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  1. I think today's PGA Tournament is a great example of someone who started at the age of 19 and thought he could make the tour. Who knew he would beat Tiger Woods... Food for thought!
  2. Has anyone here ever played professionally?
  3. Hi Dave, Being a golf instructor I can tell you this much, when you hire a golf professional they work for you. I have seen this over and over again in my profession where the student gets frustrated with their lessons. First of all, I hope you take your time with a package of lessons. What I mean by that is, one should NEVER take a lesson and after that lesson is done, they book another appt. with their pro. In between each lesson you should take as much time as you need to work on the positions that you and your pro worked on. After YOU feel that you worked the positions or movements your p
  4. QUICK!!! I do believe it's page 39 and if not it's page 59 but it is by far the best part of that book that will yield the best results without having to work too many of the swing positions. It says that EVERYONE should practice with their thumb and index finger off of the club. Without the thumb and finger (on the right hand if your right handed or left hand if your left handed) there must be a different set of muscles that delivers the club to the ball since the power hand can not. Give that a try and I promise that everyone will hit it better!!!!!
  5. Bring it and it's on me!
  6. Hi madcityscott, Your in mid cali and I'm in southern. If you're in this neck of the woods, come take a freebie and check it out!
  7. Hi Dukenukem, Thanks for that kind message. The good news about golf is that 52 years young is the new 20 something in relationship to golf!!! It's never too late
  8. howdy zenabi, There could be a few things that would not allow you to have a descending swing and of course the first and most likely cause of the angle being lost is the grip and arm pressure changing on the downswing. Gravity will always do its job unless we inhibit that force. That being said if you remain consistant with your grip AND arm pressure, you want to make sure that on the downswing that you are rotating the body forward. Think of the breastbone as the bottom of the swing. If the breastbone is moving forward rotationally and is ahead of the ball at impact you should be able to tr
  9. Howdy mrserv0n18, I'm glad to hear that you were able to get some stuff from the videos! I have a bunch more coming soon. Feel free to fire away any questions. Regards, Ron
  10. Howdy Kevin, Thank you for your warm welcome. It sounds like you have a handle on your swing issues and I'm not sure I read anything regarding you working with a pro or not? That being said, you should ask your pro the cause and effects of spine tilt change or lateral head movement. If you do not presently have a pro, if you have access to a video camera and can film your swing from straight on and from behind, you can either post it on yourtube or send it to me in an email and there is no question in my mind that I can answer all of your questions over the internet. (of course no charge) Le
  11. Howdy TN94z, That's the exact approach that needs to take place when it comes down to lowering your index to scratch and better. As you said in your post, you are willing to go through the pain and suffering to lower your index and believe you me, those few index points are tough, ie; going from a 3 to a scratch but when you make it there, your new bad rounds will be 75! Keep us posted and good luck to you!
  12. I've been going over most of the post msgs regarding taking lessons. Rate of improving, getting worse before it gets better etc. It is typical to go backwards after a lesson or lessons for a while, during the swing change. The way I see it is, golf is very expensive and it takes money and time to improve ones golf game. That being said, wouldn't everyone want to know if they have the right professional teaching them? It has been my experience as a golf pro that the majority of golfers do not take the time researching the instructor and their ability to teach. As I'm sure you all know, there is
  13. I couldn't agree with you more! I've been teaching for 26 years and I can not tell you how tough it is as an educator to work with golfers that have been working on their swings by themselves, watching the golf channel, golf magazines or friends etc. We all have an overabundence of information as it is and it takes a long time to introduce new positions when there are bad habits. I would suggest to all that golf to have a consistant routine regarding lessons and sticking with ONE teacher and one teacher only.
  14. In the professional fitting world there is a term called, "Coefficient of Restitution" or smash factor. What this means is the efficiency of impact and there are several components that make that happen. If you have ever been fit for a driver, you will have read outs of a bunch of numbers; spin rate, launch angle, side spin, club speed and ball speed. I have heard from several golfers that they do not think their swing is good enough to get fit and this is where I think they are wrong. Each golfer has their own set of numbers and there are shafts that can fit you. From your discription, you mo
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