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  1. Day 250: Another milestone, but a day with no wild celebratory breakthroughs! Limited in part because I was going to play a quick 9, my pre-round warm-ups consisted first of my standard physical warm-ups. Then, as we still had about 35-40 minutes before our time, I hit a few off the tee and some off of the turf warm-ups. Felt good and they proved solid in the round. Then about 10 minutes at the practice green. Putter speed was a tad strong, but did not leave myself in any 3 putt situations. finished with a 39, best ever on this course, which is a bit too short and undemanding.
  2. 100: Almost 1 year to the day I returned to golf after two decades off and a fairly substantial injury to my foot. Felt good for many reasons 90: By a strike of luck, it came three weeks or so after I broke 100. Same course, but no penalties and a 3h that was over performing combined with a few Lucy putts. 80:Close but no cigar 70:LOL
  3. Day 249: A real mixed focus. After 20 minutes of physical warm up, I first used my 50º wedge to see if I were able to be a bit more comfortable all in all. After about 10 not so great swings,I began to get a good distance (100 yards ± 5 yards) with a good loft but nothing quite too, too high. Moved on to my 7i, again to see if I were able to control height and distance. For the most part I was happy, though I got one slice I have no idea where it came from. Such is the joy of being an inconsistent hack amateur! Finally, on to putting from 4', 6' and 10'. I was on fire from 4'. Dropped one after another, some with breaks I needed to well account for. From 6' it was ok. I would say hit 8 in a row than miss one badly. I kept at it until I did 10 in a row. And, we'll just say I need more practice at 10'. Rimmed out way too many or I zipped them a bit past
  4. Day 248: 45 minutes this early morning on the range butting green. Various lengths from 3' to 15'. Had to make 3 in a row before moving back. First lengths went quickly but bogged down quite a bit around 10'. While I eventually got to about 15', I was hitting 1 of three for quite some time. Most misses left me with a very makable putt, I was primarily working on the speed of the putts. Need to work on this a bit more to start feeling I am able to play a good complete game given everything els. My next goal is to up the fun level.
  5. Thanks for the reply! Still getting used to the fact that my close wedge game has gotten SO much better. Most balls have change a lot since I last golfed often in the 80s! Your answer is what I think will do me best. Just waned to hear from TST friends if that thought was correct.
  6. I understand that choosing a ball is highly personal. And, my problem may very well be the result of the range ball syndrome of being hit too often. At the last rounds and during my practice, I am getting really good lobs and even Phil quality lobs off my 60º. I am able to adapt the distance as needed from 60 yards out! My problem seems to be the results after it lands. I get, on the intentionally not so high lobs, a fast runner after landing. Today, usually 15 - 20 feet after touch down. On the Phil sky shots, I get a bit of a bounce that goes 10 feet+ to the right. Neither type of lob bites well. My coach says he seen nothing obviously wrong with my swing, stance, or adjustment for distance; and would change nothing at this time. We have range balls here. The range is always very active. IF you have a ball that you fell gives better bite over all, what should I look for. I primarily have played e6 Soft during my return to golf. I recently received some V!x. Though the first time I played them, I had no need for a real lob shot. Played well, my 50º and 56º wedge shots nicely ended up on the green. Ok that is all the info. Change my ball use or just accept it is as it is? Or is it a matter of getting my tough better?
  7. Day 247: Same routine as yesterday, looking for consistency. Result was very, very good. Even the 4h and 5h came to play. Almost all of the shots from all the clubs stayed within the "fairway" I designed in my mind. Distances were well within the expected range. Lofts were good, except my 3h, though I am not worried about it as distance was good. Only ONE slice, but it seemed to be the result of my stance. I seemed to have aimed it that way. After this error , I concentrated on the aim and making sure I was setting up square to the ball and the aim. The next hit with the driver was well aimed and, for me, nice and long with very solid ball speed: 110 mph and 228 yards. The remaining 7 shots with the big whacker were not as long and ended with the now common draw. All were in my fairway target. Ok, the slice was god awful and clearly my fault. I am not going to come back to the range overly worried about one god awful shot. I will, however, spend my next session with the good old alignment rods, making sure I understand foot aiming better. Match on Sunday to see if I can take what I now do to the game.
  8. Day 246 Wonderfully clear and mildly cool day for a once through the bag practice. As a whole, I was pleased with a most of the day. Started out with ALL of the wedges, including my clipper. Only iffy one was my 60º. Lobs good but tended to have too much roll upon landing and a little too much off of the aim both left and right. Heck, I would have been happy with the results during the round; this sense of off was only in relation the the other clubs. 9i and 7i were as I planned. I was able to adjust the 9i to between 90 yards and 120 yards a I planned. One hook out of no where but the other 15 or so swacks looked good. It was the best 7i day I have had, both off the turf and tee. After these clubs I took about 10-15 minutes away from the hitting area. On to the hybrids: I was shocked by my 3h. Best yardage and loft from the get go, good direction with only a soft draw. I stopped after 10 hits and moved on. Same result with the 4h. Great loft and distance and the ability for holding aim. Between both clubs, I feel confident with these clubs in long iron situations. So the gods of golf had to mess with me with my 5h. Topped a few of the first couple of hits and I got a few pushed and/or pulled results. So I sat again for 10 minutes. Upon return I decided I was trying to hard to get great results. I made sure grip was my favored hybrid gip, addressing and stance was back to my basics for these clubs and simply relaxed and let fly. The end results were "where the hell was that 20 minutes ago?" I took this mindset to my off the tee 7i/w, Gx-7 and G5 driver and the results were more than acceptable. Yes, the 7i/w was better that expected by a LOT and the GX-7 was a bit more of a fade, but very playable and the Ping G5 Driver proved every this from a soft draw to a pull that I pray a move to the G410 Plus will allow me to correct. BUT these results on this day tell me to relax and stop over hitting! 215 yards on line and good rolls. The more I trusted the clubs the more I liked the results. Damn, golf is an easy game!
  9. ^%$#@)*$^$ autocorrect! Instead of yelling fore you must scream AARGH!
  10. Perhaps because I am a slightly older man who taught HS for many years, but dress codes do not bother me. One can be very comfortable on a golf course and still dress in a way that is not an embarrassment to yourself and others. I have mainly been playing a pirate course that is open to all. However, they do have a reasonable code with the following: no so called gym shorts, no tee shirts, no swimwear. Nothing there too restrictive. My son, who is still young enough to wear cloth that would not be allowed on the course did not feel put upon. (Though my he fee l my optic orange socks should be banned as offensive to the public.) Living in AZ where very hot temps are the rule, I have no problem wearing cool and comfortable items. Does my dress make me a better or worse golfer? Of course not!
  11. Day 245: Very windy day! Good size breeze directly into my aim with a bit of a . So a great day to make some adjustments to my shots to allow for Mariah! (Quasi-obscure musical reference.) I was able to make a good adjustment for most of my clubs, with my 9i and 60º the really big noticeable exceptions. Yes, I lost a few yards in the process but I enjoyed no significant off-line shots. I have been working hard these past few days to get better loft and lob from my 60º and 9i. I may learn to adjust the weapons a bit more down the road. As well, I sat my drive and used hybrids for my "tee shots".
  12. Day 244: Heavy rain eliminated both a 9 hole practice session and/or a day at the range. Morning as 15 minutes doing physical exercises related to my golf swing and 15 minutes with the Orange Whip®. This was followed by a 3 hour stress test at my cardiologist. So not a day to be a couch potato!
  13. I actually played on an 18 hole public links course before I ever got to a driving range. My pals who were my foursome played a 8/hole max rule and no more than 3 putts. The idea was to have fun. We just enjoyed the game more than we were determined to get so focused in on who won each round. We were friends. Some of us took lessons, some really focused in on getting better equipment. As a result, we improved as we could. Perhaps lack of you tube, golf blogs and little on TV other than the Wide World of Golf and the occasional tournament televised by Shell, made it less focused. I had no chance for club tournaments as the private clubs were too expensive to join or even play. I was lucky in that the Milwaukee County public courses were inexpensive. Start there, find instruction, don't worry about other golfers (even your friends). Use your growing knowledge of the game, make notes on what worked and what went wrong. If you decide to follow one method of approaching the game, don't change methods at the first time it goes wrong. And, I guarantee it will go wrong at some time. And, keep in mind what one 2 time major PGA champ told me when we were paired together playing a public course one morning. "ALWAYS keep in mind at every level that this is a game. Good luck in the years ahead.
  14. Day 243: Kind of a weird day at the range. I decided to work on only 2 clubs, my 50º and my 9i. They are closely paired in how I will approach them for the time being. Both had solid lost and the directional use was well within the 25 yard "fairway" I focused on in my concept of were I was hitting. Depending on the club I was using, I took time to hit towards targets of 75 - 110 yards. These were flags in the design of the range. With both clubs, I tended to under hit all day by 5-10 yards. On line, great loft, but 5-10 yards short. May be I was off myself. After warm-ups I felt loose but slightly under powered. The results were played out. Perhaps, I just chalk it up to that.
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