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  1. I'd even go so far as to say it IS the game, period. To me... if you're not playing for a score, you're practicing. Nothing more. Nothing less. The 19th hole is full of 'I would have shot a 77 if it wasn't for the triple on 9, and the doubles on 12, 16 and 17' type of stories. You didn't ALMOST shoot a 77. You shot an 86. Hell... I've shot 72 every time I've ever played 18 holes. I just haven't stopped there. CY
  2. True enough... but I'd rather post a bunch of 11.3 differentials and a few 9.4 differentials than post a bunch of 17.8 differentials and a handful of 12.6 differentials. Consistency is what's going to ultimately drive my scores down. That's what's changed in my game so drastically in the last year is being consistent with keeping the ball out of trouble. Early last year, I was averaging 4-5 penalties for 7-10 strokes each round. Right now, I average 1-2 penalties for 2-3 strokes per round which is a BIG difference in my game and my scoring. CY
  3. Truthfully... score is the ONLY thing important to me when it comes to how I measure a round as a success or a failure. How I'm striking the ball... how I'm chipping... how I'm putting... it all leads to the score. Whether I'm playing a money match, a fun match with some friends or a tournament... my ultimate goal is to post the lowest score I can. If I have to 'trick' myself into thinking about holes in relation to net par so that I'm not getting discouraged by a string of bogeys... I'll do it. But at the end... the number of total strokes I took is what matters to me. I don'
  4. I had one today. On the par 5 15th hole, I hit my drive to the left side of the fairway, which is absolutely the wrong side to be on. It's a very slight dogleg to the left and the right side is guarded by a big, ugly tree. I seem to find myself there pretty often, so... I've become REALLY good at the low, slinging hook shot. Today, though... I played the shot nearly to perfection. The ball never got more than hip high and then ran nearly to the front of the green. The pin was in the back left, so all I needed to do was pitch the ball about 30 yards and I'd have a reasonable birdie p
  5. Thanks bud! Something has clicked and I'm getting the ball near my targets more frequently. I used to be good for a few heavy shots and a few block-slices per round. Anymore, if I have even one of those, it's something I'm able to know exactly why I did it and how to stop it. I guess the 'big miss' is absent from my game at the moment and it's resulting in more scoring opportunities. I'd like to use the My Swing thread to get even better, obviously, but... I'm having more fun playing golf now than I ever have in my life. If I could get a little better around the greens and conver
  6. I went out this morning with a group of older guys at my home club. I was invited to their game and figured it couldn't hurt to take them up on it. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I was a little rushed because of a conference call for work, but... I made it to the course on time with a few minutes to spare to hit a few balls. The front nine was not the greatest. 6 bogeys, a double, a par and a birdie for a +7 score of 43. Even the birdie was kind of lucky. I hit a not-so-great drive... a decent 4 iron... and then an 8 iron that was a little thinner than I wanted but finishe
  7. 2/7/2017 - I didn't necessarily get much practice time today. I got a late start at the course due to a conference call for work. I did manage to hit about 10 balls on the range, in a hurry, before teeing off. I got to play, however, so... at least I got on the course and worked on my game a bit. CY
  8. 2/6/17 - I took some swings in my garage this afternoon to post to my swing thread and then this evening, I spent about 10 minutes taking pitch and chip swings in my living room trying to consistently just brush my club against the area rug to groove that movement. CY
  9. Yeah... I've got to get that part of my swing figured out. The only swing analysis I ever had, the guy pointed out my grip (which was worse and far weaker than in the original videos I posted) and how steep my swing was. It's become less steep, but... I don't know where to even start to shallow it out. I'm looking forward to seeing what's suggested. I've had my phone for nearly 2 years and never thought to see if it was capable of slow motion video. Nice surprise. Thanks man. I'll post some tomorrow either from the course or from the range in the morning. CY
  10. Thanks for fixing that. I rushed and didn't realize I hadn't embedded them. Since I posted this thread, my index is about 2.5 strokes lower. While making some of the changes suggested above (grip first and foremost), I ballooned to about a 17.8 index, so... since then, I've come down close to 4 strokes. The only thing I've been working on is trying to keep my weight forward. That has been a 2+ month long thought process and it's pretty close to being ingrained but every so often, I find myself swaying (especially with wedges) and I'll hit some fat shots before catching what I'm do
  11. Okay... so, this is the best I could get today. It's poorly lit and taken in my garage, but... I'm posting it anyway. I hope to play tomorrow morning. Providing I do get out and I have enough time, I'm going to try and get video on the course as well. For now... here's what I've got. Let me know what you guys see. It's a work in progress, for sure. I still don't like seeing my swing on video, but... I suppose that's the best way for me to see what it is I'm doing incorrectly to fix it. Both of these swings were with a 6 iron and 'Almost Golf' balls.
  12. So... this weekend was not a great weekend from a golf perspective for me. Saturday, I woke up excited to get out and play my first stroke play tournament of the year. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold that morning so things were delayed. My practice routine was condensed because the range opened 45 minutes late and because I wanted to spend some time inside before the round to warm myself up a bit. On the range, I was striping shots. It just didn't translate to the course. Somewhere along the way, my brain just jumped up and told me that I was going to play horribly on the par 5
  13. 2/5/2017 - I spent a good amount of time at the short game facility at my home course today working on chips of varying length (15 feet - 60 feet). CY
  14. I promise to do my best next week to take some time and video my swing again. I absolutely need all the help I can get. I FEEL like a lot of what I was doing in the videos above has changed, but... the last time I looked at my swing on video was about a year ago and... well... I'll post a video within the next week. Thanks for the push! CY
  15. 2/4/2017 - I spent my morning practice session working on ball position in my stance. I've had a tough time recently finding the 'right' position for me. I thought I had it figured out on the range, but... once I got on the course, I had a heck of a time making solid enough contact to get the ball around the course. I also spent a good 15 minutes on left-to-right breaking putts from 6 feet. I pull those often and wanted to gain some confidence with them. CY
  16. Awesome! Thanks man. 2/3/2017 - I spent 45 minutes on the range working on letting the loft of the club do the work. I focused on taking a divot after contact with the ball during that time. I then went and played 18 holes. I was nGIR on 17 of 18 holes. The only one I wasn't was a hole where I pulled a tee shot into a hazard and had to take a penalty. It didn't equate to good scoring since I found myself in a lot of bunkers today, but... that just means I have something different to work on next week. CY
  17. Today was a day of highs and lows. I got invited to the Friday money game at my club and decided to give it a go. Even though my actual handicap is a 14.0 right now, my USGA GHIN index is a 12.0 at the moment. Being a money game... I had to play off of the 12.0 index, so... a little bit of pressure there. Anyway... I played really well on the front. I had 2 poor holes but, otherwise... I played solid golf and posted a 41 (+5). The back started pretty well, but then it fell apart. On the 14th hole, my approach shot nipped a tree branch and the ball fell just short of the green, l
  18. My favorite hole out was with my son. He was probably 9 years old or so at the time. We went to play an executive course near where we were living. Since it was probably his 2nd or 3rd time out, I didn't want to play anything crazy long... I just wanted to have a good time. On the first hole, I hit a horrible drive. I was left with nothing but a punch out into the fairway. It still left me about 170 up a hill. I hit a pretty good 5 iron from there, but the way it hopped... I thought it went over the green. When we got up to the hole, I was looking everywhere for the ball and could
  19. Your first post seemed to indicate that you took your time on the course. While that's certainly a nice thing, being aware of others and their time is equally nice. If you find yourself being 'the slow group'... you owe it to those on the course to do what you can to pick up your pace. That said, I second what @bkuehn1952 suggested. My daughters (9 and 11) got clubs for Christmas. I will take them out in the afternoon when the course is at its slowest (about 2 hours before it gets dark)... and we'll play (along with my 16 year old son) a scramble format. There are kids tees on our cour
  20. I used to like to think that my 'potential' was defined by the really good shots I'd hit each round. It wasn't until just recently that I realized that potential is actually really difficult to define. In my mind's eye, I would look at statistics and see that I was improving, so... that meant my potential was greater. I've had people (both here and on the course) tell me that there was going to be an eventual ceiling to how well I'd be able to play without proper instruction and practice. I didn't want to believe it, but it's proven itself to be true. I haven't necessarily reached MY
  21. Missed yesterday... wife's birthday, so I had a lot of things to do. Anyway... 2/2/2017 - I hit about 35 balls with my lob wedge and sand wedge to targets between 50 and 75 yards away. I focused on a short backswing and consciously keeping my weight forward through impact. I was happy with the results. I also hit about 15 balls with my driver focusing on making my grip slightly looser to allow the club to release which helps to prevent the occasional block that seems to pop up once in awhile on me. The rest of the balls (about 25 more) were hit with a pitching wedge to a target
  22. Oh, I know... I was just using that one instance as a point. I work for Samsung and I previously worked for Apple, so... unfortunately, I'm well versed on the 'stories' from both sides. CY
  23. Nice! Thanks for getting it back up and moving again! CY
  24. Geez... so many courses I loved to play have gone away. The first course I ever played on... Green Pond in Rockaway, NJ closed up awhile back. It was a tiny little 9 hole course that was covered with what would BARELY qualify as grass on most holes. I have great memories of my dad taking me out here. Our first time out, my dad showed up in cut off jean shorts. They sent us home to change. I swore I'd never be asked to change at a golf course after that. The first time I ever broke 100 was on this course. I almost showed up late to my high school graduation because a buddy and I wer
  25. Wow... you mean to tell me that everything I learned about patents in 5th grade is no longer relevant? It's an unfortunate side-effect of consumerism. The battles between Samsung & Apple are prime examples. Apple wanted to patent the home button on their phones and tablets. Samsung worked around it by changing the style of their home button. If this guy changed the smallest of things... it suddenly becomes 'more' legal... or at least legal enough to make a quick profit off of until it gets hung up in the court system. Someone else said it earlier... it's dirty, and sleazy
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