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  1. Best Shot of the Week

    oh and thanks to that 2, i got 4for2 and a total of 36pts and came in 5th overall.
  2. Best Shot of the Week

    played in my first ever competition on saturday, stableford in the carlsberg open in Abersoch Golf Club. 18th hole par 3 154yds water left 2 bunkers right. powered in a 9i perfect line,just short which was lucky really as the clubhouse was packed!!. made the 2 though.
  3. best golf courses played

    ill update my list now that ive played a few more.ill add their websites incase anyone is thinking of visiting the area. 1. CONWY GC www.conwygolfclub.co.uk 2. ABERSOCH GC www.abersochgolf.co.uk 3. HENLLYS HALL GC http://www.henllyshallapartments.co.uk/gol.htm 4. HARLECH GC http://www.royalstdavids.co.uk/ 5. ABERGELE GC www.abergelegolfclub.co.uk 6. PORTHMADOG GC http://www.porthmadog-golf-club.co.uk/ 7. NORTH WALES GC http://www.northwalesgolfclub.co.uk/ 8. CAERNARFON GC 9. HOLYHEAD GC www.holyheadgolfclub.co.uk 10. BANGOR GC http://www.bangorgolfclubni.co.uk/index1.html 11. BALA GC no website 12. PWLLHELI GC www.pwllheligolfclub.co.uk 13. CRICCETH GC www.cricciethgolfclub.co.uk 14. HOLYWELL GC http://holywellgolfclub.holywellgc.co.uk/ 15. RHOSNEIGR GC http://www.angleseygolfclub.co.uk/ 16. STORWS WEN GC no website 17. LLEYN GC http://www.pen-y-berth.co.uk/golf-north-wales.htm
  4. Weirdest playing partner

    theres a guy ive been paired with a few times in our socitey, now i must stress he cant be classed as wierd, he is a charmingly friendly old fella but the thing is his eyesight is really,really bad. during a round i have to mark his card and mine.he cant see where the scores should go. i have to tell him details on each hole,eg, par,distance,fairway shape and hazards. i have to stand on the fairway 15ft in front of the tee to give him a line then move when he has got it. the thing is when it comes to putting the guy is a demon, 5ft'ers 25 ft'ers ive seen him nail them all. it can be hard work but when you see the enjoyment this guy gets from being out with the rest of us it makes me happy.
  5. Your Goals for 2007

    Id like to sort out the eraticness of my drives.i can drive quite long distances but everytime i drive there are 3 possible end results. either straight and long, or really low and long on a 45degrees to the left, or one that starts off straight,goes really high and then slices viciously right. irons arent bad im still getting used to my new ones. that will come putting is fine,always has been, havent 3 putted in weeks now.
  6. The Mental Side of the Game?

    the mental side is definately is an element of how you play, some thrive under pressure, some only play well when there is nothing riding on it. for me, and for whatever reason im a crap golfer when i play alone. but when i play with others i raise my game. little things can affect your mental side of the game, i got paired up with a guy who was the archbishop of Cardiff last week in our comp.I couldnt be myself at all (had to cut out the f***ing swearing!) so my game went to crap.
  7. Play better alone than in company?

    im the opposite, im awful when its just me, i rush my shots,then get angry with myself, so my head has gone, and my game. playing with others im a lot cooler, i set myself targets against the others without telling them. so im pushing myself to improve.
  8. What's your favorite golf clothes?

    http://golf.puma.com/pindex.jsp you can change colour options for the belt, look at the squares with different colour triangles in. click on them.
  9. What's your favorite golf clothes?

    they werent customized, they were on them already like that at the local pro shop. ive seen a few different ones available online, swedish,union jack,german and irish flag ones.
  10. What's your favorite golf clothes?

    i wear black trousers with a feint pinstripe. I have a large collection of Lacoste polo shirts, and always wear one of them. Jumper is either Lacoste, ping or Hippo. If its raining ive got mizuno waterproofs or a showerproof short sleeved ping top. Its great because the short sleeves dont impaire your swing. I always wear a visor, either King Cobra, ping or prada, just depends which colours im wearing. the other day the combo was black pinstripe trousers, purple lacoste polo, black hippo jumper, black prada visor.I had to go with purple as ive recently had a purple mohican ish style haircut. my pride and joy are my shoes, Adidas traxions here is a picture as words dont do justice on how cool they are! with welsh dragons embroidered onto the sides. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...?t=3278&page;=2
  11. Hybrids

    i got a Cleveland Halo 1I hybrid off ebay for £33. Its the best club ive ever bought. if im playing badly i resort to almost using it on every shot.its good off the tee, good in windy conditions for keeing low and long, good from rough, and awsome from fairways. i aint tried putting with it yet though!
  12. Soccer in the U.S.

    first of all! its not soccer its football! secondly, the watching paint dry comment.with NFL you could watch the paint dry and then put on a second coat and watch that dry by the time a match ends! there is only 60mins of action, split into several 20second segments that they stretch out for hours! you guys should watch rugby, its a man's game. they dont go out dressed like camp stormtroopers.
  13. Golf Architect!!?

    i went to college in Northop for four years to get my level4 in greenkeeping, after that you can choose to go into course management, so there arent any shortcuts.
  14. best golf courses played

    there is a town 5 miles from where i live, it has the longest name in all of europe. try saying it without covering your computer screen with spit!! Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch . im not joking either!! google it!!!
  15. Backyard putting green...

    it wouldnt be too difficult to have a proper green in your garden. Well it wouldnt where im from,but im unsure of your climates & weather patterns. drainage would be pretty easy to set up, drainage would be essential in UK. drainage can be inexpensive if you know how. a decent cylinder mower wouldnt be that exensive all you'd have to worry about with that is keeping the blades sharp. and cutting height would be crutial at winter. scarifying often would encourage good growth. chemicals are an issue, the best ones need the user to be licenced to use. offer a local greenkeeper a few $'s to sort it for you.