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  1. 101 °F (Jun 21, 3:40 pm) 93% hum We played in this a couple weeks ago. Real feel? Somewhere around 108. I was hitting my drives into the trees on purpose to get into the shade
  2. Golf shouldn't be a race. On the other hand, what I played behind today was miserable. Played behind a 4 some in 2 carts, each cart would go to each players ball and so forth. On the green, one guy putted while the other 3 watched. Then, the player furthest away would walk to his ball and putt while the other 3 watched. IMO new golfers should be taught ready golf, being prepared to hit your shot as soon as your partner has hit his or hers.
  3. May 14th, had a chance for the 60s and let it get away. Had it 5 under and bogeyed 3 of the last 5 holes to shoot 70, and one of the holes is a gift par 5. Still pleased but dangit man-
  4. Man, right off the bat I want to say yes the R7 would be an upgrade. But, those look pretty forgiving and the R7 is now an 11 year old iron. Looking up the R7 trade value I would say $60 is a very fair deal depending on the condition.
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