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  1. Finau has played better than a lot of the guys who made the team on points. Hindsight is 20/20 but maybe the picks should have been Finau, Stanley, Kisner, and Zach Johnson. Finau's ballstriking has been pretty good from what I have seen. His PUTTER was the difference in that match this morning with Garcia/McIlroy. Sergio and Rory were holing 20, 30, 40 footers and Finau missed multiple putts inside 5 feet including a birdie after a heck of an iron shot by him.
  2. It's too bad Justin Thomas was the only American who played the French Open this year. He seems to have benefited from that experience on this golf course. It's a tough track and reminds me of Sawgrass with thicker rough.
  3. Ballesteros might be equal to or ahead of Snead for impact on the game.
  4. As expected. Somewhat unexpected from the Euro crowd: Tiger received a huge ovation and "Tiger" chants that lasted a pretty long time.
  5. I'd say yes he does. He likes Reed a lot. Mentored him at the 2016 Cup and helped motivate Reed to play some phenomenal golf in that event. Be interesting to see how things go for DJ/Koepka and Spieth/Reed. Those have been two very strong pairings for the American team in the past. Splitting them up could backfire on Furyk. We shall see how it goes!
  6. I think it's OK because they will all know what they need to do.
  7. It's not empty fame though. His results on the golf course are as impressive as anyone in the history of the game.
  8. There are 3 that I would have as locks. Jones, Nicklaus, Woods. The 4th spot is between Hogan and Arnold. It's a tough one to choose for me because Hogan's accomplishments are incredible. But Arnold's impact on the game and his status as a pop culture icon give him a strong claim as well.
  9. Heck, at one point DJ came out of nowhere with a great chance to grab the Cup from Rose. But DJ missed the short birdie putt on 18 and Rose made a clutch birdie to lock it down for himself. Rose really struggled with his ballstriking in that round, but showed some good determination to finish strong at the end.
  10. It's still a tournament with only 30 golfers, which is much easier than beating a field of 100+ in a single tournament. But it's a HUGE deal for his confidence. After the late 2009 scandal, he had a long period without any wins. He won the December 2011 charity tournament with only 18 players and it gave him the confidence to start winning big again. He won 3 times in 2012 and 5 times in 2013.
  11. That win today was huge, similar to winning that charity event in December 2011. Set him up for a really good 2012 with 3 wins. So I think he could do something similar in 2019. 3 wins in 2019 would push him past Snead. 😀
  12. DJ actually moved ahead of Rose for #1 in the world again, but Rose is laughing all the way to the bank with $10 million at #2. Haha...meanwhile, Tiger moves from 21st to 13th. His points per start is actually higher than DJ. Just a matter of time and more starts before he moves back into the Top 5.
  13. Awesome win for Tiger. The crowd at 18 was phenomenal, haha. 80 Tour wins is a mindblowing achievement in the modern game. Watch out Snead at 82!
  14. The more surprising result there is DJ so far ahead of Rory on the talent question. I think Rory is every bit as talented as DJ.
  15. Other guys on the board are making the same putts he is missing. Like Rose's birdie at the 8th. Tiger's iron shot was in the same spot. His putter is ice cold.
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