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  1. this is the best book! it is a must have for all golfers!
  2. hi, i would like to know what does it mean when people say there is a few pace into the back green. and how to get the exact number when people identify their putt as a 15 pace putt. is there a standard to that?
  3. a tiny screw driver gets the job done.
  4. i spend my parent's money for a living.
  5. Rory Mcilroy! excellent ball striker and the ability to get up and down and the ability and get to the green from far far away. best iron tempo i have seen, yet.
  6. i have been playing the prov1 and prov1x for a long time and here are my experiences. and i have switched to the B330, and B330rx for the longest time i kind of use prov1 and prov1s and switch them between long and short holes. For mid iron par3s and short par4s i will use the pro v1. Long holes i use the prov1x. Its been working perfectly and honestly i can only start telling the difference not too long ago. few months ago i got a box of bridgestone golf balls which has a sleeve of their line ups. and i will round up like this after using and trying them all. B330 is similar to ProV1x, mo
  7. i am a titleist guy myself. but mizuno irons are the best! i have mx23 and mp32 mix set. but they are kind of short compare when i hit my friend's AP2.
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