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  1. Day 130 Had to stay around the house today. Some ball and mirror work and about 30 minutes hitting putts on a practice Matt. It all felt goo so will see how together I have it for a round tomorrow.
  2. Day 129: Limited my swings to 5i, 6i, 50º, 56º, and 60º wedge. Finally had the 5i redone to Senior Shaft. It took about 15 or so shots to get used to the difference. After that, I was concentrating on being physically and mentally set to eliminate both topping and swinging through the shot. 75-85% happy with the results and after a stinker of a shot I was able to adjust. Nice day in mid-60's with lots of sunshine.
  3. Day 128 A bit limited due to a cut on a finger which happened while I was making a home-brew beer. (My second hobby). Will be fine but until it gets a little better, tough to grip both a club or mug. Worked a for 20 minutes with a ball on motions of the swing to focus on both extension and shoulders
  4. Day 127: Good day! Went through the bag and, with a few exceptions, I got the shots I was looking for. Some clubs, especially the 3h and 4h were a mixed bag. Some great shots followed by a worm burner. Happy with the irons, especially 7i and 7i/w So ready for a few rounds ahead!
  5. Day 126 Putting drills at 6' and 10' First 6' drill went quite well, the putts all found the bottom of the gopher hole. Second round missed one. Third round was a full all sank. Moved to 10' and the results were mixed. I tended to leave them just a tad short, but 1/2 or so sank well into the well. Over all, not too bad. If I can, at this stage hit half the 10' in the hole with leaving those that don't basically a short tap in, I am happy. Still, I know work to be done.
  6. Day 125 Worked with a ball and did some mirror work before some putting practice. All set for a round tomorrow.
  7. Day 124 Busy day kept me from spending any time at the DR. Did some work with a ball to work on motion. Did some. putting as well to work on 4' and 6' putts.
  8. Day 123 Did well with my wedges, though I tended to hit them a bit off target to the left. 50º consistently 100 yds, 56º 60-75 yds, 60º varied depending on how far up the clock I took the club. I have to decide if I just allow for the off target often found with hitting wedges or work to make them more on target over all. For now, I will play for the slightly off line nature of the shots, and continue to work on other matters. Took a flatter back swing on my 3h, a fairly new club in the bag. When I did, it got good loft for the wind of today I got a slightly less lofted shot: only 10-15' in the air but good distance. If the wind is like this later this week during a round, I should be well prepared. Biggest lack of success was off the tee with both the GX-7 and my driver. Could not help but hit a lot of slices and even a few push slices. I tried a number of things I have done in the past with success; but nothing I did seemed to have a consistent correction quality. In the past few days, I have done well in terms of making adjustments after a bad shot. Perhaps I was a tad fatigued ( 350+ range hits since Saturday) and add to than no significantly windy days in quite a long time or more likely, a bit of both plus a bit of brain dead. Tomorrow will be soft chips, putting & drives before a Thursday round that I will keep a full score of, no matter how good or bad. Finally, I salute all the Veterans in our lives. I stand in full awe of all you have given.
  9. Day 122 Beautiful day to swing a club!! Clear blue skies, no real wind, 66º. Hit every club at least 6 times. Added one for any serious flaw beyond a simple fade or push, to topped flight due to pulling my head up. 160 swings over all. Big thing, aside from taking care to continue to develop a pre-shot routine, was taking my time between shots, time between clubs. I really worked on not rushing nor hitting the ball as hard as possible. Result was greater distance and more on line. The task today was to enjoy the weather, have fun, correct the "next shot", and not fret about the "last shot."
  10. Day 121 First day I really felt well (physically) doing seriously full swings this week. Worked my new 60º and felt good with the results up to 50 yards, again. Great height with good results in getting close to the hole. I suspect I would have been able to one putt from many of the stopping points. I was not doing anything greater than a 3/4 swing. Took full swings with a 3h. Too many topped balls due to pulling my head up just a bit. Really worked to keep it down with a continuous turn of the hips. Not sure why I could not just relax and swing through the ball better. I did improve as I worked on the corrections. 7i and 7h were ok but not great, took a while to get both of them on track. Nice loft from both; but the 7i was a bit erratic in terms of directions. Not wildly off, but just enough to make me focus on how open or closed the club was.
  11. Day 120 Started out with getting used to my new 60º wedge. Mainly did lobs less than 50 yards. "lob" good, predictable distance, news work. As well, got a number of swings in at large demo days at my DR. 7 different lines and I got a chance to try a number of 3i and 3h to fully finish out my bag! Ended up with the 3h. Loved the weight and balance, loft came almost immediately. I also loved the , but something was not quite as comfortable. About 60 full swings in at at demos and another 25 for wedge.
  12. Day 119 Slight change of plans. Worked on putting and close on chipping. Good from 4' in, 6' in was not too bad, but left quite a few short. 10'-12' were ok but usually took two to get it in, dis not work on further out.
  13. DrMJG

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    My goals are fairly straight forward: 1: Less time on the driving range; more time playing on the courses 2: Developing consistency throughout the bag 3: Relaxing prior to the swing; less trying to to hit it as hard as possible 4: Better follow through no matter a short, mid, or full length swing 5: Play gold rather than proving I can play golf 6: Keep hitting the little ball before I hit the big ball! So, after my return to golf this past year, I have met most of last years goals. I just need to now practice to improve my flaws as they are made manifest. And continue to have fun!!
  14. Day 118 Still a bit stiff over all of me, after standing most of yesterday as a precinct election inspector in AZ, I limited my work today to wedge shots not requiring a full swing. My 50º was fairly good, nice flow, mostly on line but on the green. Not enough back spin, so quite a few rolled more than I would have liked. I would have left myself with putts greater than 15'. When I tried a few 3/4 swings, I delivered good 60-75 yard shots with good height. A few were off line but not so much as to have made an impossible next swing. The 56º had similar results. The lob shots were high with good stooping after a very short roll. Most were well within 6'. Went home and felt as if the workout was good. Tomorrow, after a really good night of sleep, will return to full swings and some putts.
  15. Day 118 Only thing I could do, due to all time voter turnout in the district where I was the election Inspector, was to do exercises for hip turn. About 20 minutes overall back to clubs tomorrow

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