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  1. At our club... 'That Guy' is the guy who is constantly unhappy, regardless of the outcome of his shots. He's a 15 who 'used to be a 2'. He's incapable of completing a swing without slamming or throwing his club in disgust. He's the reason there are putter marks on the greens. He's the guy you pray you don't get paired with when you play in events. He's the guy who will seek out the head groundskeeper to inform him of his struggles around the 16th green because his ball ended up sitting down a bit and he feels it's due to a conditioning error by the crew. He's the guy in the 19th hole who
  2. Haha! Nope... the most political I get is when I vote for Pro Bowl players. As a starter at a public course, I'm sure you've seen some things. I used to REALLY suck at golf... now I only kinda suck at golf, so... I like to take the 'glass half full' approach with things golf related. CY
  3. Count me among the group that doesn't have a preference where others stand. I also seem to get a lot of apologies from others who may make a comment to someone else in the group while I'm playing a shot... but it doesn't bother me. My response is always that I've got kids at home, so I'm kind of used to tuning things out. My buddies did play with a guy about a month ago or so who seemed to have major issues with where they stood any time he was playing a shot. He was rude about it and would put his hand on his hip and stare at the 3 other guys in the group until one of them would reali
  4. I laugh when someone says they suck at golf. To me, there's no such thing. It's just that there's room for improvement. I've have my rounds when I suck compared to the level I had been playing at. Yesterday, for example. I went out alone in the morning because I hadn't touched my clubs in about 5 days and I needed to get some swings in. My ball striking, while not great, wasn't horrible. Around the greens, though... I sucked. I missed 6 putts from 3 feet or less. That sucked. I had 6 holes where I needed multiple attempts to get on the green from inside 30 yards (some were greens
  5. To an extent... I agree 100%. If the rough is not very penal and my line is unobstructed by obstacles... I'll take the shot 50 yards closer just about every time. Right now, however... my course is growing the rough incredibly thick so that there's some grass left once it goes dormant. I'll take the shot from 160 in the fairway over the shot from 110 in the rough. My distances is going to be more consistent, for one thing... and I'm far more likely to be on line from the fairway as well. Another factor is how the course is laid out. Our course isn't long at all. It's only 6614 y
  6. This is my experience almost 100% of the time. My average drive is about 235 yards. I'm nowhere near long off the tee... but I'm also nowhere near short. That 235 yard average accounts for 200 yard shots that bounce off the trees and 285 yard 'bombs' with the wind. When I play at the club I belong to currently, I'm about 15-20 yards shorter than most of the guys I play with and then there are guys who are 50-70 yards longer than me. There are always a few who will hit it about even with me throughout the day... then they'll catch one just right that will go 275. That almost inevi
  7. I've played the Project (a) almost exclusively for about 3 years now. In fact, I had won a bunch of Edwin Watts gift cards for some tournaments I'd played in and stocked up... and then my wife bought me a bunch for Christmas. I've still got 10 dozen in my office. My swing speed is pretty average. I believe I've touched 100 MPH a time or two but I average about 97 MPH with my driver. When I first tried these balls, I really liked how they spin off the short clubs. What made me keep them in my bag, however, was their distance performance with the 7 iron and 8 iron. I gained about
  8. Our greens were punched for a second time in late June because there was some stress on them. The majority of the month of July, the greens were sandy and had holes everywhere. They were awful to putt on and were just not coming back because of a lack of rain. Every round I played there that month was REALLY good for me, though. Our greens are typically fast and are the grainiest greens I've ever putted on. With the holes... the grain wasn't as much of a factor for some reason. As a result... my scores were lower and I was entering them in the system... and my index dropped significa
  9. I mixed it up a little this morning. I typically play the white tees at my home course (69.8 / 129 - 6147)... but when I arrived, one of the seniors that regularly frequent the club asked if I'd join their little money game group. I had intended to play alone, so... I agreed and joined in. They decided that everybody would play the gold tees (67.2 / 121 - 5553). I had never played from anything other than the white or blue tees at this course, so I figured it'd be fun to try something new. It worked out nicely because, for whatever reason, the ball was not going anywhere for me off
  10. This is nothing more than me venting. If you're looking for a post about something... this is not it. If you're looking for a post about how frustrating the game we all seem to love is... you've found it. So... I've always been pretty bad at golf. I never really had the time nor the financial means to practice as much as someone would need to become a 'good' golfer. Now that my kids are getting a little older and we live in a more golf-friendly climate... I've seen my playing time increase significantly. Without going back and looking to verify... I'd say that prior to getting settle
  11. Haha! Sorry 'bout that. I definitely wasn't gloating... more complaining, actually. One of my buddies lives in Arizona. He's originally from Minnesota. He won't go outside in the summer for anything. I don't want to feel 110 degrees... dry, humid or otherwise. If you find yourself down this way in the summer... pull up a seat and I'll buy ya a drink to help cool you off! CY
  12. Even when I lived in New Jersey, I couldn't stand summer. I just don't play well when I'm uncomfortable. Living in South Carolina now... playing during the summer is a chore. Forget practice. I've literally been to the course for some practice sessions that lasted 20 minutes before I would slink off into the 19th hole for some air conditioning. Every time I check the weather apps for the last 2+ months, it's been a high 90's temperature with a heat index of 110+. It SUCKS. I do a majority of my most effective practice in late September, October, February and March. It's comfortab
  13. One of my buddies had 2 extra tickets to Monday's practice round at the PGA Championship and asked if I'd be interested in them. I'd never been to a professional golf event of any kind, so... I jumped at the chance. Because kids were free, my wife and I took our 3 kids with us as well. My daughters both started playing this year and enjoyed their time on the PGA Junior League team at our club. They were excited to go and watch real golfers play, too. More than that, however, they were excited about getting autographs. We spent a good deal of time camped out to the left of the 9th
  14. You're correct. Perhaps physics or leverage is more apt. My point was just that things aren't always as clear cut as some would like to believe. Statistically, that's the percentage play. It's backed up by your research. I don't believe it fits every player every time, though. I'm curious though. I've never had a discussion with a professional about this. I've read your book. I've seen your posts. I understand where you're coming from on a statistical basis. I still can't quite grasp the concept fully, I guess. You mentioned above that a 24 handicapper is going to benefit mor
  15. I don't believe so. Most PGA Tour players are capable of hitting multiple types of shot shapes, right? As an example, they're facing a pin tucked in the back left corner of a green on a par 3... and to the left of that green is a water hazard. Typically (not always, but more often than not), the shot would call for a draw. Start it somewhere towards the right side of the green... draw it in... land it middle-left and let the shot shape bring it closer to the hole. So Mr. PGA Tour is standing on the tee. He was struggling that morning (or week... or month) with controlling the dra
  16. No... providing contact is average-to-good, the distances are better as I move closer. That said... the percentage of time I make clean contact from 50 or 60 yards as opposed to 70 yards is lower. I don't have to do anything differently when I make my 70 yard swing... but I have to dial back or choke down when playing from 50 or 60 yards. This results in a higher probability of hitting it fat or thin. Like I mentioned, though... that was just answering the first part of the question. For me... I'd prefer to play a 70 yard shot than a 50 or 60 yard shot. At 40 yards and in... I'm
  17. First... I'll answer the original question in the topic. For me, the ideal layup distance would be about 70 yards. It's the correct distance for a smooth 58° wedge for me. With that shot, I'd average about 20 feet from that distance. A lot of my birdies come from shots at this distance. Although I average about 20 feet, I'm often inside of 10 feet which gives me a decent look at making the put. Second... I'll address what everyone else is talking about. I have never seen golf as a one-size-fits-all game. Yes... statistics will tell us that you're going to be closer on average
  18. Another Wednesday... another 9 hole 'dogfight' at the club. Hole #2 - Par 3 - 165 Yards The pin was up front so the hole was playing 159 yards. I stepped out of the car and onto the course, so... I had no warmup time. My 7 iron from the tee was on line but came up short and on the front of the green. I was left with a 19 footer which I banged past the hole about 5 feet. I made that coming back for par. Hole #3 - Par 5 - 504 Yards My tee shot was low, but straight. It didn't run out there very far and left me a long way to go. I absolutely cold topped my 3 wood and it bounced
  19. I played twice over the weekend with completely different results. Both times, I played at my home course. The time of day was practically the same. The only difference in conditions was the wind direction switched. On Friday, the first hole played down wind. On Saturday, the first hole played directly into the wind. Friday, I opened with a par then went bogey - double - bogey - bogey - bogey. I managed to make a par on the 7th hole, stuffed an 8 iron to 6 feet from the rough on the 8th hole for a birdie and then made a nice 10 foot putt for par on the 9th hole. I posted a 41 on the
  20. Thanks man! I thought that was the case but I never was very clear on it. I appreciate the heads up. CY
  21. I played a full 18 at my home course last Friday. A front side 43 was offset by a back side 39 that included a pair of doubles. The 82 (+10) was really very good for me considering I had a trio of doubles in the round. Yesterday, I got out for 9 more in the Wednesday evening dogfight at the course. I started on the 4th hole. Details are below. Hole #4 - Par 4 - 331 Yards My opening tee shot wasn't hit solidly, but it ran out enough that it left me a little wedge to a front pin position. I tugged it slightly and needed 2 putts from 27 feet for a par. Hole #5 - Par 4 - 389 Yards
  22. So far, the only 'bucket list' course I've played is the Ocean Course at Kiawah. I'm working on Pinehurst #2, TPC Sawgrass and TPC Scottsdale which I'm hoping to play next spring. Until then... I live vicariously though others who have had an opportunity to scratch a few off their lists. CY
  23. That's what has always made me laugh about it. We knew we sucked. On the front side, in the entire group, we probably made 10 pars or better. We truthfully figured (and I believe they did too) that we'd probably have a handful of decent holes in each pair and things would come pretty close to a wash. They didn't make anything better than a bogey the entire back nine (and they had more doubles and triples than bogeys) while we just managed to have one of us scrape a par or better on each of the holes on that side. It was a fluke and that's why we offered to call it off and tried to tell
  24. I'll absolutely put some cash up when it's against guys at the club I belong to or against some of my buddies. Strangers, though... not happening again. When I was 17, my buddy and I were at a local course just playing to get some practice in. We were both on our high school golf team... but we were both bad. Like, if we broke 100... it was a career day type of bad. Anyway... we were told by the starter to head to the first tee and join a couple of guys that were set to tee off. We made our introductions and away we went. Through the first few holes, everybody was struggling. I
  25. I don't have an exact number. I tend to forget starts when the finishes never keep it memorable. That said, I'd guess that it was probably something like -1 through 3 holes, give or take. Earlier this season, I played in a tournament with a shotgun start. I started on the 15th hole and began my round par - par - par - double - birdie - bogey - birdie - birdie - bogey - par. So, I was even through my first 8 holes and +1 through my first 10 holes... but then I closed it with a string of ugliness and posted +12 for the day. CY
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