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  1. I'll second tempo... As a beginner, you have to get it through your head that a smooth, even tempo will lead to cleaner contact.
  2. This putter has changeable weights. The normal headweight is 350g and most belly putters have headweights of 400g. I had Odyssey send me a heavier weight and I now have the option of either. Putters all come down to feel eventually... I tested this set up ( with a normal 350g weight ) next to 5 different belly putters and for me personally the difference in feel, while certainly there was not something that threw me off dramatically. The loft is something that I have not found to be an issue with this putter specifically. It will take some time to tell, but I did pl
  3. As a follow up, in case anyone is interested moving forward. Because the loft and lie of a belly putter is either identical or nearly identical to a traditional putter ( vs. a sternum putter ), I decided to make a belly putter to try out. I took my spare Odyssey putter to my local golf shop... They added an 8" extension making it a standard 43" belly putter length. I purchased a Winn grip there and he put it all together for me. It took 15 minutes and less than $20 and I now have a beautiful belly putter ( on the cheap ) to give a whirl. :)
  4. ^^ That's what I was thinking. Will it be a feel thing in regards to adding weight, or is there some way to determine how heavy the head should have been if it was originally designed to be the head of a chest putter?
  5. Hello all, I have been using 35" putters my entire adult life but I am becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of a chest putter. I don't really want to spend the $$$ on a new putter for something that I just want to play around with so my question is: I have an Odyssey Black Series i 2-ball 35" sitting in the basement I found this auction on eBay selling pulled 53" putter shafts: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Long-Belly-Putter-Shaft-Scotty-Cameron-Red-X-370-1-bend-53-straight-49-5-/160668170184?pt=Golf_Clubmaking_Products_US&hash;=item256891b7c8 I am not
  6. I hear you there. We bought them a couple of beers... I just felt bad I guess.
  7. I'll make this short... I was invited to play aat a local club with a friend. I love this track and usually play pretty well there. I typically play to an 8 handicap. This day I played out of my mind and went 1 under par for a 71 (2 bogeys and 3 birdies). The net of it is that I was accused of sandbagging my handicap. It's not a huge deal in terms of $$$ as we were only playing for $10. It seemed that my buddies friends were actually a bit upset at him & that is what has me bummed out. I have played as low as a 6, but right now I am truly playing to an 8. I just had a great day. How
  8. I've got one in the bag this year... I /emoticons/c3_clap.gif">
  9. That is great to hear. Good for you. I didn't even want to dive into his point that you may be being discriminated against based on your race because of his thoughts on the potential color of your skin due to an avatar on a golf forum...
  10. I cannot believe that this thread got to 2 pages without someone replying to this post. You sir, are everything that is wrong with this overly-litigious society that we live in. Every golfer in the world that calls a muni his or her home has had more than a few bad days on the course, and the OP's examples are no worse than any other bad day story out there. What you do is suck it up and move on... Not contact a lawyer to see if you can do something about it... Jesus.
  11. I use to keep a 5 wood in the bag. After 1.5 seasons and about 5 shots with it I took it out of the bag and made room for an extra wedge. If you have clubs you are not using in your bag it really does make sense to take them out of play and put something in its place that will be more useful to your game.
  12. I probably lose 1 ball every 2 to 3 rounds. However, I probably take a ball out of play ( and throw it in my shag bag) 1 to 2 times per round. Once the ball gets a mark on it I usually take it out of play.
  13. That's actually not a bad idea. I have a large yard. I can probably manicure one section of my yard on the side to work as a mini grass range perfectly. Thanks for the idea!
  14. I have found that the guys who run these courses get to know you when you are there pretty much every day. I took lessons with the Pro, who also runs my home course ; so naturally we had a good relationship... At the beginning of last year's season I worked a deal with him where I paid ' X ' dollars for unlimited range use. Maybe you could try something like that at your local course to try to alleviate the $$$ burden?? For me, that made it much easier to practice every day, because I could go to the course without having to spend any money. Much better then buying a co
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