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  1. SPJr

    My first DIY grip replacement!

    I started golfing last year.... I replaced my grips as well. I like the consistency of the same feel/grip throughout the bag. My girlfriend golfs as well. I replaced all of her grips. I also taught my younger cousin how to re-grip his clubs earlier this year. I use the solvent/tape technique - although reading some threads, I'm curious about the Pure grips with no tape or solvent.
  2. SPJr

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    I haven't reached the sort of consistency level where one or two things stand out as weaknesses. It really depends on the day... I struggled a lot early with a slice. I've taken three lessons this year and they have helped. My last three rounds I was drawing the ball and I've picked up about 10 yards on every club. I've had to make adjustments to account for it. I don't have a great feel for it - it's just happening. This worries me that it will go away soon and I'll struggle to get it back. I've putted horribly of late, but putted incredibly well my last round. So it comes and goes.... My biggest issue at this point is just TIME. Finding the time to go to the range and even finding the time to play 18, which I very rarely do. Most of the time, I'm squeezing in 9 holes on a weekend morning or a weekday evening. Until I can find more time, I doubt I'll be able to establish much consistency. I have seen myself improve and I know I could improve 10x if I just had more time....
  3. I use a TecTecTec VPro500 Range Finder ---- My girlfriend bought it for me as a birthday gift. It was recommended to her by a friend. My experience has been nothing but positive! You can get them for $149.99 off of Amazon. For a little more ($179.99) you can get the slope version. I have never had a Bushnell or Nikon, so I can't compare them, but like I said, I am very pleased with mine.
  4. SPJr

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    Yes, it does kinda make up for it... The next time he does something stupid, misses a cut, get's a question from the media he doesn't want to answer, etc. he should immediately begin dancing. It just might work.
  5. SPJr

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    Sooooo....... this explains the dress shirts he's been wearing?
  6. SPJr

    Conde Nast selling Golf Digest

    I had a family member buy me a subscription.... It was a nice thought because he knows I am new to golf and eager to soak up new ideas, etc.... I read through most of the first two issues that were delivered to me. It didn't take me long to realize that the golf content was watered down and the tips and advice seemed confusing and contradicted some things I had heard/learned from reliable sources. Anyway, it's been a year and I'm fairly certain that I haven't even taken a peak at the rest
  7. What sort of drills do you do to help you with this? Transfering my weight forward at impact is probably my biggest issue right now.
  8. SPJr

    Dedication, and Golf

    I 100% agree with this. However, I was a little intimidated to play with "really good" golfers when I first started. You kinda get over that (to a degree) as time passes.
  9. SPJr

    Time On The Driving Range

    Yeah - I would consider anything within 20 feet of the cup respectable for me (for now). 10 feet and in, I would be really happy. I find it interesting that practicing your chip shots quite often would be considered a mistake. Why would you say that? I also think that part of the conisistency issues are because I am always trying different clubs for different situations. I haven't really settled on any particicular club or style of shot that I feel super comfortable with. I feel like that is something that I will have a better result from working through on the course. I noticed that there were very few golfers on the course last night. I took note of it and thought it would be a good night to come back and play a 'practice round' of sorts. You know, hit 3-4 chips onto every green, etc.
  10. SPJr

    Time On The Driving Range

    I don't know about "better" shots but I definitely play more consistent and predictable on the back nine when I don't warm up before a round. I played a quick nine yesterday and hit a small bucket before I played. Being a weeknight, and the fact that I had already spent time at the range, I opted to hit just a few puts on the practice green and get going on my round. I was definitely striking the ball better and more consistent - Of course, it took me 3-4 holes before I hit anything that would be considered a 'respectable' chip shot, which I neglected to practice before the round... SMH
  11. SPJr

    What is your driver loft?

    10.5 degree driver set to 9.5 (-1). I have no idea what my swing speed is. I play a regular flex shaft. I've wondered if I need a stiff flex shaft, but for the time being I'm more focused on becoming a better golfer than what my shaft is.
  12. SPJr

    Time On The Driving Range

    Unless I am in a time cruch, one medium sized bucket works perfectly for me... Any more and my swing suffers due to fatigue. Any less, and I usually feel like I didn't have enought time to even improve. When hitting a large bucket, I don't always feel tired, but my swing gets sloppy. I often start fatting balls and lose all of my mojo. At that point, I take a quick break, regroup and focus on two consecutive quality strikes, etc. Once I get two quality swings in, I'm done and I walk away, whether there are balls left or not. I think it is much more beneficial to leave the range with good feelings. Once you lose the groove, it is often times hard to get it back. What I need to start doing more often is hitting a small bucket before a round. Too often I find myself avoiding the crowd at the range and just going straight to the tee box. I'm sure it would make a difference on my round, but unless it's a league night, I'm not all that motivated to "warm-up". Anybody else?
  13. SPJr

    Shaftiodes Beware - Mark Crossfield Video

    Mark is great! I love his content and his willingness to go against popular belief. As a new golfer, who at one time seemed confused and overwhelmed by all of the different shaft options (and opinions), this is great to see and releiving. I settled on 'regular' shafts when I started because I figured I can't be swinging as fast as tour pros and other big hitters. Then I started golfing with some buddies and realized they were ALL in stiff or x-stiff shafts. It was actually a bit upsetting because I thought I was missing the boat. I'm glad to see Mark clearing things up -or- atleast opening the discussion.
  14. SPJr



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