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  1. Day 474 Heavily scheduled day; only time to do mirror work on rotation and shoulder moves.
  2. Dat 473 Only 6i work today. Taking suggestions on how to hit much straighter and somewhat faster mid iron shots was primarily watching address position, turn turn turn, simply swinging freely. Speed showed improvement and I was able to keep most of the shots well with a 8' width os my imaginary fairway. Even as I went for greater distance. Was it dumb luck? Looking forward to working with a top tracer tomorrow to check results.
  3. Day 472 10 minutes with my Orange Whip® was all the time I could take away from my ovely too full schedula. Tomorrows mostly free day so I will pack in a fuller day.
  4. Day 472 Wonderful day in terms of weather and work. 73º and a light breeze. Decided to work with the driver. 20 hits with a focus on line and distance. I was most pleased that all went straight with a very nice draw. Lately I have noticed a great increase in speed; I have been whacking between 110 and 120 for the most part. Given my weapon (Ping G5 120º with offset) and my old body, this has been about 20 mph over the last month or so. To be honest, I do not think too much of this when I tee off. When done I will note an average or so. Now I need to continue to adjust. With the new speed, I need to work to increase the distance and roll. I have been stuck at 175-190 in flight and another 20-25 on bounce and roll. This is hitting the range balls. Using non-range balls for a round yesterday, I even got a drive of 240 in flight. Yes, it was an outlier, but it brought a big smile to my face. Thus ends mu catechism for today.
  5. Day 471 The practicing yesterday, which was the overall best in months, so I was ready for today. Had time to play 9. Mainly Par 4, with 2 Par 5 and only one Par 3. My drives are where I noticed a solid from the last time. I gained ~ 7 yard improvement on my drives with good loft and sold direction. I was often well in position to go for a par of birdie. It was primarily with my 4h and 7i were, that I saw the most improvement in direction. I hit my only penalty of the day into water with when I pitched with my 56º, hit a cart path causing the ball to roll right into water’s edge. Final score was 40. Solid round; best round in fact for me at this course. Plans are for an round of 18 this week and a round of 9.
  6. Day 470 Finally! No back pain! So I decided to concentrate only on my short(er) game: 9i, 60º, 56º 50º plus chips at green side. The reason I stated with my 60º is that with focus on loft shots, I knew I would be using s shorter swing that would not sully stress on my back. The 5 lofts were what they should be, high loft, on target and minimal roll. I was off to a good start. My 56º was not too good at first. Let's just say it was really sloppy. So I took time to sit and think of what I was doing. It ended up that I was not really swinging through the ball, and I was playing that ball too far back. So I moved on to the 50º and 9i. They were good. In fact, no complaints at all. The 9i in particular gave the loft need to have minimal roll even at distances greater that 120 yards. The 50º was good as well. I tend to want a bit of after roll from that club. I was very happy with that. So back to the 56º for 10 more whacks. The adjustment I thought through worked well. I finished with 5 from the tee with my driver. Settled in well. One mis- hit a bit too far left, but others were very good.
  7. Day 469 In order to not stress out my back too much, I spent 15 minutes hitting light chips in my yard. Got nice soft chips of 5 to 15 feet. I focused on loft and roll. Will take to a practice green tomorrow.
  8. Day 468 Started off well with my 50º. Good everything. But after the third swing with my 5h, I pulled a muscle in my back and it brought the day to a halt before I really got going. Home to rest and bathe in Tiger Balm. Until tomorrow then!
  9. Day 467 Today's practice weapons were: Driver, 6i, 7i and 91. After a really focused warm-up to get the body awake and, with use of my Orange Whip® to get the flow right, I was ready to go. First club used got me off to a great start. Shots were well on line, great loft. Really great looking shots with not too bad speed. The only frustration came from distance. For a 6i, I was fairly disappointed. I usually got significantly better distance. So I put the club back in the bag and came to the conclusion that, for a 9i, the shots were really good! Yes, I had been swinging a 9i, not my 6i. Lack of coffee plain and simple! But, it drove home how much I need to not over think and allow the club to do the work! I then hit the 6i and was very happy with those results. Got the distances expected, as well. My 7i was better than it had been behaving. Some bit of a left hook, but nothing too out of line. Driver was one of the best days in a while, though instead of a nice draw, a few were exaggerated a bit too much. I think 85-90% of the whacks were more that playable (one wild slice, two worm burners). If I am happy with 85%+ of my shots, I should have a good game.
  10. Today was a scheduled 18 at my local course. Weather was very favorable, teed off at 65º, though, being AZ, it did warm up to upper 80s when I finished Of the available course options, for some reason, I choose the one that demanded the most accuracy. ~5,700 from the forward tees. 73.2 rating, 119 slope. Water all over the place. More than a few trees and traps, but none came into play today. Score was 90. 38 putts (missed way too many "short"), hit 8 fairways, 4 GIR, BUT 12 penalty shots as I sent 3 drives swimming (was able to "recover" two from a watery graves) and one OB by a lot. Way too many bogies were interspersed with 3 pars and a 3 double bogies. Most of my not good shots were off the tee; I had not really focused on it in the last 2 - 3 weeks. Way too many shots ended left and distance was only so so. Good work with my 4h, but too many of those shots were true recovery.
  11. DAY 456 Hitting week with nothing else on my schedule, and, nothing is expected. So a week when I am able to focus on my golf. Today was a planned round at one of my local courses. So "practice" was, in fact, my pregame warm up. Driver go great distance but I was pulling it left on most shots. 4h was solid, as was the dreaded 7i.
  12. Day 453 Second day focusing on my 71. It did the trick. Everything became more predictable. Loft was good; it was not too high. Aim was within 5-8 yards either way of the target. Distance was a consistent 130-145 yards.
  13. Day 452 My work with suicide prevention kept megrim posting yestardy. But I did some swing wrk with a mirror,' My morning allowed a solid 90 minutes at the range. After a good warm-up, including the Orange Whip®, was followed by focus on my short game, 50º, 60º, 9i, and 7i in that order. About 15 with each an I could not be happier. Only iffy club was the 7i and the fault was ball position. When I focused with allowing it not to be too back, distance, loft and direction was solid.
  14. Day 451 Driver and 3w day, 15 on each. With the driver, I worked on not grounding the ball during the address to keep my swing from bouncing first. I don't do that often, but the last time on a link, I did it twice causing my OB hits. Went well, great speed and distance off the tee was better than I usually do. Very little off line. 3w was good but it took a bit to get the loft I was hoping for, but I did not practice this weapon for some time, so it was rusty.
  15. Day 450 Family plans for the day has limited me to physical warm-ps and some swings with the Orange Whip®. Tomorrow will be a once through the bag day.
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