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  1. If this is real I'm in. http://www.golfgalaxy.com/Bushnell-Hybrid-LaserGPS-Combo/HYBRIDGPSLASER/Product
  2. I started using the iGolf Android app last week. Using in on my Verizon Incredible. It's awesome and free. Front, center, back, and custom points are free for all holes. If you want the course images you need the annual membership. I bring my Neo and let my buddies use it. I like the fact that I don't have to download course files any longer.
  3. I use my shot distance calculator on my Neo all the time. I press the Ok button twice to start and then walk to my ball. I press the Ok button again to stop it. Gives me the shot distance each time. Looking into range finders as well. Having both completes the package.
  4. This deal is legit but only applies to purchases in the US. International buyers are SOL. I bought the XGC from Amazon and then sent in the $100 mail in rebate. Retail on the XGC is $349.99. Got mine for about $160. The membership is $35 per year and i can download 100 course files. I verified that you do not have to renew and that all the courses I download are mine to keep and use forever. I only need to renew if I need more course files. You can't lose buying one of these devices.