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  1. An honest opinion!!! We take lessons, we buy latest equipment, we watch hours of videos and read books , we try things with ropes and hatchets and brooms so that we improve in a game that challenges us against each other but one self. A game that looks easy enough to grasp and yet like sand its impossible to do so. I get to play 3 to 4 times a month. In tournaments I have always played worse than my handicap. A scratch handicapper trapped in a handicapped body. I have been playing for 21 odd years, started late at 19. -I would seldom get time to warm up before a round . -I woul
  2. It's really easy for everyone to dismiss Jim's methodology. Here's what I have been through. I play to around 10-12. Whenever I play a tournament I play to 18+ I struggle with atleast 1 triple and a couple of double bogeys every round. In my mind I am way better than I play but lack consistency. Am good at chipping and have really improved my putting using an unconventional method. What I figured was my long distance wood/iron play completely lacked consistency. And as the round came to close I would get worse. Also I would every now and then hit weak fa
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