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  1. And don't think too much about looks. I wouldn't pay if that were the case! Actually, I have a very nice looking set of Pings overall, but my driver, 3w and 8i are hold overs from developing my current set. My drive still has a nice solid shape and the face is clean and solid. If I were that worried about looks, 10 minutes with a permanent marker would take care of the cosmetics! I don't worry if the scratch, dents and such does not affect its play. As to shaft, unlike my irons and hybrids, my driver is a regular shaft on it. It does play a bit like a soft regular. I thought of changing it, but, I have been hitting it about 240 - 250 with a nice soft draw. So unless and until this club begins to fade due to condition, I won't change it all all except for the shortening by 1" to the shaft I did upon acquiring the beast. Best wishes on your growing into golf.
  2. I agree about Dick's and will just say my attempt at their looking at my stroke was way off from what my pro told me and was based on suggesting to me their featured clubs of that week. I took have made, at my age, the change from true temper steel to graphite with the main shift to senior. I never had hit my long irons well in the past. After being a non player for a fairly long time, I moved into hybrids and now play 4h, 5h, 7h. I hit straighter and longer with them. It helped that the transition to them was not a direct change. So learning how to play them was a totally new experience. The only irons I have now are 6-9 plus wedges and they, along with the hybrids are a good combination for any post tee - to the green situation I need to deal with. The problems I now have are owner/operator. But I wonder where my game would be now if I had started with them. Good fitting helped as well.
  3. day 16 A bit hot today, it was 95 when I went to the rage before 8am! Still got a good practice session from the deck for 7i, 9i, 4h,5h and 7h. Worked mainly on keeping good position and distance between feet and ball. Only a few god awful shots, usually hooks.
  4. Day 15 A heavy schedule allowed for a short workout only. Physical warm up then a half hour working on alignment and keeping the left hand from losing position on the downswing. Felt good but I need to make it a much of a habit as possible.
  5. DrMJG

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Consistency! One day I am hitting everything and every club as if I should be viewed for a "do it this way" you tube video and then I have a session at the DR or course where I feel as if I am hitting every club left handed (and I hit right handed, usually). I have come to think much is overthinking the mechanics. Best for me to focus on one or two items at a time. Putting is not always solid, but I am still getting used to a new putter. But, when I decide to simply go out there and have fun, regardless of a missed shot or two, I do better. Yes, I spend time on the DR trying to fix major errors; but I need to use fun as a way to find consistency!
  6. Day 14 Felt great after the usual physical warm-ups, so it became a day practicing my "woods" that means: 4h,5h,7h, Driver, 3f. All met expectation with very few hooks or big draws. Mis-hits were primarily failing jn getting the ball to launch well. Corrections were primarily stance when I rushed to the next shot.
  7. Day 13 Again, a 30 minute session focused on my H clubs to set a bit the corrections, mainly to stance, that I made yesterday. Seemed to be more efficient. Followed by 30 minutes working on sand trap
  8. When I got back into golfing last year, my pro told me I was sticking my butt out way to much and he basically softened my stance and stressed eye position a LOT. Within a few weeks, it seems so natural. As well, the back aches I was having all seemed to vanish. I still have a few posture and foot issues, but swing seems much more at ease in general.
  9. If anything, I may stay too long. I am lucky that my range uses a ball card and If I want to only hit 35, I don't have to purchase 50). I do have a routine if I am going through all my clubs (putter excluded; that is a day's focus), or unless I am working on a fix of one sort or the other. Minimum of 10 shots per club, but I often take a break between clubs to allow brain to re-gather its thoughts or to hydrate or go to the practice trap at my range. I try not to end on a bad shot, but will not be upset if I don't either.
  10. Day 12 Very humid morning, so warm-ups were hard to focus, but did the 15 reps fairly well. Got nice and loose. Was able to correct some of the problems with my 4h from yesterday and was solid with the driver. No real wind on the range, so I was a bit shocked to see myself hit drives approaching 240! A bit of draw even was there! Did a round of trying to remove a good amount of sand in sand trap practice. Got the ball out of the green side bunker and the shots though tended to still roll too much after. A focus again for tomorrow!
  11. Day 11: Warm up felt re4ally good today, especially the two aspects working on hip turn. So started the day really loose and focused. Started well and all of the clubs worked as expected. Both my 7i and 8i were especially on point. One club, however, took the day off, so to speak. My usually reliable 4h decided to be difficult. While I got some lower lift (usually no higher that 12' or so), It seemed, with this one weapon, I somehow was missing something. My 3h and 5h were just fine. O well, we all need a day off every now and then!
  12. Allon les enfants d' Patrie! Day 10, Happy Bastille Day After warm ups, went on to my "through" the bag practice" 56W, 7-9i, 4H, 5H, D, and back to 56W. The results were goo with a few exceptions. I had a bit of hook with my 5H, not 100% sure of the immediate cause but "solved" it by a slight change in my line up to the target. In a weird moment, I shanked a ball off the 8i. Cannot recall my last shank. Never repeated it again and never pushed the ball right all day. I crossed it off as not paying firm attention to how I was set up for the swing from everything including feet and if I were too close to ball at address. At my level, a handful of less than perfect shots in well over 115 shots would have made me ecstatic if on a course. Biggest thought today was to simply have fun.
  13. day 9: still on the 15 rep level of the physical warm-ups. Finished by working on wedges and the 9i. Much better than last Wednesday. Aim much stronger as well. Tomorrow will be a full on practice with most clubs in preparation of a round Monday.
  14. day 8 Took a quasi day off to re-group after the mediocre day of yesterday. Did a lot of my stretching which is designed to focus on golf actions, as I have for the past week, followed by half and full shots with the wedge. Felt good and a lot more relaxed. Remainder of my time was spend on a treadmill to keep the leg muscles more involved
  15. There was a small 9 hole course in Oak Creek, WI where I played often. The owner kept it in excellent shape and it always seemed busy. There were no holes which were very difficult for a scratch player, but as I was a novice, it was fine for me. As well, the Yahara Hills course in Madison, WI is slated for closure. I played it often when I lived there. Long with many older tress which were part of the initial build. Learned to really play a driver there and generally improved my wood game (played true persimmons at the time). I had a well known golf pro find amusement in the 1 iron I owned. Also learned to cut down on my use of invectives there as they did not improve my last shot!

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