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  1. LarryEdwards

    Looking for people to play with in Jacksonville FL

    I just moved to Jacksonville. I live on Windsor Park golf course. I too am a beginner and am looking for people to play with.
  2. I have the Apple Watch 3. I’m gonna try the Grint.
  3. LarryEdwards

    Found Balls for Sale

  4. LarryEdwards

    Found Balls for Sale

    The more you buy, the lower the price.
  5. LarryEdwards

    Found Balls for Sale

    Oh, sorry lol. Since we will be paying shipping, she was hoping for $3 a piece for the pro V1 and Pro V1X and TP5X. $2 a piece for the 3 e6 and SuperSoft. $2 a piece for pile with orange ball, $1 a piece for other pile. These prices are negotiable.
  6. LarryEdwards

    Found Balls for Sale

    My daughter wants to buy a set of clubs so she can golf with me, but she wants to earn the money herself. So, when she goes to the course with me, she collects lost balls and brings them home and cleans them. The ones in boxes are brand new (I gave them to her so she could sell them). The pile with the orange ball looks like they were lost on the 1st tee. The other pile looks like they were lost on the first few holes.
  7. I see a few with very good reviews. My question is, has anyone used any of them and did you upgrade? Which app do you suggest?
  8. LarryEdwards

    Yeah this happened today

    Ok. Thank you. I knew it was a ping shaft as well, I just didn’t know if there were gonna be any noticeable differences.
  9. LarryEdwards

    Yeah this happened today

    I’ve been looking, but can’t really find the information I’m looking for. The shaft that broke was the TFC 419 regular. The new one I bought is the Alta regular. From what I was told, the only difference is the Alta will give me a little more loft. He told me they’re pretty much the exact shaft and the only difference is that the TFC 419 isn’t made anymore and that it was the stock shaft for the G30, and the Alta is the stock shaft for the G. So pretty much the Alta is the new and improved TFC 419. Does that sound accurate, or are there other differences? Besides the color obviously.
  10. Doing a swing path drill and barely hit the cone. Thank God my local golf shop had a new shaft.
  11. LarryEdwards

    Watch or range finder?

    I’m still new to the game and trying to figure out yardage is still an issue. I know most courses have bushes or markers, but sometimes I just don’t know where they are. What do y’all prefer, GPS watch or lase range finder?
  12. LarryEdwards

    Help with ball selection

    Lol, I actually bought a dozen of e6 soft and a dozen of TP5X, plus I found 8 Pro V1. The e6 seem to go a little straighter, but the TP5X and Pro V1 beat it in distance. I think I’m gonna stick to Pro V1 though. I know, none of them are orange lol.
  13. LarryEdwards

    My Swing (LarryEdwards)

    Thank you for the advice. I did have one lesson where we played 9 holes. Didn’t really go over fundamentals much. Just basically stance, grip, club selection, putting. Ok. I am playing this weekend, so I will be sure to get some better videos. Thank you.
  14. LarryEdwards

    My Swing (LarryEdwards)

    Thank you very much for the input. I will definitely try this.
  15. LarryEdwards

    My Swing (LarryEdwards)

    Any thoughts on what I can do differently to improve would be greatly appreciated. I've been Playing Golf for: about 3 weeks My current handicap index or average score is: don’t have one My typical ball flight is: xxxx The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: xxxx Videos:

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