest event Thursday, Friday and Saturday... so, I'll have plenty of on course time too. Thanks for the suggestions. Simple, but not something I would have thought of doing on my own. It's in my wheelhouse too because I like to keep scores and stats, so... I can do that with an up & down challenge like that. CY
  3. Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    I'm glad to know that at least I'm not alone in my boredom. @iacas - I'm certainly not content. That's the primary reason for my post. I want to practice more. I would just like to find a way to keep it interesting so I'm not looking to bail after only 30 minutes or so. My course is a 35 minute drive from my house, so... driving 35 minutes to practice for an equal amount of time and then driving back become tedious. I'd like to spend at least an hour (closer to 90 minutes) around the short game area really building confidence in the areas of my game that I'm struggling the most with. CY
  4. Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    For some reason, I have absolutely no problem going out on the course alone and enjoying 3 hours of hitting a shot and leisurely walking to hit the next one. I'm at peace. I'm happy. I'm focused. That said... I don't really 'practice' on the course. Each time I step on a course, I'm trying to post a score. Doesn't matter if I'm alone, playing with a friend, playing a match at the club or playing in a tournament. I want to post the best score I can. That pretty much leaves the range and practice areas to work on my game. Currently, I'm working on having more confidence on and around the green. That means hitting a ton of chip shots to try and ingrain the feel I need to be able to step over the ball and know I'm going to hit is crisply and with the right amount of spin. It means tediously putting hundreds of 6 footers so they no longer jump up and get me during competition rounds. The problem is... I get bored easily when doing that. Now, if I've got someone with me and I can make a competition out of it... I can stand there for a few hours. I did it last year in Hilton Head with 2 of my buddies. We went to one of the courses we were going to be playing... stood on the putting green and just hit putts for 2 hours while making a game of it. Then we spent another hour at the short game area playing what was essentially a game of HORSE. I've tried to make it a game when I'm by myself, but... it only lasts so long before I'm bored. I start looking at my phone... looking up at the clubhouse to see who is heading into the 19th hole... or even worse, packing up to head home. I'd love to just say that I can bring a buddy to the course with me, but... most of my practice is on weekdays when my wife is at work and I'm between meetings or visits. Most of my golf buddies are at work... and when they aren't, they just want to play. How do you guys keep your practice sessions interesting? Am I alone in my boredom? CY
  5. ... well, it was clarity for me, anyway. I've been going through a slump recently. After finally achieving a single digit index, it's been all downhill for the last 3 weeks or so. Off the tee, I developed a quick hook that I couldn't get rid of. Everywhere else, I've struggled to strike the ball solidly. On the 5th hole this morning, I was in the rough up the left hand side. I had 193 yards to the hole and the ball was kind of sunken down a bit, but the back of the ball was exposed. I took a few practice swings, and then it hit me that I needed to play this like a fairway bunker shot. I needed to make sure the contact to the back of the ball was clean and that I accelerated through the ball. I hit a low 4 iron that ran up into the green side trap. Other than the fact that I pulled it a bit (the rough closed the club face just enough), I played it exactly as I'd wanted to. 2 holes later, I had 130 to a flag in the back corner of the green. This specific green is hard and the ball always releases. Again, I was in the rough... but this one was sitting cleaner. I had that same swing thought, playing it like it was a fairway bunker shot, and I hit a great shot with a pitching wedge that landed just shy of the pin and released to about 20 feet. For the rest of the round, that was my thought standing over the ball with an iron. I've been pretty good out of fairway traps for awhile now. I don't know why it never clicked with me before today. I hit crisper irons today than I have for the last month. I scored like crap (a lot of shots were going further and I was left with tough up & down chances), but... striking the ball felt good again. Chances are that I'll forget this again in the near future, or some other 'masterful' swing thought will take over... but, for now... at least I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. CY
  6. Lost the love

    I have a buddy who seems to go through this every year about this time. Like clockwork, he makes mention of how the game is becoming a chore, it's no fun, etc. I tell him to step away for a bit. Usually, a break of a few days, weeks or months rekindles the passion. Like that old saying... "if you love someone, let them go"... if they return, blah, blah, blah. It's kinda the same here. Step away. If the love for the game returns... great. If not... there are many other things you can turn your attention to. Forcing it will result in more frustration. CY
  7. Who is "That Guy" at your club?

    At our club... 'That Guy' is the guy who is constantly unhappy, regardless of the outcome of his shots. He's a 15 who 'used to be a 2'. He's incapable of completing a swing without slamming or throwing his club in disgust. He's the reason there are putter marks on the greens. He's the guy you pray you don't get paired with when you play in events. He's the guy who will seek out the head groundskeeper to inform him of his struggles around the 16th green because his ball ended up sitting down a bit and he feels it's due to a conditioning error by the crew. He's the guy in the 19th hole who never seems to have anyone seated near him. At our club... 'That Guy' is a douchebag. CY
  8. Define The Bad Golfer

    Haha! Nope... the most political I get is when I vote for Pro Bowl players. As a starter at a public course, I'm sure you've seen some things. I used to REALLY suck at golf... now I only kinda suck at golf, so... I like to take the 'glass half full' approach with things golf related. CY
  9. Tee box etiquette

    Count me among the group that doesn't have a preference where others stand. I also seem to get a lot of apologies from others who may make a comment to someone else in the group while I'm playing a shot... but it doesn't bother me. My response is always that I've got kids at home, so I'm kind of used to tuning things out. My buddies did play with a guy about a month ago or so who seemed to have major issues with where they stood any time he was playing a shot. He was rude about it and would put his hand on his hip and stare at the 3 other guys in the group until one of them would realize that he was pissed off about something. It got so bad that one of the other guys in their group jokingly yelled to him from about 150 yards behind and well to the left (about 8 o'clock) to ask if their cart was going to be in his line of sight. Apparently, that didn't go over too well with the guy and put him on tilt... he finished 14 strokes back. If someone is in your line of sight or makes you uncomfortable... you're certainly within your rights to request that they position themselves elsewhere. I'd just suggest doing it politely. CY
  10. Define The Bad Golfer

    I laugh when someone says they suck at golf. To me, there's no such thing. It's just that there's room for improvement. I've have my rounds when I suck compared to the level I had been playing at. Yesterday, for example. I went out alone in the morning because I hadn't touched my clubs in about 5 days and I needed to get some swings in. My ball striking, while not great, wasn't horrible. Around the greens, though... I sucked. I missed 6 putts from 3 feet or less. That sucked. I had 6 holes where I needed multiple attempts to get on the green from inside 30 yards (some were greenside). That sucked. Overall, though... I don't think anybody sucks at golf. There are people who take the game more seriously than others and invest the time to improve to a level where they're happy. There are people who play the game just for fun and never really get an opportunity to practice, so they're at a level where they CAN be at that point. Suck is a harsh word. Also, @ghalfaire has it correct... if you're respectful to others and to the course (and it's components like carts, retaining walls, trees, ponds, etc)... you can play in my group any time. I don't care if you typically shoot 72 or if you typically shoot 132. CY
  11. To an extent... I agree 100%. If the rough is not very penal and my line is unobstructed by obstacles... I'll take the shot 50 yards closer just about every time. Right now, however... my course is growing the rough incredibly thick so that there's some grass left once it goes dormant. I'll take the shot from 160 in the fairway over the shot from 110 in the rough. My distances is going to be more consistent, for one thing... and I'm far more likely to be on line from the fairway as well. Another factor is how the course is laid out. Our course isn't long at all. It's only 6614 yards from the tips... but it's also a course where you need to be able to work the ball. On the back side alone, there are 3 holes where you almost have to hit an iron off the tee to avoid getting in trouble. Other courses are definitely 'bomber' courses. The need to place the ball in a specific position isn't there... so, then it goes back to what I said above. How thick is the rough? Where is the pin? If it's back and I have room... I'll probably take the 110 yard shot. If it's up front or behind some trouble... I'd prefer to hit the 7 iron to where I can (somewhat) control the distance. Yes... I probably worded it incorrectly, but... I meant higher handicaps. CY
  12. This is my experience almost 100% of the time. My average drive is about 235 yards. I'm nowhere near long off the tee... but I'm also nowhere near short. That 235 yard average accounts for 200 yard shots that bounce off the trees and 285 yard 'bombs' with the wind. When I play at the club I belong to currently, I'm about 15-20 yards shorter than most of the guys I play with and then there are guys who are 50-70 yards longer than me. There are always a few who will hit it about even with me throughout the day... then they'll catch one just right that will go 275. That almost inevitably brings out the 'I average about 280' talk. They bring up that one drive per round that they catch on the center of the face. That makes them 'average' 280 off the tee. Like @klineka mentioned above... there's a massive difference between that one drive going 280 and the other 13 going 230. That means you average one 280 yard drive per round, maybe... but you certainly don't average 280 off the tee. Distance is overrated in low-level amateur golf, in my opinion. The funny thing is watching some of the guys who bomb it get angry when they play with someone who hits it an average distance but regularly outscores them. One of the guys we play with frequently hits it about the same distance that I do... maybe even a little shorter. He's ridiculous on and around the greens, though. It's always fun to watch him get in the head of other people who are driving it 280 and he's sitting 50 yards behind them but making birdies. CY
  13. I've played the Project (a) almost exclusively for about 3 years now. In fact, I had won a bunch of Edwin Watts gift cards for some tournaments I'd played in and stocked up... and then my wife bought me a bunch for Christmas. I've still got 10 dozen in my office. My swing speed is pretty average. I believe I've touched 100 MPH a time or two but I average about 97 MPH with my driver. When I first tried these balls, I really liked how they spin off the short clubs. What made me keep them in my bag, however, was their distance performance with the 7 iron and 8 iron. I gained about 10 yards with each club by switching to these balls. I didn't seem to gain it with anything else... but those clubs were a big gap in my bag for awhile and the extra 10 yards 'filled in' the gap I had from between 145 and 160 yards. It's kinda crazy to see that you've gained 20+ yards with wedges just from these balls... but also interesting, as well. I knew being fit for a ball is beneficial, but I've never taken the time to do it. I'll have to ask the pro at our home course his thoughts when I see him next. CY
  14. Punched greens, do you count them for handicap purposes?

    Our greens were punched for a second time in late June because there was some stress on them. The majority of the month of July, the greens were sandy and had holes everywhere. They were awful to putt on and were just not coming back because of a lack of rain. Every round I played there that month was REALLY good for me, though. Our greens are typically fast and are the grainiest greens I've ever putted on. With the holes... the grain wasn't as much of a factor for some reason. As a result... my scores were lower and I was entering them in the system... and my index dropped significantly. They're actually doing a 'mini tine' punch again this coming Tuesday and Wednesday to help prepare the greens for the fall and winter. This will be the 4th time the greens have punched in 2017 at our club. I've always reported everything unless I'm playing alone or hitting multiple balls. As others have said... it's no different than playing in a strong wind or something. CY
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I mixed it up a little this morning. I typically play the white tees at my home course (69.8 / 129 - 6147)... but when I arrived, one of the seniors that regularly frequent the club asked if I'd join their little money game group. I had intended to play alone, so... I agreed and joined in. They decided that everybody would play the gold tees (67.2 / 121 - 5553). I had never played from anything other than the white or blue tees at this course, so I figured it'd be fun to try something new. It worked out nicely because, for whatever reason, the ball was not going anywhere for me off the tee. I struggled on a few holes throughout (3 doubles and 1 triple), but managed to squeak out a 41 - 42 = 83. Not horrible for stepping out of the car, being asked to join and jumping on the first tee all in a matter of the first 5 minutes. CY