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  1. Hmmm... I've never actually thought of my putting stroke in that way, but... it makes sense.  

    I have equated my putting stroke to a video game meter.  I know how far back I need to bring the putter head for a 10 foot putt, 20 foot putt, etc.  The problem is, I seem to pull a lot of my putts.  Perhaps I've been too focused on the 'where' of my putter head instead of the 'when' aspect.  


  2. I'm so guilty of this.  It's how I keep myself motivated.  This year, in particular, I've played extremely poorly.  A lack of time has led to a lack of practice which has led to a lack of scoring.  Going from where I was this time last year (low-to-mid 80's) to where I am currently (low 90's) is frustrating.  

    I look back at my scorecard and tell myself that I'm a little bit of practice from getting back to where I was.  My game from 50 yards and in is G-O-N-E.  I'm back to ball-first contact but now I'm leaving everything short because it checks up so quickly or I'm thinning the ball over the green.  Instead of getting up & down 30% of the time from 50 yards and in like I was last year... I'm getting up & down about 15% of the time.  

    That leads to me sitting in the car thinking about why my scores are 5-10 strokes higher.

    If I woulda hit those pitch shots closer than 25 feet on the 12 holes I missed the green in regulation... I coulda made those putts... which shoulda translated to an 83 instead of a 90.  

    In reality... if I woulda put some more time in on the range for a few days leading up to my round... I coulda hit more than 6 greens in regulation... so I shoulda done that instead of sitting on my couch.



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  3. I was just browsing some of the blog entries and happened upon this one.  Oddly enough, I just posted a hole-by-hole recap of my latest round which details exactly this.  

    I played the front nine in +3 but when I made the turn, things were just different.  I ended up going +17 on the back nine.  

    One of the more frustrating things for me is when I'm out to just play nine holes... as is the case in our Wednesday evening game.  I seem to always play well (with a few exceptions) and it leaves me wanting more.  Then I have days like yesterday and I just shake my head.  

    In your entry, you mentioned a front and back difference in a shotgun tournament.  I've done the exact same thing.  I started on the 13th hole and went +6 through my first 6 holes.  I made the turn and shot even par on the front side.  When I got to the 10th hole, I finished double - bogey - bogey.  I was +10 with all lost strokes coming on the back side.  

    Golf is dumb.


  4. 14 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

    It's good to know I'm not the only one.

    BTW, are the courses in South Carolina open this time of the year? Because SC is the leader on my list of states where I'd love to retire.

    Absolutely!  The courses here (for the most part) are open year round.  The club I joined in September has covered the greens and closed the course for a few days recently due to freezing temperatures, but... it's lasted 2-3 days each time and then the covers come off and the course is open again.  

    I lived my entire life until 3 years ago in New Jersey.  The majority of the courses I played at would stay open either until the first snowfall or until November.  They'd then close up shop until April... sometimes March if it was a mild winter.  

    Being able to play the entire year down here is wonderful.  I initially wanted no part in moving south when my company asked me, but... after some research and negotiation... it's been the best decision my family could have made.  I don't miss the winters at all.  Now, summer time is awful down here at times and my electric bill suffers, but... it's a fair trade off!


  5. 3 hours ago, CarlSpackler said:

    Naw. Feed the beast. Play on. >=]

    Come on down. We still have a spot open for a TST gathering in Orlando 12/28.

    Haha!  I'd love to get down there next week.  Unfortunately, I'm off from work but I've got the kids home all week.  Since my wife will be at work, I don't think she'd be too happy if I disappeared to Orlando without her.  

    Have fun though!  I'll be there for a week in March, so... I plan to play a few rounds while I'm there.  

    2 hours ago, RandallT said:

    I'd recommend it to anyone whose willing to give that a shot for a few months. Challenge is to see what fundamental change you can make to your swing- to see what scores and consistency of play arrive when the season starts.

    A new focus for your geek-dom for the winter? Yah, I know- there's a happy medium between us somewhere, right? Your inner geek sounds like he wouldn't be interested in anything "medium" when it comes to golf :beer:. But think about it- I've enjoyed it, and still a few months to go til I plan to get back out to the course. 

    There's gotta be a happy medium!  Unfortunately, I haven't been the practicing type for awhile now.  I kinda get out to the course and play and try to practice while I'm on the course.  That said, the country club I joined in September has a pretty nice facility that I have been making some use of from time to time.  

    Perhaps I'll spend January focusing on different areas of my game at the club?  The good thing is that my work schedule is so flexible that I can almost guarantee myself an hour or more at the club each weekday without upsetting my wife since she'll be at the office anyway.  



  6. On 6/29/2016 at 1:31 PM, DaveP043 said:

    My wife laughs at me, says that I remember every hole on every course I've ever played.  That's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I remember an awful lot of them, and sometimes I remember shots I hit a decade back. Sadly, most of the ones I remember are shots I'd really prefer to forget.

    Yep... my wife does the same thing!  I'm lucky in that my wife actually allows me to ramble.  She half-listens, but... at least she doesn't tell me that she doesn't care.  

    As for remembering every course I've played... if it's named, yes... I can remember it.  If you ask me to start listing them, there's just no way.  I probably play less golf than the average 'dedicated golfer'... but, I would venture to guess that I've played far above the average number of courses of that same golfer.  I like to play at new places, and some of the clubs I've joined have allowed me to play different courses throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina.  

    I love the stories from the individual holes!  I have a few that, every time I think of those holes, they make me smile or laugh... and sometimes wince.  

    Good post!


  7. I struggle with this on a regular basis.  It seems like there is no real continuity in my rounds.  I've had rounds that I've started horribly and then played fair and finished strong.  I've had rounds where I've started strong, fallen apart and then salvaged it with some okay play at the end.  I've had rounds where things have been poor all the way around.  It just seems to be a matter of letting go of the bad holes.

    I played a tournament on Monday and I started with a bogey and a double.  For me... that's about average.  I then reeled off par on 4 straight holes.  Over the next 3 holes, I went triple - birdie - triple.  3 more pars were followed by a bogey and then I finished out my round with par - bogey - triple - bogey - par.  

    I think the biggest thing for me was not letting the triples carry over to the next hole.  I caught a pair of breaks after my last triple because I made a stupid play from the tee and got a lucky kick into the fairway and then made an necessarily aggressive play from there that worked out but could have cost me.  In the end, I did enough to win the C Flight by 2 strokes, but I've got plenty of tales from the past where I've taken a triple and then made a foolish play on the next hole and then compounded my mistakes.

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