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  1. Day 378 A somewhat cool AM, so out to the range for some full work. 10 each with my 3 wedges to start after the usual warm-ups. All were solid on distance and the 50º was exceptionally good on the direction, solid drop and stop with the 60º. Worked the 6i and 7i quite a bit, about 20 each. 6i was giving me the most iffy shots for the first 6 or so. That was in part to my playing the ball ever so slightly forward that I was ever so slightly topping the smack. After a mild cursing myself out, shots were good for distance, aim, and loft. No hooks or slices in the lot. Perhaps because I played my 6i first, the 7i behaved well. Ball speed was consistent and the loft was not too high. I was averaging right where I should be for my distance. 10 shots next with my 3h (19º). Nice feel as they gave me all I was asking for. 155 yard average, nice loft without commemorating the lift off to the moon. Ball speed was about 95. Finished off with 6 from the driver. A bit off as I had not used it in some time. Distance was not bad, averaging 200 but accuracy was a bit of a crap shoot. Usually a soft fade or draw, but one really off and running slice told me it is time to spend a day with just this club.
  2. Day 377 Schedule ended up not allowing me to get to the range. So I did a lot of work on my hip movement from backswing through to the swing. I concentrated moving the left hip towards to target before any rotation from the right side. Reconfirmed the motion through both a mirror and a video. I had been not doing the first motion from my hip to the target with just the slightest of rotations first over the last few times I played; and, that had me finishing too far from a fade into a hook. Not sure where or when it slipped, but today felt good.
  3. Day 376 40 minutes with my hybrids. 3H (19º) was solid in range and accuracy. 170 yards was the average distance and ball speed was good. Nice loft, not too high with a solid roll after. This club is starting to become predictable. 4H (22º) was OK to Good. While distance was a very keepable at 155yards average, and loft aided a solid roll, I was a little bit all over the place between a draw and a fade. This made planning before the shot a bit tough. None of them were so offline as to make them un-playable; many landed on the green I was targeting, just not as near to the flag as I thought I was aiming for.. Maybe I am complaining too much. 5H (24º) came in at 145 yards average distance, and consistent loft and accuracy. I had been getting too high of a loft the other day and lost some distance as a result. All did well as I finally got a few days in a row with solid full swings.
  4. Same, except on Friday the 13th when I try to swing with no plane at all!!!
  5. Day 375 FINALLY got a very early day at the range. Only 90º when I started. I worked my 22º and 24º hybrids and my 6i and 7i. These are my usual clubs after the tee. All gave good distance and fairly good loft, though the 24º was a bit to the right on some shots. I was, as well, concentrating on eliminating a chicken wing in the left arm, and, for the most part, that was good. All in all, considering my lack of full swing time in these last few weeks. Hope to get back tomorrow AM.
  6. Day 374' Up early today 15 minutes on treadmill followed by 15 minutes with the Orange Whip®. I will putt some later on, but I needed in ingest some coffee!
  7. Day 373 Added to my time with physical warm-ups, Orange Whip® and putting with a half hour on the treadmill to keep the heart rate up.
  8. Day 372 Heat was the kill joy again today! So 20 minutes of golf related warm-ups, followed by 20 minutes on the back patio with the orange weapon, and 20 minutes indoors with putts.
  9. Most ranges use a harder ball, even if they are made by a major brand. I have had to adjust my club choice n about a full cub when playing a round. Really confused me for a bit as to why I was over shooting my well measured next shots.
  10. Day 371 Due to the very very high heat predicted for the day, I got to the range when it opened for those with a card to operate the ball set up at 7:15. Started out with 10 minutes physical warm-ups and 10 swipes with the Orange Whip®. Hit a total of 35 shots with only 3 clubs. 15 with my 50º as a combination warm-up and first club. Good distance and direction was ok though a bit inconstant. 10 with my 7i, best over all work in some time. No complaints. 10 with my 4h. Over all, I was very happy about how it seemed as if, at lest for today, that I mastered the weapon! (Humility will return next time I play the damned club on the course, I fear to say, LOL. 😂)
  11. As an old geezer amateur, who started playing golf when a Timex was the only device other than golf related stuff that most used, we all got fairly good at choosing club to distance by eye and feel. I recall often thinking "That looks like a soft (or strong or regular) 7i to me" or something like that. I was a low single digit golfer at the time. Since then, I have moved to much newer club technology employing GI clubs with soft-regular graphite shafts , They did not exist in the 1970's. Now, I tend to "learn" my distance/club with distances measured at a Top Track at my main range. Yes, they are range balls, but I add about 10 yards to my distances to allow for the fact that I play soft e12 by Bridgestone as opposed to the harder range balls by Srixon my range uses. While not as close as a pro gets after consultation with his or her caddy, my club selection has improved greatly. I do that about once every 6-8 weeks or so. or when I acquire a new club; and, over the past year I have developed a very good sense of which club I will select. To help me, I make a small laminated card to attach to the bag, with my "current" averages per club listed on it. Average puts me in the right neighborhood. I do play with a friend, from time to time, who owns all of the latest electronic toys. He spends about 60 - 90mseconds, at least, before every shot to "know" exactly what to play. I play without GPS or rangefinder. My choice of clubs does me well. I am not saying to not use the toys, just do not become so attache you don't play golf.
  12. Day 370 I did get up early (6:30 AM) enough to use a shady area at home for about 45 minutes. 15 minutes physical activities from knee bends, toe touches, moving side to side with still legs and a club behind the back, holding a club in front with arms out and moving legs and hips. (I did these indoors with the air conditioning aiding.) 15 minutes using the Orange Whip® and primarily concentrating on the motion of the body and a good swing plane. 15 minutes working on full swing with cotton golf balls and a target net. Was 92º at finish. Went in and kept moving around the house for 10 minutes or so to cool don followed by a shower. When it hits 90º before 8 AM, a round is out of the question for me if I don't want my doctor hollering at me!
  13. Day 369 Another very warm day, hit 116º at my home. Thank goodness of PowerAde®, water, and air con!!! Putting for about 30 minutes or so followed by work on the upper body to made sure the club follows through correctly. My vide4eo looked good; I now need to work on this outdoors to add the element of speed to the drills.
  14. Day 368 Today was only 113º, though I now have an indoor program of physical activities but, even with concentration it is rather boring. I admit the lower body concentration in both the set and follow through is solid. I have videoed the routine and it looks good. And, no I will not post the videos as I usually do them right after showering and the world is not ready to see me in various levels of undress. Even my wife feels comfortable in making snide comments. If I get up early enough tomorrow, I will try to serif these exercises make a difference at the range.
  15. Day 368 30 minutes of mirror work, primarily focused on hips and follow through. Felt good. Then 15 minute of using the putting mat. I adjusted the mat to have up hill and slightly high to left line. I worked on 6' line and hit about 85% directly in. Others I left for a tap in. I will be doing such work as we hit a week of 110º+ days until start of next week, at least. Stay hydrated, friends!
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