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  1. Thanks, Rasky. I found the same thing. I bought the TM because I liked the feel of it in the store. Took it to the range and had the same experience. just couldn't get at it on the ground, and when I did....felt like ball dispersion was pretty erratic. When solid contact was made....it was LONG. But i just didn't like the inconsistent dispersion (both left to right, and high-low trajectory). I think this could have been due to the VERY closed club face position of the club. Never liked that. So...I returned and got the G15 yesterday. Took it to the range last night and BINGO
  2. hey everyone! Recently decided to drop the callaway 3 and 5 wood for a 4 wood. I like the G15 and the Superfast 2.0. Didn't like the white crown on the TM at first, but it's a non-issue for me now. So really it just comes down to forgiveness and what's going to be more versitile. I love my current 3 wood of the tee. But seems like I'm 50/50 on making good contact off the fairway (i think it's because it is so damn big and hard to get at the ball unless it is sitting up on the fairway and sitting on a flat piece of turf). I also love my current 5 wood off the fairway an
  3. Damn! I wish I had know that tip. So...since I'm too late for leaving the tag on....If my putter goes cold on me......would continous threats of selling it on CraigsList make it start behaving again?
  4. I think it's a great driver! It being "past its prime" I suppose is subjective to opinions on technology. The club is only a few years old, so personally I don't think it is "too old." I hit the FTIQ Tour for one summer. I found it to be the most forgiving driver I have hit. And the straightest. I didn't find the distance all that great, though. What I liked most about the club was the stock Fubuki shaft. I loved the trajectory I got with that shaft! I had a stiff flex shaft in the one I had, and I don't have the swing speed to get it to unload properly. So per
  5. as others have said.... it is only worth it if it works for you. I truely believe putters are as unique as we are individuals. It's all about feel. If a $20 Walmart Ram mallet putter works for you, great! I putted for years with some never-heard-off brand putter called "Golfology" for god sakes. It was a great putter! I play a Scotty now because i like the balance, weight, milled face and the abililty to customize it. I probably don't put any better with it than I did with my old "Golfology" putter I picked up at a garage sale. Forget price. Putt with as many putters
  6. I stretch for a good while Take a few practice swings Hit about 1/4 of the bucket with my 6 and 7 irons Hit about 1/4 of the bucket with my driver Hit about 1/4 of the bucket with my gap and pitching wedges, doing different types of shots (pitching, full swing, 1/2 swing, etc.) Hit 1/4 of the bucket again with my 6 iron I usually hit my fairway woods and hybrids pretty well; So I don't practice with them much at the range unless I see a need to work something out. Otherwise, I stay pretty generic in my routine.
  7. i change my bag very little. Depending on the course and how I'm hitting it, I will swap between my full wedge set up (52,56,60) and a partial wedge set up (52 and 58). But I rarely do this. And every now and then, I will take out my 5 wood and 4 Hy, and put in by 3 Hy. But that's pretty rare too.
  8. Congrats on the new driver. Sounds like you got a great deal. I bought the R9 460 10.5 with the R flex Aldila shaft last summer. I love it! Best driver I have ever owned. It spent a lot of time on the launch monitor with a half dozen different drivers (G10, G15, Speedline, Burner, D3, FT9) and the R9 gave me the best numbers. It was 10-15 yards longer, and more consistantly straight, than all the others. I couldnt be happier with mine. I have mine set to N and haven't had a need or desire to try any of the other settings.
  9. I've always been a Tour Wrap guy. I like the softer, tacky feel. I've never had a problem with the club slipping in my hands. I've tried cord, multi-compond, etc.... but I always end up coming back to the wrap.
  10. There's no real answer to this. Putters are very personal. I prefer to bend over a bit with my putter stance. My putter is cut down to 32.5. It's whatever feels best to you.
  11. I started slicing off the tee last year (first time I have ever developed a slice). I bought a new driver that was suppose to help. I read all the tips and drills, etc. Nothing worked. I took one 30 minute lesson so my exact swing flaw could be identified and poof - slice is gone. Take a quick lesson. The slice is the most common swing flaw and, many times, the easiest swing flaw to fix.
  12. if you want high spinning at a mid range price, the Nike One Tour and Tour D are pretty hard to beat. 3 (tour d) or 4 (tour) piece ball with a urethene cover = lots of spin.
  13. Are we talking a hook or a duck hook? I was flighting a slice last year. Seemed like the more I tried to compensate to "play it" - the worse it got. So I took a few lessons to fix it. This year, whenever I miss hit it, my miss is usually a hook. I seem to be in better/more salvagable positions with the result of a hook than I was with my slice. With my slice I was loosing a lot of distance and typically playing from another fairway. When I hook it, I seem to get more distance and find that I'm perhaps just in the tree line. But again...it all depends on the severity of the slice o
  14. I've got 36 scores entered for handicap since March. Probably played another 10 or so practice, scramble, etc. rounds. About 12 different courses. I golfed a lot (for me) this summer. Thank god my wife isn't on this forum to see this!
  15. Interesting there wasn't a reaction - from anyone in the group. It got me thinking.....how would (hopefully WILL) I respond if I got my first ace? In all honesty, I'd probably react the same way. I am a pretty calm and reserved person. I chipped in for eagle this spring and I just gave a little fist pump. But if I were playing in a group...I would expect atleast one of them to yell out in excitement. My father-in-law gives a Tiger-like-roar just when he makes par (it rather embarrasing ) He'd probably give himself a heartattack if he got a hole-in-one!
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