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  1. Of course I hear you and I'm not going to bash balls for 90 minutes waiting for a spot to slip in either. I'm also at a private CC too so I can just make it a practice day with my Swing Caddie SC300 (poor mans Trackman..I mean poor poor poor...LOL). I'm also a pretty chill personality type when not at work so again I just love the vibe of my club and how it operates.
  2. Fair enough. I was just explaining how my place works. I mean I am more than welcome to play with the seniors or scratch guys if I want but that isn't my crowd. I hear ya though.
  3. No place goes true anarchy. If we get enough players for the 8am game you might not get off until 8:45 or even later so that is what it is.
  4. There's a standard rhythm to our club in season. The Dew Sweepers go out at 7am, those are the scratch like players, we all suck so they don't want crap in front of them..lol. I'm in the next wave at 8am called the Misfit Toys which is about 1/3 of the membership and we play your classic big and mandatory internal games...lots of fun and how I've met most of my friends there. There's a lull until 10am and that's when the seniors go out 7 days a week. Casual players go off around 11-2pm or so and then juniors can start going off at 2pm on to 3:30PM depending on what they've been rated for per o
  5. My club doesn't have tee times and it works really well. If 1 is open you can on up there. if it's occupied you can wait in the group or groups behind it. If you want to tee off on 10 you just tell the pro shop you're thinking of it and as long as no one is anywhere on 9 (not even the tee box) you're cleared to go on 10.
  6. I used my QOD twice before yesterday for a few trial runs on several holes each time. Yesterday I walked the full 18 with it and man alive was it awesome. My course has two long uphill holes on the back 9 that usually destroy me as well as a gradual but constant rise in elevation on 9 and 18. I walked with the cart downhill without power most of the time and only used the powered wheels going up hill or letting it go ahead by 30 seconds on longer flat runs. This is game changing for me as this is the first time I've walked a round in basically 3 months and only second time really playing. I'm
  7. I think you might want to look at your situation differently. Maybe you aren’t hitting as far as you want but are you able to play pain-free and more frequently? Clubbing up is an ego thing but playing more often is ideal.
  8. I have a complete CBX bag through wedges. That’s the previous version so I’d assume the CBX2’s would be a bit better. Price aside I can’t recommend them enough so maybe wait for a sale or a deal to come by.
  9. Hey guys, what bag do you use with your QOD caddy? Is any particular cart bag better than another?
  10. In my third year of golfing I want to achieve the following.. Decrease my index from 24.1 to mid to low teens Improving ball striking via shortened back swings, choking up on the grip and continued lessons Improve lag putting, this along with my driver need constant improving Increase my fitness Purchased a motorized push cart so I walk more often than cart in 2020 Continue my healthier eating Increase strength conditioning Improve mental game Focus on positive thinking Shake off a bad shots and no
  11. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the QOD electric caddy. How do you owners like it a year later?
  12. I voted for Cleveland because my entire bag is Cleveland but I agree with you. Between the two companies they’re as good as any other vendor and priced just right for me.
  13. I have the same 3 clubs but Cleveland’s version. I do swap the 3h with my 5w from time to time but I’m not very good at hitting fairway woods off of the deck yet so they’re a necessity for me.
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