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  1. I am 35 years old and an 8 handicap. I have been hitting the same Ping Eye 3 Blades (black dot) for about 15 years now and love them. They are forgiving but also allow me to work the ball (as best as an 8 handicapper can!). They were a hand me down set from my dad who is 5’10. I am 6'2 and have been fitted for a 1/4 to 1/2 inch extension but have yet to make any changes. I have learned to hit the standard length clubs and I’m really afraid to tweak that much. I have, however, lost distance as I have gotten older. I like a carry distance of at least 165 with my 7 iron. Over the last two years, I have only been able to carry it 150 tops. I am now considering buying new irons to address the loss in distance but do not want to move too far from the Ping Eye 3 design or feel. My questions are as follows: What is the modern Ping equivalent of the Ping Eye 3 blade? Is there a Ping product available that has the slimmer look of a blade but that is actually a cavity back and has cavity back forgiveness? For some reference, I tried the Titleist AP2s for a couple rounds and they were too difficult for me to hit. I have also hit the g400 and g700 on a simulator but not a fan of the bulkiness. However, I hit the g400 and g700 7 iron 175-180 with them so I can tell that technology does make difference regardless even if the lie angle is bit different. I love Ping but open to other brands as well. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Ed
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