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  1. soooo just curious. but hows the left handed play coming along?
  2. @NM Golf Curious to know why a "relaxed" style league is not up your alley? I get the playing music aspect, loud music can be a distraction to most. I was drawn to the league because it does seem to be a lot more laid back and social. It seems to be a "get off work, head to the course grab a beer with your buddies and hit a couple balls'' league. I don't want to touch much on this league playing by the rules or not simply because I have not seen their rules yet. I can update that more when the league starts. I don't think that a social league is bad for the game of golf. If anything it
  3. Has anyone played in the Spark Golf League? Their website shows leagues all over the country and I was curious. My buddy and I are playing in one this spring in Baltimore and wanted to see how it was.
  4. I had a starter set putter for the longest time and i have been upgraded my clubs for the past year or so since I have gotten into golfing more. I just picked a practically new STX putter on facebook marketplace and i paid $20, from what I have found online it was probably around a $100 putter when STX was making them. I grew up playing lacrosse (and still do) so the STX brand is cool in my eyes as they are one of the biggest lacrosse equipment companies on the market. From what i have read online STX putters were made very well and even some pros used them. I look forward to using it this com
  5. My 2019 goals include but are not limited too...actually being able to a full round of 18 holes. My wife and I are expecting twin boys this coming Friday and I expect that I will be limited on the green this year. Lucky I do have a quick 9 hole course close to my house so I'm hoping the I will get the go ahead to run down there. I look forward to my boys and I hope that my game doesn't change much if i don't get much time in this year. I don't have much to loose but I feel like I improved each time i was at the course or range this past year. I was able to break 100 this year which was
  6. @Faksakes i feel like this is where you are going to loose everyone on this thread. You're saying you dont know how to do something new so you would need to get a trainer. I get that you know how to golf but you don't necessarily know how to golf left handed. It seems that you are 100% against getting any sort of coaching or help for you new swing. you are setting a goal for yourself but don't want outside help to achieve it. I find that kind of surprising. Just my opinion. Im not a the best golfers and lessons would greatly improve my game. I would like to say that changing your game f
  7. Probably going way out on a limb here. but has anyone seen, bought, used these Saplize grips? They look like the golfpride grips. but at half the cost. Is it worth it even for a year? https://www.amazon.com/SAPLIZE-Compound-Material-Anti-Slip-Midsize/dp/B07GVBMR64/ref=sr_1_12?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1543101548&sr=1-12&keywords=golf%2Bgrips&th=1&psc=1 Im a sucker for a good amazon deal.
  8. Just found out that next summer my family will be going to vacation at Topsail Beach in North Carolina. Was wondering who has played down there before. Courses worth play or not playing? Thanks in advance.
  9. Question. Is there a trick to hitting woods and hybrids? I know practice, practice, practice. I cant seem to get any loft (and i mean any!) under the ball when I pull out the woods. I can hit my 3i pretty well, almost my go to club. My buddy swears up and down my his hybrids but i have the same issue with the hybrids that i do the woods. Thoughts and tips appreciated.
  10. i would go back and forth on what club to use ultimately using my 8 iron to come up short and to the right....right underneath that tree...but with good lie i pull my pitching wedge out to lay up right in front of the pin....but go figure i rocket that ball right over the green into the back left bunker...make a pretty shot out of the sand and and two put my way for a double bogie...shoot a smile at my buddies and say, "dont worry guys ill make it up on the next par 5." ***goes back to the cart and crack another ice cold budeweiser***
  11. @Vinsk @MarvChamp @billchao just wanted to let yall know. I had the clubs out on the course satuday. played a little bit in the rain. but was a good day. tried to use all the "new" irons to get a feel for them. all and all felt good. still going to have to put some practice in to get them dialed in but they are comfortable and feel good. big fan of the pitching wedge. made some shots that I normally wouldn't to get me to the green.
  12. No not yet. i picked them up yesterday. due to work and rain i couldn't get to the range. I have a tee time set up for Saturday morning. so i will fill you in after that
  13. @vinnycap these are them. dont have a picture of the grooves. I picked them up for a good price and then did research. felt like i could go wrong with a set of TM regardless of age, right?
  14. thanks @billchao This summer i hope to improve on my game. I picked these up thinking that i can only get better, especially with a good brand name. I did some research after i bought them and didn't realize how old they actually were. they are still in real good shape and i am happy with my find. looking forward to using them this weekend, weather permitting!
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