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  1. As long as you're having fun it's your game. I shot a 135 at my buddies golf course where 2 of the other guys shot a 98 and 99. The member shot something in the low to mid 80's (forget his score). I had a blast even though I'm by far the worst among my friends. I've also been playing a fraction of the time compared to them. Just have fun with your friends and don't take this too seriously. That's what I'm telling myself so far and it's working.
  2. vonbonds

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    I haven’t tried them yet due to the awful weather pattern we’ve been in but I bought Srixon Q balls based on recommendations here. Hopefully they work out for me.
  3. So I went with the Cleveland even though I think the Ping is probably a better bag. The Cleveland was considerably cheaper and my OCD kicked in too as I have all Cleveland clubs now and I wanted it all to match..lol
  4. vonbonds

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    My irons come in at the end of next week. I’m waiting on 54 and 58 degree wedges too. I purchased today a 9 degree driver, 3W, 3H and a 35” blade putter with an oversized grip that felt great. Debating getting the 4 and 5 hybrid as that overlaps with my irons so I’ll wait for now.
  5. So I'm in the market for a cart bag as I'm in the process of buying new clubs to move on from my hand me down set I've been using. There are so many options but at the end of the day they all seem to be very similar other than the logo and color schemes for the most part. I know I want a 14/15 divider and something with a cooler which virtually all of them have. So for you grizzled golf veterans does it really matter what you get? For the record I'm looking at either the Cleveland cart bag or the Ping Pioneer. One based on a great price and the fact I'll probably have a complete Cleveland set so why not and the other because I quite like the looks of the Ping..lol.
  6. vonbonds

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    I went for a sizing today and hit the CBX better than the HB, go figure. I'm getting 5-9 + GW in graphite (I hit it the best, what can I say) with a +2 degree lie. I'll figure out my driver and hybrids later but I'll be off to a flying start in a few weeks when they come in.
  7. vonbonds

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    @cooke119It's been some time since you've posted about these clubs. How do you feel a few months later? I'm getting fitted on Thursday and I'm going to focus on the CBX and HB clubs as I think they'll be perfect for me.
  8. vonbonds

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    I've never in my life seriously played before and I'm 46 years old. Here are my goals for this year.. 1) Get fitted for new clubs (I'm rocking ancient hand me down clubs) 2) Take lessons 3) Play and practice as much as possible 4) Enjoy the game with my almost 10 year old son I'm getting fitted and taking my first lesson on Thursday so the first 2 boxes will be ticked soon or at least on my way to ticking #2..lol. My son plays a lot of ice hockey year round but he enjoys driving around on the cart and of course he loves swinging for the fences..lol.
  9. vonbonds

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    I've played a few times with my son last year and plan to much more this year. He'll be 10 in mid-summer and has a decent swing as he plays ice hockey year round (that sport seems to translate well to golf swings..lol). I only sign us up for 9 holes and if we make it great but I make sure we have fun the whole time as I want him to develop a love for the sport at a much younger age than I have found it.
  10. vonbonds


  11. Hi all, I’m a 46 year old who has barely golfed in the past but am getting into it the past year or so. I played about 6-8 times last year and barely anything before that. I have hand me down clubs from my work buddy (Dunlop Power Lift from 10-15 years ago) but I’m going to take a lesson on Thursday followed by a fitting session. I was pretty athletic as a kid and have good eye to hand coordination so I know if I put my work in I can be an OK player. My main goal is to play after school and in the summer with my son who is 9 and my work buddies who all golf. I look forward to learning more about the game and everyone else here.

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