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  1. Day 71 Again, basic putting 3 ball at 4', 6' and 8'. 4' with a quite solid consistency, 6' fairly good with about a 10% miss rate, 8' often a 2 putt result, but nice up rate. Tomorrow is a 9 hole round at the local executive course. If weather cools downs as expected, may play 18
  2. DrMJG

    What driver brand do you use?

    Ping GSFT 43.5" Senior Shaft, chosen after 2 fittings, second focusing on length and shaft
  3. DrMJG

    Strike Rules All!

    While the animated data, at times, may represent my 20+ HCP, and, I also am using senior shafts and "built to remove a bit of mishit" clubs, I am getting a solid hits and solid results 80% of the time. I do believe that to strike the shot as well as I can, club face control, a problem for my arthritic right hand and path control have to be well considered. Speed is something fairly difficult for me to improve, though senior shafts do help greatly. I have come to try and figure out more why my last shot was iffy (or crappy); and, most of the time it is a combination of things. I will check contact tape to see if strike area was too far off, understanding club control throughout the swing is my downfall. it is my reason for the missed sweet spot. Love the feel and sound of a great strike, to be sure.
  4. 6'Day 70 Another day of focusing on my putts and covering distances. Am better at 4' and 6' with the longer distance getting better if my goal is to get very close to the. hole. Not so good in getting in the hole. But, that is what focused practice is all about! Planning on a Wed. round.
  5. Day 69 Started a progressive putting program of 4 - 8 - 16 at the putting area of my DL. As this was what I plan on being a 10 day to 2 week focus to improve my sense of pace of my putter. Used 3 balls to work on either repeating or getting better. C+/B- over all. Pace was not good a lot of the time at 16, though other distances were "OK". Even if I decide to work on other things at the DR this week, an added 30 minutes for putting will be worth it.
  6. Day 68 Worked on two types of shots: shot from the fairways with 175-200 to go. So mainly 3h,4h,7h uses. All were "ok". Did not get my normal lift due to a spirited wind coming in at me. I got very close to the distances needed without the loft. 7h was the best of the bunch as I was able to get better loft. Also worked on 50-75yd paths to the green. Focused most on getting to the green not to the pin. Best results of the day. Left myself with "putts" which would have been highly makable. An hours work; overall a B- grade.
  7. DrMJG

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    Longer? Adding something as simple as "except for handicapped golfers" or "unless if needed"? No, not a matter of being offended (I am actually very hard to fully offend): it is rather more like not excluding others. This I feel strongly about. Remember when most courses, except munis, excluded African-Americans? I am old enough to recall many who did so. It was a matter of not just including but changing to not excluding. Besides, most of us improve by working on our shots while standing still. I cannot fathom how true #8 is in any measurable way, as to claim why one cannot improve to a better game or WHY they are relegated to play a poorer game. I will grant both you and the author are of strong opinion here. I just do not see it as major of a factor as he does.
  8. DrMJG

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    Then, I would have preferred if the author has noted the exception to his rule. And, as you know, my game has improved primarily through daily and focused practice. But, I would have like the next level acknowledged. Maybe he just does not get too man HCPed people seeking lessons.
  9. DrMJG

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    some good points but I disagree with: #8 Riding a cart. Some courses require carts to speed up play But as to me: I ride a cart primarily because I cannot walk a course fully. I have had major operations on both a foot and knee. Without a cart, I would either not finish a round or would cause a back-up by how slowly I could walk. When I was younger and playing I would never think of a cart, either to walk with to carry my clubs or ride on. This comment is a tad too snarky and suggests handicapped golfers should not play the game.
  10. Day 67. Due to impending heat and a busy morning, up at first light to get my practice in. 20 minutes of pitching to a green about 60 yards out. Goal was to get the ball in the green and to stop rather than roll off the green. Mostly met this goal. Note: following LSW, my target was the green rather than the flag. I would have left myself with an average of 10' for the first putt.
  11. DrMJG

    Warrior Custom Golf

    I became a lucky owner of about 24 of their golf balls when a "friend" (I got to get him back someday) cleaned out his golf room. They are "ok". I play "soft" in general and mostly e6. My response overall is "meh", not totally bad but, for me and my strokes I would not buy them. (I also don't play one of the softs for the same reason.) As one who has heard many such pitches, I have taken on a few approaches. With some companies, I go to the fact that I speak very fluent German and I can go into a hard to understand dialect of that language as well. Or, if I am in a pissant mood, I will talk to them as if I am a lawyer going over every point in their ad. Keep them on line in both cases as it ties up their sales figures. Usually they hang up on me! A lot one can do if they are retired and have time.
  12. DrMJG

    Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    This. was the first main focus I too from LSW. Even in my wildest fantasy, my technique does not allow that I will do well aiming for the pin. As a result, employing this one focus, I went from shooting well into the 100s, to breaking 100 and then breaking 90 bu changing how I thought about greens. I suspect on 18 holes, I saved perhaps 5-6 strokes by this when I broke 90. Once ON the green I control results a bit better with the putter. Yes, my skill says I will fight 3 putt holes. But hey, I have also eliminated some 3 hole putts as well. Using the odds in your favor allows you to get a lower score! iacas has done the research and applied it to a way of thinking. BTW, the pro from the 1970's I payed golf with said don't allow the course to make your targets too small.
  13. DrMJG

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    Same here 56º with 12 bounce
  14. Day 66 9 holes at an executive course. Longest hole is 380. Used my GX-7 for all longer tee shots. Usually a 5h or 7h to green from there. 2 were nice PW to green but only 2 were GIR. I hit 3 non fairway off tees. Biggest problem was leaving me 20 or so feet to hole. So ended up with a 46. Need to do some putting work this weekend. Happy in most respects and score is right in the middle of my scores lately.
  15. DrMJG

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    Most of the above rules are not that big of infractions except if you never pick up a flag or stand to close or walk across a line. And usually my friendly sarcasm takes care of the problem. My group NEVER uses the gimme unless less that 1 foot. Never for birdie of eagles as well. I would add my pet grouse is set for too many trips to the refreshment cart or to their cooler pockets for adult beverages. And, yes I drink and even make my own beer. But, driving a cart under the influence is dangerous and such golfers seem to get too loud and too rude. Save it for the 19th hole. I NEVER talk to another's ball; if it talks back I might get bad advice. I only talk to myself in a round lest people think I am too crazy. (I do know what is meant but again, something I do not do.)

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