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  1. SPJr

    Sergio DQ - Damaged Greens

    There is still no video of him actually damaging greens? not even one?
  2. So, I just played my last round of the year. It was the last week of my fall league. We played 18 holes and the temp was sub-40 degrees (Fahrenheit) the entire time. Clubs are moved inside, cleaned and stored away for the approaching winter. NOW WHAT? What do you guys do in the winter time to learn, improve, and scratch the golf-itch?
  3. SPJr

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    I don't know many "high handicappers" with a strong iron game. Myself included. FWIW: I go into cycles where I am hitting my woods/hybrid really well (really well for me, that is) and often times my iron striking goes in the tanks at the same time. Then I have stretches where I've had success with my irons and feel confident with them. Often times, my woods don't cooperate. My advice, keep playing what works. When you're feeling good with a particular club(s), ride it out. Even the best in the world rotate between 5 wood, hybrid, 2-3-4 irons more than most people realize.
  4. SPJr

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    I always try to keep my divots in a straight line. There is a serious sense of gratification when you leave neat & straight divot patterns at the driving range. Unfortunately, more often than not, I find it near impossible because the grass is already too chopped up from people that have no idea or just don't care. I actually blame the owners/operators of the driving ranges. I think they should help to instruct people the correct way. I've seen driving ranges that post 'CORRECT DIVOT PATTERN' vs. 'INCORRECT DIVOT PATTERN'. signs.
  5. No - I don't think he's made it clear at all. Check out his instagram page. You'll find videos of him actually playing golf with this method.
  6. SPJr

    Driver vs Driver, Golf Channel and Wilson

    I watched it... The first episode wasn't great, but I'm interested to see how the show and designs unfold. This is coming from a guy who nearly uses a complete Wilson Staff set of clubs and currently bags the Triton, which won the last Driver vs. Driver show. I didn't watch then, because I wasn't a golfer -and- my decision to use the Triton driver has nothing to do with the show. My decision to watch the show has nothing to do with the brand, however. It could be Callaway, Ping, or.... Slazenger and I would probably still be interested enough to watch if I didn't have anything better to do on a Tuesday night at 9pm. I will say, I feel like I read a lot of hate towards Wilson. Especially on this forum... In this case specifically, the show seems to only make the brand even less legit in many peoples eyes. Oh well.
  7. SPJr

    Dustin Johnson Hits Jack's Old Clubs

    Interesting.... I'll have to pay more attention to my range buckets.
  8. SPJr

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Oh yeah, I didn't mean to come off as if I was lecturing you. The first response was meant towards you, and I agreed. The second response was meant towards the others who are indulging this topic, which is reckless and silly IMO.
  9. SPJr

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Yes - you are exactly right. But, come on. There is no evidence of this... Just reckless speculation in my opinion.
  10. Yeah - that's why it makes for a great discussion.
  11. SPJr

    Strike Rules All!

    I'm sold! I'll take two.
  12. SPJr

    Strike Rules All!

    Any idea where I can get a sweet set of these? Coupled with one of those Vertical Groove drivers and a G-Strike Wedge, I should be well on my way to scratch.

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