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  1. OK, so just an update guys, and thank you all for the help. I finally got my new irons (MP-18 MMC 5i-7i, MB 8i-PW) and wow, in love already. Got a half an hour in on the launch monitor and it was exactly what I thought was going to happen. My lowest iron, the 5i, carried 186 at clubhead speed of 84.3 and ball speed of 120. My 4H carried at...182 with a club head speed of 83 and a ball speed of 111 with a slightly higher apex. So two clubs now that do roughly the same thing. That was actually good news because now I am pulling the 4H and putting the 3W back in. I feel more comfortable laying off my 3H than pounding that 4H (wants to go left when i do that). That lets me keep my specialty 62* wedge and I also got yardages on full swings from 62* up to 50*. Here are the results at about 75-85%: 62*: 73-77, @10607 spin 58*: 84-88, @10102 spin 54*: 92-98, @9982 spin 50*: 105-114, @7900 spin I think I am going to give this ago Monday for my tournament, need to confirm the numbers more, but I feel pretty good on both ends of the bag now.
  2. Get lessons, eventually get fitted for clubs (eventually). Practice only with a purpose (make your range sessions a game, try to win), but remember the best way to improve at golf is to play a real course. Most importantly play as much as you can, be patient and observant. Try to play with better players and take mental notes of what they do and how they are successful, but form your own opinion. Golf is a hard game for most, but very rewarding. Your always improving even when you think your not.
  3. yeah fatigue, when we get tired we lose focus and do weird things. Could be something as simple as standing up or maybe you moved your ball in your stance. It happens to all of us, but you can use that. If you notice for example you start hitting left, right, chunking it whatever. Stop and try to think what might have caused that and see if you can fix it. Don't just keep swinging (IMO). If you can fix it though that is going to be valuable out in a real match and could save the round. IMO, a good score is about managing misses and adapting. My goal is always to make shots, not hit golf balls on the range. So I don't just pick a club and start hitting, i try to play cuts or I try to hit a 6 iron the same distance I would a wedge. Maybe try to execute a punch shot and pretend your stuck under trees, you don't want to find out you have no idea how to play that shot while your actually forced to play that shot in a real game. Also, try to figure out everything you can do with your clubs. Yet another thing I like to do is bring a friend and play target practice. It also makes practice more fun. Point is, practice with a purpose and learn how to make shots (which it sounds like you are!) Another thing I like to do is play golf with people better than me, it pushes you and you can learn what makes them successful. Don't be afraid to video your swing too and see if you can spot flaws, things you want to work on next time. Last bit of advice I have is don't become great on the range, the range is not where your score counts. I used to do that a lot, spend like 90% of my time at the driving range, and I never saw my handicap drop or my swing change very much. A few years back I flipped it and spent 90% of my time playing as much golf as I could, getting fit for clubs and getting a few lessons. That changed everything for me. Just my 2c, GL 2 you! P.S. Hitting to the right is pretty easy to fix once you see it. Could be cupping your wrist, could be just alignment. Could be your grip, maybe an over the top move, face-to-path open. Good news is you can easily video it and check each of those things. The loss of distance will disappear once you find the sweet spot consistently. Once you figure that out, maybe you will have a push/fade/slice in your bag of tricks AND a nice baby draw, be able to work the course 🙂
  4. PW is 46. If you get a hybrid make sure it's adjustable imo. My 3h can go from 17*-21, so it's perfect for gapping. I thought about what your saying too, maybe set my current 3H to 21* and get a 2H and set it down to 15* or so.
  5. Excellent, exactly the arguments I was looking for. I am going to put the 3w back in for a few rounds and track how often I use it vs. Not having the extra wedge and if I miss that. I think Friz nailed my thinking on why I did this in the first place 🙂
  6. Yes, 5 wedges. The reason is simply down to versatility for me. I could just open the 58 to get a 60/62 like effect, but it's the high toe I really have the club in the bag for. What do you think of dropping the 4H and putting the 3W in, then use the 3H choked up if I need to cover the 4H distance.
  7. Hello all, New here, but I have been following for years. I have made some changes in my bag and I wanted to get some advice. First of all I should say that I'm playing off an unofficial 12.6, but my last 3 rounds have been 83, 84, 75 since I made this change. Most the yardages I play with my group are between 6200-6800. I noticed that I rarely ever hit my 3w as I am pretty confident with my driver and for anything I am not, my Mizuno 3H (cranked down to 17*) goes about 230 or so and I absolutely love it (very straight, neutral flight for me). Last course we played, the longest par 5 was 523 and I almost was on the green for eagle (missed a little left). Point is, I wasn't using it, so I took out the 3W and now play with PW, 50, 54, 58 and a 60 TM High-Toe bent to 62*. That 62, I have found, is very useful. Its my short pitching club, sand club, flopper, short green stick. I generally prefer chipping with the 50, but I also use the 62* for special shots. I really like this setup for wedges, but doing that left a pretty big gap though between the Driver and the hybrid. Here is my bag: Taylormade Aeroburner TP 9.5* Mizuno JPX 900 3H 17* Taylormade Aeroburner Rescue TP 4H 22* Mizuno MP-18 MMC, N. S. PRO 1150GH TOUR, 5i-7i Mizuno MP-18 MB, N. S. PRO 1150GH TOUR, 8i-PW Callaway MD3 50*, 54*, 58* Taylormade High-Toe 60* (bent to 62*) Taylormade Spider (J-Day) Putter So, after getting fitted for my irons I noticed that my 5i and 4H were very similar gapping. What I am thinking of doing is taking out the 4H and putting the 3W back in the bag, just to have another option off the T or for maybe a really really long par 5. My other thought was maybe getting a driving iron, but I am concerned I wont get enough use out of either. My 3H is adjustable from 17-21* so another though would be to get a 2H, crank it down closer to 3w range and crank the 3H up to 21. I am not so worried about the gap between the 3H and 5i as I can choke up on my 3H and play it shorter, but the Driver to 3H has at least a 30-40 yard gap. Anyone have any advice? Anyone play with this many wedges? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post, just wanted some thoughts from better players.
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