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  1. Nope. I had a lot of the 280-360cc clubs in high school when I was in great shape and hitting the ball a ton (or so I thought). Played a ton of golf at a certain course and hadn't played it since high school til last year. I still feel like I hit the ball pretty well, but not nearly as "hard" as I hit it in high school. Anyway, I took my superfast 2.0 TP out there last year to play it again and I was easily 40-50 yards past where I was used to playing from. These new drivers blow the old ones out of the water. My dad, who I was playing with, had the exact same experience. And he is 67 n
  2. I used to work at a very nice country club growing up. I started there when the course opened, and I was a sophomore in high school. We started with very, very few members (30 or 40) and they've now got 400-500 last I heard. But I was the guy who picked you up from the parking lot and load your clubs and clean them after the round and take the cart back from your car. We certainly never expected tips. We were already getting minimum wage ($5/hr), not waiter pay ($2/hr). But they were always a nice bonus. Average tip was probably between $2-$5. Had one guy that gave us a $10 to lo
  3. My least favorite is the slowest one. As soon as he speeds up, my least favorite will become the new slowest one. These guys play way, way, way too slow and it's bled over into the amatuer game. I don't even think a 4-hour round should be acceptable, but I'd love to be guaranteed a 4-hour round every time out with how bad it is now. You can guess that I'm a Snedeker fan.
  4. Major wedge overkill in my opinion. But my main question is what kind of course you play? I vary my set by what type of course I'm playing. I carry a driver (280), 3-wood (245), 23* hybrid (205), 4-PW, 51* GW, 56* SW and a putter. I'll add in a 60* lob wedge or a 19* hybrid (225) depending on the course. I don't have to have the 60 all the time because I only use it when I absolutely have to. My personal opinion is that nobody who's an amateur golfer has any business with a 64*, and you're much better off learning to play one wedge and vary your swing and the club to achieve differ
  5. I don't believe TM will confirm a club's authenticity anymore, although they will tell you if it's definitely a fake. All a counterfeiter has to do is go into a golf shop and find one serial number and print that on every club they make and they would show up in TM's database. But that doesn't make the club real. However, if your club has a fake serial number, then obviously they can confirm it's a fake. Just an FYI from the last time I called them, which was about a year ago. I've got a Superfast 2.0 TP driver being shipped in soon so I'll be calling again soon.
  6. I've hit them on the launch monitor before, but never on the course. I was impressed at the monitor, but obviously not enough to buy one yet. That will probably be my next 3-wood when the price comes down a bit.
  7. That is a ridiculous question for a single digit handicap.
  8. Workability is the ability to draw or fade the ball without having to drastically change your swing path. Clubs with high "workability" will more easily put sidespin on the ball with small swing changes, which is great for pros and scratch golfers that have consistent swings, and are able to intentionally make small changes to create different ballflights. For the rest of us, clubs with less "workability" are usually better, in my opinion, because we make small swing changes unintentionally all the time, and we'd prefer if these didn't create unintended changes in ballflight.
  9. Congrats on the new X-24s. I'd love to have a set. Did you get them new or used? Where from? I took my wife (then girlfriend) to the range and we almost broke up it went so bad. I had bought the irons cheap on ebay the week before and they were back on ebay "lightly used" that afternoon.
  10. The Burner Plus irons are a fantastic starter's club. I actually just got done hitting them today at the local golfsmith since a buddy of mine is picking up a set. They're very forgiving, and Taylormade stands behind their product. And now they're down to $400, which is a great price for a new set of name brand irons. And I'm sure you can get them used for a little cheaper than that. I don't buy into Maltby's ratings at all. In my experience (granted, I have an odd swing for a 6-8 handicap), Maltby's ratings really have no direct correlation to the forgiveness a club will have. Of cours
  11. I used to love the "workability" of player's irons, but I switched to Callaway X-18s about 6 months ago and haven't looked back since. I hit so many iron shots close to the hole and so many of my bad iron shots still end up on the green that I'm still kicking myself for not going to them earlier. On the other hand, the other guy who mentioned the Adams A7s is also right. Those irons look like players clubs but have the forgiveness of GI irons. They're fantastic. Prior to my X-18s, I had a mix of Cleveland, Titleist, Ping and Mizuno irons that never really stuck.
  12. Just hit them today. I think they hit slightly better than the X-20s. I would probably rate them right along with my X-18s as my favorite in the X-series in terms of feel, trajectory, and overall performance. Also, I think the uniflex shafts are slightly improved. I'm not sure if they're identical to all the other uniflex shafts Callaway has put out or not, but they felt good. Also, I thought they looked better than they do on the internet. But I've always been partial to the looks of all the X-series. I'm with tfauss, I think I'd like a blue or red with the dark a little better, but I
  13. I guess the Ping irons fit some folks, but those things have less feel and forgiveness than any other GI iron I've seen. I may be in the minority, but I really hate the newer Ping irons. If I have someone asking for my input on GI irons, I steer them to the Callaway X-series first and any of the TM r7 cavity back sets second.
  14. IMO, the X-14s are absolutely nothing like the X-22s. I've hit both extensively. I love the X-series and can't wait to try the X-24's, but my list of preference of the X-series goes as follows: Favorite: X-18 X-20 X-16 X-22 Least Favorite: X-14 Never hit anything older than that. I do think they 24s look a bit different than the 22s. Seems like they may have a bit thinner topline, which may be due to the fact that they're not making a tour model and they're hoping to cater slightly more towards the lower handicap players. Also, hopefully they hit a little different, because I did
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