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  1. A little cool and a few drops falling. Played forward tees (5578). Score 87, 10 penalties mainly on back 9 due to fatigue, mainly from sending a few swimming. 8 Par, 5 bogies, 5 doubles. 64% Fairways, 5 GIR. Good solid drives and short irons today. Penalties were a result to simply over swinging.
  2. Day 505 Rain ended, so I spent time with hitting my 6i and 7i and aiming at specific target lines. Results were not too off, though the 7i was a tad more successful. If rain holds, I will go through the weapons w/top tracker.
  3. Day 504 Working with the driver, primarily, slow practice in hitting 25 shots, I concentrated on full follow through to avoid sending them off to the left. Fair success. with minimal loss of yardage. Will have a full set run through early tomorrow if rains hold!
  4. Day 503 Cool clear day 30 shots with the wedges. Good at the distances and targets. Tomorrow: Driver and 3w.
  5. When I first started golf, a local course had very few traps I recall. It was still a difficult route with wild rough of varying length, narrow fairways, and rolling hills. The two or three traps it had were wonderfully maintained, deep and in front of greens on par 3s. I learned more on the topic of planning and playing a course there than I did on the courses that had many traps.
  6. Day 502 Finally back to a range! Mainly wedges and 20 smacks each. Felt good; I will return to to full plan tomorrow!
  7. Day 501 Rain is ending, so after a day of physical warmups, and putting, tomorrow I should e ale to lite up the range
  8. Day 500 Yesterday, today and even tomorrow will result in indoor putting due to rare rain in Maricopa County, AZ. Perhaps on Friday late I will it the range!
  9. Day 499 Rain rain go away! I could only putt indoors today! Still, got some fun work in.
  10. Day 498 Again, tryng to figure out the most usual settings for the G410+, So far, I can adjust for my slight look. I am looking to correct far too much rise on the drives. Taking nites and videoing often, I attacking taking a controlled approach. 35 whacks today, all videoed. More tomorrow!
  11. Day 497 Quick 25 with driver. Adjustment to loft seem to make for a lower flight apex. Distances was good. Fun morning!
  12. Day 496 25 smacks w/re-done 50º excellent loft, speed around 100, great distance! 35 its w/driver. speed around 100. Made adjustment to lower loft. Results were quite acceptable.
  13. Day 494/495 This is a mea maxima culpa as my computer decided to go down last evening. My work was the same. I decided to change the shaft on my 50 wedge last week and Ping returned it on Thursday. I now have a graphite sr flex as opposed to the steel "wedge shafts" Ping use, at first, on the Glide 2.0. During warm up swings, after the Orange Whip was used, it did not seem all that different. By the tie I took say 20 swigs with no ball to hit, I began to feel both the slightly lighter weight and a bit of the SR feel. The true test, especially for this club, was to see if both ball speed and ability to control aim seemed better. Ball speed shot up 10% from 88 on average to 96. Yardage went to a consistent 95-110 with no more than 7' off line. The results were almost exactly the same yesterday and today. As I use this club as my pitching wedge, the results have been more than pleasing. More practice will really set this weapon in as I do need to adjust my thoughts to cover a more exacting use of this club. I suspect I may change my 56 for the same reasons.
  14. In order get better results, I, as some have mentioned here, really got comfortable with each club's primary (average) distance. As a result, I no longer carry a 5i, as the combination of my 4h and 5h readily takes care of the "missed" distances and loft is covered was well. Because my 3h is currently a real SOB, I have removed it. I sometimes use my 9i in place of my PW, or visa versa, depending on the situation and what I need to avoid, or simply how I feel my body is helping or interfering on a given day. I am now finding I have a gap that will have me adding an 8i very soon. Long ago, in the Neolithic age of the late 60s, I was taught that which club I use is personal; that learning what my club does for me is the first thing. So I never worried about what others used or some optimal configuration. I have also added clubs from other makers or even different lines by the same maker to solve an individual problem. So if you basically like you set, I would replace problems rather than set. You may need a fitter to point you in the right direction. That is my 2¢ and what works for me.
  15. When I got back to golf, it was also in AZ. In the very hot months the number of times I play or even do lengthy range sessions is WAY cut back (in part because my Dr Recommends it). Even in great weather (today was 81º), I try to hit a round 1 or 2 at most times a week. I need to keep it from seeming a chore. The temptation is to play every day and perhaps if money allowed I would play more.
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