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  1. DogGolf92

    Old good clubs vs Cheap starter clubs

    @billchao you got it.
  2. DogGolf92

    Old good clubs vs Cheap starter clubs

    No not yet. i picked them up yesterday. due to work and rain i couldn't get to the range. I have a tee time set up for Saturday morning. so i will fill you in after that
  3. DogGolf92

    Old good clubs vs Cheap starter clubs

    @vinnycap these are them. dont have a picture of the grooves. I picked them up for a good price and then did research. felt like i could go wrong with a set of TM regardless of age, right?
  4. DogGolf92

    Old good clubs vs Cheap starter clubs

    thanks @billchao This summer i hope to improve on my game. I picked these up thinking that i can only get better, especially with a good brand name. I did some research after i bought them and didn't realize how old they actually were. they are still in real good shape and i am happy with my find. looking forward to using them this weekend, weather permitting!
  5. To start off i am not a very good golfer. I got my first set of clubs about ten years ago but have only played a few times a year (if that some years). I had gotten a set of Acuity clubs as a gift. a very basic beginners set. They have done me well for what I know. I have recently bought a set of TaylorMade Burner Midsize irons. They are still in good shape and I got them for a good price off line. My question is: Is an 20 year old set of good TaylorMade clubs better than a ten year old set of Acuity clubs. I know these clubs are going to get me to the tour, but im hoping that they might help my game. Up for discussion. Just thought i would throw the question out there.
  6. DogGolf92



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