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  1. LOL - You went for the deep cut with the sharp blade, huh? I absolutely should be spending more time in those sections! Trust me... @RandallT has already shamed me into it, so... I'll be making a turn for those threads more often now. I'm not sure when it was moved, to be honest. I found it, so... no harm, no foul. CY
  2. It was always in the Golf Talk section of the forum. It actually took me awhile to realize it had been moved and not deleted. It was pretty active over there. No big deal. Winter is definitely a root cause of how slow it is too. Just me griping about nothing in particular. CY
  3. I really wish this thread wasn't moved. Since it got moved here, it's been totally dead. Anyway... I've played a handful of times since the last post and things have been very up & down. My game is either there, or it isn't. There's no real in between right now. 1/19/2017 - I played the front nine at my home course and posted a 47. It was good when it was good and it was awful the rest of that nine. 1/20/2017 - I got invited to play as the third member of a three-person team in a 'tough day' scramble. I made some good shots throughout the day and it really left me feeli
  4. Let's just put it out there. I'm a 14+ handicap. With that in mind, it's not all that often that I go home from a round of golf feeling like it's just a matter of time until I 'put it all together' and post something around even par for a round. In September, during a shotgun tournament, I played the front nine of a course in even par... and the back nine in +9. But... like I said, it was a shotgun event and the front nine was somewhere around the middle portion of my round. It was nice to look at the scorecard afterward and realize that I shot even par on that side, but... it was still e
  5. This was one thing that I struggled with for a very long time. I was so enamored with the 70, 71 or 72 at the end of the scorecard that I just played a stupid game that slightly resembled golf. Once I established a handicap, it gave me something to shoot towards. A few years ago, my handicap was i the 23+ range. On any given course, 'my' par would have been somewhere around 92 - 97 (give or take depending on the rating and slope). I knew that I was going to have my blowup holes where I was capable of posting a 10 or a 12 or something stupid. I also knew that I was going to have a
  6. Up until about last year... I didn't have anybody that I would count as my nemesis. There was a guy in a group I played with for about a year that I enjoyed beating, but... there was nothing attached to it. I just didn't like him. I don't even think he knew that I based a 'successful' day on the course as being one where I score better than he did. Last year, however, I found a group of guys who I really just wanted to beat during tournaments. We began playing little side bets ($5 Nassau, $5 Stableford, things like that) and it ramped things up. By the end of the year, I was making a
  7. I've had a very busy start to 2017 which has seen me on the road more than at home. Because of that, we celebrated most of the week since I was close enough to drive home all week. Went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and drinks on Wednesday... visited a VERY country bar on Friday to watch some midget wrestling... and I played a bunch between Thursday and yesterday. Today was spent here with my wife and kids enjoying some down time before I head to Nashville tomorrow. CY
  8. Well... I failed pretty miserably at the 5 minutes of daily practice. Unfortunately, work became a storm for about 3 weeks and I was rarely home. I had no time for family, let alone time to think about golf. That said... I've played a few times in the down time I did have. 1/12 - I played 9 holes, posting a 45. It was not good but not horrible. Nothing really stands out from that round. 1/13 - I played at a friend's club and posted a 42 - 46 = 88 which should have been much better, but I struggled on the 17th hole and made a big number. Overall, I felt pretty good about my ga
  9. Hmmm... this thread was moved from the main forum and I could not locate it for awhile. It's been a busy few weeks for me with work, unfortunately. I spent much of the last two weeks on the road, which means not a lot of time as being spent on my game. I did get out last Thursday for a nine hole round where I shot a 45 that could have (and should have) been much better. I also got out Friday with a friend at his club. I've played there twice in the past and this was, by far, my best round there. I made it around in 42 - 46 = 88. The back nine 46 easily should have been 2 to 4 st
  10. Haha! Nice. Good round there man! Got the kids out for a 9 hole scramble. My son struggled pretty mightily for most of the round. My daughters, who have now been out on a course a grand total of 2 times, hit some solid shots that they managed to advance 50-75 yards at times. I tried to work on tempo (especially with my backswing), but I felt rushed with the kids around and didn't pay attention to what I needed to. We used my tee shot on most holes (I think we used a few from my daughters on the 3rd, 7th and 9th holes)... and I was hitting the ball fairly well from the tee.
  11. Hey everybody... @RandallT somehow managed to guilt me into this for January, so... here I am. Now, I know I missed posting the first few days, but... I spent 22+ hours driving over the weekend to go visit family in New Jersey and then get back to Charlotte for the week to begin, so... I wasn't exactly 'connected' during that time. That said... I'll do my best to post here every day for the rest of the month. 1/3/2017 - I did a little reading from LSW yesterday during some down time and I worked on my grip for about 5 minutes as well. I've been having issues hitting a 3 wood fo
  12. I found a Vice ball and played it for a few holes. It wasn't bad, but... then again, I've been playing the TaylorMade Project (a) ball for almost 3 years now, so... I don't exactly use a high end ball. I received a sleeve of the Volvik Vivid balls (orange, matte finish) in the mail and took them out for a round. I didn't mind the ball, but it seemed shorter off the tee to me... and I didn't like the finish. It made it extremely difficult to keep the ball clean. I did, however, like the look of the orange ball against the sky when in flight. I'm looking forward to trying a Kirklan
  13. Wish granted. Now you're famous and there are only 2 days left of 2016, so... good luck. I wish Tom Brady never existed. CY
  14. I see a lot of that, but it's not really from anybody who labels themselves as a bogey golfer. In general, it's just people out having fun. I like to putt everything out because, in the tournaments I play, there's no gimmes at all. The one rule the club does use is that for most flights, there is a triple bogey maximum. If you reach that number... pick up. So, if I'm putting for double from 20 feet or something, I may run the ball 10 feet past the hole because I was trying to make it. It may affect my overall score, but it doesn't affect my GHIN score because of ESC (unless I triple
  15. Because it was a nice day and I had a free foursome to burn before the end of the week, I got out today to a course I've played a few times before. It's one of the nicer maintained country club courses I get to play and I genuinely enjoy the greens there. It wasn't a great round for me, but it also wasn't horrible. I played from tees probably a little too far back (6505 yards) as opposed to the tees that I should have played (5899 yards) and it resulted in hitting some different clubs than I'm used to for approaches. Overall, however, it wasn't all that bad. On the front, I had a
  16. Nice round! It always feels great when that happens. Earlier this season (middle of March), I had a round where I shot 81 and swore that I finally figured it out. It took me until September to shoot another score that low. Keep it going! I'm gonna join in on the 5 minute daily practice thread for January, so... hopefully it helps me out. Haha! I love that your car found its way into another course all by itself! Nice 87! For me, my daughters (9 and 11 years old) got clubs for Christmas, so... I took them and my son (16) out to our club and played a 9 hole scramble on Mo
  17. I had a bad day yesterday, guys. My partner and I played our second round match and should have walked away with it, but... I just played like garbage. Things were okay to start as I made a par and a bogey to open. After a decent drive on the 3rd hole, I duffed a 3 wood that I never should have tried to hit and ultimately carded a bogey due to poor putting. A bogey on the 4th was followed by a double on the 5th after being just in front of the green in regulation. I hit a poor tee shot on the 6th and couldn't get up & down from short of the green. On the 7th, I imploded. It ulti
  18. Absolutely! The courses here (for the most part) are open year round. The club I joined in September has covered the greens and closed the course for a few days recently due to freezing temperatures, but... it's lasted 2-3 days each time and then the covers come off and the course is open again. I lived my entire life until 3 years ago in New Jersey. The majority of the courses I played at would stay open either until the first snowfall or until November. They'd then close up shop until April... sometimes March if it was a mild winter. Being able to play the entire year down here
  19. Haha! I'd love to get down there next week. Unfortunately, I'm off from work but I've got the kids home all week. Since my wife will be at work, I don't think she'd be too happy if I disappeared to Orlando without her. Have fun though! I'll be there for a week in March, so... I plan to play a few rounds while I'm there. There's gotta be a happy medium! Unfortunately, I haven't been the practicing type for awhile now. I kinda get out to the course and play and try to practice while I'm on the course. That said, the country club I joined in September has a pretty nice facil
  20. For as long as I've played this game (going on 24 years now), every year, there comes a point where my inner golf geek gets pent up and needs to get out. When I say my inner golf geek, I'd guess that many of you who visit sites like TST know what I'm talking about. He's the part of me that just obsesses over the game. He forces me to think about golf from the time I wake up until the time I finally fall asleep for the night... and even then, there are times I dream about it. When I lived up north, it would typically start around the beginning of February. I'd start itching to play...
  21. I try to keep my clubs as clean as possible, but... nothing like what you do. I've got a pocket brush that I use before and after (if necessary) each shot to ensure the grooves are clean. About 3 times a year, I'll give my clubs a proper cleaning, including the shafts. Truthfully, I've never cleaned a grip. I tend to just replace them when needed. I usually keep a dozen balls in my bag and a handful of garbage balls I've found throughout the previous rounds. These will inevitably go to my kids for when they get out on the course. I only ever hit them if I'm playing exceptionally poo
  22. I'd say my longest was about 70 feet. It came way back, 20 years ago (give or take) in a high school match. I just remember it because it was a snake. It started right to left... came back left to right... over another mount right to left... and then just at the end, it tailed off left to right again and dropped in with perfect speed. It was for a bogey, so... yeah. CY
  23. I set up a match with some friends for yesterday and I was really looking forward to it. I woke up and it was about 20 degrees cooler than the weather forecast had predicted, plus there was a heavy layer of fog and a freezing mist falling. Suddenly, I wasn't looking forward to it quite as much. Still... being the degenerate golfer that I am, we ventured out and played anyway. The first 5 holes, you could hardly see your tee shot and trying to hit the flag with the rangefinder was proving to be difficult. I still managed to play fairly well on the front because it was at my home co
  24. I just want to point out that, as I read it when Randy initially sent me the article, the full swing was holding me back. I interpreted that as primarily contact. Since my initial reading of the article a few months ago, I've worked quite a bit on my game. My primary focus was my weight being forward at impact. Penalties have been largely cut from my scorecards (with an occasional hiccup here and there) and I'm hitting a bunch more greens in regulation... frequently hitting 7 to 9 in a round as opposed to 2 to 5 in a round. I think that, for any individual, what they read can
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