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  1. sorry.. i just realized you must own a radar or you wouldn't know what your swing speed is.. doi. here's another idea if you haven't done it..and a lot of people wont because of shame.. .. and that is to video your swing.. you can then a-b it it to pros you like. maybe similar in body type to you. you could even post it here and get suggestions. If you haven't seen your swing lately I highly recommend this as you could probably quickly spot a bunch of things to work on. dont worry if your fat and out of shape like me.. just do it. swallow your pride and you'll reap the rewards.
  2. I started playing when I was 20. That was a while ago. I used to like to get long light wood sticks, longer than a driver length, from the hardware store and rig somthing like a handle on them, so I barely had to hold onto it and swing those things back and forth as fast as I could.. try to get the swosh as high pitched as possible. I'd do it with each arm individually and then both together. I found that better than turning the driver upside down, but that worked too and I did it if I didn't have my sticks or I broke em I did that one plenty. I'm not a tremendously strong person s
  3. Well, after focusing on my short game for a good long time, I am now officially back to obsessing on smashing the ball again. yipee.. I like to watch Sadlowski videos from youtube these days. I used to like to watch Couples a lot. I would like to see more Daly but I cant get videos of him when he was younger. I think that Sadlowski's swing is close to perfect. Just love it. It seems to me that a lot of the swings on youtube of sadlowski (especially from a few years ago.. less so on the more recent) are very reminiscent of Couples' movement.. stand tall at address, on the backswing
  4. I agree that he really doesn't spill all the beans. But he does focus on a few simple things which i appreciate. I think if you do an in depth study of phil's dvd, stan's golf channel, utube and mycontent vids, and seve's vimeo vids , and then practice your ass off for a year or so, in a really good short game facility, your bound to make some improvement.
  5. I found that phils video helped me with this prob. I love utley but I think you need different perspectives in golf and in life. Phil likes to keep these shots compact, firm, from mainly a slighly open stance with some cut spin on it. That's how seve does it on his videos on the web too. Seve even says "keep it short".
  6. it's a shank. ball hitting hosel. nasty buggers. I struggled with them and I too found it mostly happened in wedge practice. The best thing I could come up with is you simply loose feel for the clubhead and where it's contacting the ball. I think once I get a little tired and loose a little concentration, which may happen sooner then I'd like to think with the wedge practice it tends to crop up. Not sure why exactly. I developed my own set of remedies which seem to help me but no guarantee they'll work for you. They are: instead of standing square as stan suggests, I stand a little open
  7. Right now I would say that if you 'sank plenty' then you should use that putter. Don't worry about what "you like" so much.. worry about 'what works'. I was in love with the idea of using either an original wilson or original ping anser, but I ended up giving up on that, after buying about a dozen 8802s and other assorted relics.. I finall got an Odyssey 882, which is based on the 8802 but much bigger sweet spot. This decision to switch was purely based on performance. It just worked better. (It's also a shorter putter than my other ones which im sure is a factor as well but that's another
  8. anyone into Utley has to check out his latest videos, with the same name as the book. They're on "mycontent.com" .. you gotta buy them for 20 bucks or so a pop (there's 4.. one for putting, chipping, pitching, sand) so you gotta drop a hundred for all of them. It's sooo much easier to learn from video than a book. They are worth every penny if not many times that amount, imo. we're all rich golfers anyway, right? . Just kidding. The other thing you can do with videos, which I highly recommend, is video yourself and then do a side by side, with you and utley and become your own g
  9. I actually was tapping the ground with my clubhead where I wanted the bottom to be, right before I hit it.. that seemed to help drive the point home. Gonna definitely try your tee trick.
  10. thanks shanks! At one point I also had thought about 'not taking a divot' on long shots, which is probably how I fixed my fat problem there. But for some reason now that I'm mainly focusing on the short shots it seems as though I need to relearn everything... It was really amazing how much more 'room for error' it made when I moved the point forward... what a wonderful feeling!!! I hope it lasts!
  11. it's wierd in that somehow I managed to hit to hit the ball. I guess maybe my 'inner golfer' knew on some level. I did know that hitting behind was certainly fat, and that a good divot was in front, but I always thought that the divot should start where the ball touched the ground... but now that I think about it-- that was dumb.
  12. I found a new bottom today. I'm not talking about a new level of depravity-- I already bottomed out on that long ago. I was helped by *shanksamillion* once again in this respect-- after reading one of his posts the thought started to percolate that I could conceivably change the way I thought of the bottom of the swing, and then other voices I've heard started to reverberate in my cranium. I just downloaded Utley's new short game lesson videos, which I highly recommend, btw. And he also mentioned bottoming out 'ahead of the ball'. So what I've been focusing on is that the bottom occurs not a
  13. Nice. Nicklaus described a similar drill in his books. That must be how you do it. I should do that.
  14. ok.. i'll take a stab at this one. Dont practice anything. Heresy, I know. But hear me out. I started out as a big sliceer. then I finally figured out how to draw the ball on the range, but still would often end up reverting to slicing when I actually was playing, especially when the fairways got tight. I finally got a system that seemed to help me in that situation. First of all, and most importantly, if I was fading, or slicing, I would accept that ball flight as 'my shot', not try to fight it, allow for it, and pick a target way left (way right in your case), out in the distance. Usual
  15. think you definitely should do that. I got my self an exilim ex fs-10 for under 200 bucks. Sucker does unbelievable slo mo, and just for pure clarity it's awesome. I've used it only a few times and spotted so many obvious and easy fixes I've lost count. I think it might be the best golf purchase I ever made.. oh, and also got a gorillapod type stand for about 15 bucks.. and use it right on my bag like *shanks* suggested. I know it's a big hump to jump over and actually video yourself.. trust me. 'Self image' issues (good god i'm fat), embarrasment of people thinking your a freak for vi
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