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  1. Need Help with my Iron's distance

    I agree with Cizzle. More than likely, you are flipping the hands at impact (casting) and the hands are not ahead of ball at impact. My suggestion would be to tape yourself or get an impact bag (around 20 bucks) and practice on it.
  2. Bridgestone Thread

    No wonder why people give crap about golf not being a man's sport. I mean c'mon people, there has to be a certain degree of edge to this game. A couple of spits and some swearing and people want to start fining and penalizing players. When I played high school golf, I was penalized by my opponent for swearing and I thought it was ridiculous. People need to ease up on some of these things. This is just my opinion so try not to blast me on it.
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played Trilogy from black tips. Par 72. Shot a 41 on front and 38 on back for a 79. Crap day.
  4. interesting conversation @ range

    hahahah, "dude, I dont care" -- I would definitely like to see the reaction when someone says that. I've never had this happen to me but he blatantly tried to knock your clubs down or he has horrible social skills.
  5. Has anyone ever hit a ball back?

    Two wrongs do not make a right. I'm pretty rebellious when it comes to rules and what not, however, looking from the outside perspective, I can just see many problems that would rise if you were to hit the ball back. My suggestion would be to suppress the anger at the very moment that the ball comes up to you but you should say something to the group behind you on the next tee box. Pros: You would definitely send a message to the group to not hit into you. You would probably feel instant gratifiction and feel like a bad azz. Cons: You could possibly start a physical fight. They might seek revenge by taking your ball or hitting it somewhere else. You are taking the low road. They might report you back to the pro shop. It's late and I cant think any more reasons but I'm sure there are a lot. Basically, it's probably not the best solution to hit the ball back.
  6. fake chinese clubs

    What is the website??
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played 18 in 3 hours and 20 mins. Played from the Black tees today and did pretty well. From the blacks it's 73.1/140. Front: 39 Back: 37 76 (par 72) Cant seem to break the 75 mark.
  8. girlfriend is going to uni

    Yeah, I agree with what the other people have said. You dont want to be or become that boyfriend, who is older, who constantly wont give his girlfriend at college "space". If you are going to stick with this, which I have a feeling you already made your decision before posting on here, that you continue to live your regular and dont get wrapped up on this. I know it's easier said than done but good luck with it.
  9. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played 27 holes today: 39 Par (36) Slope 140, 38 Par (36) Slope 139, 38 Par (36) Slope 137.
  10. I just got my assembled Snake Eyes Tour Platinum putter (7802). Has anyone played this putter before? The only downfall was that there were no demos to try out so I had to order it instead of trying it. Any opinions?
  11. Is GPS worth even having?

    I have a Golf Buddy Pro and it costed me 350. It was definitely worth the investment. Not trying to sound infocommercial on you but it saves me time on the golf course and it prevents the second guessing. Plus, 150 is nothing for a GPS. That is actually pretty cheap. If you are going to drop 150, you might as well do your research on GPS and maybe look into other GPS units. Cause it is better to get a GPS unit that you'll like for 250 than get a GPS unit for 150 that you dont like. Just to put it into perspective, hypothetically speaking, would you be willing to spend an extra 5 dollars for GPS use every time you played on a golf course? That is the way I look at it. If golf courses had that option, it would eventually pay for itself. Actually, a lot of golf courses sell yardage books for around 5 bucks or so and those things blow. Hope this helps.
  12. Hey Antney, I actually get lessons from Golftec. I personally feel that Golftec is a great place to get lessons. The best part is being able to use their equipment to analyze your swing. I've never done the $99 swing evaluation but I'm sure it is something similar to one of my lessons. I've told some of my friends about Golftec and my instructor has agreed to give them a free lesson to see if they like it. Do you have a friend that is doing Golftec right now? If so, ask him/her to pass the word along to their golf instructor at Golftec and see if the instructor will give you a free lesson to see if you like it or not. Because of the economy and what not, I think Golftec is trying to get more clients so they are doing whatever they can to promote sales. Basically, in the 99 evaluation, you can expect to see your swing on their camera and screen. They'll probably analyze the basics such as swing plane, swing speed, impact position, and they'll have you wear their vest or whatever to see how you compare with the tour averages. I believe if you go with the evaluation and decide to buy more lessons, they will drop the $99 dollar fee or apply it towards your lesson package.
  13. Outside takeaway

    I used to take the club too far inside too. I had to take it outside in order to get back on plane. Have you seen yourself on camera recently? The reason why I ask is that even though it feels that you are taking it too far outside, it might be right on plane. Every time I view my backswing on camera, I'm still taking the club a little inside even though I thought i was outside the plane. Also, it is better to be outside then on the inside, however, if you are way too far outside then you have a problem. I have my own little weird drills that I do to make sure that i'm on plane and even then it's not always 100% proof. I think the best way is to videotape yourself or if you have a place that can slow your swing down and just make sure you are on plane. I'll do this probably once or twice a week.