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  1. Uhmmmm (scratches head)..... yeah, of course. I said "it might seem". As if to say: It might seem like __________, but actually ________________. Exactly.
  2. Generally speaking, it might seem that the better your skills, the "luckier" you get and vice-versa.
  3. What's your point? I never said that he didn't mention being a tour pro. All I pointed out was that he did acknowledge his "most likely" option was a club professional, which hadn't been addressed by the previous two responses. Whether he intended it to be, or not. It really was a two part question, which warranted two responses, IMO.
  4. He said himself "most likely a club professional". I believe the answer probably is: Club Professional: Maybe, but not likely. Touring Professional: No chance. Others will have better insight than me. So take it for what it's worth. Sounds like you're playing at a high level @golfer6969. I know many golfers (myself included) that would do some awful things to have the game you have. So, congrats!
  5. I would agree with what you said about the gapping with the 7 iron through Gap Wedge being pretty consistent with my previous set. I have not hit the 5 and 6 iron well to this point. Strange because the "one-length" concept would indicate that I would hit them as well as I hit my other clubs. I'm working on some things and hopeful to turn a corner soon. All-in-all, I'm pretty happy so far.
  6. I've had them just over two weeks. I've been to the range twice and the course once. I do like them, but I'm still working out the gapping. I'd like some warmer weather for a true test. We haven't had much nice weather here in Michigan. Looking forward to this weekend.
  7. Titleist Driver Wilson Staff Fairway Wood TaylorMade 3 Hybrid & Wilson Staff 4 Hybrid
  8. Cobra One Length Irons Cleveland Wedges TaylorMade Spider Mini Putter
  9. What shaft flex are your irons?
  10. I transitioned to one length irons recently. The longer wedges and shorter long irons don't bother me much. I mean, it's really not that much of a difference anyway. As far as whether or not they will help my game.... the jury is still out.
  11. But... But.... He didn't concede the putt. So why should he lie? Anyway, this debate should probably be had in the tournament's forum. So I'll let it go. I'm starting to see a lot of "ill-will" directed at Kuchar. Makes me want to support him. Alas, I am a Koooooch fan now!
  12. I agree that Phil seems odd on camera. I don't know if I would say "disingenuous", but maybe that's it. I can't really figure him out. I don't really mind him, however.
  13. Sergio did another "Sergio" this weekend. I'm sure he's a good guy overall. But man, can he be a jerk! I see a lot of people are put off by Bryson. I don't mind him at all.
  14. So cool! Excellent job.
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