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  1. Day 13 Fell in love with my driver all over again! 30 shots today, average distance 230 yards, for me same at 360+ for Tiger in terms of joy! Fairly good dispersion! Nice roll! Improved speed for the weapon. May it act the same tomorrow on the round!
  2. Day 12 6i only, not too much of a pull left today. I was very happy as distance was solid. Watching my latest videos, I have seen how simple maladjustments to address and swing can creep in. I need to keep checking everything.
  3. Day 11 7i and driver, wit focus on ow far away I was setting up my address. I saw on a video that I was reaching on my address that my down swing was almost casting. So my last coaching session went over this. The results today were more than I expected. Only one mist in the 40 shots.
  4. Day 10 Only worked with 7i today. Getting all speed up to lower 80's with consistency and 10 more yards.
  5. Day 9 Ran through the 50º, 56º and 60º; fairly good results, better direction was solid.
  6. Day 8 30 each with 7i and driver to continue keeping the swings in sequence and not as pushed. Good swing speeds and solid distance was the result.
  7. Time today for a quick 9 hole jaunt. Many of my problems were the result of rushing myself! Course was 32.5/105 good conditions Shot 44, 15 putts, 5 penalty, only 25% fairways, 3 pars and 1 rather ugly double bogie. I needed to finish prior to heading off to a full scheduled day, I tended to not take as much time just before a shot to make sure I was truly ready to swing.
  8. Day 7 Arrived late for a 9 hole jaunt. So only had time to hit 10 practice shots and do about 10 minutes of physical warm ups. True, they did help in many ways; I wish I had more time.
  9. Day 6 20 minutes of working the sequence of a good swing, first slowly then speeding it up
  10. Day 5 Focused today on proper sequence of a full swing with my 7i and driver to get better ball and swing speeds at consistent levels. This week, ball speed has gained about 12-15 mph primarily as a result of making sure the right hip begins the process of the down swing. When it does not work well, it is more the result of brain fart meeting old body as much as anything else. Improved strikes with better speed resulted in about 15-29 yards. Not 100% automatic yet.
  11. Day 4 30 Driver whacks focusing on techniques to improve swing speed. Keeping hips fully involved for the most part.
  12. Day 3 6i, 7i, 9i and driver were put to work today. Working on foot position and keeping concentration on the ball. Focus tomorrow and the rest of the week will e working on improving ball speed.
  13. Day 1 of restart! Mainly a get the muscles moving day. 20 sots each with 5h, 6i and driver. OK at best, too wise of a dispersion. Tomorrow same clubs, with video.
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