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  1. So, due to some unforeseen life circumstances, I had to put the clubs away for about 2.5 weeks to take care of some things.  That was, quite possibly, what I needed to turn things around.  

    Prior to that break, I was battling my game.  I lost everything with my driver.  I was playing a nice draw... and suddenly, I couldn't draw the ball at all... and it had turned into a fade.  Of course, because I was playing to the right side of the fairway for a draw... when the ball would fade, I ended up in trouble.  My 9 hole scores had gone from a consistent 40 - 42 to a wildly fluctuating 43 - 50.  

    The day I finally got back on the course, I posted a 44 - 48 = 92 during a tournament.  I wasn't upset with that considering I had not even touched a club in 17 days prior to warming up that morning.  I made a simple adjustment on the range with my setup and the fade was reduced to nothing more than a few yards at most... so, I went with it on the course.  

    I went out 2 days later with my son and completely blew up, posting a 49 - 51 = 100 on my home course.  The score was entirely due to a lack of touch around the greens.  I converted on only 1 of 13 opportunities around the greens and generally played like I was wearing ski gloves on my hands.  

    Three days later, I played in a 2 day tournament.  Warming up on the range prior to the first day, something clicked.  I slowed my takeaway and focused on where my weight was at impact.  It's made a major improvement in my ball striking and has lead to being left with much more manageable up & down opportunities.  

    Starting that afternoon and running through today, I've played 3.5 rounds in which I've posted scores of 42 - 39 = 81, 40 - 43 = 83, 39 - 45 = 84 and a 38 this morning for 9 holes at my home course.  The 45 was the result of a trio of poor swings that I didn't recover well from... but otherwise, the swings have all been there.  When I've missed greens, I've done a good job of giving myself at least decent opportunities to salvage a par or bogey at worst.  

    The biggest thing has been confidence in my putter.  One of my buddies pointed out that I had a tendency to stop the putter following impact.  He told me to keep the putter moving.  That simple little change has made a huge difference.  On Saturday, during the 39 - 45 = 84 round... I needed only 26 putts, which is a new lifetime low for me.  

    Since he gave me that tip, I've cut 3 strokes per round off my game.  My index is now 11.8 & trending down... and I have every bit of belief that I'll finally break 80 at some point in the very near future. 


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  2. I had 3 contenders today... all on consecutive holes. 

    1) 10th hole.  I had hit a solid 4 iron off the tee and found a fairly flat (slightly downhill compared to the rest of the hole) lie.  I had 141 to the stick... and it play downhill about a club.  I played my 9 iron to drift off to the right because of the downhill lie... and it did perfectly.  The ball landed 2 feet behind the flag, bounced once and spun back to about 3 feet.  Unfortunately, I didn't make the super-quick, slippery downhill birdie putt and had to settle for par.  I tried the putt 2 more times before giving up.

    2) 11th hole.  My drive was a bit off the heel of the driver and low.  It ran out but left me 202 yards to the flag.  The ball was a little below my feet.  The only club I was comfortable with hitting from that position was my 4 iron, which is usually a club I will draw.  I played the ball back in my stance just a bit, aimed a little left of center on the green and hit a perfect, low fade that landed on the front of the green and released.  A solid two-putt led to another par.  

    3) 12th hole.  This is a par 3 that was playing 188 yards.  There's trouble right, long and left.  I hit a decent 5 iron that bounced off a mound and finished behind the left bunker, pin-high.  I was extremely short-sided.  The pin was on the left side by about 4 steps, leaving me no room to work with.  I opened my 58 degree wedge and played a pitch over the bunker that landed about a step on and dribbled out.  I was left with 3 feet.  I made that for par.  

    The rest of the round was really unremarkable... but those shots felt good to pull off.


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  3. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1605174

    I decided to drop back to the back tees at the club today to prepare for a tournament on Tuesday where we'll be playing from further back than I'm used to.  The back tees (Blue - 72.2 / 134) at my course are just over 6600 yards... which is nearly 500 yards more than the tees I typically play (White - 69.8 / 129).  

    I jumped onto the first tee right out of the car.  I hadn't touched a club since Sunday... and it showed.  I opened quad - bogey - triple before settling into a pattern of bogies with some pars mixed in.  Things on the back were much better... but I ended with an ugly triple.  

    49 - 43 = 92


  4. I carry 4 wedges right now...

    PW - 122 Yards (Max)  115 Yards (90%)
    AW - 107 Yards (Max)  100 Yards (90%)
    54° - 95 Yards (Max)  85 Yards (90%)
    58° - 80 Yards (Max)  75 Yards (90%)

    Inside of 100 yards... it really depends a lot on my lie and where the flag is located.  I like to play a lower flight with my 54° when a pin is back... but I prefer a higher shot with my 58° when a pin is up front.  

    I'm inconsistent (at best) when I get inside 70 yards.  I've tried the 'clock' system with my arms, but I find that if I pay too much attention to my arms, I forget to move my lower body and that leads to some really, really bad results. 


  5. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1587244

    I truthfully wanted to go back to the 1st tee and start over after I played that hole.  I just kind of chopped it around that one.  The rest of the round wasn't horrible, but it wasn't all that good either.  

    I had a tough chip on the 16th after missing long.  I'm still not sure how the ball ended up there.  Outside of that, the back side was pretty good.  

    I'll be playing another round tomorrow with my buddy who is my member - guest partner this weekend.  He's playing pretty well and I'm playing average so... I feel like if I can keep my swing together, we may have a pretty good shot at making some noise in our flight.


  6. Wow... it's almost crazy to read this.  I can't imagine playing from distances like that.  

    I typically play 6200 - 6400 yards.  I've been moved up a flight in the group I play with which means moving further back.  In 2 weeks, we're playing from 6700 yards and I'm honestly worried I won't break 100.  There are 4 (at least) par 4's that I will have either a 4 iron or hybrid into the greens and a par 3 that I may very well play a choked-down driver on.  

    My average drive (with roll) is only 235.  My average carry is probably in the 215 range.  I play with a lot of guys that are between 3.0 and 7.0 indexes that drive the ball about 15 yards further than me.  Average drives of about 250 and carries of about 230.  They're all pretty good golfers but I don't think many of them would break 100 on a course like the one shown above.  

    Myself?  A 'perfect' round would be a 99.  I'd be lucky to break 110 on an average day there.

    I agree that distance isn't everything but it's certainly a big factor.


  7. My home course from the white tees (middle) is 69.8 / 129 and just about 6200 yards.  I'll typically score 82 - 86 there.  

    This past Saturday, we played a course from a set of mixed tees that was 71.1 / 141 and played about just shy of 6500 yards.  In the middle part of my round, I completely lost my driver swing.  For 6 holes (not including a par 3)... I was in the woods or in trouble and punching out after my tee shot.  

    This is the 4th time I've played this course from varying sets of tees (69.6 / 135 or 71.1 / 141).  I've shot 102, 94, 93 and 95 there.  

    I don't typically pay too much attention to the rating and slope of a course until after I've struggled, but I can tell you that once the slope gets above about 132... I really begin to struggle and my scores will go from the 82 - 86 range to the 92 - 97 range.  


  8. It depends on the circumstances.  

    Alone at my home course... I prefer to walk.  

    Playing with other walkers at my home course... I will walk.  

    Playing with 'riders' at my home course... I will ride.  

    Any other course... I ride.

    I enjoy walking... but because I'm lazy... I prefer to ride.  


  9. I don't know how to feel about these rounds in the mid-80's anymore.  I used to come home smiling and excited about scoring below 90.  Now I feel a little disappointed when I don't post something below 85.  

    Today's 43 - 43 = 86 had some positives (iron play, primarily) and some negatives (putting, as usual).  I missed a 6 footer for birdie on the 5th hole and then a 3 footer for birdie on the 12th hole.  I just wish I could figure out the putter.  

    Anyway... the link is below.



  10. Since the 84 I posted about above, I've had 2 more opportunities to get to that 79 mark that I let slip away with a few bad holes.  The most recent was on Saturday morning.  

    I started poorly and that meant I never had that shot, but... if I could have taken a few bad swings/decisions and a pair of bad breaks out early on... I'd have been close.  

    I missed a 7 footer for birdie on the 1st hole.  On the 3rd hole, I landed on a fallen tree branch and the ball sit on the 'v' of the  split in the branch meaning there was no way to move it.  My only shot was to hack down on the ball, hope I snapped the branch and advance the ball.  It led to a bogey.  On the 5th, I tugged my tee shot into some trees.  Instead of playing to the larger opening, I tried a 'hero' shot (it was match play so I needed to try it).  The ball hit a tree and went backwards.  It resulted in a double bogey.  

    I still managed to shoot a 42 on the front.  

    On the back, my big downfalls were on back-to-back holes.  On the 12th, I hit my tee shot shy of the green then put too much on my putt from there.  The ball caught the grain and the slope and ran it off the back of the green.  2 chips (trying to get cute) meant a double bogey.  On the next hole, my tee shot was hammered but took an awful kick and went behind a tree and finished on the base of it.  I had no way to advance the ball forward, to the left or backward... so I punched it out to the right and deeper into the rough.  Again, being match play, I tried to get cute towards the green and posted a double bogey.  

    In the end, my back nine was a 41.  

    42 - 41 = 83

    One of my better scores... but it could have and should have been better.  A bunch of foolish decisions coupled with some poor luck.  

    Live and learn.  On to the next round.


  11. I had horrible issues with my wedges at times last year.  Someone told me to take 10 practice swings without a ball and focus ONLY on turning my belt buckle to the target.  I did that... put a ball back down in front of me... kept that swing thought in mind... and began hitting the ball as I envisioned it.  

    Being able to hit my wedges inside of 100 yards with some level of consistency has cut 2-3 strokes from my index since early last year.  

    I agree with others who have said that hitting a 'full' wedge is not the way to go.  If I go 95% with my 58 degree wedge, it's about an 85 yard club for me.  I don't like to hit it if I have over 70 yards.  I like to go about 80% with my swing with my wedges.  Same with my 54 degree wedge.  A 95% swing would be about 95 yards or so.  I rarely do that.  I like to hit that club from about 75 - 85 yards... and I'll hit it from shorter distances if I'm into the wind or I need to fly it in a little lower.

    Try the belt buckle thing... and then figure out what swing speed you're comfortable going at the ball with when you have those clubs in your hands.


  12. Nah... my index is 13.2 at the moment (trending lower) and I probably know FAR LESS than a lot of people that are in the 18 - 22 range.  

    If I post a question and someone replies... I take the time to read it and attempt to process it.  

    My 'knowledge' of the golf swing is basically just "hit the thing with the other thing while trying to get the thing into the small, round thing" if I'm being honest.


  13. Today was slightly frustrating.  I got out to play at a course I have only played a few times but I really enjoy.  My buddy, who is a member there, asked me to join him and since I had nothing else to do... I figured I'd get out.  

    I opened really well.  Except for missing 2 birdie opportunities early on, I was on fire.  I started with 7 straight pars before I let a flyer with a 9 iron derail me a bit.  I made a double on the 8th hole but then rebounded with another 3 pars.  I was sitting at +2 on the 12th tee.  

    On the short par 5, I hit a bit of a pull and my ball found the rough (still mostly dormant) up the left side.  I was left with 158 to the hole and I'd have to carry it about 155 to keep it out of the hazard.  There was a tree overhanging that was preventing the straight line.  I figured I'd be able to start it out to the right side of the green and draw it back in.  The contact was solid but the draw didn't happen.  The ball slammed into a pine just to the right of the green.  I had no shot so had to take an unplayable.  Even with the drop, I didn't have much of a line.  I tried to hack it out onto the green but it didn't make it.  The end result was an ugly triple.  

    The next hole was a par 3 over water.  Short, playing 121, but into a breeze.  Typically, that would be a pitching wedge for me... but I decided to go with the 9 iron to carry the hazard.  The breeze died down just as I was about to hit.  Instead of being smart and either waiting or changing to the wedge, I tried to take something off.  My swing was all arms and I hit it about 50 degrees to the right and into the hazard.  I was deep with my 3rd shot and took a double.  

    After getting up & down on the 14th, the rest of the round was a series of stupid mistakes.  I was 30 yards from the flag after my 2nd shot on the 15th (a par 5) and I managed to somehow make a bogey.  A perfect drive on the 16th was followed by a pretty good approach, but my ball caught a slope that fed it off the right side of the green leading to another bogey.  My tee shot on the 17th found the green, but then I three-putted from 45 feet for yet another bogey.  

    To top it all off... I hit a horribly ugly 3 wood off the 18th tee.  I had to lay up because of the water, so I hit a perfect 7 iron to 104 yards out.  My 50 degree wedge was dead on line but the wind carried it JUST too far.  I closed out my round with a double.  

    I went 38 - 46 = 84 on a day that I really should have been very close to the 80 mark.  Oh well... I'll get there one of these days.


  14. A. Max Kellerman is about as athletic as a thong.

    B. Those who can, do.  Those who can't, talk about it.  (See Smith, Steven A.)

    C. I get more hyped seeing sportsmanship like what we saw Sunday (or between Reed and McIlroy at the Ryder Cup) than I do when I see something like Tiger's 9 & 8 win over Stephen Ames.


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  15. 1 hour ago, shanksalot said:

    If you are afraid of hitting it four feet past the hole I would suggest you go to the practice green and take three balls with you. Go to a hole there and put down  a coin about 4 feet from the hole. Practice hitting putts from that distance in order to get the feel for the distance. Make sure you try this all around the hole so you can have putts that break right and left and uphill and downhill. Keep practicing each time you go to the course. Once you are comfortable with those four footers they should not bother you on the course. Another drill is put a tee three feet from the hole, another tee six feet from the hole and a last tee inside 10 feet. Start putting at the shortest distance and when you make all three without a miss go back to the next tee. If you don't make all three putts start all over again. Keep doing this until you can make three straight putts from each tee. If you can get comfortable with this drill try doing it from putts that break left to right and uphill and downhill. it is pretty tedious work and it is easy to do once you have confidence in your ability to make these putts.

    Thanks for the drills!  I'll give 'em a shot.  

    I'm thinking about making a putter change.  I have been using an Odyssey Sabertooth XG which I find to have too much weight to it on those slick, downhill putts.  I'm looking at going to something lighter and smaller like a blade.  I like the new Odyssey putters and I've been looking at a Scotty as well.  Just gotta pull the trigger!


  16. Well... looks like I should be posting in this thread instead of the Breaking 90 thread.  I've been consistently at or below the 90 mark.  I had a really good shot at breaking 80 on Saturday.  

    I was +1 through my first 10 holes and then kinda struggled with a few holes coming in and ended up posting an 84.  

    My biggest issue at the moment is my putter.  I have zero confidence when standing over putts.  If I find myself over a putt from 5 - 7 feet, I just can't seem to get the speed correct.  I worry more about hitting it 4 feet past the hole than about just putting it in the hole.  

    I probably won't be touching a club until Sunday but then I'll be playing 4 times in an 8 day span so I'm hoping that begins to instill some confidence in my putting stroke.  


  17. Due to the weather and some things going on around the house, I took an unplanned week off since my last round.  I then got out to play on Friday and Saturday.  


    Things started out pretty well.  I struggled with my driver as I kept hooking tee shots, but they weren't so bad that they were unplayable.  Other than a quad on the 3rd hole, I played pretty well and managed a 44.  I was in pretty good position on the back when I reached the 15th and I was only +2 for that side.  Then the wheels came off.  I finished triple - double - double - double due to a combination of poor ball striking and poor putting.

    My 44 - 47 = 91 wasn't anything to write home about, but I wasn't all that upset about it.  


    I played in the next tournament of the Charlotte area Golfweek Amateur Tour.  I was +1 through my first 10 holes as I managed to make 3 birdies fairly early in my round.  Although I struggled a bit down the stretch, I held on.  

    My 40 - 44 = 84 was enough to win C Flight by 3 strokes.  I now sit & wait to see if I'm getting bumped up to B Flight or not.  If not, I almost certainly will following my next round as I'm right on the handicap threshold.  

    All in all, it was a pretty good weekend for golf.  Now I put the clubs away until next Sunday when I'm on vacation in Florida.  


  18. I never got one when I was in high school.  My family just didn't have the money.  I had letters in 3 sports... but nowhere to put 'em.  It never bothered me.  

    I met my wife when she was a senior in high school.  Shortly after we began dating, she received her class ring (also something I never got).  When she told me the cost of it, I about died.  Her parents spent almost $5000 for her class ring.  It sits in a drawer of her jewelry box which is on top of one of our dressers in a closet in our bedroom.  I've seen her with it on twice in 18+ years.  

    Our son is a high school junior now.  I can't fathom spending that kind of money for something he'll never wear.  The 'once in awhile trip down memory lane' is something I get simply by talking to old schoolmates. 

    That said... I didn't grow up with money.  My wife and I are not 'rich' or anything close to it, but we're definitely comfortable.  If our son or daughters ask for something within reason, they have good grades, they've completed chores and they've proven they're capable of taking care of other things... we do what we can to provide what they ask for.  If our son asks for a jacket or a ring... well, it's his desire.  He deserves it and the posts here seem to indicate there's a lot of nostalgia tied up in those types of things.

    Memories are priceless.  I 100% agree with others who said that she'll always think of you whenever she sees it and, to me... that's worth all the money in the world.  


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  19. Unfortunately, I've played with people like this.  Even worse, it has happened in tournament rounds... so there was no escape.  

    When it's happened... I've taken the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the sights & sounds of the course... breathing slowly and doing my best to block out anything else.  It's calming to me which helps to balance out the idiocy going on around me some.  

    If it was a casual round... I'd have backed out with some excuse and then tried to explain to the proshop what was going on so that I could get back out and actually enjoy my round.  

    Sorry you had to deal with that.


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  20. Thanks all.  Looks like I may have to take my buddy out to the course with me one late afternoon and we can take turns hitting shots and measuring them.  Not too many days when the course is saturated that they allow us on it, so... plugging shots won't work.  I like the idea of hitting at/towards a fairway bunker.  That one could work nicely too.

    I appreciate the feedback!


  21. How does everybody figure out their carry distances?  I know that my average drive is about 230 yards... but I have no idea what my carry distance is.  Same with my 3 wood.  Irons (especially 6 iron and under) are a little easier because, for the most part, I can see where they land on the greens... and then I can pace it off from what I measured it at with my rangefinder.  

    Just wondering if you have access to devices (TrackMan, etc) that allow you to gauge your carry distances properly or not.  I'm not thrilled about going into a place like Golf Galaxy and using their simulators because I'm not sure how accurate they are.  

    Any suggestions?


  22. 20 hours ago, iacas said:

    I'm not sure you really understood the GamePlanning/Decision Mapping in LSW if you think that always getting the ball close to the hole is the strategy we espouse.

    Fairway bunkers would be a very dark shade of grey. Thick rough could be as well.

    I went back and read my post and I can't find where I said or implied that.

    Now I'm confused.  If my post was interpreted that way, it's not what I meant to convey.  


  23. 1 hour ago, 808hacker said:

    Golf is stupid. One day I am hitting the greens so easily. 184 yards out, I put it 5 feet to miss! But I was hitting so many greens and scoring very decently.

    I go out the next day and I can't even hit a single green. Well, one did hit the green but after hitting a tree and stopping for a tap in birdie. Crazy.

    I didn't hit any greens and was constantly trying to make a decent score and ended up with 87. It felt like 100. I didn't do anything different - just was playing a lot worse.

    I haven't played since then. Trying to pretend that the bad day was a fluke! :-)

    I've been there.  The worst for me is when they happen in back-to-back rounds just a day apart.  

    I know that, because I don't have the time to put the necessary practice into my game, I'm going to struggle with being consistent.  Unfortunately, there are times I'll go a week or so without even getting to touch a club.  That makes things difficult... especially if I have a round like I had yesterday where I'm hitting the ball really well and leaving myself in pretty decent positions.  If I don't touch a club after a round like that for a week... all the feelings I had from that previous round are gone and I can't seem to get it back.  

    It's frustrating.  I just know that when I DO finally have the time to practice as needed and I get some lessons, I'll need to make sure that I'm dedicated to it.  I have weeks where I can get out 4-5 times to hit balls and/or play... but then I have weeks where I can't even think about golf because of other factors.  

    Hang in there man.  Struggling to an 87 is not all that bad in my eyes!


  24. 9 minutes ago, sirhacksalot said:

    This is a topic that gets discussed quite a bit.  I know LSW tells me I am going to score better the closest to the green I am, rough or not.  So its hard to not just grab driver.  Even though on good drives it could mean less than a lob wedge in or even sometimes a pitch on those short par 4's.

    I play frequently with a buddy who is struggling with the same type of thing.  He feels that he NEEDS to hit his driver on almost every hole that isn't a par 3.  

    I hit my average drive about 230 yards.  If I smash one, it'll go 250-270, but more often than not... I'm at about 230 yards.  On MOST courses I play, that's going to leave me 150 or less into the greens on a majority of the par 4's.  I've come to learn that, while getting the ball as close to the green as possible is valuable to my score... so is staying out of trouble.  

    If there is trouble (say a set of fairway bunkers) at the 230 - 250 range and I can hit something short of that and still be left with a shorter club (7 iron or less) into a green, I'll go with the smarter play.  Now... it doesn't always work out because I can still hit a 4 iron off line and end up in the rough or something, but... I'd rather be in the rough than in a fairway bunker.  

    My strategy is my strategy.  I have read LSW.  I believe in what it says... but I also believe that there isn't a 'one stop shop' type of book or site that is going to be perfect for EVERYBODY.  Making individual tweaks to things can help greatly, in my opinion.  

    Since I've purchased and read LSW and I've begun to practice with a purpose and I've focused my attention on the course to where I'm less likely to get into trouble... my scores have dramatically improved.  It used to be a special round for me when I'd shoot 90 or better.  I'm averaging 89.50 per round so far in 2017 and I am annoyed if I don't get to at least that target score of 90.  

    Take what you're gonna take from the book.  Adapt it to your game and implement small things about it at a time.  I still suck at golf, but I suck less than I did before.  That's something to me.



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  25. Back at it today.  I've been consistently at 90 or better for the last month.  I haven't posted an 18 hole score over 90 since February 4th while posting 9 scores since that date.  

    Today was aggravating for me, though.  I struck the ball very well throughout the round but I could NOT get a putt to drop.  I went off the deep end putting with a total of 41 strokes on the greens including 5 three-putts and a four-putt on the 2nd hole.  

    44 - 44 = 88

    I did manage to squeak out 2 birdies throughout the round, but... it was really annoying being on the greens and being afraid to putt the ball.  

    At least I know what I need to get back to work on.


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