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  1. I think that depending on the distance from the hole, lie, and confidence. As you approach the ball you can get your understanding for what club to use and whether you need to club up or down with the conditions (which should take probably 10 seconds minimum). Then you line up or take practice swings behind the ball, or however you do (which should take 10 second or so), then you take your shot. You shouldn't think too much on how you swing if you have all the fundamentals down, if you struggle with getting you body rotating or your club all the way through the ball. When you take your practice swings, try to exaggerate and slow down your swing, if you do this every shot your going to make the subtle changes you trying to do in your practice swing to overlap into your full swing.
  2. Davd

    New Irons

    I just ordered a new pair of titliest 716 CB irons, I tried them out in store compared to a set of AP 1. I'm a higher handicap player wondering if I made a good decision with buying this set. I liked the CB's better than the AP 1 irons, but I don't know if getting a set a blades will possibly increase my handicap. I think that one who likes a set of irons should buy a set which they like, not if it fits into their handicap bracket. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Lastly, I was thinking of practicing, as a blade has a smaller face and requires a constant striking location. Wouldn't getting a set of blades help with accuracy on hitting the ball in the correct location and therefore make 'practicing' worth it, instead of going to the range with a set of high forgiving irons to wack the ball inconsistently but still have it go where one might want it. I just think that blades will help golfers who have experience with the game to get better quicker with practice.
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