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  1. Thanks man! I thought that was the case but I never was very clear on it. I appreciate the heads up. CY
  2. I played a full 18 at my home course last Friday. A front side 43 was offset by a back side 39 that included a pair of doubles. The 82 (+10) was really very good for me considering I had a trio of doubles in the round. Yesterday, I got out for 9 more in the Wednesday evening dogfight at the course. I started on the 4th hole. Details are below. Hole #4 - Par 4 - 331 Yards My opening tee shot wasn't hit solidly, but it ran out enough that it left me a little wedge to a front pin position. I tugged it slightly and needed 2 putts from 27 feet for a par. Hole #5 - Par 4 - 389 Yards A solid drive on this hole left me about 150 yards to a back hole location. I decided on a smooth 7 iron instead of trying smash an 8 iron because it was slightly uphill. The distance was correct, but I pushed the ball to the right (which would become a theme) and it landed in a greenside bunker. I tried to get cute and the ball barely got out. I putted from the fringe to about 4 feet and made that for a bogey. Hole #6 - Par 3 - 179 Yards The hole was playing 163 yards, which should be a solid 7 iron. Again, I started it right and watched it drift right. It bounced off a hill and into the greenside trap. I hit a nice little shot from there to about 4 feet but pulled the putt badly and tapped in for a bogey. Hole #7 - Par 5 - 486 Yards My drive was okay, but nothing special. It was on the left side which feeds to the left anyway, so I ended up in the rough. I had about 220 yards to go, but not a great lie. I just wanted to hack a hybrid out and hopefully get it up somewhere near the green. I got steep, the club got grabbed by the rough and I hit a high, floating pull that ended up in the left rough. I had a pretty good angle to the hole and about 70 yards to go. Unfortunately, I took a smooth swing and the ball hit the top of the club face. It nipped a tree branch and knocked it into a bunker. I played a really, really solid shot from about 25 yards or so away that landed softly and finished about 6 feet away. I made that putt for par. Hole #8 - Par 4 - 397 Yards Probably the best drive I hit all evening. I was left with 129 yards in a perfect lie in the fairway. As had been the issue up to that point, I hit a weak fade that was entirely too far right. It hit a tree and kicked right. A fluffy lie and a poor swing resulted in another ball in the bunker. I blasted out and the ball spun off the green to the fringe. I putted from there to about 5 feet... then missed the double bogey putt and settled for a triple. That was my first triple in 25 days. I used to resign myself to at least a few per round, but I don't like taking them anymore. They hurt and they stick with me. Hole #9 - Par 4 - 342 Yards I decided to try and play safe to avoid the fairway bunkers up the right side... so I hit a 4 iron. I hit a complete push slice that actually found the fairway bunker on the 8th hole. I hit a very solid 4 iron from that spot up and over the trees. The ball found the front of the green, but the false front sent it back into the fairway. My pitch from there didn't grab quick enough and I ended up off on the fringe. My putt from there settled to a foot and I tapped in for a bogey. Hole #1 - Par 4 - 355 Yards A good drive just got caught up in the left rough. I was left with about 116 yards to the pin. I finally hit a shot on line but it was a little short. My putt from 22 feet ran a good 3-4 feet past and then I babied the par attempt, watched it miss right and settled for bogey. Hole #2 - Par 3 - 165 Yards This one was playing 160 on the number. I hit a smooth 7 iron because I had a helping wind. The ball landed about 20 feet short of the hole, released and finished 14 feet away. The birdie putt was always right, so I tapped in for a par. Hole #3 - Par 5 - 504 Yards This one was easily playing 30 yards longer. They had moved the tees back pretty deep onto the box. My drive was decent but had a little fade on it that took off some distance. I hit a nice 3 wood up the left side that caught the edge of the rough. I was left with about 80 yards to the flag. My wedge was tugged a bit and finished 40 feet left of the hole. A horrible birdie attempt was way short and right. I missed the par attempt and tapped in for a bogey to finish the round. The triple on the 8th hole hurt. It took a lot out of me and I just didn't grind over the last few holes like I normally would have. I missed a bunch of putts that I should have made (or at least come closer to making) over the last 4 holes. All-in-all is was a pretty ugly round... but it's still better than I was playing 6 months ago, so I'm happy. CY
  3. So far, the only 'bucket list' course I've played is the Ocean Course at Kiawah. I'm working on Pinehurst #2, TPC Sawgrass and TPC Scottsdale which I'm hoping to play next spring. Until then... I live vicariously though others who have had an opportunity to scratch a few off their lists. CY
  4. That's what has always made me laugh about it. We knew we sucked. On the front side, in the entire group, we probably made 10 pars or better. We truthfully figured (and I believe they did too) that we'd probably have a handful of decent holes in each pair and things would come pretty close to a wash. They didn't make anything better than a bogey the entire back nine (and they had more doubles and triples than bogeys) while we just managed to have one of us scrape a par or better on each of the holes on that side. It was a fluke and that's why we offered to call it off and tried to tell them to keep their money afterwards. At the club I play at now, there's a pretty big money game on Friday afternoons. When I say big, I mean in terms of people who play. The standard bet is $5 with automatic two-down presses on the front and then it moves to $10 with automatic two-down presses on the back. In most cases, there is about $5 or $10 exchanging hands. I've had some rare exceptions in either way... losing $35 one time and winning $40 another... but usually, it's small exchanges. I keep track of everything. So far in 2017, I'm up $157 in all of my cash bets. That's over the course of 30 different rounds where there was some kind of bet going. It works out to about $5.25 per round. I don't mind winning or losing like that. I've heard tales from some guys at the club that they've been suckered into some bets where wives needed to be called to bring cash to the club. In fact, one of the guys it happened to was out to dinner with a group of us and our wives. When his wife was telling the story, you could see my wife's thought bubble saying that if that ever happened, I'd lose body parts. I'm not wired to play games like that. CY
  5. I'll absolutely put some cash up when it's against guys at the club I belong to or against some of my buddies. Strangers, though... not happening again. When I was 17, my buddy and I were at a local course just playing to get some practice in. We were both on our high school golf team... but we were both bad. Like, if we broke 100... it was a career day type of bad. Anyway... we were told by the starter to head to the first tee and join a couple of guys that were set to tee off. We made our introductions and away we went. Through the first few holes, everybody was struggling. I believe we made the turn and each of us was somewhere in the 55 range for the front side. These guys were in their early 20's or so and we were all having a good time up to that point. As we hit the 10th tee, they asked us if we wanted to play a best ball match on the back side for $5 a hole. We honestly figured it wasn't a big deal and that, at worst, we'd lose maybe $10 each. Well... we caught fire and reeled off a string of best ball pars and birdies and we won all 9 holes on the back side. By the time we got to the 14th tee, we asked them if they wanted to just call it off because it was a little ridiculous how lucky we were getting. They declined. At the end of the round, the guys each took out $45 and literally threw it at us. They told us we were lucky we were just kids or they'd have kicked our teeth in. We tried, multiple times, to give them back their money... but they drove off, kicking rocks up in the gravel drive on their way out. It was the most uncomfortable I've ever been on a golf course and I genuinely didn't enjoy it even though I played pretty well on the back side. For reference... I still shot over 50 on the back as did my buddy. We just made pars and birdies on the holes where the other struggled. I made it a point to never bet with a stranger again. If I'm paired with random people somewhere and they want to throw $1 on a closest to the pin or something... I'm game. I just won't agree to any kind of bets that require more than a single shot when asked by a stranger. CY
  6. I don't have an exact number. I tend to forget starts when the finishes never keep it memorable. That said, I'd guess that it was probably something like -1 through 3 holes, give or take. Earlier this season, I played in a tournament with a shotgun start. I started on the 15th hole and began my round par - par - par - double - birdie - bogey - birdie - birdie - bogey - par. So, I was even through my first 8 holes and +1 through my first 10 holes... but then I closed it with a string of ugliness and posted +12 for the day. CY
  7. Nice round! Seems like your short game saved you quite a few strokes last night. Keep it going! CY
  8. It's been awhile since I've posted a recap of one of my rounds. I'm bored today, so... I figure I may as well post one. I played last night in the weekly 'dogfight' at our club. It's a nine-hole Stableford scoring event with a $10 buy-in. It's a blind draw for partners, so... it's really a crap-shoot. Either way, it's always fun. I hadn't played in it since the middle of May and I hadn't touched a club in 10 days prior to yesterday. The weather was nice and I really just looked at it as an excuse to get back out on the course. Anyway... details are below. Hole #9 - Par 4 - 342 Yards I began on the 9th hole. Typically, I wouldn't take driver on this hole but because it was my first hole and the format allows for 2 balls off of your first tee, I figured I'd go for it. My first swing resulted in a big pull-hook which saw the ball finish in the short game practice area (248 yards). My second swing was much better contact, but it hit an overhanging tree limb and dropped straight down. With the first ball in a much better spot, I elected to play that one. I was left with 126 yards up the hill. I had to go over some trees and there was a bunker directly between my ball and the flag. My 9 iron never got more than 5 feet off the ground. It ended up in the bunker. I blasted out and then took 2 putts from 30 feet for a bogey. Hole #1 - Par 4 - 355 Yards No trouble on this hole if you avoid the 5th tee which runs along the left side of the fairway. My drive was solid (251 yards) and in the middle. I had 116 to the flag. I pulled my pitching wedge a touch and it finished in a little valley just left of the green. I absolutely flubbed my first chip, then chipped up to about 3 feet and took another bogey. Not the greatest start, but not the worst either. Hole #2 - Par 3 - 165 Yards The flag was 160 yards from the tee which is a perfect 7 iron for me. I hit what I thought was a perfect shot. The ball landed about 6 feet left of the flag but then released with a big bounce. I was 33 feet away and with the greens being recently punched and sanded, I needed to putt through what was essentially a bunker. I left it about 12 feet short but managed to make the next putt for a par. Hole #3 - Par 5 - 504 Yards My drive was a little pulled but finished in the fairway (252 yards). I do not have enough in me to reach this green, so I was just trying to hit a solid 3 wood to get me in position to have a short wedge into the green. I managed to do that nicely and left myself about 40 yards or so to the flag. I nipped my lob wedge nicely and I thought it was going to hit the green, bounce once and then roll down the slope towards the hole. Instead, it hit and checked... and then actually rolled back towards me a bit leaving me on the wrong side of the slope. Another woefully short putt led to a three-putt and a bogey. Hole #4 - Par 4 - 331 Yards This is another hole I typically elect to hit an iron from the tee, but I felt good with my driver so I hit that instead. It was a little right of where I wanted it to go and ended up in the right rough (252 yards), but it left me an angle to the flag. A full sand wedge from 91 yards left me about 18 feet for birdie. The putt didn't break back enough for me but I was left with a tap in for par. Hole #5 - Par 4 - 389 Yards This is the longest 389 yard hole ever. I find it to be the most difficult on the front side at my home course. Anyway... I hit a solid drive to the middle of the fairway (238 yards) which left me 160 yards to the flag. I cold topped a 7 iron that ran into the fairway bunker about 70 yards short of the green. I was against the lip, so I blasted out. I hit a wedge onto the green, but it checked quickly and left me 28 feet from the hole. The putt for bogey was on line but finished just short. I tapped in for a disappointing double. Hole #6 - Par 3 - 179 Yards The way the hole was set up, it was playing 171 yards so I hit a smooth 6 iron that finished pin high but about 30 feet left of the hole. My birdie attempt ran just past the hole and left me a simple 1 foot tap in for par. Hole #7 - Par 5 - 486 Yards I got a little lucky with my tee shot. It carried further than I usually hit it there, but it stayed out of the cross bunkers and in the fairway (257 yards). I was left with 193 yards to the flag. I hit a solid 4 iron that ran all the way to the back of the green and into the fringe. I putted from there to about 3 feet and made the ensuing putt for a birdie. Hole #8 - Par 4 - 397 Yards My final hole of the evening. I tried to mash my drive and pulled it horribly into the 7th fairway. It left me a shot similar to my approach on the 9th hole, having to go over some trees and with a bunker directly between my ball and the flag. I hit a 9 iron from 136 yards that somehow managed to find a hole in the tree canopy to sneak through. It didn't get high enough to clear the trees, but it went through an opening, landed softly on the green and checked immediately, leaving me 5 inches for a closing birdie. I had finished birdie - birdie. With my current handicap, I needed to pick up 12 points on the evening. I managed 15 points for a +3 total. My blind draw partner had a rough evening and finished with a -5 total leaving us far out of the money. In the end, I had fun and it was nice to post a solid score. I've now had more 9 hole scores in the 30's than I have in the 40's over my last 5 times on a course. My USGA index is trending at a 10.5 right now which puts me seriously close to a single digit index for the first time in my life. I'd like to keep the momentum rolling! CY
  9. Just bought the Bose Soundlink for my parents as an anniversary gift. Outside of that... nothing really stood out to me. CY
  10. Mine is the 10th hole at my home course. It's really not a difficult hole, but I always seem to start the back with an ugly score. From the tees I play, it's listed at 349 yards. It's downhill pretty severely the entire way, but just shy of the green (at about 280 yards from the tee) is a creek. A lot of people will hit a fairway wood or a hybrid from the tee to try and get as close to the creek as possible, but... I've tried that and managed to run into the creek, so... my play is usually a 4 iron off the tee to about the only flat area on the hole, which is up on the right side of the fairway and about 140 yards short of the middle of the green. The problem is, if you don't find the flat area... the ball is going to be on a severe downhill slope. The green slopes big time from back to front... and balls can spin off the front and roll into the hazard. To the left is the safest play now, but... it leaves a pretty tough pitch or chip. Long is dead because you're pitching up a steep slope onto a green that feeds away from you and it's next to impossible to get the ball to stay on the green. You have to hope it gets held up in the rough short of the hazard. Just to the right of the green is a small bunker... but literally 4 feet to the right of the bunker is a road that is OB. If I find the flat area in the fairway, I'm capable of making par. More often than not, however... I'm left scrambling for a bogey or worse after rinsing the ball or missing my target and leaving myself an impossible shot. Starting the back nine with a double or triple is never fun. CY
  11. Without going too deep into anything right now, the biggest thing that 'clicked' for me was where my weight was at impact. I paid more attention to my lower body during the swing when someone said I was always starting the swing with my upper body. I fought the sh*nks with wedges for a portion of last season. On the range one morning, one of my buddies saw me struggling and asked me if I knew my lower body wasn't moving at all. He then had me do a drill with my feet together and after that, told me to focus on turning my belt buckle to my target. I immediately felt off balance because I was hanging back so much on my right foot. I made a conscious effort, at first, to keep my weight on my front foot. It helped with short game and my wedges. It also helped me become less erratic with my driver. Eventually, I let my weight shift a little bit and focused on ensuring it was forward at contact. I got some of my distance back (picking up about a full club with irons) and continued to keep the ball in play. Although I only hit about 38% of my greens, my nGIR percentage is closer to 80%. My penalties have dropped from 2.97 per round in 2016 to 1.26 per round so far this season. A lot of my penalties in 2016 were from the tee (72 with the driver alone in 78 rounds). This season, I've taken 63 penalties in 50 rounds. Of those 63 penalties, only 16 have been with the driver. My focus right now is my short game. Putting has improved dramatically in the last 5 weeks. If that continues and I can spend some time on my chipping, pitching and sand game... I'm hoping to get close to single digits by the end of 2017. CY
  12. I love reading these types of things and I'm happy I got to be a part of one. I can say that, between LSW, a lot of practice & on-course time and the analysis that @RandallT put together... my game has completely changed. I don't have access to take a screenshot now, but... as of this morning, my Game Golf insights page has the following: Handicap - 12.5 Average Score - 88.9 Fairway Accuracy - 46% Greens in Regulation - 38% Putting - 1.9 Scrambling - 17% My USGA index is 11.8 and trending down. My penalty strokes off the tee are few and far between now. Recently, my putting has taken a major turn for the better, so I expect things to improve even more. I'm a stats nerd, so... when RandallT approached me about doing this, I jumped at it. I believe it's made a big impact in my game just seeing (from someone else's point of view) where my focus should have been. Anyway... I hope @Slowcelica gets as much out of it as I feel I have. CY
  13. So, due to some unforeseen life circumstances, I had to put the clubs away for about 2.5 weeks to take care of some things. That was, quite possibly, what I needed to turn things around. Prior to that break, I was battling my game. I lost everything with my driver. I was playing a nice draw... and suddenly, I couldn't draw the ball at all... and it had turned into a fade. Of course, because I was playing to the right side of the fairway for a draw... when the ball would fade, I ended up in trouble. My 9 hole scores had gone from a consistent 40 - 42 to a wildly fluctuating 43 - 50. The day I finally got back on the course, I posted a 44 - 48 = 92 during a tournament. I wasn't upset with that considering I had not even touched a club in 17 days prior to warming up that morning. I made a simple adjustment on the range with my setup and the fade was reduced to nothing more than a few yards at most... so, I went with it on the course. I went out 2 days later with my son and completely blew up, posting a 49 - 51 = 100 on my home course. The score was entirely due to a lack of touch around the greens. I converted on only 1 of 13 opportunities around the greens and generally played like I was wearing ski gloves on my hands. Three days later, I played in a 2 day tournament. Warming up on the range prior to the first day, something clicked. I slowed my takeaway and focused on where my weight was at impact. It's made a major improvement in my ball striking and has lead to being left with much more manageable up & down opportunities. Starting that afternoon and running through today, I've played 3.5 rounds in which I've posted scores of 42 - 39 = 81, 40 - 43 = 83, 39 - 45 = 84 and a 38 this morning for 9 holes at my home course. The 45 was the result of a trio of poor swings that I didn't recover well from... but otherwise, the swings have all been there. When I've missed greens, I've done a good job of giving myself at least decent opportunities to salvage a par or bogey at worst. The biggest thing has been confidence in my putter. One of my buddies pointed out that I had a tendency to stop the putter following impact. He told me to keep the putter moving. That simple little change has made a huge difference. On Saturday, during the 39 - 45 = 84 round... I needed only 26 putts, which is a new lifetime low for me. Since he gave me that tip, I've cut 3 strokes per round off my game. My index is now 11.8 & trending down... and I have every bit of belief that I'll finally break 80 at some point in the very near future. CY
  14. I had 3 contenders today... all on consecutive holes. 1) 10th hole. I had hit a solid 4 iron off the tee and found a fairly flat (slightly downhill compared to the rest of the hole) lie. I had 141 to the stick... and it play downhill about a club. I played my 9 iron to drift off to the right because of the downhill lie... and it did perfectly. The ball landed 2 feet behind the flag, bounced once and spun back to about 3 feet. Unfortunately, I didn't make the super-quick, slippery downhill birdie putt and had to settle for par. I tried the putt 2 more times before giving up. 2) 11th hole. My drive was a bit off the heel of the driver and low. It ran out but left me 202 yards to the flag. The ball was a little below my feet. The only club I was comfortable with hitting from that position was my 4 iron, which is usually a club I will draw. I played the ball back in my stance just a bit, aimed a little left of center on the green and hit a perfect, low fade that landed on the front of the green and released. A solid two-putt led to another par. 3) 12th hole. This is a par 3 that was playing 188 yards. There's trouble right, long and left. I hit a decent 5 iron that bounced off a mound and finished behind the left bunker, pin-high. I was extremely short-sided. The pin was on the left side by about 4 steps, leaving me no room to work with. I opened my 58 degree wedge and played a pitch over the bunker that landed about a step on and dribbled out. I was left with 3 feet. I made that for par. The rest of the round was really unremarkable... but those shots felt good to pull off. CY
  15. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1605174 I decided to drop back to the back tees at the club today to prepare for a tournament on Tuesday where we'll be playing from further back than I'm used to. The back tees (Blue - 72.2 / 134) at my course are just over 6600 yards... which is nearly 500 yards more than the tees I typically play (White - 69.8 / 129). I jumped onto the first tee right out of the car. I hadn't touched a club since Sunday... and it showed. I opened quad - bogey - triple before settling into a pattern of bogies with some pars mixed in. Things on the back were much better... but I ended with an ugly triple. 49 - 43 = 92 CY