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  1. In my third year of golfing I want to achieve the following.. Decrease my index from 24.1 to mid to low teens Improving ball striking via shortened back swings, choking up on the grip and continued lessons Improve lag putting, this along with my driver need constant improving Increase my fitness Purchased a motorized push cart so I walk more often than cart in 2020 Continue my healthier eating Increase strength conditioning Improve mental game Focus on positive thinking Shake off a bad shots and not let it snowball into blow ups Increase my enjoyment of the game, stop feeling down or dejected after a bad round, it still beats work
  2. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the QOD electric caddy. How do you owners like it a year later?
  3. I voted for Cleveland because my entire bag is Cleveland but I agree with you. Between the two companies they’re as good as any other vendor and priced just right for me.
  4. I have the same 3 clubs but Cleveland’s version. I do swap the 3h with my 5w from time to time but I’m not very good at hitting fairway woods off of the deck yet so they’re a necessity for me.
  5. I don’t have that bag but it just means the grips can get tangled on the clubs that aren’t in the sections with full dividers. I have (2) 14 way bags (cart and stand) and neither have the full dividers...it can be annoying at times. I might get a 5 way bag next when I feel like getting a new one with my home club’s logo on it.
  6. This is me too. Hell, I don’t even care if people are talking or laughing, I don’t care about noise at all. It’s my peripheral vision as you stated I want to be “quiet”.
  7. vonbonds

    Lie Adjustment

    How timely, I am in the same boat. I’m much better at not coming over the top anymore and I think my lie needs to be adjusted for a few clubs at least. I swing a bit more consistently too now so I might even just get a “full” fitting again even though I don’t want new clubs. I want to see if I need to change my shafts out too. I figure new shafts on year old clubs due to a marked improvement in swing isn’t the worst thing..lol
  8. What putter is Molinari using? I thought he was a Bettinardi guy
  9. I can’t watch golf (or any sport I guess besides hockey) without my DVR. There are so many commercials almost everything is unwatchable these days.
  10. It’s unbearable, I’ve turned it off.
  11. I purchased my first set of golf clubs early last year. I "upgraded" my putter during a Black Friday sale at my CC as they had Scotty's 25% off so I couldn't resist. I purchased my clubs after taking a lesson and not being very good (I'm still not) and I think they're wonderful. If my game gets considerably better over the next few years I'll consider upgrading and keeping these for myself as I age or as a spare set for friends that want to play but don't play enough for their own. I hope this comes to fruition as it means I've gotten so much better than I am now but I'm not holding my breath..lol
  12. I love their banter. I think this podcast is about best friends hanging out with golf as their favorite thing to do. Actually becoming scratch golfers...I don’t think they see that as attainable since they have jobs and families occupying their time. I enjoy the podcast for what it is and not a literal journey to becoming scratch golfers.
  13. There are lots of serious golf entertainment outlets available online. These guys are genuine friends. I love how they interviewed their wives and weave their personal stories as they go along. If they were +3 players I think the podcast would be terribly boring. I dare say if they actually got good enough to become scratch golfers the content wouldn't be as fun to listen to.
  14. I loved their podcast. I don’t think the listeners nor them thought they could do it but who cares, it was the journey and their love of Carl Weathers that made it so fun. C’mon Rick!
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