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  1. Try regular Pro V1. Pro V1X are for faster swing speeds. Pro V1 also has less spin.
  2. If you have a slower swing speed (under 100 mph) I would highly recommend the Q-Star Tour.
  3. Hey thanks for looking out, but I found one already.
  4. I just recently switched to q-star tours. I absolutely love them.
  5. I started off playing Callaway SuperSoft, then went to Bridgestone E6 soft, then Pro V1. Now I’m addicted to Srixon Q-Star Tours.
  6. I recently switched to Srixon Q-Star Tours, and I absolutely love them.
  7. Agreed. I’m fairly new myself, but my first set I believe was 17 clubs. Now I’m at 14.
  8. I’m only been playing about 8 months. I just sold my set that I picked up at a pawnshop and got a set of Nike Vapor Speed. It has Driver. 3&5 wood. 3&4 hybrid. 5-pw. I picked up a Nike 56° SW, Nike GW, and Nike putter.
  9. If money isn’t an issue, TPC Sawgrass (Ponte Vedra). If you don’t know exactly where that is, Jacksonville. But if you’re on here, I’m sure you know where The Players Championship is. I live about 4 miles from it. It’s beautiful and very fun.
  10. I already ordered a tool and a new head. Thank you though.
  11. Yes. Tried all of those sites. Too pricy for “very used” putters
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