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  1. There is nothing more frustrating in golf than the inability to make the 12-18" putt... I think this will drive me out of the game faster than anything. It affects your attitude for the rest of the game. I have tried everything. I am now using the claw while only looking at the hole while putting. The rest of my putts are good they at least have a chance to go in.
  2. Don, I am in the North East corner. I am close to Huntsville, Chattanooga or can drive to Atlanta. I have been to most of the golf stores and that is not a common practice here.
  3. I was looking at the MyGolfSpy websites best player's irons and they have a Wilson iron at #1 and I have never even seen this in any golf shop. How in the world do you get to hit that iron? How do they stay in business if you can't try their product?
  4. Yes I want consistent distance. I tried cutting the Rogue X 7 iron and it didn't move but maybe 2-3 yards and took off about 10 yards. I don't mind it not moving a lot. Might save me from myself...lol. I just don't want to hit a pw and it draw 30 yards. The 7 iron I hit had the same but newer version of the KB 90 shaft I have in the RSI 2s. It would start 2-3 yards right and draw back to middle. I could live with that all day! It just that I don't think the short irons and possibly the 4 iron at 18.5* is going to react the same way. I have hit the AP3 and AP1 at a
  5. Russ no we don't have any way of demo'ing an entire set. All we get to hit is the 7 iron that is in the golf shops in a simulator. They have different shafts you can hit with the 7 iron, but you can't hit other irons.
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  7. I am new to the site. I am having trouble finding new irons. Every time I go in a golf shop and I say I am looking for more distance in my irons, they always have me hit the Rogue X. I have been a 5 handicap for years until the last few months when I had some swing issues and now I am a 7. Callaway rep says the Rogue X are not for single digit handicaps. I asked why and he said they don't like the look. He said I wouldn't be able to work the ball left to right and right to left. I have played the RSI 2s for several years now with the KB 90 regular flex shaft. I carry my
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