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  1. My 2018 goals... Buy clubs and hit the range. Haven't played or swung a club in 17 years. Forget I was a 10 HC back then, I will not be now. Have fun and just play. Try to meet people at courses. I moved to a smaller southern community from upper mid-west and was told people here will be hospitality friendly, but, very hard to make friends with. Find the daily motivation to do all above. Miss my old playing group from up north, didn't play but stayed in contact.
  2. My first set was Discount store $69 MacGregor clubs. Real woods (1-3-5) and 3-PW irons. Played those until 2003 when tore cartilage in both hands, work related. They went MIA 3 years ago during the divorce. Oh well. Now to upgrade but no clue where to begin.
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