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  1. After pushing a 4 iron off the tee, I was between the 14th and 15th fairways, below some trees and next to a rock. I failed miserably at punching a 4 iron into the fairway as I let the rock get in my head. I advanced the ball about 20 yards and was left with 148 yards, slightly uphill with the wind at my back. The ball was sitting nicely in the rough, so I took an 8 iron and hit a beautifully pure shot that landed on the green and funneled to the right directly at the hole. The ball stopped and, from my vantage point, it looked close. I didn't realize how close until I actually got up
  2. I had another pretty poor round today. I had a 'feel' going for me over the last few weeks that I've suddenly lost. By that, I mean that I was extremely comfortable and confident standing over the ball. Somewhere along the way... I misplaced it and I can't seem to get it back for more than a few shots at a time here and there. My tee shots were very poor early on, leading to some awkward shots afterwards. I even managed to lose a ball in the rough up the left side of the 7th hole somehow which resulted in a triple bogey. On the 8th hole, I remembered something and my iron shots start
  3. Down to a 13.0 index as of the 10/1 revision, which is a new lifetime low for me. I'll take it! CY
  4. Ugh... I woke up this morning extremely sore. I had a 9:00am tee time and my shoulders were on fire. I got to the course at 8:45am and had no real time to warm-up, so I settled for a few practice "swings" on the first tee, but they were intensely painful. This led to a very, very poor start as it took at least 3 holes for my shoulders to loosen up. By the time I felt okay enough to make a full swing at anything, I had no idea where shots were going before I hit them. I played the front side in a pretty ugly 47 that included 4 doubles (one after a three-putt from 6 feet). When I m
  5. 2 weeks ago... I would have said an 'out of nowhere' slice off the tee. I'd be hitting shots into the fairway (or just off the fairway), and suddenly, I'd hit a 50 yard slice that ends up in somebody's cereal bowl in a kitchen. Currently... a wild hook from the tee. It started recently and I can't figure it out... at all. Luckily it hasn't seemed to hurt me too badly (yet), but... it makes it tough because my typical shot shape (for years) has been a fade, so... I prefer to aim at the left side of the fairway. Now, with this hook, I feel like I can't aim at the left side because it co
  6. Definitely... DEFINITELY don't be the creepy 'cart girl is hot' guy. It gets awkward in a hurry. In 2004, I was playing with a club that played all around the area I was living in. I was 25 at the time and, by far, one of the younger guys in the club. I often got paired with the guys that were mid 40's and would make completely inappropriate comments about the cart girls. Seeing as how many of the girls were in my age range, it was always very awkward to hear what they were saying and, truthfully, I never respected anybody who made comments like that. Beyond that... I enjoy playing w
  7. Played in the Wednesday night 9 hole dogfight at our club this evening. 5 bogeys... 3 pars... 1 birdie = 40 My +4 Stableford score was blindly paired with a -2 Stableford score for a +2 overall. That was good enough for 2nd place and a $30 win. I'm just feeling it right now. I hope this continues. CY
  8. I posted the above reply on June 15th. At that point, I had a 15.8 index. Since then, I've made some pretty large strides in terms of consistency and my over all game. The revisions that followed: July 1st - 16.3 July 15th - 16.0 August 1st - 15.4 August 15th - 15.0 September 1st - 14.8 September 15th - 14.3 After my last few rounds (40*, 39*, 95, 87, 81)... I'm trending towards a 12.8 index. I don't know if I'll get to play this week at all, but if I do... the worst I will wind up with on the October 1st revision would be a 13.1 index. So..
  9. Well... I NEARLY did what I had to do. Starting 4 back and playing in the penultimate group, I went out and played pretty much the round of my life. I shot even par 35 on the front side including 2 birdies from off the green... and, despite some struggles early on (shotgun start had me starting on #13)... I managed a 46 on the back side. 35 - 46 = 81 My 81 tied me with my cart partner for the day and we ended up heading to a playoff. On the first playoff hole, I had a 6 footer, up the hill with a left to right break for the win. My hands were shaky beyond anything I've ever ex
  10. I played round 1 of 2 for the final local tournament of the year yesterday. I struggled with my driver the entire day and managed to find only 1 of 14 fairways. It was frustrating, to say the least. On the plus side, I posted a 42 - 45 = 87 and I'm only 4 strokes back heading to the final round this morning. I figure, if I can jump out to a quick start early... I have a chance. I know I need to post something really low... like an 82 or something, to have a realistic opportunity to catch the leader... but I know I can do it on the course we're playing, so... I have my fingers cros
  11. Thanks for the replies, everybody! Some very good points in here. A few mentioned that playing more often will have benefits, and that, in and of itself, is the hope. I was a once a week (on average) player for the majority of this season. I started out posting some pretty ugly scores early on in the season (a 117 and a 110 in my first 2 tournaments come to mind)... but I was working with a new grip and what I'd call a 'swing change' at that point in the season. Since then, I've posted some really solid scores and I've dropped from a 17.8 index on March 15th to my current index of 14.
  12. Hi all... I just recently joined a local country club at the suggestion of my wife (of all people). It's only 12 minutes from my house... fully private... offers a great short game area... and has some exceptional greens and course conditions. We had done a tour of the club on a Saturday afternoon, but I didn't get to play the course... just rode around and viewed it. During the ride along, I had said to the membership chairman that the front side seemed very friendly. There didn't appear to be many places to lose a ball. There are only a handful of spots on the front side that bring
  13. Played the front nine at my home course twice yesterday (once in the morning and once in the evening). The best shot came from the morning round on the 5th hole. After I put my tee shot in the fairway, it started to drizzle a little bit. By the time I walked to my ball... it had become a full-on rain. I was sitting at about 170 yards out with a strong wind into me and from the right. The ball was also slightly above my feet, so I knew it was going to work back to the left with the lie and the wind. I decided to play the shot like I would play a 180-185 yard shot. I choked down o
  14. I managed to get out again today... twice. The first time, I got out this morning at my home course and played the front nine, trying to squeeze in some practice time prior to heading out to work. I played solid golf all the way around. I finished with 5 pars and 4 bogeys for a +4 score of 40. I was really happy with that and then the pro asked me if I'd be interested in playing in the Wednesday night game which was a Stableford format based off of your front nine handicap. I checked to see if we had anything going on and then I agreed to play. If this morning was solid... to
  15. On the 10th hole this morning, I hit a really poor tee shot with a 4 iron. I pulled it and it had a little draw on it, so it hit the trees bordering the 10th and 18th holes. It kicked to the right and into the 10th fairway but left me about 220 to the pin, over a creek that runs short of the green. I decided to lay up with a 6 iron and hit the ball into a good position on the left side of the fairway. From there, I was left with 77 yards to the hole. I hit a perfect lob wedge which hit the green just beyond the pin and it spun back to within 3 feet of the hole. I made the slippery down
  16. Got out this morning at my new home course. Although it was a little breezy... I played decent. There was nothing special about the round, but there was nothing that really killed my game either. I had a single really poor hole... #9. My drive was pulled and hit a tree, kicking it into a hazard. I took a drop and then hacked it around in the rough before finally getting near the green. Then I fluffed a chip and needed 2 putts from 12 feet for a 9 on a par 4. Otherwise... it wasn't all that bad. I ended up posting 48 - 42 = 90. It certainly could have been worse. I was hav
  17. We played a tough course yesterday for our most recent tournament. It's one of those courses that, until you play it, you don't realize how tough it can actually be. Although I didn't play overly well... I still managed to post a respectable score of 48 - 45 = 93. That included way too many penalties and 5 three-putts on 'fun-house' greens. Overall... I'm not displeased with my round, but it certainly could have been better. I'll try and get out this week for a round and then we've got our final two-day major of the year Saturday & Sunday. CY
  18. Interesting. I thought my strategy was the proper one. In any case... I just placed my order for this book you speak of. So, thanks for the reminder that it's out there. Welcome to the thread! Not a bad round at all... and it seems like you're on your way to breaking into the 80's! I often wonder how I'd play on a longer course. I feel like if I get over 6700 yards or so, my score would begin to suffer. My drives are primarily in the 220 - 250 range on any given day, but if I'm hitting anything longer than 170 into greens, it becomes sketchy and I score much worse. I
  19. Isn't it funny how our mindset changes after awhile. I remember my excitement the first time I broke 100... and then, after awhile, any time I would post a triple-digit score, I was upset with myself. My wife asks me all the time when I talk about golf what score I would be 'happy' with at the end of a round. Earlier this year, I told her that if I was 93 or better... I was happy. If it was a score of 94-95... I was okay with it. If I was 96 or higher... it felt like a poor round. A few months later and it's shifted. I feel like anything 89 or better would make me happy. Anythi
  20. I didn't get out at all this weekend to play, but I did tour a local country club with my wife and we decided to join. Now... my wife doesn't play at all (at least not yet)... but I have a 16 year old son who has played a handful of times. I'm looking forward to being able to jump out for 9 holes here and there and then being able to play some 18 hole rounds with my son with little-to-no waiting. The course, as a whole, only had 13,000 rounds played on it last year... so, I'm expecting to be playing quite a bit. Excited doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling about our decisi
  21. Typically, I'm hitting a club longer than a 4 iron only once or twice per round. Usually, it'll be on a par 5 where I'm sitting like 215+ away. Otherwise, I just go with my 4 iron to advance the ball as far as possible and then I've got a short shot into the green. If I'm on a tee that requires less than driver... I'm using my 4 iron. It gets me far enough that I'm going to have a shot at the green... and it's pretty much money for me over the last few months. Thanks for the well wishes! I've got 2 more to go before Hilton Head, so... I'll be focusing on trying to win those over the
  22. Thanks guys! LOL @ the 14.2 blood/alcohol index! Looks like quite a few of us had pretty solid weekends. Way to go, everybody! So, because I haven't recapped in awhile and it's good to look back on when I'm struggling... What's Working: - First and foremost is my iron play. Over the last 10 rounds, I'm hitting just shy of 30% of greens in regulation. That's an improvement of about 5% over the rest of the year. Even better, I'm close to 70% nGIR (within about 30 yards of the green in regulation). That's about 7% better than the rest of the year. This is leaving me with mo
  23. Headed back out this morning to a course I haven't played before. It was a par 72 that had been dropped to a par 70... and then cut down to only 17 holes, playing to a par 66 because of construction going on in the development. Because #10 was closed off entirely, I took par plus my handicap stroke for a bogey there. I didn't have it all with me today and struggled on some holes, but still managed to put together a 45 - 41 = 86. The front side, I had 3 doubles, 3 bogeys and 3 pars. I battled my putter all day and on the front, I missed putts from 7 feet, 7 feet, 6 feet and 5 feet.
  24. Things got better for me yesterday. I went out early and played a course I played earlier in the year where I typically shoot low-to-mid 90's. Things just worked yesterday. I hit 8 of 14 fairways and tied the lowest number of putts I've needed all year with 29. I shot 43 - 42 = 85 which has my index trending to a 14.2 right now. I made 2 birdies but had at least 5 real solid looks throughout the round. I was very pleased with how I played and can honestly say I'm very much looking forward to getting to the end of the season and heading to Hilton Head in about 6 weeks. I'm hoping
  25. Went out today and played a ridiculously quick 18 hole round (2 hours and 20 minutes) at a course I like to play every once in awhile just for a change of pace. I hadn't touched a club for 9 days, so I really wanted to get out and play so I didn't lose all the gains I'd been making recently. I played the back tees (72.9 / 127 / 6748) and struggled a little bit. No warm-up at all and my opening tee shot went directly into the woods & out of bounds. I ended up with a 50 on the front that included a birdie, a triple, a quad and a quintuple bogey. The back wasn't a whole lot bet
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