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  1. Hey I am new to this thread and this may have been discussed before, if so just tell me to look back through! I have skimmed through some of the 300+ pages in this thread and it is clear that the general consensus is that Tiger, to this point, has had the best and most dominant golf career to date. I think the stats are impossible for anyone to argue! But, at the same time it might be worth considering the influence that Jack’s success may have had on Tiger. I have read somewhere that Tiger kept posters on his wall with Jacks accomplishments which provided him with a goal and guidelines that he knew he had to accomplish to become the best (which for the most part he completed all of those except 1). Jack probably knew he was on the fast track to becoming the GOAT so this could have easily negatively affected his game. I think that everyone agree that these are two of the most competitive champions to ever play the game. Somewhere on this thread it was mentioned that out of 100 it would be like 65-35 in favor of Tiger. I feel like this is a hard number to judge and most likely inaccurate because if Jack knew growing up that a prodigy named Tiger would have been born he would have pushed himself more and would have tried little harder (he has said this before in interviews). That extra work could have potentially caused him to win some of those 2nd place finishes. I think without a doubt Tiger has been the most dominant golfer to date but I think that if you switch their birthdays and reversed positions (have Jack start golfing before the age of 2, learn from a scratch golfer, hit countless golf balls into a garage net as a kid, have the mind set of becoming the best) that Jack would have been just as good if not better than Tiger. I feel like Tiger has been the most dominant golfer but would not turn down the idea of Jack being the GOAT. *note: Tiger was a scratch golfer around the age Jack STARTED golfing
  2. I thought I posted one! Sorry! I attached a gif from the back that might help! I thought about getting lessons but haven't decided yet!
  3. Hi all! I was hoping that you guys could help me improve my driver swing and figure out what I am doing wrong! I have never struggled hitting my driver until recently! I have only been golfing a few years and have been using the "baseball grip" and decided to switch to an interlocking grip to help improve my game further. With this new grip I hit my irons further and straighter than ever but cannot hit my driver at all. I am for the most part topping the ball, hitting it off the toe, slicing it, or hooking it. I attached some files and videos from the Zepp app. I was hoping someone could give me drills and ways to improve! *on the Zepp picture the dark blue is going back and the light blue is coming back down. I can see that I somehow end up going below plane. Here is a gif of me swinging! Should help you get an idea!
  4. The M4's do look like really nice irons. Hopefully Taylormade addressed the caving club face issue! I plan on going up to a local sports store and hitting as many irons as I can and I will go from there! I have not looked into Ping irons too much but I will definitely look into the i500's!
  5. Hi all! I am currently looking to upgrade from my old Nike Ignite irons. A few years back i purchased a Taylormade M2 driver and was considering going with the 2016 M2 tour irons, possibly just the 2017 M2's, or 2017 M1 irons. But, I have seen quite a few people that have experienced the faces caving in on these irons. I have not measured my swing speed on a trackman, but with the Zepp 2.0 my driver swing speed is around 100mph. I am not sure if this would even be fast enough to cave these irons in. If it is, does anyone know if Taylormade will replace caved in M2 irons if I bought them used? With the release of the new M3 and M4 Irons the M2's and M1's can be found relatively cheap and lightly used on eBay. If not, what iron set (any manufacturer) would be comparable in terms of distance and forgiveness? Another option that I have thought about are the P790's. Does anyone know if these are "too much club" for a 15 handicap?
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