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  1. I'm getting tired of the offset in my burner irons not allowing me to consistently fade the ball as much as I would like. I feel as though I have to open up the face way to much from the start. Therefore, I am pondering trading them in somewhere and getting an new set of enhancement irons with less offset. I have read some reviews stating that the older Mizuno MP-57 actually has a little bit better feel than the newer 58 model. I also read a bunch of comparisons that stated that the MP-57 felt better than the Titleist AP2. Can those of you who have hit those 2 irons give me your opinions. I'm
  2. Lean Mean says "Technology is too good" If you're such a purist why do you use the latest technology ADJUSTABLE driver? Is that because you can't hit a Draw on command with your driver? What makes you so sure my pro isn't teaching me how to hit those shots? Who says I'm not trying to get better and eventually play blades? I annoy you because I like to try out different sets of clubs.[/QUOTE] The adjustable 460 only adds or decreases the loft of the face for trajectory. It doesn't even play a role in sidespin, newbie.
  3. The type of irons make a huge difference.[/QUOTE] *Unless you are switching from super game improvement irons to very traditional blades, then I'm afraid you are very wrong sir; technology is too good nowadays. Your professional nike tour coach should teach you how to hit a draw, fade, or dead straight on command with any iron you use. Any honest professional would tell you that it is some kind of operator error. Not the club. Don't reject good advice.
  4. Yo, its not the irons! Technology today is tremendous no matter what club you get. Stop buying a bunch of iron sets and blaming the irons when you hit fades all day. What you need to do is sell the taylormades and get some serious lessons and learn how to hit the ball "dead straight" with any club. There is no excuse for blaming technology nowadays. Nothing personal, just take the advice. It will really help you out more than what anyone else will say.
  5. I HAVE THE BEST SET EVER ALREADY! ahhhhhhhh There is no reason I shouldn't be scratch with what I got! But I might want to get a new driver for fun next year.
  6. It's not the club, it is your swing. If you are a good golfer you can hit any club. Period. Do whats best for you. The old folks at my club hit hybrids because it is easier for them. I can hit long irons fine, but I bomb my hybrids even longer. It is actually the same swing as a 3 or 5 wood. A form like this really says, "I can't hit a hybrid to save my life. Is anyone else struggling with their hybrids, or is it just me?" aka should be in the tips part of thesandtrap form.
  7. I have an R9 460 9.5 that I don't really like the feel of. Even though it is a 460cc head, I feel like I rarely hit the "sweet spot" compared to my old R7 (which is actually a 420cc). Anyway, I would like some recommendations for good feeling drivers. I have the Burner 07' 3 wood, and it feels phenomenal on just about every hit. Should I swap my R9 in for the Burner 07' driver? How is that driver? Is it long, does it have good feel? Any other recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. With your swing speed, you will want to go with the tour preferred model, but make sure you strengthen your grip and swing from in to out or your slice will go further right.
  9. Actually, the shaft has a lot to do with your ball flight, not so much technique. Sure you can manipulate the ball flight with technique, but why the heck would you change your swing to match your desired ball flight when you could just get a better shaft? You need to learn to hit the ball with a normal swing without having to finish low every time to get a lower trajectory. Go ahead and get a better shaft to match your desired ball flight, and if you need to hit really low shots, then you can gets some lessons and learn how to hit the stingers.
  10. Ever since I've been using zero-friction tees, I have never hit a bad shot.
  11. DON'T GET THESE BALLS...They are fun to play around with friends and give you an accurate ball flight, BUT they will NOT improve your ball striking abilities. They definitely are a little smaller than a real golf ball and it is really hard to tell when you hit them flush because they just fly so far out there anyway. You can hit the ball thin and it feels the same as if you hit it flush. They kind of messed up my ball striking because I wanted to sweep them instead of take a divot with a practice ball. Stick with short iron practice shots and short game with real balls.
  12. Dude, you don't need to buy a new driver. All you need is to go get fitted for a better shaft. Unless the cost of the new shaft is more than a new driver, just get fitted for a new shaft.
  13. Most likely, the reason you are having problems is due to: 1. Your swing/posture/set up (your own fault, not the club) 2. You probably need different shafts fitted for you But, mostly because you need lessons. Good players can hit any type of iron/offset given the right shaft. Get fitted for the right shafts and use the rest of the money for lessons.
  14. This would be the best deal for you: Save up some more money and get the new Mizuno m58. They are even better feeling than the 57's and the nike cci's. I think it would definitely be worth it to save up some more money and get the 58's. That's what I would do.
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