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  1. - Welcome to TSP MP33! Thank you for your well wishes and well written post. Sounds like your injury heeled up pretty good after all. Hitting your blades deuce, quarter out is good evidence of it. Super! I'm 7 weeks out now and have been hitting 30-40 grapes at the rockpile for a couple weeks now but have yet to play a full round. After about 12 therapy sessions twice a week its feeling 65-70% Headed out get 18 in today for the 1st time since the injury 5/29, we'll see how it plays out. See if I have a birdie or two in me... I'd say slow and steady hey? Surgeon says its healed and that I'm not going to hurt anything but may get some inflammation so I may ice it afterwards. We'll see how it feels. Guys say they want strokes since I have a Titanium in plant now, I gave then the f-u finger. Lol ha ha See ya around brotha. Enjoy your weekend. _
  2. - I've read it 3 times Sindiger so it sinks in. Makes perfect sense Michael. If single digit players only make them 55% of the time what makes me think I should make them more than they do. In my mind, I do practice putting quite a bit (couple hours, prob close to 3 hrs a week). Ballbuster is when I miss 3'rs too. Humbling game I hate to love ha ha Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. Enjoy your evening
  3. - Griz what kinda putter you stroking it with these days ? I see it can be common with single digit players, pros too. Putting here as well... Cameron Studio 4* Super stroke grip, 6 years left hand low has added fractions my consistency. Still missing 6' footers on what seems to be all too often regularity.
  4. These puppies are decent tooo... Either way, updatings a good idea. Mac I don't think you can really go wrong these days. Good luck with your purchase mo.
  5. Not to mention its the only place you can drink and drive LOl. Welcome Micah. What is that European ?
  6. PeterB

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Erik I gather you have your calendar market so not miss his interview on Feherty then? ha! Joking. He was miked the entire time during that clinic I spoke off. Loving the game, it was cool to hear his English accent, personality, take on different shots, stories and stuff. Not to mention we have got to give him some credit, can't argue his good taste in Italian sports cars 😄 Have a good weekend gentlemen.
  7. PeterB

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    I don't see it as well? Then again to each his own... Colorful cat. I had a chance to walk the fairway with him in an Cadillac exhibition at the Glen GC, Glenview IL. Extremely talented player. I personally found the initial 5 hr impression of him positive, he came across competitive and a decent guy. We all get'm, might of had a moment where he lost an edge.
  8. Super. Congrats! Best of luck with the remaining journey
  9. Breaks, here's what the set wedges look like in black and the grips I opted for...
  10. - On top of that... My suggestion is to do what I did, play with friends that have updated clubs and hit them while playing, see how you like them and do what everyone else is suggesting as well. Its pretty much a given, newer tech drivers, irons, gripsis by far greater than say 10 years back, by far. Then of course, get fitted for them. Good luck. Btw All that said, this year in Jan I shot the best round ever with a set of Tommy Armours 845 (quarter to nines ha ha) that I played with 25 years go with an old malot Odyssey putter I paid $20 for. Long story short, I needed and set to take down to Naples and left it at my buddy Billy's that just joined the Everglades CC. Early morning hours, we played with the Pro who suggested early mornings always play the whites (6700) , ball doesn't roll as much, tips 7400. I shot a 38/38 ten pars, I birdie, rest bogies beat the pro by a stroke. As my old time coach Marty "LongBall" Joyce always says "its the Indian shooting the Arrows not the Arrows...
  11. Super UB! Congrats mo. Lots of birdies, eagles upcoming with that Pic set. You kept your old wedges too ai? What grips did you opt for Golf Pride half cord or ?  They are awesome sticks aren't they. Prior to my decision to update, I hit my buddies out of his bag on a 5 round weekend outing to Weaver Ridge. After that I could not resist getting ordering mine. UB I'm sure its the same with yours, with mine the ball flies so much higher and 10-15 yards further with that new technology than with my 10 year old Callaway graph Fusions i.e. 5 iron near 200 where I was getting 180's prior. I haven't had a change to play a round with them yet but I'm confident you and I will be pleased with them. Myself I opted for the 60* graphite as well on my Xs with two wedges, where I opted to go black flat finish on those and updated the Rescue as well. Holy smokes guys, they weren't shy about the price either @ $1400.00. Add their Driver at $400 and its like they saw me coming. NP its in the budget... I'm sure it's going to take a little time at the rockpile crushing grapes to hone in on the new yardage with them for you as well. Thanks for pic and post.  Enjoy'm and lots of luck with them. PeterB.
  12. Surgery 6/11 with a 7/7 Ortho Dr.s appt to which he mentioned to me two weeks ago I can start to practice my short game after. Although I have to be honest I'm nervous to take a divot on an iron shot or hit a bunker shot. Not sure, might be smart to just lay off another month or so. Well anxious to see what tomorrow brings. I've had no therapy to date and would think thats probably next on the agenda. I've been active on the greens and have been practice putting all along. Picked up a new $10 gatchet on Amazon that seems to help your alignment and keeping your eyes, head quiet....
  13. Ciao Paisano. Qui si dice? Eo u noto a Palermo, Provincia di Trapani lei? Welcome on board mo! What's it like way under ? Girls are a lot more stylish, way better looking back home correct ? What about the Tracks got some decent ones there? What do green fees, fuel, gallon of milk run back home and in Australia? Anyways just curious. Good to have you along. Thanks for registering, look forward to seeing your posts
  14. Ha! I could see that Moxie, I hadn't even considered that angle. What did you do crash your Harley mo? What year was that? How's the action on the wrist these days? Still feel it when it rains or something or is it totally back 100% back to normal ? - Sure and to add insult to injury my fitted order on my new Rogue Irons, 60 graphite shafts just came in this past week :/
  15. To my amazement he did not cast it as I thought he might. I moaned about it and joked I'd give him GNote if he didn't! Having Ana drive me there in her tight jeans, high heels and low cut blouse might have helped my case. Dr used dressing again with a low, under support cast only. Dr. claimed it was due to my Sons Nicholas (13) no cast request at last weeks Dr's visit but something tells me it was something else 😄 Next week, stitches come out and possibly just a few more weeks to go before I can grip the club with both hands and chip, pitch a few... Slow and steady wins the race.
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