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  1. I ran out this morning before they covered our greens again. They covered them last Thursday and took the tarps off on Sunday... now they're covering them again today and won't uncover them until Saturday. Anyway... I started out really, really poorly. I couldn't buy a putt throughout the day, but... ball striking was okay. I hit 7 of 14 fairways and 9 of 18 greens, which is pretty good for me. The problem was that even when I hit greens, I was three-putting... and if I missed greens, it was ugly. I went 48 - 42 = 90. I'm kinda of in that spot where a 90 is not bad... but it's n
  2. Yeah, but Al Gore invented the internet and he's American, so... you know, there'd be no YouTube if it weren't for us. CY
  3. I always get frustrated by the discussion surrounding how often a golfer should or should not play to or better than their handicap. Like most golfers, I go through peaks and valleys in my game. There are times when I might struggle to break 100 for a month or so... and then there are times when I can go a month without having too many struggles and I might post a handful of scores in the mid 80's. The handicap formula doesn't take into account the frequency of your rounds. I've had years go where I've played 7 or less times in an entire year... and I've had years like this where I
  4. My best shot turned out to be a lot less great than it looked and felt. On one of the more difficult holes on our course, I hit an okay drive that finished up the right side of the fairway. It left me about 170 yards, up a slight hill and into a breeze to a pin at the back of the green. To get to that pin, you have to carry the trap at the front-right portion of the green. There's a tree that hangs over the right side of the fairway, so you either have to play a low shot that can carry the trap and hold the green, or you have to work the ball around those branches. I chose to try and work
  5. This is pretty awesome! It's funny that you point out how many putts I make outside of 7 feet. I've never felt that I was a good putter. In fact, I feel like that's a part of my game I need to work on more often... specifically putts from 6 feet to 15 feet. I spent the better part of 2 afternoons recently working on putts from those ranges and in the rounds that followed those sessions a few days after... I putted great. I see it as something that I need to work on for about 90 minutes at least once per week going forward. The other thing I noticed is that I'm far more likely to
  6. I agree 100% with what @Strat-Pack Rick said here. The two things that have helped my game the most have been course management and taking fewer penalties from the tee box. I was infatuated with hitting it further than everybody I played with and I would go all-out with a driver on almost every hole. If the hole had trouble at 260 yards, I'd hit a full-swing driver even knowing that I could get there about 15% of the time and then I'd get upset that my ball 'found' the hazard. Even worse, I'd play a hole that was only about 340 yards and had trouble down both sides and I'd hit a driver t
  7. I was supposed to play a different course today but 2 of the guys in our group had to back out, so I went back to my club with a friend of mine. Unfortunately, with the cold temperatures moving in this weekend, the club is covering the greens, so only the front nine was open for us. I didn't play horribly the first time around, but I had a few questionable holes that led to a 49. Nothing really stood out from that nine. I didn't drive the ball very well and I took a 9 on a par 4 midway through that side. Beyond that, I had a handful of pars, a couple of bogeys and bookend doubles.
  8. I truly enjoyed reading the analysis when I got it and I've begun using it and LSW to work on the areas of weakness that were pointed out. I actually received this analysis awhile before it was posted so it's given me some time to work some things out. I've developed a slight draw with most clubs and it's given me more confidence in full shots from 130 - 170 yards. I'm finding that I stick more shots from those distances to realistic birdie range (15 feet, give or take) than I ever have before. Honestly... if you're a stat nerd like me... having @RandallT do an analysis like this i
  9. I should be able to play defense in a heads-up golf match. Whether that means I don't mark my ball or I can scream during an opponents swing... I should be able to play defense. CY
  10. I'd say for most people, yes. I know some of my worst rounds are when I'm fatigued and I didn't eat properly that morning or something. My swing feels the same, but I'm willing to bet that the timing is off and I'm not generating the same speed that I would otherwise. All that said... I'm pretty sure you need to update your index in your profile. CY
  11. I've done this since I started playing golf in 1993. I've tried to putt without my finger running down the side of the grip, but it just doesn't feel right to me and I find that I spend more time focused on the way it feels than getting the right speed on the putt. Recently, I've been making a lot more of my putts from 6 - 15 feet. First, I attribute it to paying more attention to the grain of the greens. I grew up playing on primarily Bentgrass and grain wasn't much of a factor. Now being in the Charlotte area, the large majority of courses have Bermuda greens and the grain certainly
  12. I put the clubs in the corner for the last 8+ days and haven't touched them until this morning. I had an unexpected day off and some nice weather this morning, so I decided to head to the course to play. I didn't warm up at all because I arrived too close to my tee time. I managed a few putts on the practice green, but that was it. I had a couple of pretty good holes and a handful of really poor holes. Poor Holes: I made triple on #3 after hitting a poor pitch shot and then putting like I was using a shotgun to advance the ball. Another triple on #9 was the result of a drive that
  13. I ended up with 2 birdies today (in an otherwise horrible round). First came on the 12th hole, a par 3 that was playing 153 yards. I hit a really good 7 iron to 12 feet behind the hole. The putt was a quick, downhill putt that never left the perfect line. The second birdie came on the 16th hole, a short par 4 of about 309 yards. My 4 iron off the tee wasn't good at all and found the left rough. I was left with about 155 yards. I just wanted to give it enough to get over the mounds protecting the green but it ended up landing pin high but a little left. From 15 feet, the putt curled
  14. Haha! Absolutely! I try new options every so often to see if there's anything I like. I'm not holding out hope that it'll be updated... you had told me in a message a few years back that it wasn't going to happen. I'm just waiting for something to come along that can match what it did and then I'll have to spend some time trying to figure out how (if at all) I can import the Scorecard data I've compiled since 2009. I hate the idea of having to go back to my old Excel spreadsheets from prior to then. I mean, they worked, but... it was tedious. CY
  15. I have an old laptop running Windows 7 on it that I keep around solely for the purposes of continuing to use Scorecard. I have tried, multiple times, to get it to run on Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines using compatibility mode, but it just doesn't work... so I keep that old Dell around just to enter my rounds in Scorecard. I believe I'm just shy of having 200 rounds entered at this point. I believe the program is still one of the best out there despite not being updated for a few years at this point. I've tried other sites like oobgolf.com and things like that, but... I love having acc
  16. 1. I actually won 2 tournaments this year. Both were with pretty good scores (85 and 83). I also posted a 2nd place and 4th place finish in 2 of the 4 majors this year. 2. I succeeded, but barely. I went from 37.08% in 2015 to 37.12% in 2016. The season is still not completely over for me, so this could swing, but... I'm gonna call it a success. 3. I totally failed here. I went backwards in a pretty big way. I dropped from 28.18% in 2015 to 25.20% in 2016. Part of it is that I played a lot of solo rounds in 2016 and it led to some rushing instead of taking my time over 6 foot p
  17. A neighbor invited me out yesterday for a round. Things started out very, very poorly for me but from the 7th hole on, I played pretty well. The culmination of this was on a par 3 playing at 157 yards and into a slight breeze. I hit a 7 iron that stayed on the stick the entire time until just before landing. It hit the green 18 inches to the left of the cup and promptly stopped 3 feet from the hole. It was the best tee shot on a par 3 I've hit in a few months. I won't tell you about how I missed the putt and settled for a par. I'll just tell you that I hit a really good shot on
  18. This is my favorite thread on this site. I feel like everybody is happy when someone posts a good score and supportive when someone is struggling. I had one of those weird rounds today. I got out for an unexpected round with a neighbor at a course I'd only played once before. I was very 'off' early in the round, even after having a warm-up session on the range. I came out and went triple - bogey - double - triple - double - double to start my round. That led to a 51 on the front. On the back, it was a completely different story. I shot a pretty clean 42 on the back. My only re
  19. I played Saturday in one of the winter competitions at our club. It's a 2 man, better ball, match play format. On the 15th hole (a reachable par 5), we were sitting at 2 up with 4 holes to play. My partner hit his ball left of the fairway and then tried to get up and over the tree that blocks you from going for the green. His ball kicked into a hazard on the left side. My tee shot seemed to be in a good spot up the right side of the fairway, but it bounced into one of the only bad areas on the course, a rocky lie in the rough. I had no shot other than to try and punch the ball out of
  20. Nice! I still do not have an eagle where I have holed out from off the green. I've got a few on short par 4's that I've driven the green... I've got at least one on a par 5... and I've got a hole-in-one on a par 3... but the off-the-green hole out eludes me! Congrats! I got out today after taking almost a week off. My 43 - 42 = 85 left me feeling pretty good. I'm still disappointed in how I performed in my final tournament of the year, but... it happens. In addition to shooting a good-for-me score, my partner and I won our first match of the winter 4 & 2. It was never really clos
  21. I left the clubs alone for the week. I picked up a wedge and took a few swings in the living room on Thursday and Friday, but it was literally about 10 swings total just to get a club in my hand. I arrived this morning about 40 minutes prior to my tee time and hit about 20 balls. I then spent a few minutes putting and then away we went. I opened with a double after a pair of poor pitches on the first hole... but then I made par on 5 straight including a near ace on the 6th hole that ran ran out to about 10 feet. A 43 on the front was followed by a 42 on the back that included a do
  22. Thanks everybody! I made it through the week without touching the clubs. I've got a match tomorrow morning, so... we'll see how that goes. I think that will be the only time until December that I play, unless my schedule shows an opening. I like the idea of playing from the forward tees for a change of pace. I may give that a try the next time I'm out on the course. CY
  23. After playing a ton of golf (26 rounds) in the last 8 weeks or so... I believe I've hit that wall. For me... 26 rounds is more than I've played in most years. I really went 'all-in' on preparing for the final tournament of my season. Unfortunately, I think it led to me getting burnt out and by the time the tournament came around (it got pushed back by a month due to Hurricane Matthew), I was playing some pretty poor golf. My clubs sit across from me in the living room, so... when I get home and begin working on reports for work, they're a constant reminder whenever I look up. Ordinari
  24. Do what works for you, man. What others may not find value in, you may have a specific use for. For instance, some people read a book and believe it to be the end-all, be-all on a subject. Others may read the same book, not take anything of value from it and decide to use it to level their table. I have a stats spreadsheet on Google Docs that I've created and tweaked over the course of the last few years. I use information obtained from Game Golf and my scorecards to input onto that spreadsheet and then I can compare, year-over-year, how I performed in certain categories. I still
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