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  1. Day 3 While I did some golf activity yesterday, it was a full hour of physical motion and mirror work on weight shift and hip turn. I did this to prepare me for the final check up and send off from PT. It went well, just that I got tired and simply forgot to log on. (Hey, I posted nothing for almost 9 months!) Started out today with today was 10 minutes of concentrating the feet (position and shifting) followed with 15 minutes on the putting-mat.
  2. Day 2 45 minutes, actually: 15 minutes with the Orange Whip®. primarily the same as yesterday. I did, for the last 5 minutes, bring it up to past my knees and almost up to my waist. Felt good with this routine and will continue to build on this. 15 minutes of light chipping with my 60º. Felt a lot smother and, used on how the ball was hitting the net, I felt I hit well centered shots. The rest of the times exercises given to me by Hannah, my Physical Therapist. Tase were set primarily to challenging my balance.
  3. Day 1 Finally back doing the golf thing. Without going into a lot of detail, I lost strength in the legs for almost any activity, including standing and balance. After impressive work done by my primary care physician. cardiologist, and great physical therapists, all is in order for doing "golf activities". First re-pairs were adding a stent to a blocked artery and doing a LOT of physical therapy. THEN it was decided to put a Watchman in me and all has been cleared in terms of activity. So far I can chip and putt and lightly swing my Orange Whip®. So I did a little of each.
  4. Day 34 Did the hybrids for 30 minutes again. Did better on distance and loft again. better because I concentrated on pre-swing matters.
  5. Day 33 Focus in full swings with the hybrids. Both were fine off of tee and turf. 5h was better than 4h in terms of expected distance. Still need to focus to keep the fade from going too broad.
  6. Day 33 I only worked my wedges today. 50º average 90 yards, good loft and direction was much better than usual. Could not get a solid bite using range balls, however. 56º same bite problems but loft was good with much better direction and follow through. 60º, same as above, great hight on the "Phil Flops"
  7. Day 32 While the weather was cool, decided it was time to hit a few balls. Distance suffered, but felt good in terms of contact and direction. Warmer weather for weekend, so full weekend, so full bag will be tested
  8. Day 31 As with yesterday, 20 minutes of physical mirror work to get the muscles thinking golf followed by 30 swipes wit the Orange Whip®
  9. Day 30 Long day and early day. I did 20 minutes of golf related exercises before work and 20 Orange Whip® swings after!
  10. Day 29 Cool day so I went to the PGA store. I averaged 199.8 yards and almost no deviation off of the center. So I could not find fault.
  11. Day 26 As with yesterday, a packed schedule allowed for only some Orange Whip work and about 25 minutes of mirror work Tomorrow will be a round so will be active.
  12. electrolytes are recommended for older people who may need to retain hydration.
  13. If you want a cab from the airport, tell them you want a City of Comfort cab. Otherwise, the cab man as you exit will sense you are American (or foreigner, at least) and direct you to the limo and quasi limo at a much greater price. Avoid the Red Cabs, often for foreigners the meter seems to have broken. You do NOT have to take the first cab offered.
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