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  1. did you hear Faldo say this during the Bridgestone? I have been using that lately and really like the tempo it gives me.
  2. I bought it last night based off all the positive comments. I like the advice of really working on one section until it is mastered. So far the illustrations have really helped tie things together when I try and flip things since I am a Lefty.
  3. When I first started golfing I played a course called Brigadoon Golf Club. People called it 'Bring-a Dozen'. I successfully lost 11 balls.
  4. Its always the short game that can bail you out. I've been trying to practice 70/30 short game to long game to improve scoring.
  5. I usually shoot from the blues unless the rest of the group wants to go from something else. I am a short enough hitter that I do not enjoy playing from the tips yet.
  6. I would say it helps you improve. It sounds like you think the same if you keep rehitting less and less.
  7. Black Titleist mesh hat, Black striped Slazenger polo, Gray Polo cargo shorts, and my brown Callaway golf shoes. I probably look like a mess on the course. :)
  8. Since you mention the problem spans a few days and isn't just during a round or after a range session, it may be wise to see a doctor as mentioned above. There definitely could be a bigger problem you are just aggravating.
  9. I would say 1 every 3rd round right now. Most of the times it is par 3s but the occasional par 4. At my best it was 1/rd but I could never get rid of the doubles. they still kill me.
  10. Check out Gardner's "Premier Golf Course". They fail to mention it is the only golf course :lol: http://www.gardnergolf.com/index2.htm
  11. Its not very original but I did engraved flasks with each guy's initials. A wedding I was in this weekend they gave us front pocket wallets/money clips that were engraved.
  12. I find I always golf better when I have had a good night and can truly focus on the game the next day. Also, +1 on the stretching. I'm not an old guy by any means but it certainly does help me.
  13. I have the Neo and really have benefited from having it. Most courses have custom markers entered that will show yardages to bunkers, water, distances to carry hazards, etc. I also like that you don't have to get an annual subscription; it is just $35 to get 100 credits and those credits are good for any course you want to download. Once the course is on your computer it is saved and accessible. I just was looking for a GPS to give me front, center, and back yardages. So far I have been really pleased. Edit to Add: I paid $120 off eBay on a Best Offer deal for a new one.
  14. Now how much fun is that? Honestly, I think you are completely right. And I agree, it is much more satisfying to me to stick an approach shot on the green rather than bomb a long drive. The only distance I worry about is trying to hit consistent distances with my irons.
  15. Check out eBay or a local store for Izzo Carrying Straps. They make after market ones that work like backpack straps.
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